You want to stop missing out
and start living the life you dream of
and deserve, don't you?


Well then, I urge you to accept my invitation to hear the program
that will put the power of effective asking in your hands

Dear Friend:

Do you remember the story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp?

A young boy named Aladdin finds a dusty old lamp lying discarded on the ground. He picks it up, looks it over, and starts to rub off the dirt, when suddenly a genie appears before him.

The genie, who's been living inside the lamp for ages, just waiting for someone to finally come along and release him, tells Aladdin that he will grant him three wishes - whatever three things his heart desires most.

As a kid, I believed that, like Aladdin, I might find my own lamp someday. I'd spend hours imagining what three things I would ask for if I found such a lamp. A pool ... a pony ... my own island ... they changed all the time.

Of course, as time went on, I gave up on my childhood fantasy. There was no lamp, no genie, no magical granting of three wishes. That's not the way life worked.

Or so I thought.

Now, I'm not writing this letter to let you know that there actually is a magic lamp out there waiting for you to find it, rub it, and release your genie. Not exactly.

But the fact is, you're constantly coming in contact with people who have the knowledge, resources, money, connections, wherewithal, understanding, and ability to give you whatever you want - your own personal "genies."

If I can take you back to the story for just a moment longer ... remember that Aladdin had to rub that lamp three times in order to break the spell so that the genie could come out and grant his wishes?

Likewise, there's something very specific you have to do to get the "genies" that inhabit your world to give you what you want. Something that, if you haven't learned how to do it right, can be extremely difficult - if not impossible. But that, once you've mastered it, will enable you to get all the things you want right now, and open doors to treasures you didn't even know existed.

A proposition that will change the way
you imagine your future

I'd like to propose something remarkable to you:

You can get anything you want.

Let me clarify that. You can get everything you want. Not just three wishes, but dozens ... hundreds ... as many as your imagination can accommodate.

And all you really have to do is ask.

Before you write this off as too obvious, too simple, or too pie-in-the-sky to bother with, I'd like to propose something else. Something you may never have really thought about before.

Asking is more than a mere action. Asking is a skill.

We all know that the only way you ever get anything is by asking for it. What very few people every realize is that they can learn how to ask better, more powerful, more effective questions that are more likely to get them what they want. Like any other skill, asking can be mastered. Even perfected.

People who have mastered the skill of asking get the dream jobs, big salaries, harmonious households, loving families, great bargains, prime seats, key information, insider's advice, positive attention, cooperation, trust, affection ... in short, anything they decide they want.

People who disregard, undervalue, or ignore this skill settle for less in life.

I'm writing to you today to tell you about an all-new audio program that will empower you to become a powerful, effective asker - a "Master of the Lamp" that will grant whatever your heart desires:
The Aladdin Factor: How to Ask For and Get What You Want in Every Area of Your Life, by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

I want to start getting more of what I want fast...
in my career, my relationships, and every other part of my life...
just by learning the right way to ASK for it.

Why you don't have everything you want... yet

Before we continue, there's something I've got to ask you. It's a rather blunt question, but please don't take offense.

Don't you want more?

This isn't a question of being greedy. And I'm not necessarily talking about money (though that's certainly something a lot of us would like more of.)

What I mean is, are you completely satisfied with where you are and what you have right now, in every area of your life? For example ...

Are you crazy about your job? Do you get excited to get up and do it every day? Do you have terrific, enthusiastic, dependable employees ... or a boss that recognizes your talent and supports your career? Are you getting the salary you deserve?

Are your relationships with your spouse, kids, parents, friends, and co-workers exactly the way you'd like them to be ... or are there little resentments, things you wish they'd do differently, feelings you can't get across, frustrations that have built up and not gotten resolved?

Do you have as much money as you need to do the things you love to do ... or as much time to spend doing them? Do you get the treatment you want - not the treatment you expect, but the kind you want - when you're out at a restaurant, on the phone, or buying something in a store?

Do you feel that your dreams are within your reach? I'm talking about the big ones, your highest hopes, the things you've always wanted to do. Do you believe - truly believe - it's possible that one day you'll make those dreams come true?

If you answered "no" to any of my questions - or if they've got you thinking about other things you want but don't have - then I've got one more question for you:

Why not?

This question of what holds us back from asking for the things we want is one of the first that
The Aladdin Factor tackles.

A host of stumbling blocks prevent us from asking for what we want in life: Fear of seeming greedy or pushy, of failing, or of hearing the word "no". Feeling unworthy, undeserving, or ungrateful for wanting more. Even simple ignorance of what is actually available to us (like the thief who, when his friends ridiculed him for selling a valuable stolen coat for only 100 pieces of silver, asked bewilderedly, "Is there a number higher than 100?")

These blocks are often deep-seated, rooted in childhood and reinforced throughout our lives. And more often than not, we don't even realize they exist.

The Aladdin Factor will open your eyes to the particular barriers that may be keeping you from going for your dreams, and gives you specific, proven tips for blasting through them. They'll show you how to:

  • Pull your true wants and needs out from under the subconscious fears that stifle them
  • Regain control of your desires by eliminating the limiting beliefs that govern them (such as "It's better to give than to receive," and "If you really loved me, I wouldn't have to ask.")
  • Accept your fears about asking, and stop letting them hold you back from what you want
  • Feel worthy and deserving of the things you want
  • Conquer the pride that keeps you from asking for things like for assistance, advice - even directions!

