Attention: ANYONE who's passionate about making a difference to
other people's lives – and being rightfully rewarded for doing so. Please read on...

"How a 42 Year Old Man
Made $13,993,581.14
From Just 5 Simple Ideas Over
18 Years – Starting With No Money,
No Clients and Unpaid Mortgage
Payments of $8,813 a Month"

And because your knowledge and experiences
are also worth a fortune…
YOU can do it too!


Dear Friend,

I had to sell my beautiful home.

And when I finally drove away from "Avonside" with my dog, Mike, I moved the mirrors on my car so I couldn't look back.

I never did.

I never have.

I never will.

Here's how it all started…

My business churned out buckets of cash like a well-oiled machine, so a monthly mortgage payment of $8,800 was no probs!

"Let's sell the company and grab the pot at the end of the rainbow while I'm still in my early 40s" I thought.

So I did.

And a London-based public company slapped a check for $1,520,000 in my hand and signed over millions of dollars in stock shares.

I was just 42.


14 months later, the shares morphed into confetti as the share price tumbled like a free-falling brick out of the sky, I couldn't sell them.

It cost me $4.5 million! I was crushed.


I could sit, head in hands and weep because "life's hard, it isn't fair, why me?" or get off my rear and do something!

I chose the latter.

This summarizes my journey from that day:

"How a 42 Year Old Man
Made $13,993,581.14 From Just 5 Simple Ideas Over
18 Years – Starting With No Money, No Clients and
Unpaid Mortgage Payments of $8,813 a Month"
And wherever you are right now – you can do it too!

You know…

  • They told me it couldn't be done...
  • They told me the only successful authors in business and personal success were American...
  • They told me no one would be interested in what I had to say...
THEY – were wrong, dead wrong! I'm so pleased I didn't listen to them.

And here's the extraordinary news…

You can do it too – and I'll show you how

Yes – it's true…

  • You know some awesome 'stuff'
    Ideas you've taken years to learn and apply
  • You've proved it works with your clients
    Not just once, but time and again
  • You've seen their lives change for the better.
    Perhaps you've been overcome with pride and joy as you watch them grow and improve. I know this feeling too. It makes everything we do worthwhile, doesn't it?

Now it's YOUR time…

Yes – it's time to share your 'Magic Ingredient' – that unique and special information that people are desperate to know from you. You may not even know you have it… but, believe me, you do! It's what sets you apart, what makes you money, what attracts people to you — Your Authentic Message!

Yes – It's time to spread your authentic message to the 1000s who'll never get to meet you face-to-face.

Yes, it's time for you to be rewarded for the amazing impact you have on people's lives; properly rewarded at last.

Now I know it can appear daunting at first glance, but trust me, as you're reading on you'll see just how simple and 'doable' creating and marketing your knowledge can be – when you have someone (who's been there) to show you.

And I show you how, precisely how…

1. How to cleverly extract your uniqueness - Those years of knowledge, experience and expertise you're storing between your ears.

2. How to cascade it onto paper – Through my 'Wine Glass and Smart Phone' Process... you'll just love it!

3. How to use my tested 'Ten Pins System' - This proven system turns your words into any information product you choose. What will you choose:

a. Your Paid-For newsletter - Will people really pay when there's so much free stuff on the Internet?

Oh yes they will! (My newsletter, The Achievers Edge generated $4,696,535 over 13 years and it was priced at only $15 a month! I'll open my personal files and show you how I did it)

You could have the first issue out and providing supplemental income within one month. Many have done just that!

b. Your Book

Slim paperback? Serious hardback? The whole system all laid out in a simple step-by-step manner. Just plug in, hold on tight and follow the process I show you.

Within two months, you could have an extensive book written and ready to market. A short 30-page book could be done inside 3 weeks. And so…

Here's the truth of it…

You MUST write your book. It's absolutely essential to your credibility, to your status, to your future in your industry.

