Don't wish for what you want.
Don't wait for what you want.


and watch it come to you like MAGIC!

"Once you begin to apply [it], you will wonder how you
ever managed without it."

"... absolutely changed my life in just moments."


Dear Friend,

It's time to make your mind give up its secrets.

If you find yourself searching for answers to your toughest questions... struggling to come up with solutions to the challenges in your life... or trying to figure out what you have to do in order to get what you want... I've got some advice for you:


Not because you'll never be able to discover that information.

But because you already have it!

The breakthroughs, innovations, great ideas, insights, solutions, and even miracles you're looking for have already been formulated inside your MIND. They're sitting there right NOW.

There's a long blueprint for getting them out, and a short one. A hard way, and an easy way.

I'm here to tell you about the short, easy way

A way that bypasses long, drawn-out, and often unsuccessful approaches to transformation and goes straight to the neurological source of your actions and outcomes.

A way that's supported by years of scientific research and backed up by the real-life experiences of thousands of people (and counting).

A way — a shockingly simple six-step process — that enables you to actually COMMAND your mind to instantly reveal to you the specific knowledge, information, and answers you're looking for.

Incredible? Yes.

But that's not all.

This process takes you one critical and possibly unprecedented step further. It empowers you to IMPRINT that knowledge onto every molecule of your being.

And once that happens...

Things can get pretty amazing:

A real estate pro named Donna Townley used this process to COMMAND four new clients and the successful closings to go along with them, in order to revive her failing business. Within days, four lucrative clients showed up out of the blue.

Donna's mother used it to COMMAND relief from the chronic pain and swelling of a decades-old ankle injury on a Saturday night. She awoke Sunday to find the pain and swelling had completely disappeared overnight and that she felt better than she had in 35 years.

An executive search firm in the United Kingdom used it to COMMAND a record year. In the months that followed, their consultants' incomes shot up by as much as 200%, and the company brought in more new business than it solicited.

The stories go on and on, and they're all true. Stories of people who, with just ONE COMMAND, were able to...

  • Eliminate $45,000 in debt and achieve a $150,000 income
  • Write three books AND get them published
  • Regain strength and overcome fear after battling cancer
  • Turn "just an idea" into a multimillion-dollar business
  • Refinance a home within minutes after being refused for years
  • Instantly erase decades' worth of emotional pain
  • And much, much more

What is this ONE COMMAND? I'll tell you in a moment.

But before you can make the command work for YOU, you first need to understand something about...

The secrets hidden in your miraculous theta mind

Science has long recognized the amazing features and functions of theta- the name given to the pattern your brainwaves take while you're sleeping.

What makes the theta brain so interesting is that, as far as it's concerned, there's no such thing as "can't."

The limitations and restraints — good and bad — that govern your waking thoughts and actions recede when you're in theta. Your mind is free to imagine whatever it wants to. Free to make infinite connections and conceive of any possibility.

When you're unconscious, this limitless, anything-is-possible thinking power produces dreams: strange, confusing, sometimes crazy, filled with scenarios that would never happen in real life.

But when you shift into theta consciously and intentionally, you activate a truly extraordinary degree of power.

Suddenly, you have control of an all-access pass to that vast, brilliant, untapped field of intelligence — the "unused 90%" you hear so much about.

In an ordinary waking (or beta) mind brainstorming session, you might squeeze out one or two breakthrough thoughts over the course of a couple of tough hours.

In theta, the breakthroughs just flow. Automatically. Easily. Uninterrupted.

Command your theta mind to deliver a specific result, and, uninhibited by all the usual barriers to truly BIG thinking — I can't... I shouldn't... I don't know how... It would never work... It's just not possibleit will effortlessly "give up" its secret knowledge and give you everything it has.

Which is so much more than your beta brain can even imagine.

Yes, I want to crack the code of the theta brainwave state and achieve fast, effortless achievement of whatever goal I choose.
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And here's where it gets really interesting...

The expansion of possibilities that happens in theta doesn't end with your thoughts.

Studies have shown that in theta, the mind's activity can impact the structure and behavior of your physiology. Even your DNA can be made to unwind and reform in alignment with whatever thought you are forming.

In other words, under the right conditions and with the right guidance, you can...