Once you've identified and defeated the barriers that stand in your way, you'll be primed to reach for the riches that lie beyond.

The nuts and bolts of asking your way
to the life you want

Being ready and able to ask is essential. But it's only the first step in the process of becoming a powerful asker.

The next step is learning how to ask ... who to ask ... and what to ask for.

The Aladdin Factor takes you step by step through the process of developing effective asking skills, by introducing you to the Eight Principles of Asking.

These are the eight principles that separate the "haves" from the "have-nots". The steps that make the difference between frustration and satisfaction ... between wanting and getting. Master them, and you will be able to ask for and achieve anything you want.

Jack and Mark explain each step in depth, giving you strategies and exercises that will help you practice and perfect each one, including how to:

  • Visualize your desires so clearly that it's virtually impossible for them not to come true (The Australians visualized winning the America's Cup trophy so clearly and so often that when they finally did, they felt like they'd already won it thousands of times!)
  • Locate individuals who are qualified and motivated to give you what you want, instead of wasting your time and questions on people who can't help you.
  • Phrase questions in a way that compels someone to say "Yes!" (A 6-year-old named Tommy Tighe learned how to do it, and got a spot on national TV, a free trip to New York, and international recognition, just for starters!)
  • Resist the urge to fill the silence that follows a difficult question - one of the most effective "yes"-getting tactics there is. (28 minutes of silence bought Dr. Richard Tate two tickets to Korea and an opportunity to feed 80,000 starving children.)
  • Assume you're going to get a positive answer (If you do, chances are you will!)
  • Deal effectively with resistance (One legendary salesman came up with an idea that turned 50% of the "no"s he heard into closes.)

And they illustrate each principle with real life stories of ordinary people who've used it to achieve extraordinary results.

In fact, The Aladdin Factor is full of true stories that will inspire you, motivate you, open your imagination to the possibilities that are out there, and make you realize that you really can get what you want, no matter how small or big, just by asking for it!

You'll hear about people who asked their way to a multi-million dollar real estate enterprise ... a year's worth of living expenses in order to write a book ... the successful adoption of a beautiful baby boy ... the means to provide food to seven starving families for a month ... free plane tickets and hotel suites ... money to build their dream house ... a more equitable marriage ... the wife of their dreams ... a cure for their child's disease ... and so much more.

You'll hear about some of the most magnificent askers of all time - Mother Teresa, Gandhi - and the tremendous requests they made and were granted. You'll discover the Seven Characteristics of the Masters of the Lamp, and learn how to adopt them to become a Master yourself.

You'll learn how to ask for what you want and need in every conceivable situation - at home, with your kids, at work, with friends, with service people, even strangers. You'll also learn what not to ask, and how to avoid the least effective but most common asking techniques.

Most importantly, you'll learn how to ask yourself the right questions. Questions that will clarify your desires, uncover your life's purpose, focus your journey, and change your life.

So... what do you want?

A hug from your spouse at the end of a long day? A really great recipe for chocolate chip cookies? The capital to start your own business? Your kids to clean up their rooms without grumbling? The best table in the house when you take your clients to dinner? A body that's 20 pounds lighter? A fair deal from your mechanic? A house on the ocean? A life that's less stressful? More play time? Flying lessons? A whole new career?

If you know what you want, The Aladdin Factor is going to teach you how to ask for it and get it.

If you don't, The Aladdin Factor is going to show you how to figure it out. And be warned: once you realize how many things you are able to get simply by knowing how to ask for them, you're going to experience an unprecedented sense of exhilaration, freedom, and possibility.

Become a "Master of the Lamp"
Start asking for and getting everything you want !

The first time I read through the proposal for The Aladdin Factor, I couldn't believe how many things I'd missed out on ... and was still missing out on ... simply by not asking for them. Things that I was afraid to ask for, didn't realize I could ask for, or didn't even know I wanted.

It's a realization few people ever have. And that's a shame. Because few skills, once mastered, are so easy to do and so incredibly, universally life-changing as the skill of asking.

You want to stop missing out and start living the life you dream of and deserve, don't you?

Well then, I urge you to accept my invitation to hear the program that will put the power of asking in your hands - The Aladdin Factor.

Don't spend another day settling for less than you want and deserve. Learn how to ask for the life of your dreams - and get it.


Vic Conant,
Chairman of the Board, Nightingale-Conant

** The Question That Launched An Empire **

If the names Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen aren't familiar to you,
the phenomenon they started surely is. Chicken Soup for the Soul, the book they
co-authored, was a publishing sensation that skyrocketed to the top of the
New York Times bestseller list. It led to a series of follow-up books that have
collectively sold over 50 million copies worldwide.

Yet amazingly, when they first tried to get Chicken Soup for the Soul published,
no one would touch it! They asked not twenty, not fifty ... but 133 different
publishing companies to consider publishing their book. And heard 132 "no"s
before someone finally answered "Yes!"

Today, they stand at the helm of a book empire that grows every day
- all because they refused to stop asking people to grant them their wish and
publish their first book. They know firsthand what it takes to ask, ask well,
ask specifically, and ask until you get exactly what you want.

In The Aladdin Factor, they'll teach you how to do the same thing.

Lead the Field

The Aladdin Factor

How to Ask For and Get What You Want in
Every Area of Your Life

by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

I want to start getting more of what I want fast... in my career, my relationships, and every other part of my life... just by learning the right way to ASK for it.
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