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Matt Furey: Achieving Goals by Sealing Your Mind Leaks

By Matt Furey

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Want to learn a sure-fire way toward confidently setting and achieving goals?

Once you’ve taken the time to set goals for yourself, you should understand that the vast majority of human beings will not support you in achieving goals. In fact, many times, those who are “closest to you” will try to derail you. This includes husbands, wives, siblings, parents, teachers, and so-called friends. It is important to understand that these people are not necessarily deliberately trying to bring you down, although they could be.

In my recent reading of the out-of-print Dr. Pygmalion – The Autobiography of a Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Maltz goes into exquisite detail about his relationship with his mother – and how she tried her best to discourage him from becoming a plastic surgeon. And she wasn’t alone. Becoming a plastic surgeon was only due to Dr. Maltz’s absolute conviction that he was able to overcome the criticism of what he was attempting to do.

Gain the ironclad conviction to achieve your most important goals.

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At various times in our lives we will need to overcome the negativity and doubts of others – but more often than not, we need to overcome them in ourselves. Not only that, but to borrow a page from Chinese kung fu training, you need to… seal your leaks. You need to observe where your energy is leaking, and once you discover where the leaks are, you need to plug them.

Oftentimes, when you feel a weakening in your desire toward achieving goals, it is due to being a blabber mouth. You announce to others what your goals are – and afterward, one of two things happens:

  • You get criticized.
  • You get praised.

If you are criticized, you may lose focus and abandon your goal completely. That’s what often happens. The exceptional person overcomes the criticism and plows ahead toward achieving goals — and you’ll have to do just that throughout your life. But in order to do this, you must have absolute conviction.

In Dr. Pygmalion – you can feel Dr. Maltz’s conviction when he wrote – “It’s a fine thing to make up your mind just exactly what kind of doctor you’re going to be. It’s even finer to have the conviction that you’re never going to falter or turn back in your pursuit of your kind of doctor’s particular knowledge. No, not for a second.”

Think of how the above applies to YOU. Remove the word doctor and replace with author, entrepreneur, lawyer, artist, athlete, and so on. Then look at the statement again and FEEL that this is YOU – that you have made up your mind what kind of person you’re going to be, and you won’t falter in pursuit of this desire.

If you are praised by others for the goal you’ve set, it may help you or it may hurt you. It depends on the person and the situation. For example, when a coach, mentor, or fellow who shares the same sort of desires and interests gives you positive feedback on your idea – this may be a springboard to achieving goals and success.

You’ll know whether it is or not when it happens. You’ll either feel a surge of adrenaline to do MORE – or you’ll feel energy beginning to leak from your mind and body.

If it’s the latter, if you feel drained after announcing your goals or ideas to others – or even after telling someone about the beginning stages of an achievement – then this is most likely a sign that you’re looking for approval more than you’re looking toward achieving goals. You need to seal that leak… and fast.

Don’t let any internal or external influence distract you from achieving goals.

Matt Furey strengthens your self-image and life with Theatre of the Mind.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

Example # 1 – Praise more important than achieving goals

When it comes to coming up with ideas for new products and services, I know from experience that the fewer the number of people I talk to about the idea, the more successful I am. The people who give a boost to my ideas are usually my wife and a select group of very successful people – or people I must count on to help me work on achieving my goals. Other than that, whenever I deviate and begin announcing my goals to anyone and everyone who will listen, a feeling of flatness strikes that I cannot shake. This usually comes AFTER the person I spoke to was incredibly complimentary about my idea.

I learned, as a result of this, that I was more interested in being praised than accomplishing the idea – and the only way around this was to “plug the leak” and get to work on achieving goals. It all came back to one of my favorite Napoleon Hill lines, “Tell the world what you’re going to do – but SHOW them first.”

Example #2 – Celebrating too soon

In 1993, I acknowledged another leak that was harmful to my creative process. Understand, now, I used the word acknowledged in the above sentence with deliberate intent because, although I discovered the leak some years earlier, I did next to nothing to plug it until I had made up my mind to do whatever it took to achieve a specific goal.

Here’s the situation: After reading Psycho-Cybernetics in 1987, when I began my career as a personal fitness trainer, my ability to visualize a goal and make it happen really took off. I recall many a morning getting up, reading some inspiring literature, leaning back in my chair to imagine another client or two coming to me, check in hand, ready and willing to pay my fee. And it happened over and over again – as if by magic. It happened so often that there’s just no way I could say it was “coincidental.”

When I began training people, I charged a measly $200 a month for 12 sessions. Later I raised the fee to $300, then $360, then $480 – and so on. Then one day I thought, Why not charge for three months upfront? Why piddle around with this monthly stuff? So I figured out how much for three months upfront, and that became the new amount to ask for during the consultation.

I imagined this becoming a reality, and to start things, I told my existing clients. To my delight, many of them thought it a great idea and wrote a check for 36 sessions.

NOW it was time to make it work for a newbie, someone I had just met.

Wow – this was an enormous sum of money for me to ask for compared with the $200- per-month campaign I began with. Could I make it work? I set out to try.

In order to kick-start the process, I imagined receiving a check from a NEW customer for $1,440 for three months of training. I pictured the check being handed to me. I felt it in my hands as I looked at it. All was well.

A few hours after doing what Dr. Maltz called Theatre of the Mind, the phone would ring with a new prospect. I would then proceed to qualify and close the prospect over the phone.
Here’s what happened: BANG. BANG.

Almost every person I talked to by phone was 100% agreeable and ready to get started. Each person who was agreeable said he’d come by at the appointed time later that day to fill out the paperwork and pay the dues.

At that point I dialed my girlfriend. My song sang chords of happiness as I told her how remarkable my mental powers were. I bragged and bragged about my visualization, how I pictured it, felt it, heard it, smelled it, and tasted it. I raved about how fast the process worked – how I was really on to something special.

In response she would say, “That’s incredible!”

She seemed supportive of me. I really thought she was.

But something amazing ALWAYS happened when I shot off my mouth like this: The prospects NEVER turned into clients. They never showed for the appointment. I never got the check I expected.

I experimented with another approach: Do everything the same, except one thing: SHUT UP UNTIL THE CHECK IS IN MY HAND AND IT’S BEEN CASHED.

What do you think happened when I changed this single aspect of the process? If you answered that I got paid, you’d be correct.

And this led me to understand that you create and amplify results when you understand when to talk and when to shut up.

There is only one way for you to figure out which is which for you. You have to do what you do and observe your results. You need to be conscious of what works for you, what increases your power. And you have to be conscious of when you feel a leakage of power and energy. Make a list or write a description of that which you know helps you, as well as that which hinders you. When you know the difference, you are on to something HUGE, and you begin achieving goals — one after another.

Engage your mind’s most powerful internal guidance system for success.

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You will have started to become aware that you have a success system as well as a failure formula residing within you. And it is up to YOU to choose which one you’re going to follow today, and every day for the rest of your life.

Talking about achieving goals, especially to those who don’t support you, does not strengthen your desire to succeed – it erodes it. If you want to stay focused and build a stronger base of internal power, keep your mouth shut. Believe me, this alone will put you in the driver’s seat on the road to success.

With your leaks sealed, success will be yours.

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