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Water — the Magic Elixir of Life

By Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.

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Water is the magic elixir of life and universal solvent that allows us to eliminate toxins from our cells. As most people know, water is composed of oxygen and hydrogen. Water is critical for structural stabilization of proteins, lipids, and the membranes of our cells. Transportation of ions, charged particles, from cell to cell is possible only because of the presence of water in our bodies.

Now that everyone knows how important drinking enough water is, we are experiencing yet another phenomenon: illness and death by drinking too much water. Take the free test that can determine if you will be a success...or a failure. Why is this?

We know that it’s important to drink half of our body’s weight in ounces of water.  That is not, however, always the case if one has a medical condition, such as a kidney disturbance, in which the water-potassium exchange in the Loop of Henley, in the kidneys, is compromised.  Also, certain cardiopulmonary diseases often require fluid restriction in some cases.  Always check with your doctor in regard to fluid intake if you are currently receiving medical care.  Still, structured water is the key and is important for highest and best results.

The cogent mystery that needs to be solved for most people to even make an effort to drink structured water lies within understanding its nature and why it’s so essential.  Structured water is liquid, crystalline, biologically active water that contains water molecules that have a hexagonal, geometrical shape to them.  It is believed that, millions of years ago, the Earth’s magnetic fields were much stronger than they are today and that our water has lost much of its healing resonance.  We may never know.  That’s why structured water is so important.

In the 1970s, Dr. Raymond Damadian was one of the first people in medical science to suggest that MRIs could be used to diagnose cancer.  In his later research, he began to study the molecular structure within the cell.  Using an MRI, he discovered that cancer cells contain disorganized water, characterized by increased motion and moveability.  Pollution, and possibly a weakened magnetic field, may be the cause of the water’s lack of structurability today.

Desirable structured water has less surface tension and more stabilized hydrogen bonding, made in narrower line widths, which make water more biologically alive and absorbable to our cells.  The frequency of structured water is believed to be 60 to 70 hertz.  Tap water measured 100 hertz or greater.  Millions of dollars are spent each year removing pollutants from our drinking water; however, even the purest water may contain vibrational pollution.  The more times it’s recycled, the more polluted it gets, unless its structure is revived.

Water is one of the most programmable substances on the planet.  It has a memory and the alchemical ability to store and transport energy and information throughout the cells of our bodies.  The best sources of structured water are the natural sources on our planet.  Natural springs, streams, rivers, and water from under glaciers that are unpolluted are best.

Structured water is also found in water-rich organic fruits and vegetables grown in rich soils, especially near ancient volcanoes, and they’re wonderful because they are mineralized, alkalized, and ionized; however, the current reality is the major sources of water in the world are polluted and too warm, because people have not honored the law of equal exchange in relation to Mother Earth and the sanctity of her balance.

We cannot get all of our water from eating because we’d have to eat too much, thus defeating our purpose of maximizing our health and well-being.  You can buy commercially structured water, but most of it is stored in plastic water bottles that can be toxic to our health.  A pure source of water is steam-distilled and free of toxic contaminants.  Unfortunately, distilled water in itself is non-living water and, again, unstructured.  It is biologically dead, like a blank tape.  The essential life force must be restored.

This can be accomplished in a variety of ways.  You can take purified water and add micro-crystals.  You can read more about this idea by investigating the research of Patrick Flanagan, M.D., Ph.D.

I do a variety of treatments to the water I drink and test it through kinesthiology, as well as using a resonance meter.  I take purified water and put it in a machine that has a hexagonal filter that contains many natural minerals, including tourmaline.  I make pitchers of water to drink, and I refrigerate the water quickly to help it stay alive.

The machine I’m currently testing is called the “Vitalizer Plus,” which you can purchase on the Internet.  There are a variety of vortex machines becoming available.  I place fresh pitchers of water on top of high-quality speakers and play my sound frequency treatments, especially the one included in my book Sound Health, Sound Wealth: The Biology of Hope and Manifestation.  You can also use Jade Wu Life Force, which is included in my program The Temple of Rejuvenation.

Many people love the work of Masaru Emoto, and they write high-frequency words such as love, peace, reverence, gratitude, on containers of water.  Emoto’s books with pictures of water under a high-resolution microscope are compelling.  Because there are so many subjects to cover here, I have just given you a few ideas that can be investigated according to your interest level. 

One important thing to remember is that, once you’ve obtained either ready-made or self-created, hexagonal water, it must be kept away from electronic devices, such as computers and cell phones.  Also, although it’s healthier to drink water at room temperature, to keep water stable and structured, it must remain cool.  Although nutrition is important, our overall well-being is greatly affected by the ways in which we cultivate and maintain our abilities to experience joy, personal satisfaction and fulfillment, and rich abundance in all pleasing forms.


One last note on maintaining a healthy pH: for more than 10 years now, I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon.  I have tested patients and clients before and after sessions to discover that they often had a beautiful, berry-colored 7.4 pH on the medical testing strips I use.  I have patients keep logs that have revealed that, many times, in spite of eating junk food, if they were in resonance of the heart, truly in the present moment enjoying themselves, they had a perfect pH balance.

You can try this, as well, if it interests you.  I have even worked with patients who saw a great movie, ate Mexican food, and had a great time with friends, or patients who laughed until they thought they might die, eating “the wrong foods,” produce a great pH.  Sometimes just having pure, intense pleasure can trump correct nutrition.

Be well!

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