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Sale The 72 Names of God

The 72 Names of God

by Yehuda Berg and Michael Moskowitz

7 Audio CDs, Workbook on CD

Regular Price: $159.95

Special Price $54.95–SAVE 66%

There are 72 energy fields, called the Names of God. They’re visual mantras that are activated spiritually rather than vocally. You don’t have to know how to pronounce them. And you don’t need to understand exactly how or why they work.

All you have to do is look at them. Incredibly, mysteriously, in that simple act, enormous power is unleashed.

Using this remarkable program, confront and defeat every conceivable obstacle to your happiness and bring into being all the specific things you want and need in life..

The 72 Names are a part of the ancient spiritual tradition known as Kabbalah. Considered far too powerful for “ordinary” people, it was known and studied by only a few select scholars, theologians, and great thinkers, such as Plato, Shakespeare, and Isaac Newton.

But now you can possess the keys to an amazing God-given power — amazing spiritual power that no one is meant to live without!

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Sale Creating Miracles Every Day

Creating Miracles Every Day

by Richard Carlson

6 Audio CDs, Workbook on CD

Regular Price: $139.95

Special Price $49.95–SAVE 64%

Find out how to step off life’s treadmill NOW and trigger happiness, serenity, and peace of mind from within — whenever you wish.

Richard Carlson opens your mind and eyes with his profound program, Creating Miracles Every Day. Let go of the idea that gentle, relaxed people can’t be superachievers. One of the major reasons so many of us remain hurried, frightened, and competitive, and continue to live life as if it were one giant emergency, is our fear that if we were to become more relaxed, we would suddenly stop achieving our goals. We would become lazy and apathetic.

Fearful, frantic thinking takes an enormous amount of energy and drains the creativity and motivation from your life. When you are fearful or frantic, you literally immobilize yourself from your greatest potential, not to mention enjoyment.

But when you are calm and relaxed... you are free of stress, are in control, and can see clearly. You are less distracted by your wants, needs, desires, and concerns. It’s thus easier to concentrate, focus, and achieve your goals. Stay stress-free, and you'll not only perform better, you’ll energize yourself, be happier, and find life more satisfying.

Learn to expect flashes of great inspiration. What will you accomplish if you had the ability to turn this power on — at will — whenever you wished?

Richard is a guy who really walks the talk! Just being around him was magical. That same magic is in his program — which is aptly called Creating Miracles Every Day: Turning Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Experiences. Enjoy the increased creativity and productivity that flows from inner calm, attain a sense of satisfaction with your life, let go of negative mind states and past emotional trauma, create an island of calm and serenity in your busy lifestyle, keep from letting the little things take over your life, break through the barriers to true happiness, develop more peaceful and loving relationships, enjoy the magic of the present moment, and much, much more!

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Sale Emotional Mastery

Emotional Mastery

by Dr. Gerald Epstein

6 Audio CDs, Workbook on CD

Regular Price: $89.95

Special Price $49.95 –SAVE 64%

You probably already understand the critical role attitude plays in our success and happiness. Yet far too many people have not mastered their own emotions enough to properly leverage the right attitude. Dr. Gerald Epstein’s program Emotional Mastery was created to help you take command of your emotions so you can take control of your life. Mastering your emotions allows you to face any circumstance and use it in a way that benefits you. This program introduces a collection of short imaging techniques that transform the specific challenges you are facing today.

Snap out of a negative state of mind and learn to use specific techniques to instantly transform depression, anxiety, fear, and other distressing emotions into beneficent emotions that say “yes'” to life.

Mastering your emotions literally changes the course of your life. Order this remarkable program today and take control of your life tomorrow.

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Sale In The World, But Not of It

In The World, But Not of It

by Dr. David Hawkins

6 Audio CDs, Workbook on CD, Bonus CD

Regular Price: $149.95

Special Price $54.95–SAVE 63%

Truly one of the greats of this era, Dr. David Hawkins offers a path that allows us to live the high level of consciousness and understanding that we were meant to live. We are capable of living in a state of love, graciousness, and compassion, instead of being bombarded by distractions and frustrations.