BUT – It's only the first step. The real money comes from the 'other ways' you share what you know. I have 3 books published and it's nice, but the money came when I leveraged the ideas. It's the same for you too.

"Brilliant. I wish I had known about this information years
ago. I believe my income could be 10 times what it is now."
Val Plummer

c. Your Mentoring Program - Imagine meeting a group of loyal clients month after month. Taking them on a journey of discovery. Showing them precisely how to follow in your footsteps. Now this makes you some serious money!

d. Your DVD series - If you have the personality, you can easily record yourself on camera. Or you can do simple screen captures with you nowhere in sight. It's your choice.

e. Your Lead Generation MAGNET – the easiest way to attract new potential clients into your funnel is to have a Lead Magnet. A report, a guide, a white paper. Simple to produce when you have The 6-Stage Scripting Formula I share with you. Your lead generation magnet can be ready to go in just 2 days — yes, 2 days!

Pick one, pick many – I give you my personal list of 92 different ways of sharing your knowledge. You choose which ones are best for you.

4. How to sprinkle the magic dust of marketing over every sentence you write. There are certain little-known tips and techniques to write persuasively BUT with total integrity. Easy when you know how. I open the cupboard door and show you the goods!

"Peter's knowledge, passion and commitment to the
mastery of his trade are beyond any other self-help
leader I've come across to date. The training is priceless.
Peter is an extraordinarily generous man with his time
and knowledge and his willingness to help others."
Karl Dawson

How much MONEY can you make?

Now this is the real question, isn't it? I bet you're just like me. Your primary goal is to make a positive difference to your clients' lives. And there's no problem with us being rightfully rewarded for doing so. Their lives improve, and in turn, so should our lives.

Important to know:

"Money is the silent applause for a job well done!"

"Peter's product creation workshop quite simply removes any excuses you are making to yourself for failing to make money from products. Those new to product creation need not fear – as no experience is necessary. He shares both the knowledge you need and gives you the tools to get started.

More experienced marketers will not be disappointed. Just one of his tried and tested tips could save you years of experimentation and frustration, not to mention many times the ticket price. If you are serious about making money from products, you need to attend."

Pete Bennett

Let's say you create an e-book and it sells at just $10.00. You market it in the way I show you and you sell 5 a day – so that's almost $20,000 a year. Not bad for just one small product.

OK – and under my guidance you create a 6-CD set which sells at $97.00. Your marketing produces just one sale a day. That's $33,405 a year. A 6-CD set can be written, recorded and duplicated all within 6 weeks. So it could be bringing in cash within 60 days of starting to write. Let's do it!

You follow my lead and create your paid-for newsletter. You decide on a monthly price of $29.95 for it and even if it takes you a whole year to get 200 regular subscribers - so that means you receive 200 x $29.95 x 12 (months) = $71,880 a year. WOW!

My newsletter takes just one day to write and create and that includes the interviews and thinking time. This is a fast-to-market idea. How soon do you want to start?

"The Possibilities are ENDLESS and YES, YOU Can Do It Too"

"Our business, Marketing For Business Success (MFBS) now has two membership sites. These membership sites alone have generated at least $75,522 so far and that is increasing by the day as we get new members. We also sell different products every month and have our first book, which will be published next year.

If you are a coach trainer or consultant and you are fed up of trading time for money, then you must do this course as it will dramatically improve your life and you will earn money whilst you sleep."

Terry Edwards

You can choose…

Yes, those were just a few of the 92 ways I know to share information. And you get to choose which ones you want to have fun with. Which ones suit your style best, which one takes you to market (and the fame and fortune) fastest.

For example:

I created a 36-module program called The Accelerated Business Growth System. And with some marketing, some sales and white-label deals it produced over $3,400,000 over a ten-year period.

Trust me – through these 21 years of experience doing this – I can clearly demonstrate how you do it too – to the level YOU want.

