21 Changes That Will Take You To
Transform the habits that are
holding you back from true greatness!

Discover 21 shockingly simple behavioral changes
that will shatter your ‘success holding pattern’
— and move you to a whole new level of
wealth, achievement, and happiness!

Dear Friend,

Back when you were starting out, you wisely realized that superior skills and a higher level of knowledge were the keys to getting ahead. So you went out and acquired them. And they helped you get to where you are today.

Unlike most people who’ve gotten as far as you have, however, I suspect that YOU don’t believe you’ve reached the final stop on your journey to success. I’m betting there’s a “next level” of wealth, happiness, professional achievement, or personal fulfillment you want to get to.

That next level does exist. But if you’re serious about reaching it, there’s something you need to know:

What got you here WON’T get you there

According to world-renowned executive consultant Marshall Goldsmith, the habits and actions that high achievers like you commonly rely on to get to the top actually begin to work against you as you strive to reach even higher levels of success and satisfaction — keeping you in a success holding pattern without you even realizing it.

What he has found, and what his high-profile clients have proven, is that making the leap from near-great to great is rarely a matter skill or knowledge. Instead, it’s a matter of behavior.

In Take It To The Next Level, Marshall Goldsmith reveals the 21 success-stalling habits high achievers commonly exhibit, any one of which could be holding you back from ascending to greater achievement, prosperity, and happiness. If you’re like most high achievers, you are exhibiting several of them — suffering negative consequences you aren’t even aware of.

For each of these 21 habits, Goldsmith offers a simple and highly actionable alternative behavior that will have an electrifying effect on your quest for greatness.

You will be amazed when you discover the things you are doing RIGHT NOW that are stopping you from reaching that “next level” — and how quickly and easily you can change those behaviors and experience an immediate difference in the results you’re getting. You will:

You’ll discover

  • How you may be deluding yourself when it comes to your own success
  • Simple steps for determining which behaviors you need to change and which ones are serving you well
  • Why feedback is so much more critical than you thought, and 5 ways to get it without having to ask
  • What you should stop doing right now if you’re serious about moving to the next level
  • The special challenges faced by people in charge, and how to overcome them
  • The ideal time to make a major change
  • And so much more

Reach the pinnacle of professional
AND personal success with
the secret weapon of the world’s top CEOs

Dr. Goldsmith has become a legend far and wide for his amazing ability to take high achievers to the elusive next level of success, wealth, and personal fulfillment. In fact, some of the most influential business leaders in the world have gladly paid a substantial amount of money per year for his one-on-one coaching services — and have experienced results that make their investment look like a drop in the bucket.

Mark Tercek, Managing Director of Goldman Sachs & Co., His experience is a good example, and a typical one. As he puts it:

“Marshall is a dynamo. He helps highly successful people get better and better and better. His advice helps me enormously at work, but it makes an even bigger impact at home. My wife and kids stand up and applaud Marshall for helping me become a better husband and dad. What could be better than that?”

Lisa Grubbs of Hewitt Associates had a similar experience. She says that Marshall’s insights
“changed my life both personally and professionally”
and proclaims,
“Thank you Marshall — I'm a better person and leader because of you!”

And they’re not alone …

“A great coach teaches you how to improve yourself. Marshall is a great coach! He has a unique ability to help you determine what you can improve and what will have the greatest impact on the people you lead and love”
–Brian Walker, CEO, Herman Miller, a global leader in office products and furniture that create great places to work

“Marshall is the coach’s coach. No one is more of a listener, who learns from us (his students) from what we say or do not say. Taking from what he has heard, he molds for all of us a program to make us and our people better for having been in his presence.”
–Alan Hassenfeld, Chairman of the Board, Hasbro, a global leader in toys and games — and in making the world smile

“While Cessna focused continuous improvement on business results, Marshall helped me focus on our leadership team’s continuous improvement. The impact is amazing. His practical no-nonsense approach is making a positive impact both professionally and personally on all of us. I have never had so much fun working on such a tough topic. Thank you Marshall!!!!!!!!!”
–Jack Pelton, CEO, Cessna, the world's leading designer and manufacturer of light and mid-size business jets

“In his charming, rascal-like manner, Marshall is able to address uncomfortable issues in a non-threatening way — as a result not only does the leader get better — the whole team gets better!”
–George Borst, CEO, Toyota Financial Services, managing more than $60 billion in assets; has doubled in size in the past five years

If you are completely satisfied with your “here,” the ceiling-shattering insights and strategies Marshall Goldsmith shares in Take It To The Next Level are definitely not for you

But if you are ready and willing to shed some ineffective behaviors so that you can move your professional, personal, and financial satisfaction from “here” to “there” and…

  • Make more money
  • Have more fun
  • Attract more clients and opportunities
  • Inspire your team
  • Reignite your marriage
  • And enjoy your work, relationships, and life more than ever before

…then Take It To The Next Level is the jolt of energy you’ve been waiting for. I hope you’ll take this risk-free opportunity to experience this one-of-a-kind program from today’s preeminent executive success mastermind for yourself.


Vic Conant, Chairman, Nightingale-Conant

Take It To The Next Level

Take It To The
Next Level

What Got You Here,
Won’t Get You There

by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

I do NOT want to let these 21 habits to hold
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