Visualization is still the MOST EFFECTIVE,
MOST EFFICIENT, and MOST WIDELY USED achievement tool we have

Dear Friend,

It is a proven fact: visualization gives you the ability to change your physical future life simply by using your mind.

Visualization: The ability to change your physical future life simply by using your mind.

You know it works - because you've done it yourself.

Maybe it was on the golf course, when you visualized the ball plinking into the hole. Or perhaps you visualized yourself giving an important presentation minutes before all eyes were on you.

Yet, your experience with visualization represents only a mere fraction of its incredible capabilities.

I'm writing to you today to show you a side of visualizing that continues to astonish everyone who discovers its real power. Just as it has for 60,000 years! Potent enough to be used to fight cancer. Effective enough to enhance your life. 

The Power of Visualization goes far beyond a better golf score or tennis game.

Did you know?

  • For 35 years, people have used visualization to help cure cancer? (In fact, it's so effective, many cancer centers now have dedicated visualization facilities.)
  • Visualization is effective in lowering blood pressurereducing cholesterol, decreasing stress levels, and even saving people's lives?
  • Visualization played a significant role in most every major discovery and invention since the beginning of time? (It's the world's oldest achievement tool by centuries!)

When I first learned the impact that visualization can have on your body and your health, I grew excited about the significant impact it could have on YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!

Visualization: Still the most EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT, and MOST WIDELY USED achievement tool.

Whether it's finding your ideal career, getting that promotion you've been wanting, losing those extra pounds, dropping a bad habit, repairing a strained relationship, or simply improving your golf game - you've tried to make the necessary changes to improve your life.

But today, you're still the same you. Just like the rest of us who have the same dreams of accomplishing far more in life.

To be frank, it's not your fault. Just like most people, you've been taught that achievement takes: Will power. Sheer determination. Practice. Talent. And Goals.

That it does. But the so-called experts don't tell you about the one secret achievement ingredient that dramatically improves two things:

  • the odds that you'll achieve what you want, and
  • the speed with which you'll achieve it.

Visualizing is that secret achievement tool that's been proven to make such an impact. In fact, just 10 minutes a day for 10 days produces noticeable life-changing results!

Just 10 minutes a day for 10 days ...

  • begins to dramatically improve your health
  • begins to substantially increase your wealth, and
  • begins to erase years of bad or unhealthy habits.
10 minutes total - less time than your morning shower - refreshes your entire outlook on life.

The greatest INVENTORS, ATHLETES, and LEADERS already know The Power of Visualization

In A.D. 500, Tibetan monks sat all night on the crest of a 12,000-foot mountain before an icy stream - naked. Their bodies were continuously wrapped in sheets of ice water. The deadly mix of freezing temperatures, relentless winds, and painful ice meant hypothermia, frostbite, and certain death. Yet, each monk visualized fire, warmth, and comfort to raise his core body temperature. And each survived with zero pain or illness - thanks to visualization.

Visualization: The "Father of Invention"

Nikola Tesla's 19th-century discovery of alternating current (AC) begins like most typical invention stories. He scrutinized the theories, the mechanics, and every minute detail. Finally, he built the first motor, and then allowed it to run continuously for three months.

What is remarkable about Tesla is that the AC model he built and tested for three months was inside his head! When he finally was ready to build his first physical prototype, it worked without fail. As he knew it would -thanks to visualization.

I use these amazing feats as a demonstration of what truly is possible when you know just how to use the powers of your mind. But these are just a couple of examples ... many more lie ahead - including your own improved life!

More than a million people have used visualization to change their lives.

Lives of people such as Tiger Woods, who first visualized winning the Masters at age 12. And uses it to dominate the sport today.

Lives of people such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, who used visualization to become Mr. Olympia six times, a leading actor, and the governor of California. And lives of people such as Walt DisneyMartin Luther King Jr.Albert EinsteinThomas EdisonWinston ChurchillBeethovenNapoleonCarl LewisJack Nicklaus, Alexander Graham BellAndrew Carnegie, and MORE!

And lives of average people:

  • Bev Danowski just recently used The Power of Visualization to get a considerable raise.
  • And The Power of Visualization helped Joe Voeltner quit smoking and lose 37 pounds.
And now - it's YOUR turn to change anythingimprove anything, become anything - using your mindAnnouncing The Power of Visualization by Lee Pulos, Ph.D., and FREE "Achieve Your Goals" CD

After more than 60,000 years and more than a million people have successfully used visualization, there's no disputing its ability to help you achieve your dreams.

And although you've likely used visualization before, using it to achieve absolutely anything takes a new level of skill, talent, and practice that most people won't ever discover.

