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AdvantEdge Newsletter by Nightingale-Conant

Dr. Gerald Epstein: How Self-Healing Presents Multiple Life Benefits

By Dr. Gerald Epstein

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The Phoenix Process
by Dr. Gerald Epstein

The Phoenix Process

One minute a day to longevity, health, and well-being as your mind, body, and spirit function optimally.

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Self-healing begins in your mind… not your body.

I have published powerful methods, techniques, and practices of mental imagery and self-healing: techniques and methods of the beneficial uses of will, awakening self, increasing awareness; expanding and deepening consciousness; becoming, discussing, and developing clarity and prudence, and giving the principles of their sources in Western spirituality.

For purposes of this particular contribution, I shall focus on my CD series, titled The Phoenix Process: One Minute a Day to Health, Longevity, and Well-Being. This audio program contains a vast wealth of information conveyed to the listening ear about what to do for, with, and by yourself, to engage in the proven science of self-healing. I help you to understand how you can meet your higher source of wisdom and access your voice of conscience and consciousness at your command.

Get healthy, happy, harmonious, and whole — in just ONE MINUTE a day.

Discover a revolutionary path to physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Within this context, I concentrate on the form of potent techniques for self-healing without any intermediary between you and your inner source of wisdom. These include  (1) The One-Minute Life Repair System; (2) The Dis-Emergency State; (3) The Yes or No Phenomenon; (4) The Epstein Mental Imagery Model (EMIM). I shall comment upon them in order.

(1) The One-Minute Life Repair System

As the title implies, changes are made in a short period of time. Yes, self-healing can take place in an instant or at a later time, depending on your rhythm and pace. There is no need to compare yourself with anyone else, since every one of us is incomparable — beyond compare and certainly unlike anyone else on earth, just as your fingerprint is unlike anyone else’s on earth. Time is never a determinant of the truth and reality of any event taking place in human experience.

A young woman practiced an imagery exercise for three weeks, about five to six months ago, to bring a man into her life. This week, two men came into connection with her in two entirely different circumstances. She set her intention back then, and the fruits came to ripen now. When you plant seeds in the spring, they are not harvested till fall. In human life, each person has his or her own rhythm and pace. Things happen for each of us in their own “time.” There needn’t be — nor do things have to be accomplished in the immediacy of — a cause-effect system.

The One-Minute Life Repair System (OMLRS) consists of choosing some area or aspect of life that appears to be blocked or is an obstacle. Ask yourself what is the belief you have about the situation. Now, the beauty of OMLRS comes into play as the difficulty described in words — the belief — brings with it its immediate opposite, since everything described in/by language doesn’t contain its contrary. Otherwise we could not speak or communicate in a discourse or discursive verbal language.

Armed with this knowledge and understanding, the way is open through OMLRS to reverse the stumbling block.  Doing this technique, you will use your capacity to imagine, feel, and physically sense to amplify and facilitate the belief-changing opportunity the distress is bringing. The adage is brought to life here that what appears as a “curse” contains the seed, or the pearl if you wish, of the blessing contained within it, just as the lotus grows out of the mud. With the beneficial change(s) that OMLRS creates, we can come to know the truth of the spiritual point: “What we believe, we manifest, or what we conceive, we birth.” And so, change happens.

Rid yourself of stress, disease, pain, conflicts, and fear with this 60-second technique.

Dr. Gerald Epstein presents your total transformation — The Phoenix Process.

2) The Dis-Emergency State

This practice seeks to have us discriminate between physiological and emotional states having beneficial or harmful effects on us.

When we determine that there is a threat to us of any magnitude, responded to by a gasp with an attendant feeling of danger, this is called an “emergency state.” When an emergency is perceived, an automatic physiological response takes place, called “fight or flight.” Here a cacophony of physiological events is taking place to permit our gearing up to deal with the emergency: The hormonal glands go into action, from pituitary to thyroid, pancreas, adrenal medulla (adrenaline, noradrenaline), adrenal cortex (steroids), and sexual organs, pouring out their substances. In addition, there is extreme neuromuscular tension pouring out lactic acid into the mix. The liver is emitting glycogen (sugar-fat depository). Emotionally there can be uneasy feelings such as anxiety and fear.

