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Making Successful Change the Easy Way
By Asara Lovejoy

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by Asara Lovejoy

The One Command®

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The Biology of Empowerment

by Lee Pulos, Ph.D.

The Biology of Empowerment

The only things keeping you from attaining greater success are your belief patterns. Dr. Lee Pulos teaches you to change them even at the cellular level.

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The New Psycho-Cybernetics

by Dr. Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy

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Are you ready for the next great adventure in your life? Well believe it or not, you are already living it – but you probably aren’t experiencing it as such. I’m going to show you how to make the leap from doubt to certainty about the choices and lifestyle you are living now and the ones you hope to attain.

This is simple physics and other forms of science. I am talking about the way you change. Most folks believe that arduous labor is required to change your mindset from where it is now to where you want it to be, but we have come a long way – we have actually evolved our conscious ability to change in significantly easier ways. This will make sense to you once you understand the underlying principles in making change.

As you embrace new concepts – new opportunities for improving the quality of your income – the betterment of your relationships – the improvement of your health – you go through a process of biological and neurological reorganization. Most folks think they are applying their force of will to gather up new resources and do diligent application to gain more of what they are after. That is the outside picture, but what is left out is the inside job.

First is being open to the possibility of change.

When we refer to becoming as a child in your imagination and your optimism of new possibility, it is because children really have many, many new experiences ahead – ones they don’t even know about yet – and they go forward with the optimism that these new experiences will teach them something about life that is useful – or just plain fun. They simply learn by having the experience that enriches their viewpoint of new possibilities.

The structure of any new opportunity is in actuality an inside emotional job first, which leads to acting on the desire for that change, second. Once you have chosen what you want to focus on – what new program or opportunity you want to create – your subconscious mind has to come into agreement with these new concepts, these new opportunities.

Being open to the possibility of having a dream realized is an important emotional quality that directs your inner desire into outer actualization.

Next there is acceptance.

Acceptance of an idea is crucial to implementing it. I know that most of you think that you accept a new idea, but do you really? Do you recall the power of your early childhood programming from those adults who often told you no – not that – not yet – not for you – or, not now, which could translate into not ever. Anytime you take on a new opportunity, those conflicting pre-programmed ideas come roaring up to inhibit the new desire.

If you have ever gone through that stop-start syndrome in implementing your hopes, wishes, and ideas, that is a prime example of the conflict of the subconscious mind vs. what you want to create instead. You know when you first are excited about a new possibility, and then your logical mind starts analyzing, and then you start doubting, and then you remain in inertia.

True acceptance is gaining the cooperation of both your powerful unconscious mind and your conscious mind so they operate in agreed acceptance of your desired success.

You are hard-wired for success.

Within your biology you have an internal processor that does clear your doubts and fears and sets your actions forward to succeed. This is your powerful theta brain wave that is technically your rapid eye movement – REM – deep-sleep cycle that you go through three or more times a night.

Within this dream-time, you operate as an internal processor clearing station, where you release fear, doubt, and worry, and in addition, receive inspiring ideas, hopes, and desires. You may find yourself dreaming in cycles with concerns over weeks and then seem to come to a resolution – or you put it into your mind before sleep that you want a solution and wake up with it. This is the mind state from which Einstein woke up with E=MC2.

You can consciously access your theta state.

If we were talking with a neuroscientist, he or she would say that it is practically impossible to consciously access your deep sleep theta state consciously, but, guess what, the new science is in, and you can. The ancient technique called the Tibetan Eye Roll has returned with powerful knowledge – you can mechanically alter your brain waves by the physical act of looking up under your closed eyes and imagining that you are out in the outer edges of the galaxy surrounded by brilliant light.

The imagery of that light is applied because for those who have been measured with EEG (electroencephalography) meters to pronounce they are consciously awake in theta – reaching that light state is the most common description of the experience. By the way, I have my certified “Asara is consciously awake in theta” tag from testing that I proudly wear.

