The Personal MBA Masterclass: A Home Study Course for Mastering the Art of Business

Josh Kaufman's unique multidisciplinary approach to business mastery....

has helped and improve the successful careers of thousands of entrepreneurs- and directly saved prospective business students millions of dollars in unnecessary tuition, fees, and interest- by providing an effective, affordable, and debt-free method of learning the fundamental business principles.

In fact, by learning just 15-20 key concepts in each of the major areas of business practice, you'll have all the knowledge, information, and skills you'll need to:

  • Get promoted in your current career...

  • Increase the profitability of your company...

  • Quit your job to start a profitable business you love...

  • Discover an untapped opportunity that finally pays you what you're really worth...

  • Make substantially more money and enjoy far greater fulfillment over the course of your working life!

Josh Kaufman is the only person in the world who teaches this material!  And until NOW, his three day, $2500 Personal MBA Masterclass workshop was the only way you could get it. Not long ago, Nightingale-Conant collaborated with Josh Kaufman and recorded the entire three-day event!

It's NOW AVAILABLE through Nightingale-Conant's newest personal development tool: THE INSIDERS APP!

About Personal MBA Masterclass

16 Audio Sessions

LIVE recording of Josh Kaufman's exclusive 3 day Personal MBA Masterclass

You'll explore each major of business in greater depth and detail than most people ever experience.  You'll learn:

VALUE-CREATION: How to create something people find valuable enough to buy.

MARKETING: How to attract the attention of your target market.

SALES: How to convince customers to pull out their wallets and buy.

VALUE-DELIVERY: How to make your paying customers happy.

FINANCE: How to keep your business running and make more money.

THE HUMAN MIND: How people collect and process information and make decisions

HOW TO WORK WITH YOURSELF: How to enhance your own daily productivity

UNDERSTANDING SYSTEMS: How to understand the basic components of every system.

ANALYZING SYSTEMS: How to figure out how any system works

IMPROVING SYSTEMS: How to improve a system without blowing things up



The BUZZ about Personal MBA Masterclass...

  • I just wanted to thank you for sharing such valuable information in the Masterclass. I came back with a fresh perspective on business and a renewed desire to pursue writing. A few days after I got back I told my boss of my plans, and I'm leaving my job in June. Now I'm working on finishing some projects that had stalled and getting other clients and projects lined up. I am so excited about the creative possibilities that are opening up."

    Elisabeth Frost, Freelance Writer

  • "The Personal MBA Masterclass is a great end-to-end overview of business concepts, made simple... it provides a way to think about business as a whole, and a good framework of ideas which you can then build upon as required. Highly recommended."

    Doug Kyle,  PMP, Branch Manager at DevFacto Technologies Inc

  • "Josh has helped me grow my salary, become more personally effectiveand… launch a side project to help supplement my income and do more of what I enjoy."

    James Todd,  Senior Consultant, Global Product Management, Dell

  • "I just got a promotion, and I credit that to some of the things I learned from Josh in the Masterclass and implemented at work. The case studies were AWESOME. Three days of business coaching with Josh Kaufman… is a steal. You will easily make [your investment] back in changes to your own company as well as the increase in your personal productivity."

    Mike Ruman, Sr. Dir. of Internet Marketing, David C. Cook Publishing

  • "I highly recommend Josh's work to anybody who is serious about starting their own business or becoming an effective leader in their current job. The knowledge and techniques I have learned, the change of mindset I have experienced, and the mistaken beliefs about entrepreneurship I have dispelled in just a short period of time with Josh's training, guidance, and encouragement have made me vastly more productive and successful."

    Evan Deaubl, Computer Programmer and Independent Software Developer

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By the time you've completed The Personal MBA Masterclass course, you will have gained the business knowledge you need to achieve massive success- at NO COST vs the cost of the traditional MBA program, both in terms of time and monetary investment!

About the Author


My name is Josh Kaufman, and I've spent nearly a decade systematically isolating the universal principles of modern business practice- how to understand how any business works, and how to immediately identify the critical elements that will help you make it better! After investing all that time on research, I've discovered the single best thing you can do to permanently increase your productivity and effectiveness as a business person...

Prior to developing The Personal MBA full-time, Josh worked in brand management for Procter & Gamble's Home Care division, where he led multimillion-dollar projects that encompassed P&G's entire value chain, from new-product development to delivering in-store marketing campaigns for key customers like Walmart, Target, and Costco. Before leaving P&G, Josh spearheaded the development of P&G's global online marketing measurement strategy.

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