Stop working because you "have to" and start living the way you WANT to.

Precisely identify the exact moment when you'll be able
to stop working for money. Then SLASH the amount
of time it will take you to get there.

This surprisingly simple, extremely powerful new formula makes it not just possible — but guaranteed.

(You might even call it magic!)

Dear Friend,

Why do you work?

Maybe you're really good at what you do. Maybe your job makes a difference in people's health or safety or wellbeing. Maybe you love your colleagues and have a great office social life.

Maybe some or all of those things are true.

But I bet the first answer that popped into your head when you read that question — before you even really thought about it — was: "Because I have to."

Well, for just a minute, I'd like you to imagine what your life would be like if that weren't the case.

Imagine what your life would be like if you didn't have to work.

Now, notice I'm not saying "if you didn't work." I'm saying, "if you didn't have to work."

There's a huge difference.

Chances are, you would continue to work to some extent even if you didn't have to. Most people in that position still do.

You might keep doing what you do now, even at the same place, only with a lot less stress and a lot more enjoyment. Or you might decide to pursue something new. Maybe you'd take a nice chunk of time off to figure out what it should be.

But you'd never again feel resentful about work. You'd never daydream about how much happier you'd be in a different job. Never wonder, "will I be doing this for the rest of my life?" Or pass up an opportunity to do something you think you'd enjoy more, for fear of losing your financial security.

Why would you? The part of the work equation that causes all those things, the "have to" part, would be gone.

Take me, for example. I work — a lot, actually. But I work only because I found something I am absolutely passionate about doing, that makes me very, very happy. If it didn't, I could shut it all down tomorrow and it wouldn't matter a bit.

My kids' college fund wouldn't be in jeopardy. My wife and I would still be looking forward to the same comfortable retirement we're on track towards now. Our family could continue on with exactly the same lifestyle we have, in the same great house, enjoying all the same things we enjoy today.

See what I mean? I do work. I want to work. But I don't "have to" work.

I've gotten to a point where working for money
is completely optional.

And so can YOU.

While you're still young and active enough to enjoy it, you too can have a work-optional life in which you:

  • Wake up every morning excited about the day ahead – because you know you're going to spend it doing things that add happiness, fulfillment, and value into your life… and doing them because you WANT to
  • Pursue your real interests and passions – instead of sidelining them because you "can't make a decent living doing that"
  • Take more risks and have more fun in your career and life – it's exhilarating, and EASY when you don't have to fear the financial repercussions of failing
  • Feel completely secure about your future no matter what – never worrying about wider economic events affecting your personal wealth or the plans you've made

Not only do I know you can do this. I know HOW.

You see, I'm not in this position because I was born into wealth or privilege. My childhood was happy. But it was also pretty poor. Growing up in the tiny apartment I shared with my mom and sister, two things fascinated me. The first was the fact that some people had so much in life and others — like us — had so little.

The second was magic.


Multi-millionaire entrepreneur
Renowned adviser | Passionate educator

Stefan Wissenbach is a successful entrepreneur, author and speaker.  Coming from a humble but happy childhood, he has built and sold several successful businesses and is an adviser to a number of the world's leading business figures and entrepreneurs.  He is passionate about providing education and inspiration to enable others to fulfill their potential and bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement. His unique approach is to simplify the complex and provide a framework for people to take action so they can make immediate and ongoing improvements in their lives and achieve greater levels of success and happiness.  He does this by distilling his lifetime of learning and study into simple success strategies that anyone can master.  He is married, has three children and lives England.  

In fact, I loved magic so much as a kid that I started to investigate it. I just had to know how those amazing, mesmerizing figures up on stage did what they did.

Of course, as anyone who scratches the surface of magic soon realizes, there no "magic" to it at all. It's all knowledge, skill, and technique. Magic isn't about mystery. It's about mastery.

Some kids are probably shattered when they discover this. I was thrilled. It made me realize, for the first time, that wealth, comfort, and freedom — which to me at that time seemed like the most magical things of all — might actually be within my grasp.

So, from a very early age, I set out to create that wealthy, comfortable, burden-free life for myself and the people I loved.

Today, I'm living a life that's even better than the one I dreamed of back when I was a poor kid in that little apartment. I have a huge house with a staff. I travel all over the world with my wife and three kids. I have no wants or worries.

I still consider it magical. It IS magical. But how I got here is no mystery.

The "magic formula" that makes work optional

About 20 years ago, I made a discovery that changed everything for me.

Up until then, I'd been working hard to make good on my childhood promise to myself. I'd left school early to enter the workforce, and by the time my classmates were graduating from college, I was hiring people their age to work under me.

I was moving up fast, and the money was coming in. But the days were tough and the hours were long. I had begun to wonder just how long I could keep it up, if I'd ever get to where I wanted to be — and if I even knew where that was.

Then I landed on this discovery. Suddenly, I had absolute clarity about what I wanted out of life. Not just the "wealth", "success", and "happiness" I'd longed for as a kid, but a precise, detailed definition of what those things meant for me, personally.

But that wasn't the best part. I also had a crystal-clear awareness of exactly when I would have those things: The actual number that would ensure I never "had to" work again.

Immediately, I set about crafting a detailed plan to close the gap between where I was and that magical point in the future in the shortest amount of time possible.

I called it my "Magic Formula." And it WORKED.

Today I am completely, permanently financially free. All because I mastered a certain set of "tricks" that enabled me to conjure up an incredible life.

A guaranteed work-optional date
and the roadmap to get there FAST

My Magic Formula worked so well for me, and was so simple and straightforward, I knew it could work for others, too.

