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Stand Up for Your Money
By Asara Lovejoy

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I am not a financial investment adviser. I am a financial MINDSET adviser, and I think it is time that you stand up for your money! I recall when I was in sales and marketing, and a client left without signing up for my program. My supervisor said, "Asara, look at all the time and energy you invested in signing your client. Don't you think it is worth your extra effort to make that pay for you?"

I thought about it and realized that I wasn't standing up for what I had already invested. I was in essence saying, "Well that didn't work out—maybe next time." Instead, I took immediate action, went to see my client, and spent another two hours with him—and he said, "Yes" and signed up.

It was very satisfying to receive the money for my effort—to see it realized. How many times have you stood back from your time and energy investment in realizing your income or greater income? How many times have you settled for less or not honored your own work by taking it through to the end and getting paid or getting the return on your investment?

Never again settle for less! Stand up for what's yours!

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It is an important question—especially right now in this different and difficult economy. It is a mindset question, centered around your beliefs that you can't do any more, that you are stopped or thwarted from the real results you are after.

It is a consensual belief about your limits, based on what outside circumstances determine—in your mind. And of course, you can offer proof again and again that prove your limits.

I propose a new approach. One you may not have heard about before. In my book The One Command, I propose that you have an amazing intelligence that operates outside of consensual—agreed-upon—reality. How does that work, you might ask.

It is quite simply this: All the new science reports that we are masters of reality—of knowing something new in advance of its appearance and in spite of appearances, for example, surrounding your financial circumstances, in spite of world finances and the economy. But you have to have the tools and the mindset, as well as the skill set to implement success in such a new approach.

Number 1:  You have to have the desire to see a new way.

Number 2: You have to have the courage to act and implement a new way.

Number 3: You have to have the right information to implement a new way.

Desire for a new approach to what is your economic possibility means reviewing old ideas and looking at new possibilities. For example, one senior executive lost his job.  For a year he sent out resumes and didn't find a job. His wife suggested he look in another direction—maybe start up their own business.

It was unsettling for the executive to imagine himself in a new way. He identified very strongly with who he was as an executive and with the routine of working in a big company.


Courage means leaving the familiar and going into something "unsettling," something new that has yet been proven. With the right mindset, the executive began to imagine himself as an entrepreneur, where he first founded his business and then executed its success.

And he began to research not only what he needed to know for the success of his new business—the nuts and bolts—but he also committed his time and energy to build a strong new MINDSET in his identity, opportunity, and belief in himself that he could.

This is where many are right now. Re-identifying who you are in the financial world and who you would like to be. And also feeling the pinch of the outside economy that leads to less resilience and more frustration and fear.

I say it is definitely time to stand up for yourself and your money by approaching these circumstances from another portion of your intelligence: the portion that is biologically hard-wired right within you. This is the ability to create a new possibility of something for yourself financially by your attitude and belief that you can, by implementing the three phases of change.

This applies whether you are working in a big company or are self-employed. The belief in your right to success means that you take a different attitude to getting done what you have to do. And this means that you see opportunity where others see difficulty or limitation. You have the courage to use these new portions of your intelligence to realize that opportunity.

In my six easy steps to theta and by your One Command, many have succeeded and are making it big because they learned a new way to think about their value, their intelligence, and their possibilities.

You're just six simple steps away from instantaneous success!

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The executive I mentioned earlier was my client, and I coached him through the process of re-identifying his worth and ability in starting a new business. Right now there are fantastic opportunities to provide skills and services that are greatly needed.

I asked him to investigate what he liked to do—what could he imagine that was in alignment with his nature. Was it sports, health, business, service to others, the arts? First, identify who you are in respect to your gifts and abilities. And also ask yourself, "What do I love to do?"

Even if you love skiing, I am not proposing that you become a ski instructor. But I am proposing that if you love skiing or golfing, there are businesses you can develop that feed a niche for that market. As a matter of fact, golf is right at the top of income-producing businesses. If you were to think outside of the box, what could you come up with in alignment with your love of golf? What could you do on the Internet, in article writing, product promotion, or developing a healthier life with golf as a business? What kind of business could you develop out of the successful stream of the existing golf market?

Let's superimpose that question on any new idea you may have to produce a steady and inviting source of income. First, ask yourself what you can do right now in your existing circumstance in the business you are in. If you work for someone else, how can you make a greater contribution? What would you have to believe to make a greater contribution? You would have to believe that doing more will add value not only for others but ultimately for yourself.

Going beyond what is expected always produces amazing results.

I will always remember the way Steve Jobs spoke about excellence, as well as his drive to make his products better. I think that drive has been taken from so many by neutralizing ambition and individual accomplishment. It's time to stand up for yourself, your ideas, and your ability to implement them for a greater result.

I love to share my story when I started off (oh so many years ago) selling motor homes (recreational vehicles). My children laughed and got a kick out of saying, "Yes, Mom pays for our education by selling Winnebagos."

It was an interesting journey because I had only been a homemaker and mother before I became a salesperson. I actually had to go out and consult with a friend on what my business ethics should be. Women were not looked on favorably in the business. I implemented a positive attitude and favorable ideas about myself—in the face of opposition—and succeeded often as the number one salesperson in the number one largest recreational vehicle dealership in the world.

What is important about my story is how I did that. I designed a rental program for my clients—laid out all the tax breaks, contracts, and forms needed to go into renting their own RV after they purchased. My sales soared. But what happened next was unexpected. Those clients called me months later and said, "Asara, I really don't like renting my RV even though we love the extra money. We know that you have rentals. Would you take ours and rent it too?"

Over 50 RV rentals later, I was invited to open my own RV dealership from the extra effort I made by wanting to provide a service to my clients.

That is a small example of how you can do it too. If you depend on a salary, think about it in this way. You are not being paid a salary—you are being paid as trade for your talent. Now you own that talent and you can transfer that talent to anything, anywhere, any time, and any place.

Of course the belief in yourself that you can is the one essential ingredient. Maybe you already run a business or are an entrepreneur (meaning multiple businesses or investment businesses). How would you have to think differently to see your greater success?

Let's go back to the three principles: desire, courage, and the right information.

You have to focus on your desire to be greater than you are at this moment. You see, you absolutely have greatness within you. It is in your unconscious ability to create. You do this all the time. At The One Command center we jokingly say, "Yes we are masters of creating our lack and limitation." But to change that is relatively simple when you have the courage to seek another answer with skill to do it.

I discovered that you can directly address your fears and limitations in six easy steps and by your Command. It can and does get you what you want instead of what you have.

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