This extraordinary program captures Dr. Hawkins’ startling brilliance, infectious humor, and deep understanding of walking the awakened path as a citizen of the world. He doesn’t share theory in this program. He has one objective: to save you as much suffering as possible by giving you practical tools and suggestions that lead to immense spiritual growth and the joy that comes with it.

You’ll learn how you can help raise the consciousness of the world, how being accountable for your choices and actions is central to your spiritual evolution, how you should deal with people who are not very conscious, and much more.

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Sale Inspire Your Divine Purpose

Inspire Your Divine Purpose

by Wayne Dyer

2 DVDs

Regular Price: $69.95

Special Price $32.95–SAVE 53%

There are few spiritual teachers who share Dr. Wayne Dyer’s charisma, humor, and ability to communicate to others at such a meaningful level. Watch Wayne as he tells you how to harness your mind’s immeasurable power.

Inspire Your Divine Purpose will help you:

  • Learn how to reach your goals utilizing the power of “Manifestation”
  • Understand how spirituality influences your daily life
  • Overcome the “doubting ego” that blocks success
  • Reap immediate rewards through meditation
  • Acquire knowledge about the “Divine Intelligence”
  • Unlock the potential of your mind * Align your intentions with a higher purpose
  • And much, much more
Discover the true path to self-actualization and inner peace, as Wayne Dyer unravels the secrets to finding a practical spirituality. You’ll feel incredibly grounded while learning to use vital skills that will elevate you to a higher level of living.

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Sale Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power

Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power

by Ron Roth, Ph.D.

8 Audio CDs, Workbook on CD

Regular Price: $189.95

Special Price $59.95–SAVE 68%

With a single command, you can awaken spiritual power, move mountains, heal sickness, fix broken relationships, raise consciousness, awaken inner peace, experience divine power and transformation, and more!

There is a natural cellular intelligence in people that knows exactly how to heal if we allow it. It is an inherent wisdom in favor of life, not death. It is a divine healing power every person has and every person already uses unconsciously.

Ron Roth, a former priest, studied the miracles of Jesus and of prophets such as Elijah and Moses, and he realized that what these men did was not anything like the “prayer” we have been taught.
Using his studies of the great prophets, he developed a system of prayer based on the principle of decree. It can be called blessing. It can be called command.

There’s a tremendous power available when you really understand prayer on an intimate level. It’s spiritual dynamite. Ron Roth shows you how to bring this power into your active consciousness so you can direct it toward any result you desire.

What is your mountain? Is it a physical disability, a broken relationship, a career problem? In this breakthrough audio program, Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power, Ron Roth will show you how to speak to that issue, how to expect a result, and how to make that result happen.

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Sale Spiritual Practices for a Powerful Brain

Spiritual Practices for a Powerful Brain

by Dr. Andrew Newberg

6 Audio CDs, Workbook on CD

Regular Price: $139.95

Special Price $49.95–SAVE 64%

Discover why God is good for your brain!

Recent studies at the cutting edge of neuroscience have proven a startling connection between spirituality and cognitive function. Under certain circumstances, spiritual practice can make your brain DRAMATICALLY more powerful.

Drawing on what he discovered about the “God-brain connection” during his years of research, renowned neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Newberg has developed a collection of nine targeted spiritual practices designed to help anyone, of any background or belief system, enrich his or her mind and body, as well as soul.

Backed by decades of research and broad-spectrum studies, in just a few enjoyable minutes a day, these practices can improve your intelligence, memory, health, sex life, and more.. What’s more, they work no matter what you believe (or don’t believe) about God, spirituality, religion, meditation, or prayer.

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Sale The Answers Are Within You

The Answers Are Within You

by Debbie Ford

6 Audio CDs, Guidebook CD

Regular Price: $139.95

Special Price $49.95–SAVE 64%

Resolve your past to live a rich life today.

In this unparalleled audio program, New York Times bestselling author Debbie Ford encourages you to open each and every chapter of your personal ”stories,” especially the painful ones, and to use them as a springboard to a more purposeful and authentic life.

The key is to stop chasing the feel-good moments and to make peace with our past so we can let go of the pain that the past has caused us.

Learn how your past shapes your identity, and how you can avoid the trap of trying to fix yourself. Deal with the incessant negative voices that keep you stuck in self-destructive life patterns. Learn to forgive yourself and others to resolve past unfinished business so that you finally transform your life.

