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From Poor Brain to Rich Brain for Phenomenal Success
By Asara Lovejoy

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The One Command®

by Asara Lovejoy

The One Command®

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The Theta Code

by Asara Lovejoy with Bonnie Strehlow

The Theta Code

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Inspired by The One Command

There is an untapped portion of the human mind that you could call your “Rich Brain” and you’d be right. This is the part of the brain that has been scientifically shown to find answers to seemingly unsolvable problems, that can stop a negative thought and create what you want instead, as well as generate new ideas and inventions, all in moments.

“In the many years that I have been engaged as a Thinking Environment™ consultant I can confidently confirm that: ‘The brain that contains the problem also contains the solution,' ” says Dr. Neslyn Watson-Druée, a London-based organizational development specialist with a focus on leadership and performance management and founder of Beacon Organizational Team. She says, “Asara Lovejoy’s work, which helps people access their theta minds and move from ‘Poor Brain’ to ‘Rich Brain’ thinking is an ideal tool for anyone in today’s business environment. The One Command system developed by Asara is one of the simplest, yet most effective solutions I have experienced to date.”

The benefits of thinking in your Rich Brain in theta are numerous. More peace of mind, less stress, renewed sense of purpose, a greater connection to others, and heightened trust in decision making are just a few of the numerous benefits.

Tapping into your Rich Brain is quick
and easy… once you know how.

Asara Lovejoy teaches you to command
your theta mind for miraculous results.

Many people have changed devastating financial problems from the downturned economy, healed issues in their family, and improved their business and professional relationships with an increase in income and more business through The One Command.


Some of the most creative minds and leading scientists in history have been aware of the importance of the theta mind. The greatest achievements of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and many others have actually come about after an inspiration from their Rich Brain. Imagine how much more effective you as a leader in business could be by knowing how to go right into your Rich Brain and use this untapped power of your mind to solve problems and generate new ideas easily and effectively.

From my own discovery of this fantastic system of thinking and reasoning I have found that, “It is a very small adjustment that gives people access to everything… health, money, peace of mind, better relationships, greater success, new inventions and solutions, and a sense of fulfillment.”

I often share my story of being down and out and about to lose my home when I discovered access to this fantastic real intelligence that is biologically inherent in each and every person on command. I named the process The One Command, which includes six easy steps and One Command to change a thought, to stop a fear, or to engage in your greater theta thinking intelligence. As a result of applying what I discovered, I saved her home and built a teaching seminar and online business sharing these very principles of my success that has led to more than $2 million in revenue and The One Command presence on every continent around the world.

“By applying The One Command, you can create a completely new financial, emotional, and stress-free life. This knowledge is so simple, and it only takes moments — a few moments — in your thinking to readjust your mind until this practice becomes as natural to you as your old way of thinking.”

“Crack” the code to achieve fast, effortless achievement of any goal.

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I remember when meditation first came to people’s attention and it was a hard sell to get business people to admit they could benefit from calming their mind in the alpha brain wave. In fact, I like to tell the story of my father, who was a very successful attorney managing class-action suits with hundreds of plaintiffs, and I said to him, “Think about how you find the right law to reference in your legal arguments. You do your research, and then you let it percolate in your mind. Then you wake up with a clear answer. Now meditation is like that state of percolation. When the mind is quiet, it performs on more cylinders than your ordinary waking beta brain wave provides.” He had an AHA and immediately took to meditation the furthest thing from his regular logic. He and my mother practiced for all the years until their deaths with gratitude that they had recourse to peace and comfort and a quieting of the mind during their meditation.

We are now in a new era, and The One Command accesses an even deeper level of your mind, your theta, delta brain waves, and  then the more well-known meditation state of alpha. In addition, it is a very quick way to change habitual negative performance in your thinking and to access solutions, answers, and cooperative decisions that lead to better results in minutes rather than in longer meditative practices.

The Scientific American Mind November/December 2012 issue cover title states, Think Like a Genius: How exceptional intelligence and creativity arise and speaks to the discovery of right brain or theta thinking as that place of creative genius. The article explains that folks who have had some left-brain, logical-thinking, beta-mind injury have then demonstrated extraordinary capacity such as found in autism for a specific skill: music, math, inventiveness, design, etc. Now we don’t want you to have any left-brain injury to find your genius, and in fact you don’t have to even consider that as a possibility, because through The One Command process, you can go from beta mind to theta mind in six easy steps, quickly.

This works because of a couple of things you want to know. First, you are already accessing your theta brain wave at night while asleep. It is technically known as your REM (rapid eye movement) sleep state. The function of REM is to discharge release fears and concerns. This takes place when your eyes move rapidly back and forth and then also roll up under your closed eyelids. You are processing in such a way that you clear your nervous system and relax your body, and in addition you bring forth and create new ideas while in this REM dream state.

That is why Einstein said that he went to sleep and woke up with E=MC2. That is why you have probably had that same experience you went to sleep on a problem and woke up with a solution or new approach to a problem.

Second, you want to know that you can mechanically change your fast and furious beta mind into theta mind by looking up under your closed eyelids at any time during the day to simply quiet your mind in moments. Try it. I know that at first you may feel a little weird doing this consciously while awake, but the benefits are tremendous. In The One Command program we talk about this way of thinking and reasoning becoming as natural as using your more limited and less resourceful logical left-brain beta mind. I have the highest regard for my beta, “Poor Brain” and hope that you can come to have the same regard for your theta, “Rich Mind.”

They each serve a specific function, and what we have come to know is that by consciously engaging in your theta “Rich Brain,” you can leap ahead in results and satisfaction. Give it a try, and see what you discover!

Test the science-supported results for yourself. It works!

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Asara has proven through the success of thousands of her students that the theta mind is where breakthrough ideas and breakthrough accomplishments take place — automatically, easily and uninterrupted. Now she wants to hand you the key — The One Command — to tap into this incredible potential.

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