Again, remember, this is a biological event that you have the control to implement that does some rather profound things. Here you can speak directly to your subconscious programs as your subconscious mind operates in your theta brain frequency.

You can peek at those old unconscious programs and tell them you appreciate the way they have kept you safe in the world until this moment, but they are no longer needed – and yes it is your time and that time is now!

Now you can get 100% agreement and acceptance for your success.

When I discovered the power of my theta-thinking mind, I shared the information with the world in my program The One Command that takes you through 6 Easy Steps to access your theta mind and shows you how to speak directly to your inner programs and to replace them with what you want instead. Now isn’t that an amazing fact – to know that you can.

But there is still more to do to make the change you want.

Once you make a command and speak directly to your operating hard drive with new ideas for your success – such as yes I can – it is easy – the world supports me. These are not affirmations; these are new programs that you can implement directly to the cells of your body and your DNA itself because you do it while in theta. This is the secret key to the power of your success. These beliefs that you command become your new world-view or filters of reality that then set out to become self-realized.

The science is in on the power of your thoughts that creates your life, and now you have the power to let the success thoughts that are already yours become your new filters of reality. Now some amazing things begin to happen. Because you can only accept or reject what you believe to be possible, when you rewrite your hard drive with a new belief, everything in you goes into action to realize that reality.

Let me give you a little scenario.

For example, you may want to develop an online Internet business to increase your income and to establish passive income, and you are buying all the necessary programs for your education to start this new career. You are also buying the support materials for managing your time, taking the right actions steps, and implementing the psychology of this new career.

Everything is in place, except your agreement that you can in fact do it. You know you want to – you know how to – but you are unsure that you have the ability to accomplish it. This creates that stop-start action – that, by the way, is pretty exhausting.

First, I want you to know that you absolutely can do what you want to do. You are smart enough, you can learn, and you have the energy to do what you can on your own and to get help with the rest.

The old-fashioned way to solve your dilemma would be to “work it out” over a long period of time, and you would eventually get there or perhaps give up along the way.

The new, powerful way is to go directly to the source of your conflict – to your theta subconscious mind and command that your positive beliefs about what you can do become your prime directive and then notice the inspired action that follows.

It makes sense that the energy you are now using to process your fears and concerns is freed up to apply forward to your success once you eliminate your internal argument.

I hear so many success stories from those taking this next step in making their dreams come true that I want to encourage you to try it and discover that for yourself.

Are you prepared to be the success you seek?

The next step in making change is adjusting your identity about who you are in this change. This is huge. Most of us are so focused on the problem that we seem to be at a loss when the struggle is over and the solution arrives. In other words, most folks are so familiar with the struggle – I even say we have become addicted to the emotions of the struggle – that when what we want arrives, we no longer know who we are in the situation.

Most can easily identify as the one who overcomes or is overcoming, but ask yourself – how easy is it for you to identify with the success you have been after. I know that you think you are ready, but this crucial piece is where most real change fails.

There are the many statistics about gamblers taking their own life after they win big – not when they are losing – and we know that 95% of lottery winners go bankrupt five years after they win. They did not include a new idea of who they were in the new situation – nor the beliefs that must be upgraded to live the success they had become.

Make sure that you command who you are in your successful new situation and allow your identity to match your desire.

Now the fun and magic begin.

Now you get to take a quantum leap forward into a new reality – one that you have worked diligently to create and one you have embraced as you yours.

The system of making change is almost complete. The finishing piece is to allow that pause of reflection on all that you have done.

Here you can reclaim the almost forgotten art of the simple pleasure of enjoying the good that is yours. I actually encourage you to embrace the simple pleasure of your good at each juncture of change because it can be interwoven so seamlessly as to become a part of the fabric of your success.

And I love the thought that you share what you know with others. That is such an act of fulfillment that it brings you even more joy and a sense of well-being.

So welcome to the next great adventure of your life – the one you are on right now and have every right to enjoy!

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"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain.
- Maya Angelou

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