It’s been called the “Success Differentiator”.
Those with it have more enthusiasm and more drive.
And they experience lifelong results that are simply astonishing.

Those without it usually work for those who have it.

Dear Friend,

Do you think ambition is something you were born with and, therefore, can’t learn? Well, I’m here to tell you that’s simply not true.

The great artist Salvador Dali once observed, “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”

How right he was. You can want something. Long for it. Even see it happening in your mind’s eye. But if you don’t have the ambition to go out and get it, it will never be yours.

Like that wingless bird, your dreams will remain forever grounded. Never taking flight. Never becoming real. Without ambition.

Ambition is absolutely CRITICAL to enjoying real, serious,
lasting success

Ambition is the driving force within you that turns hopeful wishes into reality.

Yet it is also a quality that is widely misunderstood, overlooked, and undervalued. Fearful of being seen as greedy or selfish, people tend to avoid the appearance of ambition.

As a result, while almost everyone possesses the seed of ambition within, very few take the time to nurture, develop, and hone this priceless skill.

True ambition is creative and constructive; it’s the fuel you need to achieve and make a difference. Furthermore, when you don’t strive to be as ambitious as you possibly can be, you damage your own positive sense of your self, your worth, and your confidence!

Are you ready to release the full power of your ambition?

World-renowned success philosopher and motivator Jim Rohn spent most of his life studying the secrets of ambition.

In his highly acclaimed audio program The Power of Ambition, Jim dispels the myths and crystallizes the individual elements that make up the force we know as ambition. Then he gives you specific tools and strategies for developing this all-important quality within yourself.

In The Power of Ambition, you’ll learn:

* The 6 fundamental principles that will ignite the latent ambition within you
* A step-by-step plan for redirecting your life toward massive achievement
* 3 electrifying lessons that will strengthen your self-discipline
* The secrets to building courage and conquering the fears that destroy your ambition
* 7 qualities of resilience and how you can develop them fast
* The critical difference between healthy and unhealthy ambition
* The ONE quality you must begin cultivating now if you want to achieve your dreams
* A surprising question you should ask yourself each day if you really want to succeed
* And so much more!

When you combine Jim Rohn’s profound yet practical ideas with his skills as a master storyteller and speaker, you cannot help but be inspired to action as you absorb his foundational principles of success.

You are guaranteed to come away from The Power of Ambition with renewed enthusiasm, increased drive, and a genuine itch to get out there and achieve your long-held dreams and inner ideals.

You’ll find yourself becoming more enterprising, more creative, and more disciplined in pursuit of the things you want for yourself and for others.

Turn hopes into reality. Turn ideas into action.
Unleash a tidal wave of ambition inside yourself today!

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Many people struggle to earn a living. A much, much smaller number of people build and enjoy a fortune. Those who do have learned to take the spark of ambition that lies within them... and turn it into the fuel that drives them ever forward.

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Vic Conant
Chairman, Nightingale-Conant

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The Power of Ambition

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