Ignite both your curiosity and your sense of adventure as you explore the most fascinating territory you will ever encounter.

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Sale The Higher Self

The Higher Self

by Dr. Deepak Chopra

7 Audio CDs, Chart

Regular Price: $159.95

Special Price $54.95–SAVE 66%

A rare few have made the impact Dr. Deepak Chopra has on the wellness and well-being of people worldwide.

He teaches that we assume that body and spirit are at opposite ends of the spectrum. But according to the discoveries of quantum physics, the body is actually a swirling mass of constantly changing energy. It has more in common with what we think of as “spirit” than what we think of as matter.

Dr. Chopra merges modern science with spirituality to demonstrate how verifiable scientific evidence closely supports ancient metaphysical traditions and how applying this knowledge can impact all areas of your life. He believes that you can align the energy of your physical body with the energy of the universe, and that by doing this, you tap in to an infinite reservoir of intelligence. This intelligence is the “higher self.”

This program teaches you to become a peaceful, unified, harmonious, whole person.

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Sale The Power of Chi

Soul Mapping

by The Vocare Group

8 Audio CDs, 2 Guidebooks on CD

Regular Price: $189.95

Special Price $59.95–SAVE 68%

Your deep desires, often hidden from your conscious awareness, control the outcomes in your life. Those hidden desires can derail your life in ways you simply don’t understand. What you need is a “map” to get from those unconscious desires to the ones you clearly understand and want in your life.

Now you can create your soul map and unveil those deepest desires and find provocative ways in which to bring your hidden dreams and aspirations into your awareness… “deleting” the ones you don’t want and bringing the ones you do into reality. 

Now with the consciousness-freeing audio program Soul Mapping, Nina Frost, Dr. Kenneth Ruge, and Dr. Richard Shoup will take you on an exciting journey of self-discovery.

This is a proactive program in which you are given the many tools to create your unique soul maps. Each of these maps is an exploration of such themes as:

  • Exploring various pleasures and pastimes that you are passionate about.
  • Awakening your hidden desires and innermost passions.
  • Investigating the effects of past education and the potential of future education.
  • Making note of the roles that grief, detours, and losses have played in your soul’s development.
  • And much more!

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Sale The Power of Chi

The Power of Chi

by Robert Pino

6 Audio CDs, Workbook on CD, Bonus CD

Regular Price: $149.95

Special Price $54.95–SAVE 63%

Core to all existence is a mystical power. Everything you are springs from this essential life force. This life force has been known by many different names in various cultures and in different eras over the centuries.

This force is known as chi.

Robert Pino has devoted years to studying the traditions of the Far East, including the philosophical teachings of Buddhism and Taoism. Robert teaches you specific principles, strategies, and tactics for connecting with chi, which can bring about your dramatic transformation.

At its most fundamental level, the world exists as the intangible energy of chi. By connecting with that energy in a controlled and conscious way, you can impact every area of your life to fulfill your most deeply held and authentic needs, starting today!

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Sale The Power of the Mind to Heal

The Power of the Mind to Heal

by Dr. Joan Borysenko

6 Audio CDs. 7 Reminder Cards

Regular Price: $159.95

Special Price $54.95–SAVE 66%

An intuitive premonition that came true challenged the scientific foundation of everything this doctor had been taught in graduate school and set her off on a 20-year investigation of the relationship between the mind, the emotions, and the physical body.

It wasn’t long before she realized that the answers she was seeking could not be found within the traditional scientific world, even at Tufts and Harvard Medical Schools, where she was an Associate Professor and Instructor of Medicine for 15 years.

Eventually she was successful in documenting some amazing discoveries about the powerful effect thoughts and feelings have on our physical, emotional, and spiritual health — and how you can learn to put her incredible insights to use in your daily life.

The woman I’m talking about is Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., a respected scientist, licensed psychologist, mother of two children, and creator of a truly breakthrough audio program that encapsulates her knowledge and wisdom gained through those many years of clinical work and investigation. Now you can gain benefits that will last a lifetime by listening to her inspiring audio program called The Power of the Mind to Heal.

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