September 22, 1960 marks a day in history that still has the impact to transform your life into a magnificent success story
  Write this day down and be prepared to celebrate it annually. Here’s why . . 

Dear Student of Life,
The attached letter is proof of the power of two minds joined on a common goal. On September 22, 1960 two great men joined minds and launched the industry that dramatically improved the lives of countless millions of people.
The letter below sparked the creation of the largest, most successful company in the world of it’s kind, Nightingale Conant. This company had one mission: teaching personal and professional skills that could help anyone with desire to rapidly create wealthy, happy, and healthy lives.
That mission has proven successful by countless individuals, since then, and I promise, it can happen for you, too.
A vision, a passion, a mission written down plucks an idea from the mind and transforms that  “wish” into a tangible, achievable goal . . . a point proven by this historic letter.
That letter inspired two men to create the best-selling, life-transforming, president-creating program, Lead the Field . . . and the company that would eventually revolutionize how people learn--by listening rather than reading.
We say “president creating” for a good reason. Lead the Field has helped more people become the president of their organization than any other program of its kind.
Lead the Field was first introduced as a record.  As technology advanced, Nightingale Conant programs evolved into cassettes. While cassettes may seem antiquated today, it allowed people to conveniently listen and learn while they commuted to and from work.
That advance proved to be a breakthrough for Lloyd and Earl and, more importantly, their customers because they could learn critically important ideas and skills while they were on the “go”  . . . without taking away from their already busy day.
That concept has continued to propel Nightingale-Conant through the history books as the largest, most successful personal and professional development company in the world.
Eventually, cassettes morphed into CDs.
Today, Nightingale-Conant provides the best programs in the world designed to take people from where they are to where they want to be in the shortest amount of time. The technology of today has made success more accessible than ever before . . . with Nightingale-Conant’s Insiders App.
Now, anyone can listen anywhere, anytime, as the greatest minds ever assembled under one “app” guide you to a fulfilling, rewarding, abundant, and inspired life. There are over a million Apps out there , yet only one that can give you the ideas, strategies, inspiration, and skills you need to become the successfully, happy person you deserve to be.
Nightingale-Conant’s Insiders App allows even the busiest person to have means to educate their minds to move to the highest level of achievement and living.
Your partner in success,
Vic Conant

The Letter That Started It All

Earl -

I stayed at the office tonight to do some work on the brochure but as I worked my mind kept drifting to thoughts of you and me and our business, so I gave up work on the brochure to do something I consider more important- this memo to you.

You and I are a couple of the most fortunate individuals on Earth. At least I think so and I believe the feeling is mutual. I'm grateful for the opportunity of having you as a partner, of the privilege of working with you in the most fascinating and rewarding activity I can imagine.

We are on the threshold of an opportunity which staggers my imagination; so near to the fruit I can taste it; in a work that is so right that I’m thrilled just to be a part of it. All the ground work has been laid, the seeds have been planted... all that remains is for us to nourish and cultivate it as we are and thoroughly capable of doing and we will be proud and find more rewarding.

I know you know these things, but I want you to know that I know them, too. I know that if we will both put out of our minds everything but this one project -LEAD THE FIELD- if we will forget the production of books or records or anything else that does not contribute toward the success of this program, we can't miss.

If we make it an obsession with us to develop the finest product of which we are capable, our LEAD THE FIELD program will bring our customers, friends, associates and ourselves and our families the greatest rewards of anything we can do- at least in the foreseeable future.

Let's really go. Okay?


The Insiders App

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  • 2000+ Audio Sessions
  • Top Experts in Every Field
  • Unlimited Listening !
  • Anytime! Anywhere!
  • Growing Library
  •         Available on iOS         and Android devices


Brian Tracy

Many years ago when I was as young man going around in circles, I sent away on a whim for "Lead the Field" by Earl Nightingale. And I listened to it over and over and over again, and the message soaked deeper and deeper into my mind. And now I’ve spoken to more than five million people in 55 countries, and it all started with Earl. His wonderful ideas on the potential that you have that is literally limited only by your own imagination.

Tony Robbins

I didn’t have the chance to spend much time with Earl Nightingale before he passed, but he still had a profound impact on my life and I think about anyone in the personal improvement or peak performance industry, this is a man who’s original audio recording of The Strangest Secret took a thought that had been shared many times before, this idea that we by taking control of our minds, of our thoughts, can take control of our lives.

Denis Waitley

No other organization has done more for personal growth of the individual and teams, and no other publisher has delivered more of a banquet of self-help enrichment from the world’s best selling authors and speakers. What I’ve learned most about self-improvement is that winning and losing both are habit forming. And habits are like submarines, they run silent and deep. 

Luanne Oakes

I received my first Earl Nightingale program in my late teens. It was given to me by my humble, loving and  uncle. I was already on the spiritual path and Earl’s tape program was the beginning of my focused ability to be able to learn how to do the things I love and even get paid for it.   Some of my favorite quotes by Earl are “All that you have to know is where you’re going.  The answers will come to you if they’re on accord.”     

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