You decide if you would like another $10,000 a year, another $50,000, $250,000 plus. You name it, and I'll explain what to do and how you do it.

"I have turned our classes into online courses, and we now have people in our membership site from over 40 different countries, 3,500 people in our online programs and over 50,000 people in our email database. Online products have turned out to be the main focus of my business, and have created the stability to start looking at other areas.

There's no doubt in my mind that spending time with Peter and his team on that workshop was the main catalyst in the direction I've now taken."

Russell James, The Raw Chef

Just imagine…

It's just 12 months from when you first learn how to do this – now you have a newsletter, a blog or ezine, your 6-CD program and a small mentoring group running. So this could be a monthly income for you between $5,000 to $10,000.

"Working with Peter over a period of 18 months I created additional profits of over $151,000 using his ideas."

Mark Wickersham, Accountant

You CAN do it too…

And to prove it, here's why…

When I started out there was no one to show me how to write, create and market information products specifically.

So I had to learn the hard way. Making the mistakes and spending the money as fast as it came in. I attended seminars on general marketing in the UK and the USA. I bought the audio programs on selling and persuasion, watched the DVDs, plowed through the books on decision-making and all round business success.

It took me years and cost me dearly in energy and cash. But it was worth every penny and every late night. I loved it even though it took great effort at times.

Now after 21 years in the information products business, I'm Nightingale-Conant's leading British author, have been given an honorary doctorate for helping people succeed in life, and am regarded as the UK's most prolific information product creator. Plus, I have a business that I love that pays me handsomely.

"I have known and worked with Peter for almost 20 years. He is one of the hardest working, most prolific authors I've ever worked with, able to research, write and speak on a wide variety of topics – delivering unique and usable information that changes people's lives.

If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Peter, do not hesitate. He is a brilliant world class author and mentor."

Vic Conant, Chairman,

You're in a fabulous place right now…

Why? Because YOU don't have to spend all that time and all that money (it took me over $154,000 and 12 years of my life). Yes, I've already done it, and I'll gladly share all the shortcuts with you (especially how to avoid those costly mistakes I made). That's my purpose these days.

But I must let you into a secret…

Some people I talk to tell me they're not sure that what they know has any value to anyone. Now because I don't swear (well I try hard not to) I struggle to explain just how WRONG they are.

Every single person I've ever met in the 'helping industry' has valuable insights, knowledge, experiences, failures, successes, and so many life-lessons to share with others. Ideas that shortcut the route to success for their clients – and people gladly pay for it. Believe me – people do NOT know the ideas you take for granted. You are unique, you have so much to share.

Right now, you simply need the "What" — the ideas, experience, and strategies that people all over the world are actively seeking. Then, I'll show you the "How" — how to wrap it all up in a compelling package that makes people reach for their credit cards.

"I attended Peter's Product Workshop a couple of years ago and found it to be invaluable in terms of practical application and relevance to my business. In time we used the knowledge gained from the workshop to produce a whole series of Webinar products to meet the specific needs of a number of our clients who wanted something quick, easy to execute and 'off the shelf.'

Without Peter's workshop I doubt that we would have got around to putting the effort into this area of our business, and yet our sales revenue has grown more than $150,000 as a direct result of this."

Doreen Yarnold


"Chris and I first met Peter about 1995 when he was part of the Nightingale Conant team that brought Jay Abraham and a number of high quality speakers to the UK for a 3-day event which revolutionized our lives.

About 15 years later and with a different business we felt we needed input from a mentor and discovered Peter was running events to help people create products that would increase their credibility as well as their income.

Having now been with him for about 2 years, we have produced a number of lines that have brought us about $742,000 so far. More recently he has been concentrating on encouraging everybody in his groups to develop a "million pound product" This we have done and so far it has made $475,462 and continues to produce more each year.

Chris & Lynda Chanin

Now the other type of person knows they have great ideas to get out to the world – and all they need is the system to create their products and the marketing ideas to get those products sold.

