Youngest-ever female billionaire stuns
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Dear Friend,

"How did she DO it?!"

In March of 2012, that was the question on millions of people's minds.

The latest issue of Forbes had just hit the newsstands. And there, smiling on its cover, was a woman named Sara Blakely, creator and founder of Spanx and the youngest-ever female to make the magazine's coveted "World's Billionaires list."

Everyone who saw the issue wanted to know how this 41-year-old turned $5,000 in savings and a pair of cut-up pantyhose into a billion- dollar brand in less than a decade… and turned herself into one of the richest people on the planet.

It wasn't long before Sara got the chance to reveal the answer, in an ABC News interview with veteran journalist Diane Sawyer.

During that interview, Sara told Sawyer about the role her dad's constant encouragement played in buoying her through failures. She talked about her best friend's unshakable faith in her potential, and how it got her through the company's early days of struggle and defeat.

And she mentioned something else…

It wasn't something broad, like "goal setting" or "self-discipline."

It wasn't something unattainable, like a big inheritance or an angel investor.

It was an audio program.

Not just any audio program. One of the most beloved bestselling audio programs of all time: How to Be a No-Limit Person by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

"I always had it on," Sara Blakely recalled of this program, which her father had given to her when she was just 16 years old. She even went so far as to suggest to her principal that it be added to her high school's curriculum. "I listened to that series so much, I actually memorized [it]!"

You've probably heard of Wayne Dyer. He's been on countless TV and radio programs, hosted multiple PBS specials, written numerous bestselling books, and authored some of the top programs Nightingale-Conant has ever published.

But you may not have heard of How to Be a No-Limit Person.

“I always had it on…
I actually memorized [it]!”

It's one of his first. One of the programs that catapulted him to international recognition as a one-of-a-kind teacher with a groundbreaking point of view — and the one that had such an enormous impact on Sara Blakely all those years ago.

Wayne went on to become one of the great spiritual teachers of our time. But How to Be a No-Limit Person is a bit different from much of that later work.

This program isn't spiritual. It's practical. Direct, down-to-earth, laugh-out-loud funny, and packed with some of the most useful ideas you will ever hear.

But what about it is so profound, so original and life-changing, that 25 years after first hearing it, one of the wealthiest people in the world cited it as one of the things that got her where she is today?

It all comes down to a very simple fundamental concept. This concept is not taught in school or actively promoted in our culture. So, not many people ever discover it.

But once you do, you're changed forever. Equipped with something that makes you quite literally unstoppable.

As you listen, your whole life opens up in front of you. You see opportunities you never knew existed. Everything looks different, more hopeful, better.

And over and over again, you find yourself thinking the same thing…

“I never knew it could be so EASY!”

So easy to be in control of what happens to you. So easy to never be in a bad mood or have a bad day. So easy to get exactly what you want in life, whatever it may be, whenever you want it.

What does this program say that’s so original, profound, and life-changing?

I could tell you that once you hear How to Be a No-Limit Person, you'll suddenly realize, with a shock, exactly what's been holding you back from whatever it is you want but haven't gotten in life. And in that same sudden moment, you'll know exactly how to eliminate it.

I could tell you that it contains the ultimate secret — so amazingly simple once you hear it — to having the one thing we all want. Happiness. Real happiness, minute by minute, day to day, year in and year out, no matter what is happening around you.

But I'm not going to try to "sell" you on this program.

The truth is, nothing I can say about it can possibly do it justice.

You just have to hear it for yourself

And I've made that easy for you.

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I can't wait to hear your story.


Vic Conant
Chairman, Nightingale-Conant
Publisher, How to Be a No-Limit Person

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