That's why Dr. Lee Pulos set out to create the ultimate visualization program. After decades of research and tests, he recorded the complete audio program titled The Power of Visualization: Use Your Mind to Achieve Practically Anything.

Called "The most complete study of visualization available in today's marketplace," this six-CD audio program is like having a personal life coach guide you every day toward your best life.

Review The Power of Visualization, and you'll discover:

  • What advantage PRESCHOOLERS have over you! (Find out their elusive secret that few adults know.)
  • How students increased their IQ 25 points in just ONE day! (There's no reason you can't do the same - go from average to brilliant - or from intelligent to genius!)
  • What most people don't know about goal setting - and why it may have you running in place
  • How to manifest your dreams into reality - Dream of a promotion, better health, or happiness. Then wake up and begin realizing it.
  • Why daydreamers just may be the most productive people on Earth - Make sure you learn just how to daydream right every day.
  • Your most significant and accurate clues about what your future holds - Most of us ignore the signs, but what if you knew what was coming!

These CDs are much more than a simple learning program. Dr. Pulos actually guides you one-on-one through several visualization exercises.

Plus, Dr. Pulos becomes your meditation mentor with TWO complete meditating sessions in his CD "Achieve Your Goals" - yours to keep for FREE!

With a little practice, you'll be able to visualize by yourself - and reap the dramatic rewards - in no time!

Plus you'll also learn:

  • How visualizing could actually SAVE YOUR LIFE - Yes, I said it! This alone is worth taking advantage of this offer!
  • An exercise that will almost guarantee you'll achieve your goals - You'll be surprised how effortless it can be.
  • The six raw materials that underlie all change - Find out why Dr. Pulos considers this the most important of all his sessions!
  • What your core beliefs are - and how this affects most everything you do.
  • The six different visualization techniques - and how each is another weapon in your achievement arsenal.
  • And yes, how to spend just 10 minutes a day for 10 days and get concrete results - Many don't believe it's possible, until they do it for themselves.

First imagine it. Then LIVE it.

It took 60,000 years and more than a million people to change their lives - but now science finally agrees. Today there's solid scientific proof you do actually create your reality with your thoughts - and not the other way around.

You may have learned that all matter resonates vibrations. And by changing our consciousness through imagery, we change the vibration of our lives.

Yes, what you think about actually comes true!

Visualize opening up a much larger paycheck, depositing it in your bank, and perhaps buying things you've never been able to afford = A promotion and significant pay raise in your near future.

Visualize a more confident you, with friends surrounding you wherever you go = A life where more people are drawn to you and want to help you whenever they can. Use it to improve your self-image. To help conquer bad habits like smoking or overeating. To reduce stress. To improve your sex life. To reinforce your body's capacity for self-healing.

Bottom line - when you discover the hidden power of visualization, your body gets stronger, your mind gets sharper, your relationships get tighter, your career gets better, and your future gets brighter.

It's a power for potency that seems almost miraculous - and Dr. Pulos can put it at your command! 

Before I could bring this program to my customers, I had a few questions to ask Dr. Pulos. But most importantly, I had to ask:

"Has anyone ever told you that visualization did not work for him or her?"

His response, "Sure. Many times."

Then he continued, "... BUT when you listen to my program, use my techniques, practice my meditation, and believe it will work, it does. In fact, it works 100% of the time, without fail. Just as visualization has worked for many thousands of years and for more than a million people."

Dr. Pulos knows his program works. He knows the science behind it works. And he knows it will work for you 100% of the time.

All in all, you'll receive:

  • 12 comprehensive sessions with Dr. Pulos in a complete, enjoyable, easy-to-follow audio program.
  • A 24-page Action Guide/Workbook on CD created to help you apply your new knowledge and skills.
  • PLUS a FREE CD featuring two powerful meditations that guide you step by step to achieving your goals. Only Available with CD Version

Listen to Dr. Pulos as he shares with you the wisdom of the ages - visualization. Try the visualization exercises. Create your own "Magical Garden," a lush getaway you'll visit, explore, and expand frequently during your sessions.

Delve into your subconscious and discover how visualization can positively change your life ... and help you get everything you want from it!


Vic Conant
Chairman of the Board, Nightingale-Conant

The Power of Visualization

The Power of Visualization

by Lee Pulos, Ph.D.

I want the advantage of knowing the OLDEST (60,000 years old) and MOST WIDELY USED (1 million+ users) achievement tool on Earth. Through visualization, I will increase my income, advance my career, improve my health (and looks), stop a bad habit, or ANYTHING I set my mind to!
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