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Andy Fuehl: The Only Two Wealth Building Rules You’ll Ever Need By Dr. Andy Fuehl

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In today’s economy, it seems everyone is looking for the magic pill to create wealth. But no one can find it. The problem is everyone is looking in all the wrong places. Wealth is actually much closer than you think. In fact, I’m about to prove that wealth secrets are right in front of you. The challenge that most people have is they’re always looking for the latest tool, latest sales strategy, latest __________ (fill in the blank), when they should be looking in the mirror to find the wealth secrets they’re looking for. Most people don’t like looking in the mirror because they don’t like what they see. Do you like what you see in the mirror?

Are you doing the work you love and earning an income you love?

Achieve more happiness, freedom, and income. Here’s how.

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, don’t worry. You can overcome this quickly, and I will show you how.

Change Your Thinking; Change Your Wealth!

You can change your results very quickly by changing the way you think. Your thinking is creating absolutely every result that you are getting right now. Good or bad. So let me cut to the chase and save you a lot of time and money. There are only two wealth-building rules you must follow to achieve the financial freedom you want. Pay close attention to rule number one. Rule #1: Quit looking for the magic pill to create wealth. It doesn’t exist. The bottom line is this: There is no magic pill to create wealth. There never has been, and there never will be a magic pill. If anybody tells you that you can create wealth with little or no work, run in the opposite direction as quickly as you possibly can. The only thing these people will do is make your wallet lighter while adding to their own wealth. I have spent more than $100,000 on my education. Much of the information may have worked for someone, but it did not work for the majority of the people, including me. It didn't matter how smart, young, tall, and attractive you were, the information was not worthwhile. At the time I had a master’s degree in engineering, and I thought this would help. I was a smart guy. Right? Sound logical? How wrong I was. My degree actually made it harder for me to succeed as an entrepreneur. The programs that gave me the biggest results always required work on my part and also let me know it upfront. I guarantee you that when you quit chasing the magic pill and make a decision to succeed and then make a commitment to do whatever work is necessary to achieve that decision, you will succeed. Right now, make the decision that you’re going to succeed and create wealth for yourself (whatever that looks like for you). Have you made your decision yet? If not, why not? This is an important question to answer. Because most likely this is something you have been doing for a very long time but are not aware of. Most people have a difficult time making decisions. But here is a big clue for you: Wealthy people are expert decision makers.

Want to be wealthy? Become an expert decision maker.

Learn the secrets to achieving Wealth Without a Job — try it for $1.00!

Becoming an expert decision maker is not complicated. It's actually quite simple. Just consciously choose what you're going to do, quickly and decisively. Write it down, and say it out loud. This will engrain your decision at the unconscious level. Once you have made your decision, there’s one more step: Commit to your decision. A decision without a commitment is worthless! Your commitment to your decision is the only thing that is stopping you from getting what you want. Have you ever noticed how many people are commitment-phobic these days? Have you experienced any commitment problems? This is what most people don’t like to see in the mirror. I used to have this problem, and I went six figures upside down until I got this right. Once I made the decision to succeed and then made a solid commitment to do what I had to in order to achieve my success, then, and only then, did I achieve wealth. I never once thought I was not going to achieve my success. Failure was not an option. However, until I consciously made a decision to become a millionaire and then followed it up with a solid commitment to achieve that decision, I just became more broke and miserable.