That's where my 21 years of marketing information product experience comes to your aid. I show you what works and explain the pitfalls to avoid.

It feels good when…

You are highly regarded in your desired market, seen as a thought-leader and expert. Perhaps even being invited to speak on radio and TV (I have been fortunate to speak on many media outlets, and it's so much fun). Your opinion is sought after. You get clients referred to you. You have COMPLETE CHOICE! What could be better than that?

Announcing my Ideas Into Income Home Study Video Course

Here in the UK, I've been conducting lots of my 3-Day Product Creation Seminars. The setting is glorious — in Manchester, Coventry, or Central London. These events sell out fast! Not because of the beautiful venue… not because of me… but because the word has spread that the information I present is first-rate.

Thousands upon thousands of people in the UK are now armed with the information they need to completely transform their lives. And many have become millionaires, tripled their income, or have been able to quit their day job as a result of this information.

Now I'm looking at you, America!

I'm not going to ask you to hop across the pond and fly to one of my 3-Day Product Creation Seminars. Instead, I'm bringing it right to you. On your computer, tablet, or smart phone… and available anytime you wish!

Introducing every idea, secret, and strategy from my 3-Day Product Creation Seminars available to you through streaming video! Plus, because it's one of my most popular seminars, I'm also including the valuable content from my one-day seminar.

It's called Ideas Into Income: How to Create an Information Product to Generate More Credibility, More Leads, More Income!

You'll have instant access the minute you decide it's right for you! Then you'll watch, session after idea-rich session. Anywhere you want, anytime you want. Learn it over the course of 3 or 4 days like I teach it, or take your time and spread it out over a couple of weeks.

Yes, I want to increase exposure, generate more leads, get more sales, and explode my business. I want to save 63% and take advantage of this limited-time special discount.

Click below to order RISK-FREE with our 30-Day Guarantee

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Here are just a few highlights from the four-day event — Immeasurable value with each session:

The One-Day Event

Session 2

In this session, you'll answer two Key Questions about what you want most out of life. That becomes your life's foundation. Then I discuss the major factor which creates resistance – and how to use the 'two motivations' to prompt people (and yourself) to take action. I close the session by showing you my GPAF method. You'll use this everywhere to stay on track to the completion of any of your goals.

Sessions 4 and 5

In these sessions, I reveal the Ultimate Lead Generation System. Use this complete system to create an information product you can use as a Freemium or Golden Carrot to attract people into the top of your marketing funnel. I give you the precise script that's been tested over 20 years to turn those who respond into willing participants in your business model. Once you hear my revolutionary "milk bottle" idea, you'll immediately see many more possibilities for sharing your knowledge, experience and expertise.

Session 8

Why will people buy your product or service? In this session, I'll ask the 3 Critical Questions that reveal people's real motivations. I also give you a simple yet powerful technique to remove those unnecessary filler words from your speech, which robs you of passion, persuasion, power!  Here's a way to add credibility to your products in mere minutes!

The Three-Day Event

Day One

Session 1

In this first session of my always-sold-out three-day event, I explain how you can ethically use valuable information from other peoples' products. It saves you tons of time. I also reveal the key differences between relational customers and transactional customers. You'll also learn how to position yourself as an expert in your field — it's so important to your status (and your earnings).

Session 3

Perception is reality! I give you an amusing series of questions that make anyone realize just how important your clients' perception of you is to your brand. Do you know the 7 Key Factors of Your Brand? This session will open your eyes to your real value.

Session 6

Think you can't write idea-packed programs and books? You CAN! It's easy once I explain the art and science of writing. Just answer these 3 critical questions, and the writing will flow naturally. I give you powerful system tools that enable you to capture key ideas and translate them into any informational product. I call it 10by10. It's so powerful, you'll want to use it the moment you discover it.

