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Dear Friend,

Think of your life as a series of doors you try to unlock and open to experience more of what you desire most.

What exists on the other side of these doors can be almost magical in its ability to...

  • Make you immensely happier every day
  • Increase your confidence, strength, and self-worth
  • Present opportunities to advance your career and grow your net worth
  • Enable you to accomplish goals you could never before achieve
  • Allow you to feel more appreciated and more loved
  • And essentially rewrite your life's story!

Yet, some of the doors you face never seem to open. No matter which key you try. No matter how hard you try to budge them. No matter the effort and commitment you give.

Think of the doors in your life you haven't quite been able to unlock or open all the way...

  • The door to endless prosperity, where you never have to worry about money again
  • The door to health and vitality, where you enjoy a sound mind, strong body, and disease-free future
  • The door to incredible achievements you never believed were possible
  • The door to complete peace of mind, where fear and worry are a distant memory

Now imagine being able to easily open not just one of these doors... but EVERY SINGLE ONE of these doors — and in fact, EVERY door you face — all with just ONE key!


Dr. Napoleon Hill hands you
his very own MASTER KEY!

WARNING: From this point forward, your life may never be the same.

Napoleon Hill spent 20 years interviewing and learning the success secrets and traits from 500 of the greatest inventors, businesspeople, and leaders of the 20th century.

But there's something about Dr. Hill that many people DON'T know...

That he spent twice as much time — over 40 years of his life — researching, crafting, and perfecting what he called the Master Key to success.

You see, for centuries, there have been many thousands of ideas, formulas, and action plans for achieving success and living richer, more rewarding lives.

But with so many possible success strategies that may or may not work, it's like toting a giant ring full of keys, and just HOPING you find the right key to open the door to your better life.

Here's the truth: Because most of those success ideas are empty motivation, tedious and difficult, or simply ineffective in producing results, most of the keys we learn today are practically worthless.

Dr. Napoleon Hill knew this. He knew if people spent their lives bouncing from one formula for success to the next, they would waste years, never achieve the results they wanted, and eventually give up.

That's why he began his search for a smaller, more manageable number of potent success strategies comprising only the most powerful ideas, philosophies, and action steps.

And once applied, they would guarantee amazing results EVERY TIME!

He tested hundreds of success keys for you.
But ONLY 13 made the cut.

This is it... Dr. Hill's ultimate gift to mankind! The simplest, most straightforward path to your greatest potential... your most extraordinary future.

As soon as you discover his 13 Success Principles, you gain access to THE Master Key capable of opening ANY door you choose! Including the doors to all the money you want, all the love you crave, all the health and energy you need, all the career success you strive for.

In Napoleon Hill's own words:

"This Master Key is responsible for all the great successes since the beginning of time."

Now it's time for YOUR own great successes...

Announcing Dr. Hill's most complete VIDEO SERIES! 
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Nightingale-Conant is honored to bring to life Napoleon Hill's most prominent insights and wisdom in this first-ever exclusive DVD series: The Master Key to Success... On DVD!

You've read his works. You've probably heard him speak. But now, for the first time, watch Dr. Napoleon Hill sit before you and speak directly to you. He looks directly into your eyes as if he understands your goals and can appreciate your challenges.

From the first moment the camera focuses on him, he turns to you and says, "I'm very happy to have this personal visit with you. Won't you be seated please?"

The camera then cuts to a close-up view, and there's a glint in his eye as he says,
"I'm going to make you a promise. If you will decide [to do the simple steps I ask], I will give you the Master Key with which you may open the doors to the attainment of your desires, whatever they may be."

That's just the first few seconds...

What he shares in the next several hours
is nothing short of astonishing!

This video series was developed from rare archival film footage from one of Dr. Hill's very first presentations. Now Nightingale-Conant has completely modernized this video series and made it available on DVD! Dr. Napoleon Hill joins you in your living room, or right from your computer screen.

In 13 dynamic sessions, Dr. Hill shows you how by simply using the principles of success he learned from analyzing 500 of the 20th century's greatest achievers, you will receive the Success Master Key to unlock every door of opportunity.

And at the beginning of each session, world-renowned multimillionaire W. Clement Stone, who was Dr. Hill's general manager and a close personal friend, provides even more powerful insights.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn

Simply by watching this life-changing DVD series, you'll:

  • Learn how to use your mind to achieve any goal you set
  • Discover 20 proven ways to develop a positive mental attitude capable of attracting incredible results
  • Learn 16 secrets about how to become the leader people admire and respect
  • Appreciate the 8 simple keys to finally master your own self-discipline
  • Learn the 12 ways to achieve a dynamic personality that attracts both people and opportunities to you
  • And so much MORE!

Right now, you're 13 Success Principles away
from having what ONLY 1% of the world has

Each success principle that Dr. Napoleon Hill shows you is capable of bringing seismic changes to your personal and professional life.

But once you gain all 13 and finally receive the Master Key to success, the door to your most rewarding and fulfilling life swings wide open!

Success Principle ONE

Dr. Napoleon Hill begins this extraordinary video course by sharing his most powerful success principle with you. In fact, it's more than a principle... it's a law responsible for ALL of human achievement.

Dr. Hill himself said this law is greater than poverty and stronger than all your fears. And it works 100% of the time regardless of your education and how many times you may have failed in the past. It is just that certain, that predictable.

After Dr. Hill shares this first success principle, he reveals the "Great Universal Truth"... the very truth that SHOCKED his own family and friends when they first heard about it many years ago. You'll learn the truth in just three easy steps... and your life will never be the same.

Success Principle TWO

In this second eye-opening success principle, Dr. Napoleon Hill shares how you can accomplish in ONE YEAR what would normally take a lifetime to complete.

