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How Do You Wake UP in the Morning?
By Robin B. Palmer

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How do you wake up in the morning? Are you jolted into the day with an annoying buzzer or accosted by the “alarming” news on the radio?

Research shows that the mindset with which we start our day influences our perspective as our day progresses. We are virtually the most open-minded when we awaken into the new day into consciousness. Ironically, most people start their day bombarded by a buzzer or with negative news like, “Someone got murdered. Now get out there and prosper!” There is actually a spike in heart attacks on Monday mornings, which have been triggered by alarm-clock buzzers. Yikes!

I kept thinking there must be a solution somewhere. This is the 21st century, the age of innovation. Why am I starting each precious day so negatively? What if I had an automated success tool that would help me to begin every day positively focused on achieving my daily goals, first thing in the morning, when it matters the most?!

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My name is Robin Palmer and throughout my life, I’ve benefitted both personally and professionally by starting my days with inspiration, passion and focused goals. I’ve performed leading roles in Broadway musicals for 15 years. Some favorites include playing Linda Ronstadt’s sister in The Pirates of Penzance with Kevin Kline, co-starring with David Cassidy in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and singing “Memory” in Cats.

My passion for fitness led me to become a top personal trainer in New York City. A few years ago, I moved to California, took a desk job, got married, and became a step-mom. That’s when my life got really hectic. I started searching for an affordable personal coach to positively wake me up every day, to motivate me to work out before my daily schedule started, and to encourage me to have a wonderful day! I envisioned a cross between Glenda the Good Witch and “Body by Jake.” My coach had to say something original every day, something that would really inspire me, and also be someone whom my husband wouldn’t mind having in the bedroom with us when we woke up in the morning. I was determined to find an automated success tool to help me to start every day positively, even if I had to invent it myself.

I became a student at “Google University.” I learned that our state of mind with which we end each day is just as important as the mindset we start the day. It dawned on me that since our minds are the most open and impressionable when we are awakening in the morning and when we are about to drift off to sleep, it’s an invaluable time to positively program ourselves with gratitude, inspiration, positive visualizations, and affirmations.

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Since the research shows that our subconscious minds work on the information we receive during the day, especially right before we go to sleep, it is imperative that we use that time well. Many people listen to the news before they go to sleep or don’t make conscious choices for what they want their subconscious minds to work on while they are sleeping. As Dr. Wayne Dyer recommends, “If you don’t want your subconscious mind to try to process the negativity you witnessed on the news for the next six to eight hours while you are sleeping, don’t watch the news before you go to bed.” It’s best to use our conscious minds to make more constructive choices on behalf of our subconscious minds.


I have found several ways to begin and end each day positively. One way I have found to positively kick-start my day is to envision walking through my day during my morning meditation. I envision myself participating in my day, the way an elite athlete or Broadway performer prepares for an event or performance. And then it’s “Play ball!”

For me, beginning my day with a spiritual practice is at least as important as that first cup of coffee. Marianne Williamson says that most people would not feel comfortable starting their day without brushing their teeth and showering and that starting the day with a spiritual practice washes off the dirt you can’t see on the inside.

I notice that today I am more focused and productive and self-caring. I really benefit from starting my day positively focused on achieving my goals for the day. My day flows better. Since time may be my most precious asset, it is important for me to make good use of it. I regularly meditate and exercise before I begin my workday. I notice that I am more focused and energized for the day, which I really appreciate!

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I have several great evening exercises that definitely make a difference for me. A favorite good-night exercise of mine just before I fall sleep is to visualize the completion of goals I am working to accomplish, to give my subconscious six to eight hours to “work on it” while I am sleeping. Kim Terranova, co-creator of “World As One” with Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, shared her evening ritual with me, which I love. I write a gratitude list on the page on the right and acknowledgments about myself on the page on the left. I write at least five every night on both pages. Then I lay my head on my pillow and count my gratitudes instead of counting sheep.

A third favorite is creating a real-live gratitude list of people in my life right before I go to sleep at night. I express gratitude silently or audibly to everyone whom I experienced as being a blessing to me during the course of my day. I may thank a friend who called me or a businessperson who reached out to me. You can also choose to do this exercise as a written gratitude list at night before you go to sleep, or in the morning, if you’d prefer. You will notice that your real-live gratitude list will grow, and soon there will be more people on your list and in your life than you thought possible.

About that automated success tool I had envisioned to help me to start every day positively? I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I created it myself. Necessity is the mother of invention! I invented My Wake UP Call® Motivational Alarm Clock® Messages; patented daily five-minute motivating messages that start every day positively.

My husband and I co-founded My Successables, Inc.. Through this company, we are fortunate to have partnered with some of today’s most respected wellness and motivational authorities, each of whom contribute inspiring messages that will empower you throughout your day... EVERY DAY!

You’ll hear morning messages from experts like Marci Shimoff, Janet Attwood, Debra Poneman, Dr. Judith Orloff, Mary Morrissey. Plus you’ll benefit from the incredible words from “Discover the Gift” transformational leaders like His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Jack Canfield, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Sonia Powers, David Wolfe, Shajen Joy Aziz, Daniel Lichtenstein, and many more .

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