We’ve upset a few millionaires. How? By sharing their long-standing wealth-building secret and handing it to you RIGHT NOW!

Their secret to building wealth in today’s world — the ultimate key to true financial security and independence — is PASSIVE INCOME.

Here is how you do it.

Dear Wealthy Friend,

“No pain, no gain.”

“The harder you work, the more successful you’ll be.”

Those sayings make me think of the days when men marched each morning to a steel mill, or a coalmine, or a farm. Back then, those sayings spoke the truth. The harder those men worked, the longer the hours, the more sweat they endured, the more money they brought home to their families.

Times have changed. The hard truth today is that there is often very little correlation between working harder and becoming wealthier. If that weren’t the case, teachers, outdoor laborers, and social workers would be among the highest-paid occupations that existed.

The reality is, they’re far from it.

Yet there is a way to build a never-ending stream of wealth

You depend on your paycheck. In fact, if you’re like many, you may even live paycheck to paycheck. Now imagine your paycheck no longer mattered — sure, you would still get your hard-earned money, but now you no longer have to DEPEND on it. Because now your paycheck is only a fraction of the total money that continuously flows to you every week and every month.

The fact is, with the right tools, your current paycheck will be just one small part of your total wealth.

It’s the ultimate secret of all wealthy people, from well-known CEOs and entrepreneurs to all those millionaires next door. It’s the reason why they have so much more money and security than other people who are just as smart and who work just as hard (or even harder).

The difference is, the money they earn from their work makes up only a part — and often a very small part — of the money that comes into their lives. The rest and most important portion of their wealth comes from what is known as passive income.


  • Works best when focused on what the marketplace wants to buy
  • Income is entirely dependent on time spent working
  • Goal: Work as hard as possible
  • Income potential is inherently limited
  • Finite, non-replenishing capital sources will support you for a limited length of time beyond retirement


  • Works best when you first focus on what you know and what you love
  • The amount of money you make is not tied to the amount of time you work
  • Goal: Freedom from work
  • No limit to the amount of money you can generate
  • Unfixed, continually growing revenue sources will support you indefinitely, whether you work or not

Passive income is money that is generated AUTOMATICALLY and REGULARLY, from a source or MULTIPLE SOURCES other than your job. And it’s exciting for a number of reasons.

For starters, building wealth through passive income:

  • Doesn’t require you to change careers or work two jobs. A good passive income source requires very little of your time and energy to initially set up or to maintain.
  • Minimizes your taxes and keeps more cash in your pocket. Because passive income is unearned, it isn’t subject to the same tax rates. So you enjoy the double bonus of working far less for that money, and keeping much more of it.
  • Releases you from job dependence and makes you truly financially free. It’s like having a wealth-building machine that runs all on its own and makes money.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

When you’re spending time at your regular job, your passive income is working for you.

When you prop your feet up in front of your TV at home, you’re still making money.

When you enjoy the weekend doing what you love, you’ll love all the extra cash.

When you are sound asleep at two in the morning, your passive income is wide awake.

If your job disappeared tomorrow, or if something happened that made it impossible for you to perform it, your financial life would be virtually untouched.

NOW, for the first time, these wealth-building secrets that most millionaires count on are available in an audio course from Nightingale-Conant.

It’s called The Power of Passive Income: Don’t Work for Money, Make Money Work for You, and it delivers what our customers have been demanding for years: a realistic approach to passive income generation that will enable you to easily and effortlessly make more money — today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.

Bring a Lot More Money into Your Life without Spending a Lot of Time or Effort to Do It

The Power of Passive Income is an incredibly practical, densely packed, idea-rich audio course designed with one goal in mind: your complete financial freedom.

To that end, The Power of Passive Income will give you dozens of simple, safe, low-cost and low-effort strategies for quickly setting up and activating passive income vehicles in a broad range of sectors.

You’ll discover innovative and profitable NEW ways of earning passive income through familiar vehicles such as stocks and bonds, and real estate. And you’ll also discover simple paths to passive income you may never have considered, including intellectual property, franchising, direct selling, and more.

