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Fear, Panic, Anxiety, & The Law Of Attraction
By Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.

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I would like to address some of the most recent and prevalent questions and comments that I have received from my listeners in regard to anxiety, fear, depression, and The Law Of Attraction. Specifically, I will include a powerful story of James and Lynne, a couple I worked with, who had their health and wealth abruptly taken away from them, being ravaged by illness and the consequential unbearable financial strain. I’ll discuss how they transformed their lives by implementing the principles of Sound Health, Sound Wealth. And I’ll show you how to utilize those principles in your own life.

Toxic Anxiety Verses Sacred Anxiety
“Giving Anxiety A Job”

As I worked with James and Lynne, the first challenge I gave them was to turn the perception of their situation into an enjoyable treasure hunt. First and foremost we identified the core belief systems that James and Lynne held individually, and collectively, as a couple. We discovered that they do in fact very much believe in the Law Of Attraction but that it somehow works wonderfully well for others but in a negative fashion for themselves. They also acknowledged that things don’t always work out the way we plan. By redirecting their focus we discovered that that there might be countless opportunities of creating and attracting more Life Force In The Form Of Money because we do in fact live in an abundant universe.

In physics, we know that energy never dies, it only changes form. Since the palpable energy of toxic anxiety was coursing through both Lynne’s and James’ entire beings, we decided to redirect that energy and to “give their anxiety a job.” How did we change the energy of “toxic anxiety” to “sacred anxiety”? The first step was to make a decision to do so. Now we needed and an action plan backed by whatever faith James and Lynne could muster to stop “leaking precious life force” and redirect this energy into positive attractors of opportunities, people, places, and things, to further their life’s passion and purpose. Synchronistic events, people, places, things, and opportunities begin appearing in their lives as never before.

We realized that although James and Lynne had both worked hard and were very happy with their personal lives, neither one of them had ever felt any passion for their work. In fact, the only part of their work either had enjoyed was creative problem solving and interaction with people. Both of their jobs had actually been years of daily drudgery. Upon closer investigation they realized that certain major aspects of their work were not in alignment with their core belief systems. Furthermore, some of their core belief systems were essentially “inherited” from their upbringing, and were best described as a “limitation and lack” mentality. I asked them what they thought about the saying “When all your work is play, you will never work another day.” They both sheepishly smiled and said this idea certainly had never applied to the work they had done most of their lives…therefore making work a more life force draining activity, and certainly not a joy.

Both James and Lynne had other dreams that had gotten lost or put aside over the years of raising children and caring for family. They both were very interested in natural energy products and earth sustaining building materials. They had never taken the time to see how they could incorporate these products and ideas into their work lives. James had chosen engineering because his father believed that he should do something safe and honorable. Lynne had loved raising her children and caring for family but had never gotten around to the creative things she held close to her heart. Neither one of them could define a career that would be in alignment with their passion. Now was the time.

Getting Paid For Your Passion

Over the years when assisting others to focus on their passion, and do what they love while getting paid for it, I have often heard these types of comments; “It must have been easy for you because you because you have always known your life’s passion and work.” This is not entirely true. My own career developed more out of oppositional defiance. I have always preferred to work part time, walk on the beach for hours, hike in the redwood and pine forests, read, study, and do my ongoing research of science and spirituality. I became a nurse because I loved helping people and also so that I wouldn’t be a poor musician. My teens were spent imagining myself to be a big recording star and perhaps a veterinarian. The only thing that I knew for sure is that I loved working and communicating with animals, babies, people, and writing music and musical scientific frequency treatments. I decided that I did not really want to be a veterinarian after working for 14 years assisting surgeries and running a veterinary hospital. I did not like the hours and I knew that I would never make it in business because I took in any injured creature and would have had to literally have a zoo on thousands of acres! My main childhood dream as I mentioned, was to be a top recording star. This dream was crushed when I landed a major “record deal” at 26 years old. It took attorneys, and a lot of stress, and money to get out of the record contract I had so hastily signed. I realized that although I loved playing and singing music professionally, I am a “homebody” who could not cope with the traditional musicians’ lifestyle. My friends were becoming famous, going “on the road,” getting exhausted and exposed to drugs and alcohol which was not the lifestyle for me. Instead I played engagements a few times a week preferring to get to bed early with a good book and up at 5:00 AM to meditate, read, and do research.

I continued recording albums and enjoyed selling them locally when I performed. I was able to finance my ongoing education in a way that was fun and meaningful. In balance, I saw 4-6 patients per week who at that time were mostly nurses and doctors that I had worked with in hospitals. My practice grew from referrals only. I continued my education out of curiosity and enjoyment, as I could afford it, my bachelors, masters, and finally a doctorate in Holistic science. I have spent my entire life doing the two things I love, working as a healing practioner/teacher and creating frequency treatments, scoring music and songwriting. My main point is that as often happens, I did not set out with a specific career plan, it found me…. just as it has found thousands of others that I have worked with over the last 35 years.

