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Awaken the Healer that Is Within You

By Mark Earlix
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Inspired by Awaken the Healer Within

When and how do we learn not to trust? When and how do we learn not to love? When and how do we learn to ignore some people, or even most everyone, with an indifferent mind? How and when do we experience an internal loneliness even at times when our dreams and desires are being fulfilled around us?

In my 40 years as a healer, I have also come to understand that, mostly, many of the dilemmas of our dramas and traumas are created through how we identify in life.

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There is such a thing as accidents for the things that were sometimes created by the influences of others’ ignorance and half-heartedness, though this isn't often, let me explain...

In early childhood we are exposed to the dilemmas of dramas and traumas of life by family, friends, strangers, and situations that we find ourselves witnessing and involved in as our situations of interactions.

There is often an unexpressed desire that is within us at the times when we are quiet, or when we contemplate on our self or our life. We sometimes have our own regrets that eventually turn into unexpressed patterns and reactions that create a root system within us that spreads into and throughout our life emotionally and mentally. I believe that the conversations in our mind help us to be as we are and develop within us the propensity to being prone to disease. These experiences later in life might also turn into migraines, ulcers, one of the many types of arthritises, diseases, habitual injuries, and chronic pains, discomforts, etc.

In other words, the traumas of our lives, if unexpressed, can and do manifest into disease and emotional problems.

My experience in working with many thousands of people in sessions is that we all have reactive experiences that are really simple to break, but it takes a desperate moment or thought to actually become aware of our potential and to truly show our desire to break a pattern. We can at anytime begin to love and honor our self. Think about it for a moment: "We actually have self-destructive feelings and identifications of being unworthy or not qualified to be a certain way, or the inability to express how or what we feel." I have seen that these events within us eat us up in life. Then there are times that we have an accident or do something foolish in front of others. That is how they see and remember us. So, the next time others see us, we almost repeat or actually do repeat the pattern because "we and they" now expect the pattern or loop to repeat. We've been trained by our environments of everyone around us... get my drift?

The "hanging-on of the pattern" is the loop that we are in as we do perceive the direct simplicity of this. Many of the past distresses and injuries have the potential to turn into the wisdom of not having to relive within us what we had only identified with in life, in our daily lives.

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We can find that in the current life at any given moment, there is peace. Even if someone were to confront us in conflict, we can then observe versus react in our thousands of daily events.

In observation, we can find objectiveness, and then no reaction from our ulcer or body's distress and irritations that bother us. It's as though the life of the destructive qualities has dissipated and ceased to exist within us. Future events at this time are being worked with.

"The future event is a solidified past event that makes us into who we are, what we are, and why we are today, and then at any given time, we have an opportunity to change without fear dominating us."

"The very fears that motivate us in thoughts and in our decisions rule us and affect us in our current and future life."

Fear has a consciousness as we give it life. As we generally learn to look at these fears, it becomes as easy as recognizing (“re-cognizing”), and then they lose their life. This is a great exercise for us to utilize in self-control and moralistic living. It is only through fear that we judge. As we judge any other person or situation in thought, we are judging something similar within ourselves that we have gone through and not looked at, are going through now that we are avoiding looking at, or will be going through in our future. It enables us to choose non-judgment of ourselves and the world around us. Our momentary decisions of non-judgment help us to be more open and free to do the more important work of life. Also, as an added bonus, there is joy.

As a healer, sometimes I place my hands on someone in his or her request to be healed from chronic ache, pain, injury, or disease. I might see a momentary complete living picture of an event that might have started that person’s chain of events since an early age in childhood. Sometimes I'll mention what I see inside myself and share this event with my client... if it is needed. I also know that I can't possibly relate to another's discomfort or emotional distress or mental understandings unless it was, is, or will be about me as well. So I try to find it within myself. Then I work it by seeing otherwise (the opposite of the person’s distress) through my imaginations, first in my life and then in their life.

Maybe a parent or relative disciplined you. Maybe a friend of the family or even a stranger abused you. Maybe there was a sledding accident or an unexpected fall that was initiatory in causing your dysfunctional neurology, biological or skeletal memory. Maybe the patterns of your life were based upon shame or embarrassment and the feeling or image of the feeling related to and leading into the next similar event. And just maybe, this happened again and again... as the pattern of avoidance formed in the mind.

Regardless, many times, countless times, I've seen and have been told from within myself that as a person purposefully and objectively reflects or glances back at the supposed causal effect, his or her physical problem improves or mostly dissipates to nothingness... as the backbone of the destructive memory breaks.

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Of course, and as I have mentioned earlier, this doesn't apply to everything that happens to our body and mind. Not everything is a setup by the universe or God or the higher power. There are accidents that do happen, by our being injured through others’ misthinking or not being responsible. These events affect us in life. That is not the universe’s nor God's fault or punishment, karma or "getting even." As humans with minds that have consciousness and the ability to think outside of ourselves in projection, we have this amazing ability to utilize this tool of conscious awareness that we can utilize at any time. This enables us to choose at any given moment our next act or reaction through the use of our free will.

As we learn to do these simple exercises, the old falls away and the distressed body reacts from that moment on. We find less stress within and many of the aches and pains dissipate. Chronic problems lessen or eventually go away without our even remembering when they left.

Sometimes, as a healer, by working with clients or even in my own personal life, as I touch someone, even in recognition or endearment, his or her discomfort leaves and usually doesn't return. This can happen only through the love that moves through us. We can do this without even knowing or getting in the way to the extended ego and trying to figure out the "whys of things."

The power, force, and energy of love are ever-present. Inside we long to love; then wanting to love or wanting to be loved no longer enters into our equation of needs. We then become that "even more conscious" love that seeks itself more freely.

Let us begin to awaken to our choices in life. Let us begin to speak with true meaning by being conscious and aware of the words we think and use in truth by consciously recognizing the words that come forth from our hearts and that come out of our mouths. Then the truth can and will set us free from the guile and superfluous chatter of the world. Only then do we become free to utilize objective reasoning in listening to the true Self as it becomes our ultimate goal. This is the "Spiritual" that man- and womankind have been seeking for a more productive and enjoyable life.

Choose to live a pain-free, disease-free and more enjoyable life.

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