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Creating a Healthy You
By Bonnie Strehlow

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What if you could recapture your vitality and health with one simple method? Wouldn’t you want to know how? Wouldn’t it be great to have a Healthy You and the freedom and power to make that happen?

Well, now you can with The Theta Code! This amazing program introduces you to The One Command®, a simple yet powerful 6-step process for creating and maintaining a healthier body with greater vitality. Or if you are experiencing a serious health challenge, The One Command® guides you through a process of uncovering subconsciously held beliefs and programs that may be preventing your body from healing.

If you are like me, you’re always looking for ways to feel better. Maybe you are already pretty healthy but want some simple tools to keep you that way. Or maybe you are suffering from an illness, and, no matter what you do, you just aren’t getting better. Maybe you have some stubborn pounds you want to drop but are just not succeeding in getting to your desired weight.

Activate your body's inherent miraculous healing ability.

Learn to use The Theta Code to command greater health and wellness.

I know about struggling with illness and weight. I’ve been where you are, and even though I am healthy now, that wasn’t always the case. For years I struggled with fibromyalgia and being overweight. Since learning the skills to change my health as I changed my mind, my fibromyalgia has healed. Not just improved, but is completely, totally, and 100% gone. And I used those same tools to drop weight and shift my identity to being a naturally healthy person.

So you’re probably thinking, “That worked for you, but I don’t think it will work for me.” I hear you! Really I do.

Did you know that science has now proven what you have intuitively known all along? Your thoughts determine how healthy you can be. Scientists like Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza have proven that you are neither a victim of your genetic programming nor are you doomed to a pattern of illness, disease, being overweight, or being constantly sick. That’s why The One Command® is such an incredible tool for healing.

Using the simple 6-step process of The One Command®, you instantly refocus your attention toward health rather than illness and you establish a healthy relationship with your body and your healthy state of being. When your identity is that of a healthy person, your body immediately gets busy creating a healthier body. It really can be that simple!

In order to create lasting change in your health, you need three things: willingness, teachability, and an open mind.

Willingness to change is paramount. Without being willing to change something, you won’t even take the first steps to a healthier you. Where is your time and energy focused right now — on the struggle to be healthy or on actually being healthy? Take a moment to tune into your body and ask. Tell yourself the truth. Are you caught up in the struggle and striving to be healthy, but not leaving room for actually being healthy? How do you identify yourself with your poor health?

Where you place your focus is what you will continue to experience. That’s why an attitude of willingness is so essential.

Use the extraordinary theta brain-wave state to command healing miracles.

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How teachable are you? Being teachable means that you are open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. If you are so sure that you know what is wrong or what needs to be done, you close yourself off to new information — information that may very well lead you in the direction your body needs you to go. You stop learning anything new and continue to get the same old results over and over again.


An open mind is allowing yourself to not know the solution. In The One Command®, we start with “I don’t know how...” That is just telling yourself the truth — you don’t know how, because if you did know, you’d already be doing it successfully. A feeling of peace comes with a mind that is willing to admit “I don’t know how.” From an open mind and in this place of peace healing can happen.

Here are a few basic truths to think about:

  • Your body is literally a roadmap of beliefs, thoughts, and feelings.
  • You were born with an innate ability to heal — an etheric blueprint for good health.
  • Everything you ever experienced or believe to be true is literally encoded in your cells.
  • Your body knows how to unlock and change those codes when you get out of the way and let it do its job.

Once you are willing and open to new ways of being healthy, your healing begins. All healing really begins from the inside — from your unconscious programming and your identity as a healthy person. By changing what you believe to be true about your illness and your identity with your illness, you stop obstructing your body’s ability to heal and you allow it to do what it knows how to do — heal.

The One Command® shifts your identity to being a healthy person and gives you the power and freedom to reclaim and regain your health and vitality right now, in an instant.

So, how do you get out of your own way and allow a Healthy You?

Here is a simple exercise to guide you into a state of willingness, letting go, and being open to trusting your body.

  1. Take 5 minutes and tune into your body — close your eyes and imagine you are traveling around inside your body — do not resist what you find. For example, identify pain and the area of pain completely. Describe it in colors or sounds — what is it screaming, yelling, or saying?
  2. Apologize to the pain. I am sorry for resisting you, hating you, being sad and angry at you. I understand you want me to know something about my body that I have ignored.
  3. Engage in your ability to heal by simply letting your eyes look up under your closed eyelids and send the feeling, color, and emotion of acceptance and love to your pain. (You are engaging in your theta brain wave by this simple technique).
  4. Let your eyes relax and imagine yourself more active and pain-free. Imagine having a new identity as a Healthy You — healed, whole, and healthy. (Do this to the best of your ability, as those in very deep levels of pain take a few sessions to reduce and eliminate the pain).
  5. Open your eyes and immediately stand up and stretch and move — test your new awareness of your body. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

We are all searching for the same basic things in life — love, acceptance, and good health. What would your life be like if you identified with a Healthy You and allowed your body to bring that into reality?

When you learn to think, act, and feel healthy, your subconscious mind goes into alignment and agreement with your body. And before you know it, you feel better, have more vitality, and enjoy your life in new, healthier ways.

The blueprint for perfect health is imprinted on your cells. ACTIVATE it.

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