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Sound Health, Sound Wealth
By Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.

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Sound Health, Sound
Wealth Frequency Treatments

by Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.

Sound Health, Sound Wealth Frequency Treatments

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The Temple of Rejuvenation

by Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.

Mind/Body Nutrition

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Your Magical Divine Experiment

by Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.

Your Magical Divine Experiment

Design a magical and divine experiment that puts you in resonance with your heart's most treasured desires.

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Spiritual Alchemy

by Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.

Spiritual Alchemy

The New Technologies for Abundance, Health, and Harmony!

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Human beings want and need healthy self-esteem. We want to lead good lives, and enjoy fulfillment as we do it. It’s often said that our society is too materialistic and that we’ve become a nation of consumers, but I believe, and it is my experience, that the majority of people also have a higher degree of awareness. Most people, if you ask them to really take a moment and focus, will say that their deepest goals involve the love of their families and friends, and the wish to leave the world better than they found it, to make their own unique contribution, even if only in a small way.

The positive Spiritual aspirations that people hold in their hearts have a very fundamental relationship to their attitudes about the possibilities of well-being, material success, and prosperity. Because even if we are not consciously aware of it, we may believe that having wealth is contrary to our deepest goals. We make a distinction between money, goodness, and basic morality. From the perspective of Sound Health, Sound Wealth, money is merely another form of energy, or Life Force. Many people don’t think of money in Spiritual terms. Love, wisdom, inspiration, and other abstract qualities may seem to be expressions of the Divine, but money often represents a very different kind of energy. Bank accounts, car payments, and mortgages often strike us as far removed from the profound meanings of life and the Universe. We sometimes believe that Spiritual qualities cannot be touched, seen, or held in our hands. Spirituality is an internal experience. It’s a feeling in our hearts and in our souls. It can’t be quantified. It can’t be expressed as financial wealth. This perceived opposition between Spirituality and financial wealth is more than just an oversimplification. It’s the first obstacle that can be eliminated for gaining more Sound Health and Sound Wealth.

Most obstacles of this nature are based upon mistaken perceptions. Most people are comfort able with a desire for Spiritual experiences to enter their lives. It seems like a worthy aspiration. But our desire for wealth or material success can appear very different, and it can be burdened with guilt. Partly as a result of this, even if we gain wealth, we are not really fulfilled. And since at some level we might remain unhappy, our prosperity can hardly be called Sound Wealth. If we examine the distinctions of Spirituality and wealth more closely, we know that money can come from many sources, but very often it is not seen as a manifestation of Spirit, energy, and Life Force. We might believe that money comes from clients, patients, customers, banks, or investments. It’s the product of our business dealings. We may negotiate with a client, patient, or customer, for example, and if we make the appropriate transaction, the source of the money is the result of that interaction. But at a more basic level, all prosperity, including financial success, has its source in Spirit. More specifically, the special kind of prosperity that I call “Sound Wealth” comprises two elements: first, a desire for connection with the Spiritual source; and second, a desire to enjoy and share the fruits of that connection. Every form of Sound Wealth encompasses a Divine Flow of both giving and receiving. Receiving in itself is not enough and can leave one feeling isolated, with shame and even guilt, subconsciously or consciously.

Examples of this abound in everyday life. Love is a wonderful and empowering experience, for instance, but receiving love is only half of the equation. If we are not also giving love, we’re missing perhaps the most Divine aspect of the experience itself. The very same principle applies to money. Receiving wealth is not an end in itself. It’s only part of the process. Being able to make a difference in the world — by receiving and sharing — we are then able to experience the Divine aspect of Sound Health and Sound Wealth. Some people make millions of dollars, and others make billions. But if making money for oneself is the only end, without exception, this leads to sadness and disappointment regardless of the amount of money involved.

We are always deserving when we can receive rich abundance as well as share and contribute in whatever ways are appropriate for the individual, that is, you. When we don’t enjoy the experience of wealth that includes both receiving and sharing, there are usually inner blockages of that flow emotionally, Spiritually, and even biologically. When we are accumulating not only for ourselves, we are truly free. Then the more prosperous we are, the more prosperous the world will be.

To see this rule in action, consult the biography of Andrew Carnegie, who began life as a hard-working, impoverished immigrant from Scotland and then went on to lead the United States Steel Company. Andrew Carnegie lived in the late 19th century, a time when the American economy was dominated by a small group of extremely wealthy individuals, many of whom did not live joyful and fulfilled lives. They only had lots of money. On the other hand, although Andrew Carnegie was definitely one of the wealthiest men of his time, he used the majority of his fortune to build libraries and other cultural institutions all across America so that everyone might have access to reading and cultural materials in order to learn, grow, and fulfill his or her dreams, desires, and careers. He shared his fortune in ways that felt correct for him, and in that process, assisted millions of individuals over time.

Andrew Carnegie is but one example of the many men and women who have shared their fortunes so that others could create and develop careers and personal fortunes. Oprah Winfrey and Mark Victor Hansen are contemporary examples of enlightened millionaires, especially in regard to having deep compassion for others and effecting social change, as well as sharing Life Force in the form of money.

There is an ever-growing “Natural Capitalism” that is scientifically creating a new global community, encompassing economic models that include and unite global values and biodiversity, in which everyone may prosper while restoring the natural landscape of Mother Earth.

If Sound Wealth were simply a matter of having a huge amount of money, the lucky men and women who have cashed multimillion-dollar lottery tickets would be the most joyful people in the world. But you know that’s not the case if you’ve read any of the newspaper articles that regularly appear about these “big winners.” Most of them won’t come out and say they actually regret winning, but they certainly say that being rich hasn’t turned out exactly the way they had imagined.

Our external reality most often reflects our inner reality.

Sound Health and Sound Wealth both operate through the principle of Resonance. In a concert hall, were you to glide a bow across a viola, for example, all other violas in the auditorium would begin to vibrate, as they are in Resonance. We create a Resonance in the morphogenetic fields to “like” vibration when we receive back that which we give. If we want love, we give love. If we want empathy and compassion, we give empathy and compassion. If we want money, we give money. If we want the deepest magical relationships with others, we first create that deep magical relationship with our innermost selves.

If we listen carefully to the center and core of our very being, Resonance reveals clues that point the way to our life purpose, our destiny, to Our Heart’s Most Treasured Desires. True Resonance is the heart and soul of all that calls to us. To be our highest and best, we must respond with our whole beings.

My own earliest memories of Resonance were my special connections with old people, animals, babies and children, the ocean, and music. I began piano lessons at five, and I remember exactly how I felt when I struck a major seventh chord. I felt the ocean! Years later, I came to believe that ocean waves actually come in on a major seventh chord, and go out on a minor one. The Resonance of music and the ocean connects in me in a profound way that I understood intellectually only much later in my life. I heard and felt the way Sound resonated in the bodies of people and animals, and that Resonance told me what to seek out and what to avoid. I was becoming a medical and Spiritual intuitive. I believe that we all are “inituitives” depending on our level of focus and experience.

Just as we all do, consciously and subconsciously, I began to sense dissonance and Resonance in various people and situations. I have always loved to sing. I picked up a guitar for the first time when I was 10 ... I fell immediately and profoundly in love. The same was true with the flute and recorder, at 17. Music was a way to express my thoughts and feelings in a positive form. I have known for a long time that music has been one of the most important keys to my emotional balance. Through my music, I could clear out the storms, connect with Divine Source and the deepest part of myself, create something unique, and connect with others.

This is an excerpt from Dr. Luanne Oakes’ Nightingale-Conant product Sound Health, Sound Wealth.

Just two words define SUCCESS above all else...

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