The Ultimate David Hawkins Library CD Version

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The Ultimate David Hawkins Library CD Version

Author: Dr. David Hawkins

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11 Audio CDs plus Map of Consciousness on CD

A collection of profound ideas from one of the great spiritual thinkers of our generation
Praised by Mother Teresa and Dr. Wayne Dyer for his breakthrough research and innovative teachings on the human mind, Dr. David Hawkins takes spiritual practice to an entirely new level. Nothing like this has ever been offered before.

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A profound message of spiritual truth, enlightenment, and growth lives on in this incredible new audio collection

Dr. David Hawkins devoted almost three full decades to understanding the potential of the human spirit. His exhaustive research led to techniques anyone can use to elevate his or her quality of life.

Dr. Wayne Dyer called Hawkins’ research “breathtaking” and “Perhaps the most important and significant information I’ve come across in the past 10 years.”

Introducing the audio library that can take you to higher levels of awareness, control, and understanding

We have taken all of Dr. David Hawkins’ teachings and combined them into the key elements that are most beneficial and applicable in today’s world. This library is nothing short of a step-by-step system for recalibrating human consciousness.

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Contents 11 Audio CDs plus Map of Consciousness on CD
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