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Are You Ready for Good Health?
By Asara Lovejoy

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by Asara Lovejoy with Bonnie Strehlow

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Reprogram Your Subconscious

by Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H., Ct. H.A.

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I know that may sound like a funny question to ask—the answer would normally be “Yes, of course I’m ready for good health,” but, in fact, the unconscious answer is usually quite different.  If you are already in good health, then you can emphatically state, “Yes, I am ready for good health,” but if you are in pain or less than optimum health, you may believe that you can heal but don’t know how to go about it, and the answer then is, “No, I’m not ready for good health but would love to be.”

Are you ready to establish a new relationship with your body and your health?  If you spend most of your time focused on what is wrong with you instead of on your health and wellness, and if you are just plain sick and tired of not feeling your best, NOW is your chance to reclaim your health and maintain your wellness by tuning into brand-new ways to think about your power to get healthy and stay healthy.

Your body is alive with possibilities, and it looks to you for direction.  Your beliefs, your choices, and your decisions tell your body how to be.  Health and wellness are your birthright—and your choice.  You have the opportunity right here and right now to make new choices and new decisions and to live from the beliefs that enhance your life and support your health and wellness.

Science now agrees that there is a strong body-mind connection to your health and wellness.  YOU create the changes you want to see in yourself.  YOU create the health you want to experience in your body.  What would it be like if your thoughts were focused on what you want instead of what you don’t?  Whether your thoughts are life-enhancing or debilitating, you are still engaging your mind and your brain in re-creating those thoughts.

Wherever you direct your mind, your brain forms a neural pattern that is specific to that thought.  For example—close your eyes and have a thought of illness.  Notice what you feel, see, or hear in your body.  Now have thoughts of kindness, compassion, and love.  Notice the difference?

The more thoughts you hold of what you want, the more neural patterns the brain develops for those thoughts, and your body will respond accordingly.

Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “Neurons that fire together wire together,” and you have the power to create the neural patterns that serve you best.

Is this your experience?  You believe that everyone has an innate ability to heal, but you simply don’t know how to go about putting that belief into practice.  Maybe you are in a chronic pain cycle or have an ongoing debilitating condition.  Maybe you just haven’t felt healthy for a very long time, or maybe you are healthy and want to learn an easier way to maintain good health and wellness but are just not sure how.

If you have the desire to increase your wellness and vitality and are open to learning something new, then you are at the right place and this is the right time!

Here is what I have discovered:

You have an inherent blueprint for optimum health that is yours and   that you can access with very little training.

You have the power and ability to make a state change from illness to health in moments and to function in the brain waves that heal, the theta and delta brain waves.


Your body is coded to heal and always strives for health and balance. YOU can step into that blueprint NOW and take charge of your health.

Did you know that your body is listening to your thoughts all the time? Are you not sure this is possible?

Close your eyes then and take a deep breath.  Tune inward and pay attention to your inner dialogue.  What thoughts are running through your mind?  What images do you see?  What are you feeling right now? Now imagine your body listening in and conforming itself to those messages.

And now imagine those messages being repeated 100 trillion times (which is how many cells make up the human body), every second of the day on an endless loop that never ceases!

How you feel about your body greatly influences your health and wellness—or lack of it.  Ask yourself how you treat your body. Do you treat your body and your health like a stranger, an enemy, or a defeated victim?  Or do you treat it with gratitude, kindness, and love?

Whether you were surprised by what you discovered… or pleased, it is important to know that what you choose to pay attention to becomes your reality of health and wellness.  Once you understand that you have the freedom and the ability to change your mind in an instant, you can transform your state of health.

I know it is sometimes a difficult concept to put you in charge of your health —especially when you may be weak and not feeling your best—because there is an element of powerlessness in illness and a sense that it is in control of you, that it is something beyond you.

The Power of Awareness

While lifestyle changes are very important to maintain good health, it is the Power of Awareness that is the key component to get you where you want to be.

When you want to get to know a person, what do you do?  You ask questions, and then you listen to the answers, right?  It is the same for bringing your body into a state of harmony and balance.  The trouble is that you may never have been trained to be in communication and friendship with your physical body. 

Here is a simple 5-step process to begin a new relationship with your health:

  1. Take 5 minutes and tune into your body—close your eyes and imagine you are traveling around inside your body. Do not resist what you find. For example, identify pain and the area of pain completely. Describe it in colors or sounds—what is it screaming, yelling, or saying?
  2. Apologize to the pain. I am sorry for resisting you—hating you, being sad and angry at you. I understand you want me to know something about my body that I have ignored.
  3. Engage in your ability to heal by simply letting your eyes look up under your closed eyelids and send the feeling, color, and emotion of acceptance and love to your pain. (You are engaging in your theta brain wave by this simple technique.)
  4. Let your eyes relax and imagine yourself more active and pain free. (Do this to the best of your ability as those in very deep levels of pain take a few sessions to reduce and eliminate the pain.)
  5. Open your eyes and immediately stand up and stretch and move— test your new awareness of your body. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If you are already healthy and vibrant, then you can actually increase your health and vibrancy by going through the simple 5-step awareness and forgiveness process of any limitation you may imagine you have.  See how you actually increase your vitality—and of course we all know that is a good thing.

Continue your Power of Awareness during the day by noticing when you are feeling good, or feeling in shape, or feeling the best that you have felt in a while. This awareness is being consciously directed by you because your unconscious, when left on its own, will simply revert to your old habit of being angry, argumentative, or sad about your lack of good health.

Now you can develop the habit of thinking good health—thinking what you want in your health—and as you do, realize that you are conforming your body to these new messages. The consequences of thinking good health will truly surprise you.

Notice when you can get up and down easier or when you make better food choices or when you have increased your energy.  These are all recognizable symptoms of better health.  The unrecognized ones include just feeling happier and more at peace—more optimistic and like maybe, just maybe, you are ready for good health!

I’d love to have you join us on the new Nightingale-Conant program we are launching called The Theta Code, where we spend seven hours with you showing you the way to your improved health.

Many Blessings to you,
Asara Lovejoy, author of The One Command and Unlock Your Healing Codes

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"Many can argue that reality it as it is, but my experience is that the opposite is exactly true,
reality is ours for the making.
- Asara Lovejoy

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