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How to REALLY Make The Law of Attraction Work for You
By Dr. Joe Vitale

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I hear this complaint from time to time –

“I like your products and I like the movie The Secret, but the truth is, none of it works for me.”

Have you heard that before?

Have you maybe even said that before?

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So what’s the truth?

Does the Law of Attraction work or not?

Do all these “feel good” books and movies actually work or not?

Why do they seem to work for hundreds of thousands of people but not for you?

Let’s explore this.


If you drop a ball from the roof of a building, does gravity or your letting go make it drop?

Think about it.

When you toss a horseshoe, what makes it land on the other side: gravity or your toss?

Well?  Which is it?  Gravity or your action?

When a baseball player hits a ball out of the park, what made it fly and then fall: his swing or gravity?

Which was it?

Was it the swing at the ball that sent it into space, or gravity pulling it down after he hit it?

Obviously, it’s both.

It’s the same with the Law of Attraction.

When anything happens in your life, you can say it was the Law of Attraction that made it so or you can attribute the result to some other cause and pretend the Law of Attraction doesn’t exist or doesn’t work.

You can even say, “I don’t believe in the Law of Attraction.”  You can even say, “The Law of Attraction doesn’t work for me.”

It’s your choice.  But what’s the truth?  What’s real?  What’s most helpful?

Look at it this way:

Why do most sports coaches tell their players about the laws of physics?

The coach believes the more you know about what is happening when you are playing the game, the more you will be conscious and will work with those laws of physics to win the game.

For example, I’ve recently begun racing my exotic sports cars.  While I could just get behind the wheel and drive, the trainers teach me about geometry and physics so I have a better understanding about how to successfully drive the car at high speed.

In short, they want me to know about all the laws at play so I can accomplish my goals better.  That makes sense, doesn’t it?

The idea is to become more awake and aware so I can get more of the results I prefer, even on the racetrack.

The same is true in the gym.

I’ve trained with famous bodybuilders like Frank Zane, Scott York, and others.  These athletes don’t just tell me to sweat more or lift more.  They also teach me to be aware of gravity, for example, because working with it can help increase muscle mass.

Are you starting to get the picture?

The Law of Attraction is the same as the Law of Gravity or any other law: It’s working whether you give it credit or not.  Knowing about it can help you achieve the results you want.

In other words, if you’re one of those who say the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you, then you might as well say gravity doesn’t work for you, either.

The Law of Attraction is always working.  Gravity is always working.  That’s why they are both laws.


You can dismiss either or both if you like.

But does doing so help you or limit you?

If I can become a better driver by knowing the invisible laws at work when I race, and I can get better results in the gym with an understanding of the universal laws at work, and a sports figure can achieve his or her goals better by knowing the hidden laws underneath the game, doesn’t it behoove you to know about the other laws operating in your own life?

Given the above, what can you actually DO to get better results in your life — even when the Law of Attraction doesn’t seem to be working for you?

Here are 5 things:

1. Quit shrugging off your power.

The Law of Attraction is working and you are working it, probably unconsciously.  Instead of saying it doesn’t work for you, own that it does.  This is far more empowering than being a victim.  Assume you are doing something inside yourself to attract the results you are getting.  It all begins with accepting responsibility for your life.

2. Choose what you want.

Instead of being bounced around by circumstances, start to direct or at least request where you want to go.  You turn your inner radar on when you make a decision.  You begin to steer the ship.  Intention helps align your body and mind to go in the direction you prefer.

3. Take action.

Nothing happens until something moves.  As I’ve said many times, the universe likes speed.  Money likes speed.  Take inspired action ASAP!  It’ll give you instant feedback and instant results.  As your actions bring you new information, you then take new actions based on it.

4. Get clear.

I'm constantly saying that you must get clear of the limiting beliefs within you in order to attract your intention.  Counter-intentions will always trip you up.  Be aware of your thoughts when things don't work out for you.  Those are what you need to get clear of.  Those are the beliefs that attracted what you got. 

How do you get clear? 

One easy way is through Zero Limits.  Basically, you say “thank you, I love you, I'm sorry, and please forgive” as you address the Divine while feeling the inner blocks.  This easy method, explained in The Missing Secret, can remove the blocks to allow anything you want the freedom to come to you.

5. Be happy now.

Happiness is what you really want.  Be happy now, and you'll have your ultimate goal and you'll send out a vibe to attract more moments to be happy about.  The best way to be happy now is to be grateful now.  My hypnotic story about the pencil in the movie The Compass is a great reminder of the power of gratitude.  Basically, you find something, anything, that will help you move into feeling grateful right now.  For me, 30 years ago, when I was struggling, I picked up a pencil and found reasons to be grateful for it.  Being grateful for it changed my inner being so I could attract more to be grateful for.

I’m a neurometaphysician. I created the new science of neurometaphysics.

This goes beyond neuroscience, which is the study of how your nervous system affects your life.  Neurometaphysics is the science of how your thoughts create your life.

Obviously, I can talk about and teach the deeper aspects of the Law of Attraction for hours.  But I don’t need to go into deeper explanations here when I’ve recorded such bestselling programs as The Secret to Attracting Money, The Power of Outrageous Marketing and The Missing Secret.

The point here is this: The Law of Attraction is always working.

If that’s so, how are you attracting what you are getting (or not getting)?

It’s deeper than your conscious thoughts.

But it’s not hidden.

Look and ye shall find.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Follow the 5 steps listed and Expect Miracles!

If you do only ONE thing today, watch this!

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- Dr. Joe Vitale

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