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Asara Lovejoy: Getting Rich Using Wealth Beliefs

By Asara Lovejoy

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by Asara Lovejoy

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The key to getting rich begins with your mind

I was reading The Science of Getting Rich the other day by Wallace D. Wattles, and I was amazed at what he had to say about getting rich. His program was written in 1909, and it is just as relevant today as when it was written.

Reason 1

“To be really rich does not mean to be satisfied or contented with a little. A person’s right to life means he or she has the free unrestricted use of all things which may be necessary to his or her fullest mental, spiritual, and physical unfoldment; or in other words his or her right to be rich”.        
— Wallace D. Wattles

You have a RIGHT to be rich — accept that right.

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Reason 2

In addition, you should be rich to enjoy good food, housing, and beautiful surroundings, and most importantly to invest in your own education and money-creating skills and other intellectual achievements. When you are rich, not moderately rich, but really wealthy, you can bestow gifts and help others, and finally your love is fully expressed because you are loving yourself and loving others from a completely satisfied awareness of a rich universe.

Wattle says, “It is a worthy endeavor to be rich, and the goal is to examine why you restrict your right to being rich.”

The scientific approach to getting rich is based on the same principles that I promote in The One Command®: Imprint Your DNA for Lasting Wealth and Happiness, in that Wattle speaks about the formless field of endless source for your wealth and wealth-producing ideas. So do we. I speak of that formless field as the quantum field and promote the principle that observation creates reality. When you observe yourself as rich and wealthy, you are creating a thought that must be self-realized.

Reason 3

Wattles’s Law of Wealth states, “The First Law of Wealth is knowing that there is no limit of supply from the formless. No one is poor then because there is not enough ever. The formless stuff is intelligent; it is stuff which thinks. It is alive and is always impelled toward more life. It is the natural and inherent impulse of life to seek to live more; it is the nature of intelligence to enlarge itself, and of consciousness to seek to extend its boundaries and find fuller expression.”

The One Command® system describes this as a greater intelligence that is inherently within you that can be accessed through the theta state of mind. Here I diverge from Wattles in that he urges visualization and imagination to create the right entrance into the formless to create your rich ideas and wealth-producing actions.

At The One Command® we have a scientific formula for changing, upgrading, and adding brand-new thoughts to your attitude of wealth and money creation. The six steps and One Command® process take only minutes to accomplish and literally write new programs by creating new neuro connections of your rich possibilities by your wealth beliefs and command.

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Imagination is also helpful and good, and we encourage you to see a brighter, richer, wealthier you now and in the future for yourself and your kin, but when you add the theta process, you are implementing new ideas and thoughts instantly that bring about rapid and dramatic change.

The other day a One Command® friend shared that she was almost behind on her mortgage and had run out of ideas to generate more cash. She then went through the six-step process and commanded that $10,000 extra cash was hers now. She felt it, knew it, and trusted it — even without knowing how it would happen. She was an author, and when she got an email offering her a $10,000 contract, she said to herself: Darn, why didn’t I command for $20,000. She also shared her appreciation for her intention, visualization coupled with her command coming to fruition.

There are 5 components for making change from a limited-cash-rich-thinking mind to being really rich:

  • Imagination — what you want
  • The field — where you find it
  • Your theta brain state — your communication system
  • The biology of how you make change
  • The Change Matrix — Past to Present to the Future


“The universe may be nothing more than a giant hologram created by the mind.”
—David Bohm, Theoretical Physicist

It has been scientifically shown that imagination and your thoughts have almost the equivalent power of direct experience. In the laboratory, experiments have been conducted with muscle-strength building. Half the group did leg lifts, while the other half only imagined leg lifts for the equivalent amount of time. Both produced stronger muscles. Those that imagined exercising achieved about 80% of the strength increase of those who did the physical exercises. WOW!

Never question the power of your mind and that a systematic scientific approach in your thinking coupled with an in-depth understanding of the universal laws of money for your wealth can and will produce the right results.

The Field

In the quantum world, you are a potential waiting to happen. If you are willing to give up what you think you know emotionally and physiologically and become neutral — open to a new experience — then you can become like a mystic who materializes with a thought. Physically we are little more than recycled atoms — which are energy and information. We may appear solid in this dimension, but in scientific terms, you and everything around you is 99.999% empty space. Empty space is an open potential waiting to entertain a thought that produces a result by creating form from the formless — without any resistance. Space waits for your command.

Your theta brain state — your communication system

As you consciously go into theta, where the answer and solution to every situation exists, where new thoughts, ideas, inventions, and concepts are ready for you, then you become the self-realized person that you wish to be. When you slow your mind to the theta brain frequency and consciously create your life on command, you discover how to reach the potential of everything that is possible — and that is anything you can imagine or ask to know.

Because you are the power that is creating your reality right now, that means you have the power to go to into your theta mind and with faith (no evidence) and by action of The One Command® change your old beliefs to wealth beliefs, and create what you want instead.

The biology of how you make change

When you are in theta, your natural deep-level REM sleep state that can be accessed easily while awake through our six-step process, change is instantaneous. When you go through the 6 steps and issue your Command, you are biologically rewiring your brain, disengaging your habitual thinking of the past, creating new DNA patterns, new thoughts and patterns of cash-rich thoughts simultaneously — which then become your new world view.

First you are always changing — from the cells of your body, your organs, your emotions, your thoughts, and your new experiences that change you.

It is natural to change. Applying the natural science of change — when you focus on what you imagine and Command in theta, you accelerate the biology of change. Your current biology is a reflection of your thoughts.

Your current cash-rich state or lack of cash-rich state is caused by your thoughts. We demonstrate a very new process of change. When you change a thought by commanding what you want but haven’t experienced yet, then your brain and biology follow suit and actually create a new brain pattern of thought that now becomes your new filter of reality.

Now you can create a rich cash present and future by imagining and then communicating directly to the field while in theta, where you issue your command to make it real.  And then you can say, “Hey I did that!  Congratulations!”

The Change Matrix — Past to Present to the Future

  • There is only now.
  • Now you think about the past.
  • Now you think about the future.
  • Now is an experience.
  • What can you experience NOW?

When a thought is changed, your brain disengages and stops firing the old sequence and connections of that memory. Now you have new options of what you can think instead. For example, if you suffered from lack of food or money as a child, you can disengage that memory and imagine having plenty, plenty of food and money.

Now this idea is commanded while in theta, and your body creates the chemicalization of plenty of food and cash as a new idea — one that replaces the old experience and then becomes your new possibility, your new potential. Can you start getting rich from a place of strength easier than from a memory of weakness and past suffering? The answer is a resounding yes.

Find your greatest strength, and realize your greatest wealth.

Try Asara Lovejoy’s program The One Command® for just $1.00.

This new idea you commanded becomes so real to you it literally acts in the same way as an old memory — you just imagined and created a new idea that now works for you in your success.

Because there is only now, your past has changed, your present has changed, and your future has changed NOW!  Ask yourself if you are you willing to live an unknown future that you create by your Command now?

Think about it this way: Try it out and continue to fine-tune what you are creating until you are truly satisfied and start getting rich.

Written by Asara Lovejoy author of The One Command® and Nightingale-Conant programs The One Command®: Imprint Your DNA for Lasting Wealth and Happiness and The Theta Code.

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