A Timeless Classic to start
a new volume in your life
that may end up becoming your

“We should never forget that no matter how hopeless the present may seem, we will find our strength again and we will survive.”

The touching story of The Fall of Freddie the Leaf has become a classic listen when coping with grief.

In this inspiring allegorical story, Freddie and his companions change colors through the season. They laugh and live, but must fall to the ground with the winter snow.

With this tender portrait, Leo Buscaglia brings a reassuring message to anyone bereaved by the loss of a loved one.

To help you live through the grief and find a new beginning, Leo offers his compassionate advice. In his words:

“Grief is a healthy sign of our humanity and our ability to love. Through grieving we become whole again. This is not wasted time, for in grief we find a way to look toward the future again.”

The Fall of Freddie the Leaf is a story that illustrates the delicate balance between life and death in a manner that helps both children and adults appreciate the changes of nature. Buscaglia tells us how to work through our grief and ultimately let joy back into our lives.


Learn that no matter how hopeless the present may seem, you’ll find your strength again and you will survive.

You may choose to start a new volume in your life that may end up being a Masterpiece.

One of the greatest experts on love

Dr. Leo BuscagliaThe Late Dr. Leo Buscaglia grew up as “Felice” in the midst of a large immigrant family. Although the family’s finances hovered “slightly above the poverty level,” there were always the joys of good food, good times, and loads of hugs and kisses.

As a professor of education at the University of Southern California, Leo started a course entitled, simply, “Love.” The rest is history. Leo became an international phenomenon. His lectures always attracted standing-room-only audiences.

His books always hit the top of the bestseller lists. His words offered hope to people in every walk of life. Leo led us to realize that every moment of life is precious.

Leo truly tapped into something special, and he practiced what he preached. Leo’s other wonderfully inspiring Nightingale-Conant programs are Loving Each Other, The Way of the Bull, and Love.

The Fall of Freddie the Leaf

The Fall of Freddie the Leaf

A New Beginning —
Living Through Loss

by Dr. Leo Buscaglia

I want to work through my grief and ultimately let Joy back into my Life!

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