The next time you’re in a restaurant, try this experiment:


Choose a stranger from the crowd, and stare at the back of his head.
Focus your attention, and in your mind ask that person to turn around and look at you. If he does — and this almost always works — then somehow you’ve made contact with that person using only the power of your mind.

Dear Friend:

This simple exercise has never failed to work for me, and it demonstrates something that can have a tremendous impact on your life: the reality-altering power of intention

Dr. Deepak Chopra believes that intention is a force of nature even stronger than gravity, a force that drives destiny. As one of the world’s leading authorities on the mind/body connection, Dr. Chopra has spent much of his life researching the amazing power of intention, and the different ways you can learn to use it and benefit from it in your daily life. In this remarkable audio program, SynchroDestiny — some of his most important work to date — he reveals the secrets to harnessing this power, and using it to create exactly the future you desire.

Merge meaningful coincidence with conscious intention to shape your own destiny!

The title SynchroDestiny is a combination of two words we hear frequently: synchronicity and destiny. We’ve all experienced synchronicity before. You think about someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, and that night there’s a message from them on your answering machine; an old song rings through your head, and when you turn on the radio, that very song is playing.

Dr. Chopra believes that events like these occur because the people involved unconsciously intend them to. As powerful an effect as unconscious intention has, when you take conscious control of your intention, the results are absolutely astonishing. You are able to manifest synchronicities, and bring about the circumstances, situations, and outcomes you want in every area of your life. In other words, you determine your own destiny.

When you learn how to harness and focus your intention, you’ll have accessed an incredible inherent power — a power without any limits. With it, you’ll be able to …

  • Turn attitudes and beliefs into self-fulfilling prophecies
  • Heal your body, and even slow the aging proces
  • Manifest abundance of material, emotional and spiritual wealth
  • Change physical reality, simply by wanting to
  • And so much more!

As a proponent of the power of intention, Dr. Chopra is not alone in the scientific community. Recent discoveries in genetic biology point to intent, rather than random selection, as the driving force in evolution. Doctors have long been aware of the power of intent for healing (consider the amazing clinical results of the “placebo effect”.) Physicists have even documented cases in which the results of experiments at the subatomic or “quantum” level have been controlled by the observers intent.

But in SynchroDestiny, Dr. Chopra takes the ample scientific evidence to the next level. He not only explains the scientific basis for the power of intention, but he gives you simple, easy-to-follow techniques that will allow you to practically apply this power in your everyday life, including seven key principles that can give you the ability to literally recreate yourself and the world around you

SynchroDestiny will show you how to apply Eastern and Western traditions to understanding your experiences. You’ll learn how to become aware of synchronicity in your life, how to change your Karma, and how human relationships create your web of destiny. As Dr. Chopra himself puts it:

“When you are synchronized with the energy field that gave rise to you, you possess a level of strength and flexibility that is sufficient to meet any challenge effortlessly. But more than simply meeting a challenge, you learn to transform it in such a way that it nourishes you on your spiritual journey. Though a weak fire may be smothered, a brightly burning flame turns any obstacle into fuel for itself.”

Spend 30 incredible days on a journey of spiritual transformation

SynchroDestiny is the doorway to the most exciting and profound adventure of your life. And now, I’d like to make it as easy as possible for you to step over the threshold, by offering you an opportunity to listen to this magical program.

Spend those 30 days discovering the infinite power of your mind to manifest spiritual, physical, and material abundance in your life. I think you’ll agree that this is a power you’ll want to continue to strengthen. The more you develop it, the more magical and fulfilled your life will be. This remarkable program will convince you that the power of pure intention can and will change the shape of your future

Discover the power of meaningful coincidence for yourself. Order today!


Vic Conant
Chairman - Nightingale-Conant


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