(pronounced sha-kras)

Your Chakras Are The Energetic Pathway
Of Your Soul.

“Finding your true balance is like learning to surf the energies of life. It’s okay if you fall in the water – when you do, just get back on board.” Sonia Choquette.

Dear Friend,

Perhaps you’ve heard people talking about their charkas before but weren’t sure what they meant. Chakra is the Hindi word that means “spinning wheel,” and although you can’t see them, you have seven of them to be exact.

Your charkas are part of your anatomy. But they’re not part of your physical anatomy, they’re part of your spiritual anatomy, or the anatomy of your soul. If this concept is new to you, then think of your charkas as part of your body’s energy system – the same system that for thousands of years the Hindus and the Chinese have believed was the body’s most important system, but one that many Westerners have yet to embrace.

When it comes to the human energy system, western medicine is behind the times.

However, today, more and more forward-thinking people are working with their body’s energetic pathways to help keep themselves in balance. They’re going to acupuncturists, Reiki therapists, and other energy healers. They’re using Chinese herbs and are practicing disciplines like yoga and Tai chi. And as a result, they’re feeling better!

When your charkas are balanced, your life can take on magical proportions, which may show up as synchronistic events, more things “going your way,”i> and times of profound peace and inner joy.

At least that’s what happened to me. After listening to True Balance, I learned, contrary to what I’d believed, that living a balanced life is not something that you achieve or a place at which you arrive and then stay forever. It’s not like that at all.

As Sonia so beautifully puts it:

“True balance is a moment-to-moment shifting in which you respond to the energies coming toward you in life with the highest degree of self-love.”

Sonia is famous for her practical, down-to-earth way of showing people how to awaken their intuitive powers and hear the messages of their soul. She likens the charkas to “internal satellites” that contain important information about what’s happening on an energetic or soul level. And she teaches that living a happier and healthier life depends on keeping these energy centers balanced.

In fact, that’s what her bestseller audio program, True Balance: A Chakra Guide for Renewing Your Body, Mind, & Spirit, is all about. How to balance your chakras, and by doing so, live a life that’s aligned with your soul.

Get to know your soul’s anatomy.

This practical, down-to-earth program will open your eyes to things that you may never thought about before. In it, Sonia artfully explains the chakra system in such a simple, easy-to-understand way that the concept will never seem foreign to you again. In fact, after you’ve listened to True Balance, you’ll not only understand why you’ll want to keep your charkas balanced, you’ll understand how to do so.

Carl Jung once said, “When the diagnosis is correct, the healing begins.” And that’s exactly what happens when you listen to True Balance.

You’ll learn about the physical and emotional aspects of your life that each chakra governs, and if any of them are out of balance, what you can do to correct the imbalance. I’m not talking about using any “woo-woo” remedies either, like standing on your head for three hours or eating tree bark. I’m talking about simple, practical things you can do that will help you worry less, enjoy life more, and come from a place of power and love more frequently.

Don't Shoot for Perfect Balance,
Just Move In That Direction

On True Balance, Sonia says that finding your balance is like surfing the energies of life. If you fall into the water, just ease yourself back onto the board, and start again. When you listen to the program, you’ll learn how to climb back on board more easily, no matter what happens to you.

Here’s what happened to me after listening to True Balance: I finally gave up trying to be in control of my life in favor of working toward being more in balance. I finally understood that being in control – something I’d been striving for my whole life – really separated me from others – whereas looking for balance put me in collaboration with others, and in the flow of life.

If you want to experience more of this kind of flow in your own life, then listen to True Balance. When you do, you’ll learn how to:

  • Enhance your communication and intuitive skill
  • Become less defensive and more loving
  • Always find opportunities in a crisis
  • Experience more community in your life
  • Establish clear boundaries between yourself and others
  • Recognize synchronistic events (meaningful coincidences)
  • Be more trusting that the Universe will support you in times of need

Seven Mantras To Live Your Life By

In True Balance, Sonia will show you, chakra-by-chakra, how simple it is to bring more balance into your life. So simple, in fact, that she’s able to sum it all up for you in just fourteen words:


These words are the core qualities of the seven charkas, but I like to think of them as mantras to live my life by. When you listen to True Balance, you’ll learn to live your life aligned with each of these qualities, and experience the powerful benefits that go along with them.

“Don’t say ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no.’ Don’t say ‘I can’ when you know you can’t. Being reliable creates foundation.”

Do you sometimes find yourself not saying what you really mean? If so, that’s a sure sign of an unbalanced first chakra. And surprisingly, after I listened to True Balance, I began to recognize those times when I, too, was saying ‘yes’ and meaning ‘no.’ But I’ve stopped doing this since I’ve started using Sonia’s soulful remedies to balance my chakras.

