Your Sleeping Genius Digital Download

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Your Sleeping Genius Digital Download

Author: Dr. Gayle Delaney

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10 Audio Sessions (4 hours and 40 minutes)
plus PDF GuideBook

How to Use the Primal Power of Your Dreams for Creativity, Wisdom, and Achievement
Imagine having a profoundly wise mentor, someone who answers your most important questions and finds answers to your most difficult problems and who leaves the solutions for you at your bedside each morning. Your dreaming brain is busy at work every night, bringing you practical solutions to your current problems and challenges.

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Do your most important thinking in your sleep!

Scientific breakthroughs in sleep research show that many dreams come in the form of sophisticated metaphorical thinking and problem solving while sleeping. The dreamer wakes to remember powerful stories filled with symbols that seem to make little sense to the conscious mind and are often soon forgotten.

Your Sleeping Genius

Internationally recognized dream psychologist Dr. Gayle Delaney has developed a modern dream interpretation system that will help you understand the often-puzzling language of your dreams and learn how to make good use of what your dreaming brain is trying to tell you. You’ll learn how to incubate your dreams, to plant the seed, which your mind will work on during the night.

After working with Your Sleeping Genius, you’ll be able to:

  • Tap the hidden resources of your sleeping mind

  • Develop the ability to target your own dreams

  • Keep a Dream Journal that chronicles your developing and ongoing dream-generated ideas

  • Learn the dream interview techniques that will help you understand your dreams in the most practical way

Gayle’s unique Dream Interview Process enables you to use your dreams are a pipeline to your most creative thoughts and deepest feelings. Understanding them can be like opening a window on self-knowledge. With these powerful new insights into your personal and professional life, you will be able to improve your life in many ways.

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Contents 10 Audio Sessions (4 hours and 40 minutes)
plus PDF GuideBook
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