Unemployed to Millionaire

Once I made my decision and commitment, I went from being unemployed to being a millionaire in less than three years. So can you. In fact, I took the slow route. Since I started my journey, I have helped thousands and thousands of people achieve the success that they desired and deserved. In fact one client became a millionaire in just seven months at the young age of 89. Elizabeth was no one special. She was a grandmother with a desire to succeed. She made a decision to use and commit to the Wealth Without a Job system. It did take some work for Elizabeth to achieve her success, but results speak for themselves. Now have you made your decision yet to succeed? Also, have you made a commitment to yourself to achieve your success? I sure hope you have. It is critical that you do this right now. If you’re a procrastinator, then make the decision right now to stop procrastinating, and make the decision and commitment to succeed. Great job! Now let’s go on to rule number two… Rule #2: Refer to Rule #1. As you continue your journey to achieve the success that you desire and deserve, if you find yourself looking for the magic pill, stop yourself immediately. Ask yourself the following question: Am I looking for the magic pill, or will this program actually move me forward toward my success? When you answer this question truthfully, you are well on your way. Now there is a specific way to successfully answer this question, and that is to use your unconscious mind in a way you may not be familiar with. Your unconscious mind, which is the true horsepower, actually has all the answers you need. The problem is that most people do not understand how to use their unconscious mind because they’re unconscious. No one has ever taught them how to use their unconscious mind. This is a learned skill, and anyone can learn it.

Are You Really Using Your Mind or Are You Just Kidding Yourself?

My experience, after working with thousands of clients, has been that most people are experts at lying to themselves. They’ve convinced themselves because they are smart or succeeded in some other venture, therefore they must be able to succeed with their current desire. I used to lie to myself about achieving success. I used to speak positive affirmations. That’s a good thing. Right? The bottom line was, just using positive affirmations wasn’t good enough. No matter what I told myself, it did not help me achieve my success until I got my unconscious mind involved. Using positive affirmations is actually a conscious process. Don’t get me wrong; saying positive affirmations isn’t all bad and can have some positive effects. However, if you have an underlying problem that lies deep at the unconscious level, no matter what positive affirmations, how many times you say them, or how loudly you say them, they will not help. I learned this the hard way by going broke in a major way. Learn from my mistakes, and don't let this happen to you. It’s a lot cheaper and far less painful.

Quit Lying to Yourself, and Tap into Your True Power

Now let me show you exactly how to use your unconscious mind to produce the results you want. When you ask yourself the questions I have given you, listen very closely to the first answer that you receive from your small, still voice. This small, still voice is your unconscious mind. It knows if you have an underlying issue. It also knows what’s best for you. When you start to listen to this small, still voice and then take action based on the answer you receive, you will cut your time down considerably to achieving the success you desire and deserve just as Elizabeth and many others have done. In the Wealth Without a Job system, there is an affirmation process unlike any other you have ever used. This process helps you tap into your unconscious mind to quickly resolve and transform any underlying issues that you may be dealing with. It also teaches you how to get in tune with your unconscious mind and use it more effectively. When you master harnessing the power of your unconscious mind and start making conscious decisions and commitments to achieve those decisions, then, and only then, will you succeed at the level you want.

Take control of your unconscious mind… and your LIFE!

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It’s really all up to you. Follow the two wealth-building rules all the way to a new financial outlook. Are you willing to take a close look in the mirror and see if you're chasing the magic pill to creating wealth?  And, more importantly, are you willing to make a decision and commitment to achieve the success you desire and deserve? Only you can answer these questions. I suggest that this is a good time for you to get your unconscious mind involved to get to the truth. Achieving success is not hard. But it does require work. I have given you now the two wealth-building rules that will allow you to achieve your success.  I look forward to hearing about your results after you have made your decision and commitment to achieve the wealth you desire and deserve.

Yes! I want to earn the income I want doing the work I love! I want to take control of my life and start the business of my dreams.

Please send me Andy Fuehl’s 8-CD program Wealth Without a Job, PLUS the 3 Bonus CDs and Wealth Accelerator Guidebook, to try for 30 days, for JUST $1.00.

If I don’t experience a noticeable change in my income, my freedom, and my security using this program’s instructions, I will simply return the program. No questions asked. If I decide I want to keep it, I will pay the discounted price of $99.95, which is a full $100 off the regular price, at the end of my 30-day trial.

You are either a) attracting wealth, or b) attracting poverty. There IS no option C. Take a FAST and FRREE test and find out!

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