Here’s one of her remedies that I use whenever I’m feeling worried about something that’s going on at the office. Before I go off to work, I grab my wife and we dance one dance around the living room. You might laugh, but it really works. After we dance, I’m much better able to face the day with a smile.

Don't Forget To Have Fun!

“When was the last time you played ‘footsies’ under the table? Or had a pillow fight?”

You’ll be doing many more pleasurable, fun things when your desire center is in balance. For example, here’s a delicious tip for balancing your second chakra: Eat a piece of gourmet chocolate. Now that’s the kind of caring advice that I can really get into. When you listen to the complete program, you’ll find dozens of other soulful remedies that are surprisingly simple, like this one, and lots of fun, too.

“The greatest form of person power is to surrender to the power of the universe.”

We’ve all come across those people who are always blaming someone else for their problems and who don’t take responsibility for their lives – they’re the martyr or victim types. Well, these people have an unbalanced third chakra, and their negative vibes can rub off on you if you don’t protect yourself. And what about those people whose negative emotions can be so overwhelming that they can bring you down along with them? Don’t let them. Instead, use one of Sonia’s more than 75 chakra balancing remedies that come with the program to help you establish clear boundaries between yourself and others

“One of my favorite sayings about how to be loving came from Mother Teresa. She said, ‘I do not do great things. I do small things with great love.”

Here Are Two Questions For You:

When was the last time you had compassion for someone who was being a real pain in the neck? If you can’t remember, then your fourth chakra may be out of balance. When was your last synchronistic or meaningful coincidence? Can’t remember? Don’t worry. On True Balance, you’ll learn how to balance your heart chakra so that you can feel more joy, unity, and bliss.

“A truly balance throat chakra is when you communicate exactly what you want without harming yourself or others. This is real power.”

Have you ever caught yourself exaggerating about things (even just a little bit)? Are you ever wishy-washy or overtly negative? If you are, your fifth chakra is probably out of balance. But don’t worry about it. To remedy the situation, Sonia suggests that you simply hum a few bars of your favorite song.

That’s what I like about Sonia’s remedies – they’re not things that you should do, they’re things that you’ll want to do and, therefore, will do. And you’ll have a good time while you’re at it.

“A balanced personal vision means making your imagination come alive.”

Take just a minute and imagine living your ideal life. Perhaps you’re already pretty close to living that life; perhaps you aren’t. But even if you are, I bet that there’s at least one thing that you want to improve. Now, envision yourself sitting comfortably in your car or on your couch as Sonia suggests fun ways for you to live more in harmony with your spirit. If your sixth chakra is balanced, this should be easy. If it’s not, you’ll want to pay particular attention to what Sonia has to say about developing your inner vision.

“Your crown chakra activates your desire to go beyond ‘me, me, me’ and what ‘I’ can get. It helps you see that you came here not only to learn but also to contribute and give back.”

After listening to True Balance, I finally realized what the philosopher Teilhard de Chardin meant when he said, “We are spiritual beings having human experiences.” I finally understood that I, too, am a Divine Spirit, just as you are. If, as a child, your introduction to “Spirit” was less than inviting (as mine was), or you simply want to have more faith in life, then listen to True Balance. You’ll discover how an open seventh chakra can help you become clearer about your purpose in life.

Listen To True Balance – you’ll have had so many fun and delightful experiences that you’ll naturally want to share it with your family and friends!

This program includes 14 audio sessions including a bonus guided meditations created by Sonia’s husband, Patrick Tully – featuring original music composed for balancing each chakra.

Along with the complete program, you’ll receive a copy of Sonia’s comprehensive Chakra Balancing Remedy Guide, with over 75 creative ideas for healing your energy imbalances and renewing your soul. You’ll also get a set of Affirmations Cards – each with a powerful message to help you balance each chakra.

So, before the surf passes you by, get on your board and catch the waves. Listen to True Balance and start making a positive difference in your life.

Your brother in spirit,
Vic Conant, Chairman of the Board,

“When you balance your seven spiritual centers, you begin to undo the damage caused by living your life backward, from head first, forgetting the body and spirit altogether. If your life isn’t supported by a grounded source of energy, it will wither and lose its vitality. As you learn about chakras, you’ll discover that balancing them isn’t particularly hard, especially if you think of it as a process of not just living your life, but actually loving your life.”Sonia Choquette

True Balance

True Balance

A Chakra Guide for Renewing Your Body,
Mind, & Spirit

by Sonia Choquette

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