SuperBowl 2019

The Nightingale-Conant Corporation is pleased to present

Two Powerful Programs by Two of Football’s
Hall of Fame Super Bowl Greats

Coaching from the Heart

by Ken Blanchard & Don Shula

The Winning Spirit

by Joe Montana & Tom Mitchell, Ph.D.

Coach Donald (Don) Francis Shula — Football Hall of Famer and considered one of NFL’s greatest Football coaches leading the (then) Baltimore Colts to a single Super Bowl appearance and the Miami Dolphins to five Super Bowl appearances and 2 Super Bowl Championships including the NFL’s only perfect Season.
Don Shula teams up with management expert Ken Blanchard to share their powerful secrets of effective coaching in everyday situations.

Joseph (Joe) Clifford Montana Jr. — Widely considered the Football Hall of Fame’s best NFL Quarterbacks of all time, Joe Montana led the San Francisco 49ers to four Super Bowl champions, becoming the Super Bowl MVP three times.
Joe Montana teams ups with business and performance coach Dr. Tom Mitchell to extend to all areas of life the truths and success on the field.

Coaching from the Heart:
How to Inspire Greatness in Others

We've been told all our lives that whether you win or lose isn't important; it's how you play the game that matters. This is true in sports, business, or any other endeavor. But how you "play the game" has a lot to do with its outcome. And a good coach — one who places respect and conviction above popularity, who is firm yet open to the players' individual needs — can inspire their team to greatness, whether it is a football team, a work group, a committee or a family.

In this innovative program, management expert Ken Blanchard and winning NFL coach Don Shula team up to share their powerful secrets of effective coaching in everyday situations.

You'll learn:

  • The five great leadership principles of the "COACH" acronym
  • How to unleash the excellence in anyone
  • The importance of vision, conviction, credibility and adaptability in today¹s leaders
  • Why and how to 'walk your talk'

And much more...

The skills of a great coach can be just as effective in the boardroom or living room as on the playing field. Instead of merely telling people what to do, you can help inspire them to work together enthusiastically: following a powerful vision, tapping into their hidden talents, and soaring to greatness and success.

Everyone's a Coach!


Show your "team" how to play a good game, and everybody will win!

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Ken Blanchard — is an internationally known management consultant, organizational leader, teacher, and co-author of The One Minute Manager, which has sold more than 7 million copies. He has written and co-authored numerous other books, including The Power of Ethical Management with the legendary Norman Vincent Peale. Ken has consulted for Disney, Honda, Kodak, the Gap, and many other companies.

The Winning Spirit:
16 Timeless Principles That Drive
Performance Excellence

Joe Montana personifies performance excellence and personal integrity both on and off the field. Yet the word most closely associated with him is not “winner” — it is “leader.” Since his retirement a decade ago, he has become a popular motivational speaker sought out by corporations nationwide, speaking to capacity audiences as large as twenty thousand.

Now making his message available to a broader audience, Montana teams up with performance coach Tom Mitchell, Ph. D., to extend to all areas of life the truths of success on the field. The Winning Spirit shows that ultimately, performance excellence is fueled by personal integrity. This is the key to winning the inner game, which is about accountability and attitude, as well as desire, enthusiasm, effort, and appreciation.

With great stories and practical strategies, Joe Montana and Tom Mitchell give us hard-won advice based on years of success. This timely and timeless message is nothing less than a contemporary motivational classic.

Advance Praise For The Winning Spirit

“We who know the rigors of athletics honor Joe Montana’s career, because it demonstrated hard work, mental toughness, and the inner knowledge and confidence of doing the right thing. The Winning Spirit gives us an insider’s view of the makings of this warrior.”
Phil Jackson, nine-time NBA championship coach, author of The Last Season and Sacred Hoops

“Joe Montana’s history of poise and presence has set a standard for athletes for many years. His competitive zeal, and his passion for the game of football as well as life, are reflected in The Winning Spirit. The energy Montana brings to any activity is an inspiration to all of us.”
Bill Walsh, former head coach, San Francisco 49ers, author of Bill Walsh, Finding the Winning Edge

“Joe Montana showed me and all his teammates what courage is all about. He taught us that to be winners, we must never give up. That’s the winning spirit that makes Joe a giant both on and off the field.”
Ronnie Lott, ten-time Pro Bowl selection, member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

“In The Winning Spirit, Joe Montana and Tom Mitchell have joined together to share their tools for peak performance. They make success, achievement, and performance under pressure accessible to athletes and weekend warriors as well as people in all walks of life.”
Brian Boitano, champion ice skater, 1988 Olympic gold medalist

“Joe Montana and Tom Mitchell are dedicated to transforming everyday management teams into high performance leadership teams. We are fortunate to have these two pros now sharing with a wider audience their secrets about enthusiasm, resilience, and the competitive spirit.”
John Polumbo, president and CEO, AT&T Consumer


16 Timeless Principles That Drive Performance Excellence

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Tom Mitchell, Ph.D., — is a business coach, author, motivational speaker, and performance consultant. Along with Joe Montana, he founded the MVP Performance Institute to bring their success principles and proven practices to a wider audience. Tom lives in Santa Rosa, California.

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