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How to Escape the Economic Downward Spiral and Earn More Money
By Andy Fuehl

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We're teetering on a full-blown recession in the United States, and it seems as if it's causing a lot of problems for everyone. It doesn't matter if you have a job or you have your own business; Everyone is being affected!

Many of my students have asked me to explain how to get through this challenging period of time, and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

In fact I'm going to share some strategies with you that not only will get you through

Today's shifting economy  
Andy tells you what
kind of investment will pay off EVERY TIME!
these turbulent economic times, but will help you prosper!

Before I present the solution, you must understand what's causing the situation I described ... and you may even be part of the problem and don't even know it.

Now I know it's not your fault that the United States is in a recession; however, you may be contributing to it because we're in an Economic Downward Spiral at the moment. Let's examine how this Economic Downward Spiral works and how you may be contributing to it.

In turbulent economic times, most people tend to stop spending. This is not good for the economy because we are all dependent on each other. Now I'm not giving you permission to go out and buy new toys, because this will not help you. In fact, it will only make your situation worse and still won't help the economy. Let's not go there. OK?

What happens is this. When times are tough, people start cutting back on things that are nonessential, such as eating at high-end restaurants, going to amusement parks, getting pedicures, training, purchasing new vehicles, etc. You get the idea.

All the people who are supplying these items are making far less money and therefore can't afford to buy the products and services they were used to buying either. Any products or services that other people would have bought are now cutting into the product or service provider's income, and now these suppliers have less money to spend and thus will have to cut back.

Are you seeing the trend here?

This becomes a vicious circle and will continue to keep going in this direction until someone in this chain does something different and breaks the Economic Downward Spiral.

Let me ask you something ... have you been spending less money on products and services recently?


Most likely it's because people aren't buying your products or services, your hours at work have been reduced, or maybe you've been downsized!

As you can see, you're actually feeding the Economic Downward Spiral. I discuss the Economic Downward Spiral in my bestselling book Profiting in Turbulent Times extensively, and more importantly I explain how to escape this vicious circle.

But I promised you a solution now, and I'm going to give it to you.

Now that you understand how the Economic Downward Spiral is being created, the only way out of it is to get the spending moving. But it's about spending your money the smart way ... a way that will produce higher returns for you so that you can start buying the products and services you're used to buying again and the ones you have wanted to buy but couldn't afford.

The bottom line is you must do something completely different from what you've done before. Let's face it: What you've been doing isn't working, is it?

That's why you must change what you're doing. But before you can change what you're doing, you have to change your thinking. It's your current thinking that got you where you are today, and it's going to keep you there until you change.

Now for the big question: What do you change?

Depending on if you're a business owner or an employee, you'll have to change your thinking, but there are different things each must do. So let me address people who have a job first ...

How to Make More Money as an Employee

If you have a job and your hours have been cut back or you've been downsized and just want to get anther job, there is only one thing you can do. It's the one thing that's going to separate you from everyone else out there. It's the one thing that's going to make you more valuable than someone else and therefore make you so much more desirable that not only will you get a better job, but you'll also get paid more.

Sound exciting?

Excellent. Now let's get into the solution so you can put more money in your pocket. What you must do is change your thinking 180 degrees and think like an Entrepreneur.

I know what you're thinking ... think like an Entrepreneur, but I have a job. Why do I need to think like an Entrepreneur?

Because thinking like an Entrepreneur, will give you the ability to solve problems that others can't. And the people who know how to solve problems get paid more money than people who don't.

In fact the definition of an Entrepreneur is “someone who solves problems and gets paid for it.” That's all an Entrepreneur is. That's precisely why you must get the right Entrepreneur Training.

You must Invest in Yourself Now by Getting the Right Entrepreneur Training so you can make that shift in thinking.

This is how you’ll become better than anyone else because you’ll be able to help the owner of the company you’re working for grow their business and make it more valuable.  When you do that for your employer guess what happens?

You become more valuable!

And if you’re more valuable then you’ll make more money.  It’s just that simple.

Now to better understand what your employer is looking for, you must understand what it is to be a Business Owner.  When you understand what a Business Owner wants you can help solve his or her problems, which makes you more valuable.

Just because you’re not a Business Owner at this moment doesn’t mean you shouldn’t Continue Reading and discover some of the problems Business Owners have that you could solve for them and ultimately profit.

Let’s Continue...

How To Make More Money As A Business Owner

Now let’s look at the other side.  If you’re a Business Owner you you’ve already overcome some challenges of having a job.  Congratulations!

However, you’re thinking may still be holding you back.  In fact I have numerous clients that have started their own business but didn’t understand what it really means to Think Like An Entrepreneur.

In fact what these people did is they replaced their job with another job. 

If you’re not thinking like an Entrepreneur, what you may have done is traded a job for a job with more headaches and responsibilities.  The business can’t run without you... and if something happened to you, your business is dead! This is called being Self-Employed.