I was right. I've been sharing it for 20 years now, with all sorts of people at every stage of life. The difference it has made to them has been amazing.

Middle-income people have gotten wealthy using this formula.

Wealthy people have gotten wealthier using it.

People nearing retirement have used it to transition into a profitable and rewarding "second act" doing something they really love — and quickly add tens and even hundreds of thousands MORE dollars to their next egg.

Young people have used it to hone in on the right career path from the very start, and create a life that utilizes their talents, reflects their passions, AND builds their wealth.

All of them know with absolute certainty their magic number — the point at which they won't have to work anymore.

And because they're following the formula, they're all on track to get there shockingly sooner than any of them had thought possible.

Try this formula for yourself:

If you're ready to stop working because you "have to", and start living the way you WANT to, then allow me to send you, completely risk-free, my Nightingale-Conant program Your Magic Future™: A Proven Magic Formula for Making Work Optional.

In, I'll give you a complete, customized, step-by-step formula that will empower you to:

1) CLARIFY WITH ABSOLUTE PRECISION the point at which you can comfortably stop working for money, and

2) CREATE A SIMPLE, COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED PLAN for significantly shortening the amount of time it will take for you to get there.

In six audio sessions, I'll lay out the complete Magic Formula process, and personally guide you through each and every step of it. I'll give you the hows and whys behind every secret and strategy, and share real-life stories that illustrate how each one plays out in the actual everyday world.

A 124-page writable PDF workbook is where you'll translate all of that information and inspiration into your own nuts-and-bolts action plan — the Magic Map that will bullet you toward your work-optional date. As you do so, you'll also be installing the principles and strategies of the Formula at the deepest levels of your mind. Soon they'll become an automatic part of your operating system.

As you journey through this powerful, enlightening process, you'll ALSO discover:

  • How to be happier in just 30 days
    How happy are you today? You'll know after you take the Happiness Test in
    Session 1
    , and the answer may surprise you. But take it again once you've
    finished the program. The change you'll have experienced will amaze you!
  • The "Big Question" that will change the rest your life
    Find out what yours is in Session 2, and you'll move through your days with
    an incredible new sense of purpose. What's more, you'll find opportunities
    automatically flowing your way that used to pass you by.
  • The EXACT MOMENT when work will become optional for you
    Everyone has one, everyone's is different. It's your Magic Number, and in
    Session 3
    , you'll learn how to find out what it is. It takes just 10 minutes,
    and knowing it will refocus and transform your life from here on out in a
    way you can't even begin to imagine.
  • The once-a-week secret to staying on target
    Reaching your work-optional date as soon as possible depends on all of
    your internal systems running at maximum efficiency and output. In
    Session 4
    I'll give you a simple "virus check" that's guaranteed to remove
    any unseen blockages that threaten to hold you back. I do this weekly and
    quarterly, and never fail to find some. One of the wisest time investments you can make!
  • The single most powerful hour of the day
    Once you find out what it is (in Session 5), protect it with everything you've
    got. What happens during it will exponentially increase what you achieve
    in a given day, week, or year. This is a HUGE contributor to accelerating
    your work-optional start date.
  • Three groups of people you can't succeed without (but may not even have met!)
    Community is a key ingredient of the Magic Formula, and there are three
    distinct groups of people you need to be actively engaged with to make it
    work — including at least one you probably aren't even aware of. In
    Session 6, I'll tell you who they are, where they are, and how to connect
    with them in a way that will massively benefit both of you.

  • PLUS: the FIRST thing to do once you identify a goal… 6 simple strategies
    for keeping your plan moving forward… the 3-1-90 process that will get you
    more, faster… how to instantly clarify exactly what's important to you (and
    whether or not you're on track to get it)… and SO MUCH MORE!

You'll be amazed by what you can achieve
and how quickly you can achieve it

Within minutes of listening to Your Magic Future, you'll know how to calculate your personal Magic Number.

Then, following the five-point M.A.G.I.C. process I lay out for you in the rest of the program, you'll create a simple, elegant plan that will get you to that point in an incredibly short amount of time.

By the time you're finished, you'll possess a formula that you can recall at will, any time, and easily apply to whatever you are doing in that moment.

That's the real key. This formula is designed to saturate every aspect of your life. The things you already do well, you'll do even BETTER. The things you should be doing but aren't, you'll START doing. And all the pieces will be working together in perfect harmony to move you at high speed towards that work-optional date.

Being a user of this formula myself and having guided many others through it, I can tell you that you'll start to notice the impact very quickly.

Your mindset will change almost instantly.

Within just a month, you'll start seeing the dollars-and-cents improvements that will really get you energized and motivated to keep going.

And in one year from now, you will look back and be absolutely AMAZED with the progress you've made. Financially, to be sure — but in so many other areas as well.

You'll be happier at work, and it will show in your productivity and profits. You'll be calmer, more confident, more relaxed. And you'll be more excited about the future than you may ever have been before.

If you don't find that to be the case, simply return the program. You can return it any time within 30 days, and you'll receive a prompt, courteous no-questions-asked refund.

I know you wouldn't have bothered to read this entire letter if you weren't seriously interested in achieving a work-optional life sooner than you're on pace to right now.

That right there tells me that you're the kind of person this formula has a very high likelihood of working for.

But don't take my word for it. Find out for yourself, without any risk at all. Order Your Magic Future™ today, and start moving with lightning speed toward the day when you can stop "having to" work forever.

I can tell you from personal experience that will be the FIRST of many best days of the rest of your life.


Stefan Wissenbach
Author, Your Magic Future

Your Magic Future
A Proven Magic Formula for Making Work Optional

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  • 124-page writable PDF workbook

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