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Michael Masterson is a man with a mission: To help other people get as rich as or richer than he is.

That's a claim I've heard from a lot of would-be wealth gurus. So I have to admit, it was the breadth and substance of Michael's actual information - not his reputation as a do-gooder millionaire-maker - that so impressed me and made me want to publish his program ...

... until, that is, I flew down to one of his renowned seminars.

Everywhere I turned, I seemed to get caught up in a conversation with someone whom Michael had personally helped to get rich. It was amazing - a whole huge crowd of people whose fortunes and lives had been changed by one man's ideas, and his generosity in sharing them.

Yet the skeptic in me couldn't help but wonder: What was in it for him? So I asked. And every time I asked the question, the answer was the same: Absolutely nothing. No percentage. No stake. No take.

Turns out, Michael Masterson really is just a guy who developed a foolproof system for getting rich ... discovered how great life is when you've got plenty of money ... and now wants as many people as possible to have the same experience. It's as simple AND as extraordinary as that.

Michael is the real deal. A guy who walks his talk and lives his system every day. If you really want to become a millionaire, safely but quickly, then read about his system below and give it a try (risk-free, of course!)

I'll bet that soon you'll be down in the Florida sunshine, sharing your million-dollar success story with a soon-to-be-converted skeptic!


Vic Conant
Chairman, Nightingale-Conant

Dear Friend,

A millionaire.
It may not be as uncommon a thing now as it was back when we were kids, but it still sounds pretty exciting, doesn't it?

It implies a life of ease. Confidence. Freedom. Luxury. And even in the expensive world we live in today, those are still the things being a millionaire brings you (as you'll see in just a moment.)

I know. My name is Michael Masterson, and I'm a millionaire.

Oh, I'm a lot of other things too: a writer, publisher, wealth coach, business owner, entrepreneur - not to mention a husband and father.

But for the purposes of THIS letter, and what I can do for YOU, the fact that I'm a millionaire is what matters most.

Why? Allow me to explain:

I wasn't born wealthy. Far from it. I made my millions on my own, as an adult, using a simple set of steps - six of them, to be exact - that enabled me to become rich in a surprisingly short period of time.

Along the way, I've shared these steps with several people. Not just any people, of course. Only those who I knew were truly interested in making a lot of money, safely but relatively quickly. And everyone who has followed my little system has experienced the same results I have.

The fact that you're reading this letter tells me that you, too, would like to be at the seven-figure mark. But that you're not there yet.

If that is indeed the case, then let me ask you something:

How long are you willing to wait to be rich?

40 years?

Probably not. Let's face it - by the time you got your money, you'd be too old and tired to enjoy it. At least in the ways you'd be able to enjoy it right now.

But what about 30 years... or 20?

Again, that's an awfully long time to wait for the payoff. You've got major, urgent uses for that money right now, today, don't you? But with most of the wealth-building plans out there, 20 to 40 years is what you're looking at.

The bottom line is, if you want to get rich, you want to do it in a reasonable amount of time.

For most people I talk to, "reasonable" means about 10 years or less.

And yet... as much as they want to get rich in that time frame, few of those people think that that's really possible.

Like almost all of us, they've been trained to think of wealth creation as an outcome of either long-haul scrimping and saving while they wait for the miracle of compound interest to kick in... or too-risky get-rich-quick schemes that they (wisely) don't have an appetite for.

Well, I know from my own experience and that of many, many others that there IS another way.

In a moment, I'll tell you:

  • How - in just a few short years - I went from that frustrating life of breaking even and making ends meet, to a fantastic life of total financial freedom in which I have everything I need and can do anything I want, without ever giving money a second thought
  • How YOU can do exactly the same thing, by following the same, simple six-step plan that I and many self-made millionaires and multimillionaires I know have followed

But before I tell you how to become a millionaire, I want to give you - just for fun - a small glimpse of what your life is going to actually be like when you ARE one.

YOUR lifestyle as a millionaire

For so many people these days - and you may be one of them - money is a constant, ever-present issue.

Even at a pretty decent annual salary, they still stress over bills ... deny themselves and their families things they want ... and essentially live paycheck to paycheck. Even raises and bonuses don't seem to break them out of that cycle.

Sound familiar?

Well, once you hit millionaire status, those days can be gone forever. The ease and peace of mind that comes with being a millionaire is a matter of simple math.

For example, let's say you're a two-person family with a net worth of $1 million earning 10%. That would yield you an annual income of $100,000. Assuming a 35%-or-so tax rate, you'd be left with around $65,000.

Out of that would come your housing costs, which generally should be in the neighborhood of 25% of your income. In this case, you'd have roughly $16,250, or $1,350 monthly to spend on those housing costs. And you could figure on about $1,900 monthly for all of life's necessities, things like utilities, food, household maintenance and repairs, car payments, and all the other odds and ends that drain away your cash.

As a $1 millionaire, after all those obligations are taken care of, you'd still have about $2,000 left over at the end of each month.

Two thousand dollars a month - just to play with! Dinners out... weekend getaways... generous donations to a favorite charity... shopping sprees... you could do whatever you wanted to with that money. And you'd be enjoying it with a clear conscience, knowing you're not "dipping in" to any other fund.

Sounds pretty nice, right?

Believe me, it is. And it just gets nicer the further into the millions you get - which is a relatively easy thing to do, once you've gotten yourself to that first million-dollar mark.