The definition of being self-employed is: Self Employee.  Hiring your self to run a business.

Is this what you want?  I highly doubt it.  I don’t think you got into business to abuse yourself and pay for the privilege.

Instead what you must do is become a Business Owner.  Let’s define what a Business Owner is so you see the difference.

A Business Owner starts their business to sell their business.  A Business Owner makes sure the business is not dependant on him or her so that if something happens, the business continues and produces income without the owner. 

You must look at your business like an investment instead of something you do day in and day out.

Let me ask you something... are your investments dependant on you to be there day in and day out, watching over them every minute?

Probably not... And if they’re dependant on you to that degree then it’s not a true investment.  It’s another job. 

Sure you may have to be there minimally or for a short period of time to make sure things get going correctly, but once things are running you shouldn’t be involved at that level.

In fact Robert Kiyosaki best selling author of Rich Dad Secrets explains this in his Cash Flow Quadrant.  By the way, I just gave you the key to the entire book.

But, in order to be a Business Owner, you must get rid of the Job Mentality that you may have brought with you.  You may not even realize that you have a Job Mentality because you believe that you understand what it is to be a Business Owner because you own a business.

If you’re not making all the money you want, I assure you that most likely you still have a Job Mentality.  I can speak from my own experience because I thought that way too.  Three failed businesses later I discovered that I had to make a 180 degree shift in my thinking to stop that pattern... And that’s when everything changed.

When I changed my thinking I went from being Unemployed to Millionaire in less than three years.

And it didn’t just work for me.  Look at what one of my clients said:

Ashok Patil is the Director of Shaapa, one of the best-selling films in India. He wrote, “Andy has shown me how to break through and let go of my self-limitations and taught me the skills necessary to leave my comfort zone in Corporate America and pursue my dream of becoming a movie director.”

And what’s really impressive about this is... Ashok’s very first movie was a #1 hit because he was thinking like a Business Owner and not an employee.  He got rid of his Job Mentality that he inherited from his parents, grandparents, teachers, and other role models he had in his life.

He was programmed with having a job and what it takes to be a good employee and he didn’t even know it.  But not anymore!

All this programming was all done unconsciously.  We didn’t even know that it was happening to us just like Askok.  But now it’s time to get rid of that old programming.  And this is where you have Continue your Entrepreneur Training in order to Develop your Entrepreneur Mindset.

It’s going to take some time and effort and if anyone tells you this happens instantaneously, RUN!

They’re misleading you.  It takes consistent action over a period of time.  It doesn’t have to take long.  I’ve had a student become a millionaire in just seven months and they started from absolutely nothing and so can you!

This takes a Decision and Commitment on your part to Continue your Entrepreneur Training.

And the best part is... this will also get you out of the Economic Downward Spiral

The more you understand about what it takes to be a Business Owner and the more you do to eliminate that old Job Mentality, the quicker you will succeed.

And more importantly you may be overlooking a huge opportunity with your current customers.  You could literally be sitting on top of a gold mine but don’t even know it.


For those of you, who have a job, think of your manager, coworkers, vendors and anyone else you work with as your customers.  This will make a huge change in how you think and behave.  When you do this, you will become more valuable than your counterparts and thus command more money.

The real question is do you know what to look for?

That’s why you must Continue your Entrepreneur Training and learn some simple strategies that could literally Double Your Income quickly and easily.  It’s all about being an Entrepreneur and thinking like one.

Do you remember the definition of being an Entrepreneur?

Good!  Then what do you think you should be doing?

That’s right.  Solving problems.

In my Wealth Without a Job System I have put together everything you will need think like and Entrepreneur and be able to solve the problem in a way that you can get paid for it.  It’s ok to solve problems but it’s far better to be able to get paid for doing so.

When you Continue Your Entrepreneur Training you’ll start the wheels in motion and get yourself out of this Economic Downward Spiral.

It’s time for you to make the decision and take action.

Make the Decision right Now to Continue Your Entrepreneur Training and Commit to being the best you can be.  When you do this, your life will change forever.  Besides what you have you got to loose?

Except maybe a lack of money...

Go Ahead and Continue Your Entrepreneur Training Today.  Take Action Now.


If you do what you’ve always done before, you’ll get the results you always got before.  If you want different results, you must do something different.  Why not Do Something Different Now?

What are you waiting for?

Take Action Today.  Use what you’ve learned and Continue Your Entrepreneur Training.  Change your thinking, rid yourself of that Job Mentality forever, and watch your income grow quickly.

Whether you have a job or own your own business, in order to earn more money you must change your thinking.  You must think like an Entrepreneur and solve others problems.  When you do this you’ll quickly discover how much more money you’re worth.  But it all starts with your thinking.  Are you thinking like a wealthy Entrepreneur?  If not, make sure you read the article again because I said more than you probably picked up the first time around.

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