In 12 sessions you’ll discover:

  • The kind of money-making idea that almost always fails, and the kind that almost always succeeds
  • How to identify what you really love and use it to make money passively on the Internet
  • A remarkable story that demonstrates the totally hidden but hugely profitable opportunities that are out there for the taking
  • Where to put your most important information on your website or blog in order to build passive income most efficiently
  • 2 elements that must be present if stock market investing is going to pay off for you
  • The simplest, most effortless way to set up and benefit from a real estate income stream. (No “sweat equity,” no hard work. With this plan, you’ll be doing just two simple things. But you’ll reap the cash rewards for as long as you want to!)
  • The desire that’s responsible for more stock market losses than any other (Once you know it, you can avoid it very easily.)
  • Strategies investors use to generate passive income from stocks — and why some work and others don’t
  • Whom you should never rent to, and why
  • 6 common investment strategies and their pluses and minuses
  • How to profit from licensing fees and royalties — even if you aren’t an artist or creative talent
  • The “magic price point” for products on the Internet
  • Mutual funds vs. individual stocks: why one might be better than the other for you right now, and how that can change
  • How to identify passive income opportunities from your primary area of expertise that you never imagined existed
  • The single most common stock market investing error
  • Trend investments and the dangers you need to be aware of
  • The purest passive income vehicle out there, and how to tell if it’s right for you
  • Why Warren Buffett may NOT be the best investing model to follow
  • 2 questions to ask yourself, which, if you can answer yes to them, will virtually guarantee your real estate business will run itself
  • Why investing in real estate is SO MUCH EASIER, CHEAPER, and LESS TIME-CONSUMING than you might believe
  • The only thing you need to be extremely successful in real estate

You’ll also discover:

  • Things you can do now to prepare your business to be franchised down the road
  • Solid investing opportunities you might not otherwise spot
  • 3 criteria you can use to determine whether your idea or business is a good candidate for franchising
  • The $500 low-tech investment that yielded a massive return
  • How to enjoy some of the excitement and action of stock market investing while still generating passive income
  • 5 hands-on ideas that should be on your mind at all times as a real estate investor
  • Surprising sources of intellectual property income
  • Play-it-safe investing options and more exciting ones
  • An ugly truth that you must accept if you’re going to make money in real estate
  • The “golden rule” of stock market investing (Follow it, and day-to-day fluctuations won’t faze you.)
  • Emotional considerations that must factor into your investing decisions
  • The common mistake investors make when looking for dividend-yielding stocks
  • The unvarnished truth about direct selling
  • The phone call you must make before you begin showing a rental property

AND SO MUCH MORE, including steps you can take to create a passive income legacy that will keep your money growing and helping people far into the future… how to avoid the negative effects of wealth… and many other tips, techniques, and strategies aimed at empowering you to create reliable, sustainable income streams that will free you to live life on your terms, without dependence on external entities or fear of financial ruin.

The Power of Passive Income gives you a tremendous range of different passive income options — from virtually zero-risk, zero-effort vehicles to opportunities that offer a little more excitement and involve a slightly higher level of management, and dozens of alternatives in between.

They’re all guaranteed to start the cash flowing fast, and you can start your journey at whatever level you’re comfortable. Then, as your circumstances and needs change and your wealth-building confidence grows, you’ll be able to dip into this course again and again, finding new and different ways to add more effortless money streams into your life.

Activate even one or two of the dozens of passive income-building strategies you’ll discover in The Power of Passive Income, and very quickly, more money will begin flowing into your life in a steady, ever-growing stream.

Before long, the financial scales in your life will have tipped in your favor.

You will no longer have to work in order to make money.

You’ll be making money whether you work or not.

And then, the choice will be yours: Stay with your job, quit to pursue your hobbies, or try something completely different. Without the burden of having to bring home a paycheck, who knows where your imagination, talent, and desire will take you?

Now THAT is real freedom, financial and personal. It won’t happen overnight. But it WILL happen.

Creating passive income streams that will bring you a lifetime of ever-growing wealth and financial security is far easier than you might think, and the rewards are far greater than you’ve ever imagined.

Find out for yourself, and open the floodgates of effortless wealth in your own life. Order our most exciting audio course, The Power of Passive Income.



Vic Conant
Chairman, Nightingale-Conant

P.S. I have to be blunt with you: If you don’t have at least one form of passive income in your life, you are making a huge financial mistake. I’ve seen people set up a couple of passive income opportunities in as little as a weekend. To me, that’s about as close as you can get to winning the lottery — little time, little effort, yet HUGE financial reward!

The Power of Passive Income

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