Everyone has a “relationship” with money that determines how much he or she makes.

Strengthen that relationship and SHATTER the glass ceiling of your income!

Dear Friend,

Having wealth means different things to different people. For some, it's earning $500,000 a year. For others, it's $50 million.
But whatever "wealth" represents to you, there's one question you must answer in order to accumulate and keep it:

Are you willing to be wealthy?

You might think the answer is obvious. And it's true that on the surface, almost everyone would like to have more money.

But on a deeper level, many people unconsciously sabotage their own efforts. They're victims of early conditioning and a subconscious barrier that thwart their every attempt.

If you believe that your answer to my question is truly YES, then it's time to make the necessary shift to create the kind of prosperity you've always dreamed of.

In fact, I'm writing you today with a promise — and a special guarantee.
I believe that in less than 30 days, you'll not only greatly improve your current financial position — perhaps even double your monthly income — you'll also develop both the attitude and the skills you'll need to reach the level of prosperity you want for the rest of your life!

It comes down to creating a powerful money-attracting "Prosperity Consciousness" that will automatically bring you the wealth you want.

There's no need to be concerned with how much you earn now, or with your level of financial expertise. As you're about to find out, none of that matters once you discover:

The REAL cause of prosperity

In spite of what many people wrongly believe, accumulating wealth has nothing to do with luck, being born with money, or being aggressive. It's all about your mind: your attitude, your feelings about money, and your feelings about yourself.

Think about the wealthy people you know. They don't have greater energy, intelligence, or ability than you do. But they do believe in their "right" to use money for their own benefit and enjoyment as well as for those around them.

Prosperity Consciousness is a breakthrough program that will empower you to develop the same beliefs and attitudes of people who have created and sustained huge personal wealth.

The first step is to banish forever all the negative subconscious roadblocks that can sabotage your best efforts. (We all know people who work very hard but who somehow never manage to make ends meet.)

The next step is to make the subconscious your financial ally - literally training it to respond like a magnet in an electromagnetic field, whenever it comes in contact with the money-making opportunities that are always around us.

Fredric Lehrman, the author of Prosperity Consciousness, knows about the benefits of these techniques firsthand. In fact, he increased his income by 16 times the very first year he applied these concepts to his own life. This did not happen by working 16 times as hard, but by doing the things he liked to do in more intelligent ways.

For the last 20 years, Lehrman has been teaching entrepreneurs and successful companies like Banana Republic, 3M Corporation, and Celestial Seasonings Inc. the amazingly simple techniques and financial principles you'll find in Prosperity Consciousness. For example, you'll learn how to ...

  • Use your subconscious mind to work for you, not against you
    (Session 1)
  • Be your own boss, even if you work for someone else (Session 7)
  • Take charge of your financial life forever by understanding the four stages of money management (Session 7)
  • Make more money by organizing the work you're already doing more productively (Session 2)
  • Use a $100 bill as a prop for your subconscious mind (Session 3)
  • Have people want to give you money (Session 4)
  • Use banks to support your Prosperity Consciousness (Session 6)
  • Use a simple bill-paying strategy that puts you in control (Session 8)
  • Create wealth in ways that are compatible with your values and beliefs (Session 11)
  • Have people pay you what they owe you - and like it (Session 8)
  • Use a simple budget game to put your financial house in order (Session 9)
  • Discover what you love to do and how you can get paid for doing it (Session 10)
  • Become a master negotiator (Session 11)
  • Enjoy freedom from worries about money, even when faced with financial challenges (Session 1)

"Financial freedom is not guaranteed simply by having lots of money. What is required is a clear understanding of oneself and one's true purpose, coupled with the knowledge of how to build a firm financial structure. Then, even if circumstances force you to leave everything else behind, you will always be able to start over and quickly produce new wealth. Your freedom resides in you, and not in the money."

- Fredric Lehrman, Prosperity Consciousness

You can make money AND have fun!

A young woman buys the Rolls Royce she's always wanted and uses it to start a thriving business and enjoy a fabulous lifestyle.

A lawyer takes a year off from a lucrative law practice to do nothing but relax. He makes more money in his year off than ever before.

A man creates a business from his mistake of baking awful-tasting brownies.

These are just a few of the fascinating case histories Fredric Lehrman uses to explain how you can make money by learning to think creatively.

You'll discover how you can have fun doing exactly what you want to do and get paid for it. How you can dream your dream and make it a reality. It happens every minute of every day, and with the help of Prosperity Consciousness, it can happen to you.

But there's more! You'll discover a repertoire of strategies for successfully managing - and keeping - the money you do make.

You'll learn how to use bank accounts, checking accounts, and credit cards to serve your needs. And how to create win/win financial situations that bring happiness to you as well as to those around you. Plus you'll discover how to:

  • End credit card addiction forever
  • Break the cycle of "just breaking even"
  • Use a proven formula that gives you an immediate taste of what it's like to be wealthy
  • Train your mind to become a money magnet and spot financial opportunities wherever you go

As an international business consultant and teacher, Fredric Lehrman has helped tens of thousands of people expand their financial creativity and prosperity. Here's what others are saying about his groundbreaking techniques:

"Fredric Lehrman has an uncanny knack for leading people to simple but stunning insights. Prosperity Consciousness is a pearl of great value."
- Marilyn Ferguson, author, The Aquarian Conspiracy

"Fredric Lehrman has a keen intellect that can take a thing apart and so dazzle you while he's doing it, that you almost don't notice he's laid bare hidden self-limiting assumptions that were inhibiting your creativity."
- Mel Ziegler, founder, The Banana Republic Clothing Company and The Republic of Tea

"Lehrman has a profound understanding of the connections between money, energy, and the mind. He sees their relationship with the subtlety of a T'ai Chi master and displays the aesthetic sensibilities of an accomplished classical musician. What's more, he can teach you these vital relationships in a way that's crystal clear and easy to implement."
- Stuart Heller, Ph.D., executive coach, movement psychologist, 6th Degree Black Belt, author, The Dance of Becoming

Get on the road to the wealth you've always wanted

Can you improve your financial situation? ABSOLUTELY!