Your Life Purpose

There is something you were born to do,
Something that is only right for you, you don’t have to dream it.
It’s been inside you all along
If you knew that nothing would go wrong,
It’s the dream that makes your heart beat strong!

- Excerpt from : Helen’s Song

Author, Marsha Sinetar wrote a book called “Do What You Love & The Money Will Follow.” It sounds simple because it is. Simple is not always easy unless one continues to act with faith and persistence. When you make the choices that are truly in alignment with your life’s passion and purpose it is always easier to keep with your faith because you are already doing what you truly love.

You can’t have dreams
without the means and opportunities to fulfill them.

What comes automatic to you? What are you good at and would you like to become great at? List at least ten items that you would love to do and get paid for doing them. Do you love helping others? Do you love organization and does it give you a sense of peace? You may wish to become a Feng Shui practioner or professional organizer. Do you love to interview and chat with people as Oprah and other talk show hosts do? Do love to write books, poetry, music, or news reports?

  • Simple steps are like the analogy of a “Flight Plan.” A pilot files a “flight plan” to a specific destination. You know where you are and know where you want to be. While in flight, a pilot (or automatic pilot) makes hundreds of adjustments depending on wind and weather conditions. Through synchronicity (meaningful coincidences) you will know what and how to make these adjustments on your journey to fulfillment as long as you keep your destination in mind. Clues and opportunities will continue to unfold as you go. Keep your faith alive by studying inspirational success stories of others who are living their passion in satisfying ways, emotionally, physically, spiritually, & financially.
  • Know in dollar amounts (or Euro/or appropriate currency) what income you need or desire to receive. It is important to “think big.”
  • Create a “Future Memory of your new significant business income source. Envision in penultimate detail how you will feel, breathe, and act when your new career path is manifested and you are accumulating wealth. Examine your beliefs systems regarding Lifeforce in the form of Money for your creations or services. Restrict interaction or keep your dreams and plans close to your heart and away from others who may attempt to discourage you. Let the details unfold rather than becoming overwhelmed with how you will attract your next steps in your plan. If you need to keep working at your current job, set aside time each day to research, study, write, and develop your new skills and plans. Attend workshops, seminars, and continue to read and research ideas that are in alignment with your dreams. The details of how to create your magical situation will unfold. You will attract the next steps through synchronicity. Those who have become famous authors have been car salesmen, business secretaries, nurses, dockworkers, and the list goes on.

Lynne And James’ Story Unfolds

In only 6 months, Lynne and James have started a new company in which they both utilize their former skills but in a way that is fulfilling to them both. They do this on the weekends with pleasure because it is fun for them. They are passionate about creating environmental products for self-sustaining homes and related environmental products. In fact, upon completing his contracts with his old business (which involves building materials that he deems unfriendly to the environment) James has already researched new ways of engineering new drawings and plans (which he enjoys) that utilize building using materials that are in alignment with his core belief systems. Lynne works part time sending out their new brochures and speaking with new clients. She loves meeting and interacting with people in a casual unhurried setting. She is only working part time. As their new business grows, they will hire people to help them run their new business. Lynne and James are now investing in themselves.

In going through this process, they both expressed amazement of how simple (though not always easy) it has been to transform their lives together. Once they had worked through disappointment, shock, and fear, they turned their failures into assets. In less than 6 months, they have contracts lined up for their new business that they believe will triple their former incomes in each coming year. They already have signed contracts and collected deposits for these new ventures. They will actually spend less time than in their former jobs. James will continue to work until he has finished his former commitments. They will soon be making more money than ever before.

Lynne has not had another “panic attack,” (one of her ailments) and is no longer taken immune suppressant or anti-anxiety medications. Her doctor expressed amazement at how Lynne’s Lupus has gone into remission as well. Lynne and James have come to realize that all the events that lead them to this paradigm shift were more of a blessing than a curse. They created a new paradigm from their life experience. It was however, they who had to choose and redirect their life force of time and energy.

They did this by identifying and coming into alignment with their beliefs systems, “reframing” their whole lives. Lynne had learned to address her health issues emotionally, physically, nutritionally, and Spiritually. She feels more at peace than ever before with a greater understanding of the underlying events that had brought them to this place of total panic into healing every area of their lives.

If You Are Experiencing Anxiety, Fear, Depression, or Panic, You Are Not Alone

Hopefully you have never experienced a full-blown panic attack or paralyzing fear. Most all of us have, at one time or another experienced situational degrees of anxiety, fear, or a feeling of impending doom. As one client describes it “Sometimes I feel as if the other shoe is about to drop.”

According to the January issue of 2004 Journal of Neuroscience, each year, panic attacks strike over 2 million American adults “out of the blue” with feelings of intense fear and physical symptoms confused with a heart attack. Unchecked, this disorder often sets into motion debilitating psychological symptoms of agoraphobia and the avoidance of public places. As in clinical depression, researchers have long suspected a genetic connection related to panic and other disorders.