Because of the incredible results it guarantees, each of the 500 high-achievers Dr. Hill interviewed took this second principle to heart.

Success Principle THREE

How much do you wish to make next year? In the next five years? Over your lifetime?

Learning Dr. Hill's coveted third principle more than pays for the price of this program! Because once you discover and apply it to your own career and finances, you'll become indispensable in your job and be able to cash in on the "blank check" of your financial dreams!

Success Principle FOUR

When you perfect this principle, you can literally DEMAND whatever you want in life. If your life is not precisely where you want it to be right now, engaging this fourth success principle empowers you to change it.

Napoleon Hill was handicapped at birth with the four horsemen that confine people their entire lives: Poverty, Fear, Illiteracy, and Superstition. By using his own fourth principle, he defeated every obstacle that was holding him back.

Success Principle FIVE

You are unique from everyone else in today's world. Once you grasp Dr. Hill's fifth principle, you'll discover the ONE trait that distinguishes you from everyone else. (It also holds the power to accurately determine if you'll succeed or not.)

Andrew Carnegie paid Charles Schwab a salary of $75,000. Then, because Charles proved his worth every day by utilizing this fifth important principle, Andrew gladly increased his pay to one million dollars — an astonishing amount of money at the time.

Use this principle and exponentially increase your own worth to your business and your worthiness to your family and friends.

Success Principle SIX

On your way to earning the Master Key, this vital success principle produces a remarkable change that reverberates throughout your life.

The truth is, it has resulted in more achievements than any other single skill or trait! In fact, Helen Keller used it to rise above her debilitating circumstances... the Wright Brothers used it to become first in flight... and even Napoleon Hill himself used it to become the world's foremost authority on success.

It holds the power to free us from our fears... free us from disease... free us from any rut we may have fallen into. In fact, some say that it might be impossible to find peace of mind or happiness without it.

Success Principle SEVEN

Think about the obstacles that stand between you and your desires — the challenges that prevent you from achieving your dreams.

This principle obliterates those obstacles and challenges.

According to Dr. Hill, discovering this single principle may just bring the most important change you've ever experienced. Of the six greatest riches in life, this one principle tops the list!

Success Principle EIGHT

Dr. Hill's eighth Success Principle might just be my favorite. By adopting this principle into your everyday life, you'll watch miracles happen right before your eyes.

Doctors have cured patients — WITHOUT medicine — simply by administering this "cure-all" principle. And once you learn it, you can actually influence other people's thoughts! It works! Influence your boss to give you a promotion... get your spouse to pay more attention to you... or control your kid's behavior from across the room.

This near-magical principle holds the power to improve your relationships, enhance your status at work, and make people attracted to you like a super magnet.

Success Principle NINE

Dr. Hill says it best, "Those who move furthest in life are the ones who use [this Success Principle]."

Without it: It's impossible to achieve your dreams.

With it: It's impossible for you to NOT achieve your dreams!

Success Principle TEN

Everyone's life has its share of defeats, failures, and setbacks. But they don't have to set YOU back...

In Napoleon Hill's tenth Success Principle, he gives you the simple secret to turn any adversity into stepping-stones for greater success.

Success Principle ELEVEN

In order to reach your dreams, you must first HAVE dreams... that's where Dr. Hill's eleventh Success Principle comes in.

Absorb yourself in this principle, and your mind becomes an explosion of ideas, strategies, and insights to plot a solid path to higher achievement.

Success Principle TWELVE

Here, Dr. Hill gives you the tools to develop a sixth sense. One that let's you know when people are being honest, and when they are not.

One in which your intuition and reasoning senses are heightened and working overtime.

One that allows you to learn the subtle science of extracting the information you want from others while you are in control of what information you give.

Success Principle THIRTEEN

Dr. Napoleon Hill sure knew how to go out with a BANG! For this final principle of success, he reveals a little-known law of nature that gives definiteness of action into everything that moves throughout the universe.

Add this critical principle to your arsenal and you'll gain an advantage — a privilege in fact — that enables everything you want in life to soar straight to you!

I can honestly tell you there's something special about this one. I've read and listened to Think and Grow Rich many times. But as I watched this DVD with my family by my side, I felt a connection with Dr. Hill's principles that I had never had before.

By watching the 13 sessions featuring W. Clement Stone introducing Napoleon Hill, Dr. Hill's profound principles suddenly came to life. They will for you too, I promise.

Go ahead and click on the link below. I look forward to receiving your no-risk order, sending you this program, and hearing about how gaining possession of the Master Key has taken your everyday life to an entirely new level!


The Master Key to Success

The 24 Laws of Influence

I'm ready to watch Dr. Napoleon Hill reveal all 13 Principles of Success, enabling me to open the door to all life's riches with his elusive Master Key.

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Dr. Napoleon Hill

Perhaps no person in history has influenced the success of more individuals than Napoleon Hill. He was asked by the steel magnate Andrew Carnegie to organize the world's first philosophy of individual achievement. The project, based on the success principles of Carnegie and other great achievers of the time, took 20 years to complete. Hill wrote several books based on his research, including the classics Think and Grow Rich, The Science of Personal Achievement, and Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, the latter co-authored with W. Clement Stone. All are available on CD from Nightingale-Conant.

W. Clement Stone

Much more than an insurance magnate, W. Clement Stone was a philanthropist, a civic leader, an author and publisher, and a 1981 Nobel Peace Prize nominee. He is known to high achievers everywhere as the father of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), a philosophy he carried to millions through self-help books, audio and video recordings, and magazine articles. Greatly influenced as a young man by Napoleon Hill, Stone achieved one stunning success after another.