You've already taken the critical first step: You read through this letter because you wanted your financial future to change.

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I don't have the slightest doubt that the information, skills, techniques, and insights you'll get with Prosperity Consciousness will dramatically change your ability to thrive financially in ways you've never before experienced.

If it doesn't, simply return the program anytime within 30 days for a refund - no questions asked.

The opportunity to change your future is in your hands right now. Don't let it pass you by! Act quickly. Order Prosperity Consciousness today!



Vic Conant
Chairman, Nightingale-Conant

P.S. If you think that being wealthy requires you to work harder, work longer, or not enjoy what you do, try Prosperity Consciousness now. It will change your mind - and your financial future - forever.

Prosperity Consciousness

YES, I want to change my relationship with money and change my financial future forever.

Please send me Fredric Lehrman's 7-CD audio program Prosperity Consciousness at the discounted price of $58.95 which is 75% off the regular price of $234.95.

If within 30 days, I have not improved my financial situation, I will simply send it back for a full refund. No questions asked.

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Are These 3 Myths Keeping You From Being Prosperous?

MYTH #1: You need to be born with money, or have special skills, to be prosperous in life.

Reality: The key is believing in yourself! Some people will always squander fortunes, no matter how much money they start with. Others who begin with nothing make fortunes again and again. True Prosperity Consciousness stems from your beliefs about money, not from an inheritance or how long or hard you work.

MYTH #2: Money is the root of all evil.

Reality: Many people carry unconscious childhood beliefs like these, that constantly sabotage their attempts at prosperity. In reality, money is neither good nor bad - it's neutral. But it can perform miracles if unleashed for the common good.

MYTH #3: Without your present job, you couldn't survive.

Reality: Don't let this common myth keep you locked in a financial straitjacket! Financial Security resides in your own head, not in a paycheck. Opportunities to become wealthy are all around us. Prosperity Consciousness will show you how to view - and use - the world as a financial pipeline that you can tap into at any time in ways that can make you rich and benefit those around you.

Discover the amazing power of Prosperity Consciousness. Here's what you'll learn:

Session 1 ~ Developing a New Way of Thinking
Reprogramming negative thoughts. Taking charge of your financial destiny. Managing your finances with pleasure instead of anxiety. Deciding how much money is enough.

Session 2 ~ The Three Principles of the Mind
Using the link between prosperity and self-esteem. Making people feel great when they pay you. Functioning with ease in the world of money.

Session 3 ~ The Four Stages of Money Mastery
Giving your subconscious instructions it can't ignore. Using money as an exchange of energy. Making money serve you. Building a strong prosperity pyramid.

Session 4 ~ Changing Your Thoughts with Affirmations
Using affirmations to create material wealth. Relating affirmations to the phases of energy flow. Helping yourself in the world.

Session 5 ~ Developing Your "Inner Real Estate"
Training your subconscious to tap into your own unlimited resources. The link between money and socializing. Dismantling the jackpot syndrome. Making people want to do business with you. Zapping "ego tantrums."

Session 6 ~ Savings: The Five-Account System
A five-bank-account strategy to change your financial life forever. The income account to control the flow. The financial independence account to give you a prosperity framework. Using interest for pleasure. The large-purchases account to let you spend without guilt. Training your mind to attract money in new ways. How to create additional income just by thinking about it.

Session 7 ~ Savings: The Five-Account System continued
The annual income account for financial freedom. Deciding how much you really need to live on. Increasing your cash flow by doing what you love. Using small figures to communicate with your subconscious. Using your investment account to feed your other accounts. Achieving financial clarity.

Session 8 ~ Day-to-Day Money Management
The only two reasons to use a checkbook. How
to use credit cards. Getting debtors to pay you and enjoy it. Tithing and expanding the flow of energy in the world.

Session 9 ~ Winning the Money Game
Training yourself to steamroll income and streamline expenses. Playing the budget game to win. Working less and earning more. Getting your subconscious to exercise financial creativity and provide order and control.

Session 10 ~ Buying, Selling, and Negotiating
The fastest way to accumulate wealth. Over-coming the discomfort of selling. Making your mind a magnet for people with money. One magical quality in the selling process. Providing solutions for others. Training yourself to negotiate everything.

Session 11 ~ Designing Your Own Career
An aptitude test to see if you have a survival job. How to make work a form of play and play a form of work. Using "Prosperity Scrabble" to recognize new opportunities. Making good ideas work in the real world. Learning from others.

Session 12 ~ Investing: Your Link to the World
Becoming expert at finding experts. Starting a prosperity support group. Using self-esteem to build inner and outer wealth. Using prosperity to contribute to the solutions of society.

Prosperity Consciousness

YES, I want to change my relationship with money and change my financial future forever.

Please send me Fredric Lehrman's 7-CD audio program Prosperity Consciousness at the discounted price of $58.95 which is 75% off the regular price of $234.95.

If within 30 days, I have not improved my financial situation, I will simply send it back for a full refund. No questions asked.

I can order now RISK-FREE  at a special, discounted price.

Buy Now at nightingale.com