Worst to First

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Worst to First

Author: Eric Todd Johnson

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by Eric Todd Johnson

Transformative Performance Guide
We succeed when we overcoming opposition. Providing practical approaches to confront opposition and prevail, seasoned attorney Eric Todd Johnson, shares how the average person can better defeat difficulties using techniques that lawyers use to overcome opponents and adversities.With these approaches, anyone can lift themselves from worst-to-first.


This attorney wants to help take you to the top of your field

You have probably not heard of Eric Todd Johnson . . . yet.

But you are about to.

Regardless of your feelings towards attorneys, there is something that you can learn from the best ones…THEY ARE TRAINED TO WIN. Eric Todd Johnson has proven time and time again to be one of the very best.

His new audio program Worst to First is bursting onto the scene with revolutionary insights and career-changing ideas needed by most people yet, until now, have been accessible to an elite few.

Eric understands all too well that there are so many determined, well-meaning people who continue to fall short of their personal and career goals. Now, we believe his program Worst to First can provide the solution.

Eric is a world-renowned lawyer who works on billion-dollar deals and is a legal consultant who helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses through unique financing, creative deal structures, and legal protection.

But he wasn't always a success. Due to poor grades in high school and college, by the age of 30, he found himself working as a housekeeper in a hospital. Yet, he still dreamed of fulfilling his goal of becoming an attorney.

By a stroke of luck, he finally got admitted to Brigham Young University at the bottom of his class. Once in law school, things started to shift when he realized why he hadn't created any real success for himself: He had never been adequately trained to deal with adversity.

Law school taught him to prevail over problems, and as a result, he went from being the worst student in his class to being the #1 student. He literally went from Worst to First.

Eric Johnson has since achieved a level of legal and business success very few people achieve. He works on billion-dollar business deals and high-profile legal cases. More importantly, he has taken what he learned from law school and distilled it into practices anyone can use to go from where they are now to the extraordinary success they desire.

By listening to Worst to First, you'll learn practical lessons on how to win at the game of business and the game of life.

It doesn't matter if you're climbing up the corporate ladder or trying to pass your next exam; Worst to First will help you become the person you want to be and finally achieve the things you want in life.

Worst-to-First demonstrates how and why your potential is limitless in terms that are simple and powerful.

  • Learn the four faculties that you must master to excel in all areas of life.
  • Discover How to get exceptional results from proper preparation.
  • Learn how to develop an agile mind to effectively respond to all types of adversity and prevail.
  • Apply your native abilities to accelerate your success, at work, at home, and in personal relationships.
  • Master The #1 secret to achieving astonishing success, the success that is so tremendous it even astonishes the person who achieves it.
  • Learn how to turn defeat into victory
  • Discover Jerry Seinfeld's secret to career mastery
  • And much, much more

Worst to First can help you become the best version of yourself and achieve your most ambitious goals. Order now.

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