PROGRAM your ENTIRE SELF - intellectual, emotional, and
physiological —
with both the desire AND the instructions for
achieving, attracting, and creating ANYTHING you want.

That's where Asara Lovejoy comes in...

I first started hearing about Asara from our customers. Letters and phone calls started coming, a few at first, then more than I could keep track of.

The gist of all of them was same: This woman is an incredible teacher; she is teaching something that has never been taught before; her six-step process works, and it changes people's lives FAST; the rest of your customers need to know about it.

I decided it was worth taking a serious look at who Asara Lovejoy was and what her work was all about. And what I discovered blew me away...

In her seminar, Asara teaches a revolutionary process that enables you to do everything I've just described — shift into theta, command you mind, imprint your body, reprogram your cells — with ASTONISHING speed, ease, and control.

This streamlined and extremely powerful process — it involves just six simple steps — causes complete, multilevel, and HIGHLY TARGETED transformations to take place almost instantaneously.

The results can be really incredible...

"After attending an introduction and making The One Command® for resolution of a long-standing dispute with the IRS, I was completely surprised that within days I received the notice from the IRS saying that I would not have to pay them.   The final amount they said I owed (which included a couple years of interest) was $28,450.   A few days ago, I received a check to resolve the situation, and they paid me $578.   A nice win!"
— Lloyd Sedon, author, Buckminster Fuller's Universe

"Asara has helped me identify and release limiting beliefs that I would never have recognized without her help. I no longer feel 'stuck' and can move forward to better manage my business and improve my relationships with family, friends, and employees. Our work has brought me a sense of peace and calm that is life changing, including the successful sale of one of my clubs. "
— Bonnie Hacker, Owner, Curves in Castle Rock, CO

"I issued The One Command® for $10,000, and everything started happening. I got an unexpected $5,700 bonus — an unexpected $3,800 tax return — and $450 in unexpected clients.   TOTAL $10,400!  Try it — it works!"
— Brandie Collier

"Wow, talk about power! I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams that years of feeling fear could be changed in one moment through The One Command®! That this feeling of peace was available to me, and all I had to do was Command it! This is what we should be teaching our children instead of video games!"
— Penny Jensen

This process, and the seminar in which Asara teaches it, is called The One Command®. And it's quickly becoming one of the most talked-about and in-demand live events in the country.

People travel thousands of miles to learn The One Command® — and walk away profoundly changed and empowered with the ability to quickly create remarkable turnarounds in their finances, health, happiness, and more.

It didn't take long for me to feel certain that Asara Lovejoy was the real deal. And so I approached her — initially with the hope of recording one of her live events and reproducing it as an audio program so that we could bring the incredible experience of The One Command® seminar directly to our customers.

She liked the idea. But she had something even better in mind:

A unique experience for Nightingale-Conant customers that makes her material more powerful and personal than ever

So she came into our studios and recorded an intimate one-on-one version of her life-changing seminar.

The same information. The same process. Everything you would get if you spent the time and money to attend one of her famous live events, and much more. But all of it presented DIRECTLY to YOU, to experience in your own space and at your own pace.

The end result is, in essence, your own private tutorial in one of the most exciting personal development technologies to come along in decades... from one of the most promising teachers of our time:

The One Command®:
Imprint Your DNA for Lasting Wealth
and Happiness!

I am THRILLED that we've published this groundbreaking program, and I'd love for you to experience it for yourself. You take no risk to do so, and your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. (I'll explain how in a moment.)

Order right now and we will immediately ship you the full program. You'll get six remarkable audio sessions on six CDs, plus a Writable PDF Workbook designed by Asara to give you additional continuous guidance and support through the entire program.

As you go through the six CDs and guidebook, you'll discover

  • The original, complete One Command® process. Asara personally guides and instructs you through each of the six steps: ground, align, go to theta, command, expand, and receive, and she helps you to achieve total understanding and mastery of this potent, life-changing process.

  • How to issue The One Command® correctly in order to achieve the results you want. Breathing, body posture, sentence structure, and delivery are all critical to issuing an effective command. Asara walks you through the mechanics and mind state of each individual step to ensure that you're achieving maximum benefit.