According to the January issue of 2004 Journal of Neuroscience, each year, panic attacks strike over 2 million American adults “out of the blue” with feelings of intense fear and physical symptoms confused with a heart attack. Unchecked, this disorder often sets into motion debilitating psychological symptoms of agoraphobia and the avoidance of public places. As in clinical depression, researchers have long suspected a genetic connection related to panic and other disorders.

Brain scans of mild to severe anxiety sufferers have revealed that certain types of serotonin receptors are reduced by nearly a third in the three structures straddling the center of the brain. In brief summary, panic disorder patients, including those who also had depression, receptor sites in the brain were reduced by an average of nearly a third in the anterior cingulated (frontal mid part of brain), the posterior cingulated (rear mid brain), and the midbrain. Clearly our thought patterns can and do affect the biological functioning and structure of not only our brains, but also every cell in our bodies. Given the correct healing environment, our bodies and brains know how to heal and create homeostasis.

The Quick Fix

The trillion-dollar pharmaceutical often over simplifies the physiological, genetic, and behavioral components to these complex problems offering “magic medications” for complex problems of depression, anxiety, obsessive, and panic related disorders. Simply taking a “happy pill” can have serious side effects when underlying problems are not addressed as well.

Our bodies are constantly seeking homeostasis, or balance. Serotonin re-uptake inhibitors and other medications that change and interrupt brain patterns and chemistry may only work for nine months or so and without other therapeutic and adjunctive therapies. The actual underlying problems are not solved but simply masked. Alternative medicine often indicates that one must only use alternative methods for problem solving. I believe that medical intervention is sometimes indicated especially if someone is experiencing suicidal depressive states. My hope is that if one does need a prescription except on a live saving temporary basis. Then, other Holistic therapies will also be sought to alleviate the underlying problems to include lifestyle choices and through the examination of their belief systems that may in fact now be entirely their own. These belief systems can be inherited or accumulated unconsciously throughout life.

Are We At The Mercy Of Our Biology?

Although genetics can and do play a part of diseases, must they always? Can we override our negative genetic programming? There is a growing body of scientific researchers that believe that we can play a very significant role in how we are affected by our genetic inheritances. For example, even if your grandmother, mother, and aunt have had breast cancer, it does not necessarily mean that the next generation of women from the same family will develop breast cancer just because the cancer gene is present in the DNA. Of course it is advisable to be aware and have appropriate checkups for early detection.

Emotional states, environmental conditions, attitudes, and investigating one’s belief systems go a long way to protect DNA and cellular resonance and responses. The emotions of heartfelt love and compassion have healing vibrational frequencies that can and do affect our body’s ability to overcome genetic predispositions. Frequencies affect our bodies much like acupuncture on specific receptor sites in our cells and in the molecular structure of our DNA. Additional biological influences are available through the choices we make emotionally, physically, nutritionally, philosophically, and of paramount importance, our “ belief systems.” We all have beliefs both on conscious and subconscious levels that affect our every action and reaction on both physical and emotional levels. Our powerful Subconscious Mind is has recorded with penultimate detail and precision each and every stimulus we have ever been exposed to, even in utero.

Highly respected scientist/cellular biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton in his book, The Biology Of Belief scientifically explains that the fundamental beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes that a child has been exposed to become “hardwired” as literal physical synaptic pathways in the cells of our biology to include our Subconscious Minds.

The beliefs, fears, and comments from parents, media, or any toxic exposures we have experienced as children very often become recorded as “absolute fact” to a child in early developmental stages. Of course positive compassionate loving messages have been recorded as well. Children’s ability to critically assess verbal content has not yet matured enough to ascertain as to whether comments made or overheard are true or not and statements and fear based beliefs such as “lack and limitation” can literally become physical aspects of our biology. This means that positive and negative meta-messages have been downloaded into our Subconscious Minds from every stimulus that we have ever been exposed to. I have always believed this same idea is true in people of all ages and that fear based “hardwired physical synaptic pathways” in our biological systems can be dissolved and replaced by higher, better, and carefully chosen new belief systems, once we identify what they are.

Many blessings,


Luanne OakesBeloved author, inspirational healer, mentor to tens of thousands of our customers and countless others throughout the world, and a dear friend to many of us here at Nightingale-Conant, Luanne Oakes, Ph.D. was best known for her ability to successfully integrate Western and Eastern philosophies of science, spirituality, and health in groundbreaking, life-changing new ways. A renowned author, scientific metaphysical researcher, healing facilitator, and composer/musician, Luanne mentored people from all walks of life, from physicians to performers to business professionals. She created Nightingale-Conant’s runaway bestsellers Sound Heath, Sound Wealth; Spiritual Alchemy; and Your Magical Divine Experiment; and the soon-to-be-released program The Nine Golden Keys.

In February 2011, Luanne suddenly and unexpectedly passed on from this life. Her joyous, loving presence will be forever missed by those who knew her. But her extraordinary light will continue to live on in the countless individuals whose lives she touched and transformed.

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