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The Three-Step Social Selling Process That Never Fails!
By Stephen Pierce

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by Stephen Pierce

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How to Prosper in a Downturn

by Harry S. Dent, Jr.

How to Prosper in a Downturn

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The Power of Passive Income

by Nightingale Learning Systems

The Power of Passive Income

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Social media are the new center of gravity of the Internet. If we pop open the hood of social media, we can see their driving force, which consist of three elements.

  1. Communities (People of similar interest gathering together online)
  2. Conversations (Interactions taking place among the community)
  3. Content (The center of focus that fuels the conversation)

For you to be able to profit, you must pick a position that will allow you to both fit in and stand out.

The #1 position to consider is: Contributor

As a Contributor, you provide value to the community, the conversations, and/or the content. The question now is, “How does one become a valuable contributor who is allowed to profit from social media.”

That question brings us to the three-step social selling process that never fails.

Step #1: SHARE

Sharing is about establishing your base of social influence. People travel around the Internet by clicking on links. In order for you to make money online, you need to be able to move people to action, to get them to click on your links to see valuable offers.

Think about it.

If making money requires people to click on your links and you are unable to get people to click on your links, how much money can you expect to make?

Not much, right?

So the whole idea about “sharing” is to provide content so valuable and compelling that people are conditioned to click on our links when we put them out there.

Step #2: SHOW

This is where you showcase your own expertise so you can build your social equity.

After having conditioned your audience to click on your links, you are guaranteed to drive traffic to your own videos, audios, and freebies.

Whether you’re an affiliate looking to make money from other people’s products or from selling your own products, by showcasing your expert knowledge or skill, you begin to build the kind of equity that allows you to quickly cash in.

You can demonstrate certain skills or discuss topics that show you know what you’re talking about. And this is very important when you’re recommending others to follow your advice to buy stuff.

Step #3: SELL

This is where we convert interest into income by cashing in on our social influence and social equity.

This is about making your efforts as a valuable contributor pay off.

You can do product reviews or product endorsements, or release your own product. Whatever you selling position is, after having provided the value from sharing and showcasing, you can now reap the financial benefits from selling.

So get to it!

Three Keys to Unlocking Even More Success

When you think of business assets, what comes to mind? Most people tend to think about how much money they have, how many clients they have, or how much equipment they have.

They tend to think in terms of tangible business assets. These are important, but a great deal of your business success rides on intangible assets.

Your human capital is an intangible asset. Think about the people in your business and the skills and talent they bring.

Information capital is another asset. Your information systems and networks allow you to get critical information when you need it. You can then use this information to give you an edge in your business.

Organizational capital is another asset. This includes teamwork and how your people work together. This can also include your ability as a team to execute things.

You cannot touch these assets, but they are just as important, if not more important, than the tangible assets in business.

Your personal intangible assets are another aspect. There are three keys in life and business that are absolutely critical, and they are all personal intangible assets. If you have these, every single thing that you want to accomplish in your business will be yours. Without these, you will struggle.

They are very basic but extremely powerful. They are focus, consistency, and patience.

KEY #1: Focus

When most people talk about focus, they are talking about only one dimension of focus, and that is what to focus on. There are in fact three dimensions to focus. There is where to focus, what to focus on, and when to focus.

Here’s an example:

You know what it is you need to focus on, but the environment that you are in is not suitable. There is really loud music playing in the background, and this is disrupting your focus. This environment is distracting, and it doesn’t support you when you need to focus. If you needed to study, you wouldn’t go to a rock concert and pull out your books. You would go to the library or a quiet room where you can focus on what you need to do.

The where to focus is all about your environment, the when to focus is about when is a good time to focus, and the what to focus on is about what you want to do in your business. If you miss one of these, you will have an issue with your focus.

When to focus can confuse a lot of people, so I want to explain this a little further. We all have times when we have a higher degree of focus or the ability to focus. There are also times when we aren’t focused.

You need to choose the right time when you know you will be at your best and have the ability to focus. What I’m talking about is knowing yourself and knowing your rhythms. You already know whether you are a morning or afternoon person, so you know that your ability to focus is best during these times. If you can create the proper synergy between these three dimensions of focus, you will find that you will get an unbelievable amount done.

KEY #2: Consistency

Consistency is power. If you are not consistent, you don’t get the benefits of cumulative effects. If you don’t know what cumulative effects are, here is an example:

When you work out consistently, your body starts to change. Your body fat percentage drops, your energy levels increase, and your overall fitness improves. These are cumulative effects.

In business, there are only a few absolutely critical things that you need to be doing. These are the absolute musts for your business to succeed. These are the things that you need to do consistently. If you wait until you feel like doing these things, you will run into problems.

You need to understand what needs to be done in your business, and you need to do these things consistently. You should also make sure that you get feedback for what you are doing so that you can make any necessary adjustments along the way.

KEY #3: Patience

I know that in today’s world, patience seems like a thing of the past, but you really do need to be patient. Patience is the result of understanding the process. Let me give you an example:

Many of you probably have children. When women become pregnant, people don’t keep asking where the baby is. They understand that it takes nine months before the baby arrives. They are excited about the process, but they have patience.

If you are growing a beautiful vegetable garden, you don’t plant the seeds and come out the next day expecting to see vegetables. This is because you understand the process, and this gives you the patience you need.

If you don’t understand the process of growing a successful business, you may lose patience. You will bail out because you didn’t understand the process and you didn’t wait around to see the fruits of your labor.

These three intangible things all work together: focus, consistency, and patience. When it comes to being successful, you need to understand that there are two sides to the coin: tangibles and intangibles. The tangibles cannot be conceived without the intangibles.

It is the intangibles that make all the physical assets possible. When it comes to business, you need to make sure that you have the proper balance between the two.

Now get out there and go for it!

You are either a) attracting wealth, or b) attracting poverty. There IS no option C. Take a FAST and FRREE test and find out!

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"Never let what you cannot do
stop me from doing what you CAN do!
- Stephen Pierce

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