  • Targeted applications of The One Command®: How to use this process in varied ways to achieve very specific results, e.g. , improved finances, increased wealth, material goods, emotional satisfaction, health improvements

  • The science and research behind The One Command®: How it works, why it works. The better you understand this, the more responsive your mind will be to opening and releasing its knowledge, and the more receptive your cells will be to receiving it.

  • And much more, including many examples of The One Command® in action in the lives of real people

Order The One Command® RISK-FREE today!
Your satisfaction is guaranteed for 30 days

As always, your order is completely risk-free because your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can return The One Command® for any reason and at any time during the next 30 days. We'll issue you a full refund of the program price or an even exchange — whichever you prefer.

We've experienced record-breaking demand for The One Command®. To make sure you don't have to wait, I suggest you order your copy right now by clicking on the link below.

I look forward to receiving your order, sending you this program, and hearing about what you command and receive using this incredible process.


Vic Conant, Chairman, Nightingale-Conant

The 90-Second Rule

Yes, I want to crack the code of the theta brainwave state... command my mind to release the knowledge, information, and answers I've been seeking... and imprint those answers onto every cell of my being for fast, effortless achievement of whatever goal I choose.

Please send me Asara Lovejoy's 6-CD audio program The One Command®: Imprint Your DNA for Lasting Wealth and Happiness PLUS Writable PDF Workbook today for just $49.95, which is $40 OFF the regular program price.

If this program isn't life-changing, I can return it any time within 30 days for a refund or even exchange. No questions asked.

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Order The One Command® today!
Here's what you'll learn in these six incredible sessions:

Session One — The Untapped Intelligence Within You

1. An introduction to The One Command®
2. Looking at the Sacred Self within you
3. The small sphere of influence
4. Brainwaves in the field of potentiality
5. The next great adventure of your life
6. The studies of Dr. Elmer Green
7. The studies of Jack Schwarz
8. Asara's story
9. Studies in theta
10. Looking at the great possibilities
11. The One Command® in action 12. Where the change will begin

Session Two — The Power of Operating at the Theta Level

1. The message of your Success DNA and the One Command®
2. Where your thoughts arise from
3. The observer positioning
4. How the six steps operate
5. Coming into the positions of ground and align
6. Going to theta
7. The command
8. The One Command® sentence structure
9. Speaking to the superconscious mind
10. The blessing and fulfillment
11. The issue of receiving

Session Three — The Six-Step One Command Process

1. Ready for change
2. An anchoring technique
3. A meditation to stop negative thoughts
4. Practicing the six steps
5. A new way of being and understanding your capabilities
6. Releasing old ideas
7. A meditation with the six steps
8. Receiving
9. Forming your command
10. Incorporating your experience
11. Preparing for theta
12. The process of going into theta

Session Four — Putting The One Command® Process into Action

1. Sharing some questions and answers from a live seminar
2. When you're in theta
3. How you know you're in theta
4. Another symptom of being in theta
5. What program is running for you?
6. What are you focusing on?
7. Another look at the Sacred Self
8. Wording the One Command®
9. Manifesting emotional and physical matter
10. How to go through the six steps with a partner

Session Five — Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Your Success DNA

1. Looking at your belief system
2. Getting through the tricky part
3. Identifying negative programs
4. The deepening of your Success DNA
5. From belief to creation
6. From belief to creation — a story
7. Designed for success
8. Putting this model into place
9. How the subconscious mind seeks verification of reality

Session Six — Activating Your Success DNA in Everyday Life

1. Some examples to begin this session
2. Working with the theta brainwave
3. Honor the intention of what you are after
4. Shifting into a result-oriented pattern
5. From inspired idea to inspired action
6. How The One Command® differs from affirmations and The Law of Attraction
7. Preparing for success
8. Honing your first command
9. A journey through the six steps

Order your copy NOW!
Your satisfaction is guaranteed for 30 Days!

The 90-Second Rule

Yes, I want to crack the code of the theta brainwave state... command my mind to release the knowledge, information, and answers I've been seeking... and imprint those answers onto every cell of my being for fast, effortless achievement of whatever goal I choose.

Please send me Asara Lovejoy's 6-CD audio program The One Command®: Imprint Your DNA for Lasting Wealth and Happiness PLUS Writable PDF Workbook today for just $49.95, which is $40 OFF the regular program price.

If this program isn't life-changing, I can return it any time within 30 days for a refund or even exchange. No questions asked.

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