Now comes the rub. Is the perceived threat true or false? True means a direct threat to our existence (a student was caught on the 92nd floor of the World Trade Center in 2001 after the plane hit). Then there are the false emergencies, which may be felt to be facts or projected to reflect some future possibility of diminished life or extinction (my boyfriend/girlfriend dumped me; there will never be another relationship ever in my life).

Nearly 100 percent of deemed emergencies starting with gasps and distressing emotions attached to future illusional thinking are false. Yet, in both instances, true or false, the same fight-or-flight response happens. In the true ones, the metabolic substances released in the body can be eliminated by fight or flight actually. For the false ones, there is no actual exit for the accumulated chemicals. Since there is no place for them to go, they begin breaking down in the body. This breakdown produces poisons/toxins inside us that need to be eliminated. Then, we call on our physiological systems to get rid of them: immune, lymphatic, excretory (defecating, urinating, secreting), digestive (namely, vomiting).

The repetition of misperceiving and misconceiving situations to be emergencies when they are not leads eventually to our diseases, decay, and death. 

The Dis-Emergency practice allows us to reverse this process and, doing so, to live — a vital form of self-healing!

3) The Yes or No Phenomenon

A major (perhaps the major) destructive element in our lives is deception/lying/ untruth/falsehood. The validation of this spiritual truth lies all around us, whether in our personal lives, within the community — family and local, national, global communities — throughout the world. We are witness to the imbalances created inwardly, outwardly, in the family, and in the mayhem occurring farther out in the neighborhoods mentioned above.

The remedy for turning around the grim “carnage” created by this mistake in living is Truth! “Truth is the best medicine” goes the old adage. Truth is a life force shifting the habitual pain that comes with lying, whether we inflict it on ourselves or others, or it is inflicted on us. Truth sets us free in so many ways: physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, morally. (Mandela and Gandhi are two prominent examples in our era exemplifying the power of truth.) 

There can be pain that comes with the truth, such as recognizing our limitations. But that pain is of a different sort. It is a growing pain, one that leads to greater self-awareness, expanded consciousness, and a developing conscience (feeling for the other’s circumstance).

The Yes or No phenomenon comes to light in the Sermon on the Mount, where the Master of Christianity in defining truth and indicating how logic cannot take us there in human existential and relational terms, ends by saying with regard to truth, “Simply put, say yes or no, everything more comes from evil.” Evil here refers, in part, to falsehood, lying, false testimony, and the like.

The “everything more” is of a primary concern in the practice included in this set. It shows how we habitually add the more to our inner monologue, outer dialogue, the stories and rationalizations, opinions, and explanations we concoct to create false beliefs we establish as faulty beacons guiding us in an error-laden way through life.

Following the Yes or No practice permits us to perceive facts as they exist, as realities and truths existing in front of our nose and nowhere else, where everything becomes as plain as the nose on our face. As an ancient sage stated in the Gospel of Thomas, “Know what’s in front of your face, and everything will be revealed to you.”

4) The Epstein Mental Imagery Model — EMIM

This original mental imagery technique represents a coming together of two of the most powerful processes gifted to us at birth. They are these: image and verbal language.

The technique provided points us to the construction of verbal language as portraying opposites in any verbal locution, be they words or sentences, or unstated beliefs. These are the conceptions, ideas, and thought patterns almost inundating our consciousness (“I’ll never have enough money for retirement”). They can be perceived in a concrete, vibrant, sensory way via a mental picture called image. When we see or imagine it, it changes from an abstract thought (conception) to a perceptual image, the perception making it appear more real to our understanding. 

Now, this thought or belief becomes a seed planted in the womb of consciousness that is the image, where a gestation occurs, analogous to what happens biologically when conception occurs. The fetus gestates in the womb there. Analogously, the conceptual seed gestates in the perceptual womb, and after a certain time, by everyday time-space standards, becomes birthed as a time-space reality/experience.

The above description is a thumbnail sketch of how it happens that we can birth our reality/experience, the what-is of our participation in bringing that seed to fruition. We are able to make many discoveries through the processes I present, discoveries about how to create change in life, overcome ailments, learn more about self and the meaning of life, and stabilize relationships. All in all, through self-healing, we grow up, become educated to another possibility of living, and see the world in a realistic, sober, practical, health-giving way.

Instantly replace old, ineffective, and damaging mental habits with rewarding ones.

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Yes, I want to get healthy, happy, harmonious, and whole again by using proven one-minute life-healing techniques.

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