How much nicer? Well, here's the rough annual breakdown for a two-person family with a net worth of $2.5 million yielding a 10% return:

$2.5 million total net worth
Gross annual income: $250,000
After-tax income: $160,000
Housing: $40,000 (or $3,300/month)
Total living expenses: $25,000 (Utilities, maintenance, food, clothing, cars, etc.)
$95,000 left for fun and luxuries

Can you imagine having $95,000 a year - almost $8,000 a month - at your disposal for whatever you wanted to do?

Think of the trips you could take. The people and organizations you could help. The grown-up toys you could have. The fabulous meals out. The gifts. The splurges. The sheer fun. And all of it guilt free - because, remember, that $95,000 is what you have left after you've taken care of all your necessary expenses and obligations.

And again, the further up into the millions you go, the more amazing the possibilities become. With a $5 million net worth, you'd have around $210,000 extra each year. A net worth of $9 million would yield you in the neighborhood of $345,000 in annual discretionary income.

It's an incredible way to live, my friend. And it's the way YOU can live - soon, and for the rest of your life.

Want to know how? Then keep on reading.

The 6 steps to seven figures (in just seven years)

As a financial writer, I've dispensed lots of advice on how to build wealth - through bestselling books, seminars, and one-on-one consultations.

But as I picked up on, over and over again, the frustration people were feeling with the amount of time it takes to get rich, I realized there was a need out there. And that I might be able to fill it.

So I set out to create a structured step-by-step wealth-building plan based on the same principles I'd used, profited from, and proven - but this time, with an ultra-specific and highly targeted focus: creating a personal net worth of at least $1 million in seven years or less.

It wasn't hard. After all, though that particular time frame wasn't a specific goal of mine when I embarked on my wealth-building journey, that's how it played out for me - and how it has consistently played out for everyone else who has used my system.

Being a bit of a skeptic myself, I knew that - as much as people wanted a faster way to get rich - there might be some resistance to the fairly radical claim I was making.

So rather than expect people to rely on my word and experience alone, I called for reinforcements.

As I mentioned before, in the years since I moved into the millionaire realm, I've revealed my system to certain interested people. And those who faithfully followed it has built up a sizeable seven-figure net worth. All of them within seven years at most, and many of them in significantly less time than that.

I called on eight of those individuals - people I had personally coached through my system and whose millions I had watched accumulate as a result - to join me in presenting our wealth-building system on audio.

The result is The Seven Years to Seven Figures System: Six Steps to Automatic Wealth. It's a densely packed, high-energy audio seminar that will spell out for you - in full detail - a practical and time-and-again-proven way to get rich fast, grow richer each year, and stay rich for the rest of your life.

There's no dwelling on theory in The Seven Years to Seven Figures System. This program contains the nitty-gritty nuts-and-bolts information you need to start taking decisive action towards getting rich.

Each of the individuals you're going to hear from is out there actively using and profiting (massively) from these very steps. And each one is a phenomenal success and renowned expert on the particular step he reveals to you.

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The wealth-building secrets and strategies these individuals give you are the same ones they use - each and every day.

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  • Cash poor? This commodity may be even more valuable than money. If you've got some of it, you don't need cash to cash in on the best investment in the world!
  • A crash course in real estate investing that will have you raking in piles of cash while you sleep! Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to find out everything you REALLY need to know to make a killing in the real estate market WITHOUT shelling out a lot of cash upfront or spending all your time scanning listings and touring properties. You'll find out where to buy now (and where NOT to) ... how to negotiate to win (even if you hate the thought of negotiating) ... secrets to assessing a property's true value (so you NEVER pay more than you should) ... and so much more. Shed your fears and get in on the incredibly lucrative and SURPRISINGLY EASY (when you do it our way) real estate game.
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  • And SO MUCH MORE. In terms of the practical, instantly applicable information and knowledge you're going to walk away with, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Remember, this system is based on my own personal self-designed system for wealth creation. And I've got to tell you, I couldn't have more confidence or pride in the finished product.

But as I said earlier, I'm a bit of a skeptic. And I tend to assume that everyone else is, too. Especially when it comes to "I can make you rich!"-type promises.

In this letter and in my program, I make a big - some might say outrageous - claim:

My wealth-building system can have you sitting atop a 7-figure personal fortune in just 7 short years from now.

I know I'm right. I've watched it work over and over. But I don't expect YOU to automatically agree with me based on this letter alone.

However: if the prospect of my system intrigues you, and at the very least, you'd like to know more about it, here's my offer:

Order Seven Years to Seven Figures today.

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Listen to the program. Think about the strategies my partners in wealth and I share. Start putting some of them to the test.

You're going to know right away if this is the wealth-building system you've been waiting for.

You'll have in your permanent possession the system that has made me and so many others wealthy beyond our dreams - today, while we can really enjoy and benefit from it, AND for the future.

If you change your mind for ANY reason, you can send the program back any time within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

It's as simple and straightforward as that.

You want to be rich. And you CAN be. The only question is, How soon do you want it?

How soon do you want to be freed from money-related worry and stress... able to enjoy all the great things that a life of wealth has to offer... and safe in the knowledge that both your present and your future are secure?

If the answer is "as soon as possible" - and if seven years (or very likely fewer) fits your definition of that, then I urge you to start moving toward that goal now, by ordering The Seven Years to Seven Figures System TODAY!


Michael Masterson
Author, The Seven Years to Seven Figures System

The Seven Years to Seven Figures System

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