Day Two

Session 2

Lead Generation made simple! From start to finish, I guide you through every detail — the advertising and promotion, your free report, the complete promotion process, and even some proven email templates. Every step is loaded with irresistible persuasion, integrity, and value. From the moment you know these methods, you'll be able to increase conversions, sales, and profits!

Day Three

Session 1

Once you've captured your ideas, methods and experiences using the simple 10by10 process, you're ready to turn your ideas into products people want. I give you my lifelong proven secrets to finally get your product into the marketplace to start earning more money and more respect.

Session 2

In this session, learn to create your 'Avatar'. This powerful process reveals the key emotional drivers of your intended customer and client. You'll not only learn their demographics (who they are and where they're found), you'll also know their psychographics (why they buy).

Believe me, your competitors don't know their audience like you will. You'll stand head and shoulders above your competition in your customers' eyes.

Session 4

The Magic Formula! Once you use this clever idea in price-positioning, price will no longer be an objection! This proven formula lets YOU decide how anyone receives your pricing structure. I make it easy to understand and simple to implement.

Session 7

Discover The Ultimate Information Product. There are dozens of types of information products out there… but THIS ONE is responsible for more income than any other type. In fact, it has brought me more than $4,000,000 of front-end income, and has been the source of many of my personal clients and connections.

And much, much more! You'll learn countless ideas, proven strategies, and gain great value from every one of my sessions over the course of my 4-day event.

So here's a Special Gift for
you to say 'thank you'…

As soon as you click to order, I'll send you your very own copy of my incredibly profitable Lead Magnet: The 7 BIG Mistakes Report.

Once you experience this free bonus, you'll instantly see just how to create your own lead magnet. Simply copy the format I use and get started! In no time, you'll have a great tool for generating substantial high-quality leads.

Wishing you massive success as you continue to make a positive difference to so many people's lives.


And that's just the beginning — 9 total BONUSES!

The Seven BIG Mistakes Report (A $39 Value… Yours for FREE!)

This free report can be one of your most effective strategies to receiving a tidal wave of low or no cost leads into the top of your marketing funnel.

Plus, use this report as a free template to create your own '7 Big Mistakes' report to serve to your own customers. Naturally, you'll provide the solutions to their mistakes.

The 8 Time Management Mistakes
(A $39 Value… Yours for FREE!)

Turn this free report into a valuable giveaway that your customers and clients will love. Over many years of testing, we've found that 'Time Management' is a hot topic that generates high response rates.

The 13 Lead Generation Mistakes Report (A $39 Value… Yours for FREE!)

Another excellent report! Short, sharp, to the point. Use this as a freemium or as another template for your own ideas to capture the mistakes you see your clients and potential clients making. By creating these idea-rich reports, you position yourself as the 'go-to expert' in your field.

The 7 Big Mistakes email (A $129 Value that's worth THOUSANDS or more when you send it to your list… Yours for FREE!)

This proven email formula has generated 1000s of leads over 15 years. During the Income Into Ideas program, you'll hear me explain the various elements of persuasion that make this email just so powerful, so passionate, so persuasive.

Feel free to "steal" this email template and create your own marketing emails and direct mail if you wish. All master marketers study proven letters and emails to discover their secrets. Now you can too.

The Magic Matrix Report (A $129 Value that's literally worth THOUSANDS once you put it to use… Yours for FREE!)

One of the simplest and most powerful ideas in my arsenal, my Magic Matrix Report is free to you. Add value for your clients while adding extra profits for yourself. You'll want to share it with your customers. They'll be equally amazed and thankful.

The Magic Matrix idea in action has been responsible for businesses and business owners adding 100s, 1000s and 1,000,000s to their bottom line profits.

"One of the directors told Peter that in years where they were concentrating only on growth of current clients the use of The Magic Matrix was responsible for twenty percent of their turnover. In other years it was responsible for up to 50% of their turnover. This company's yearly turnover was $75,000,000."

MasterMaps — Proven Templates for Generating More Business
"Because Success Leaves Clues"

#1: The Simple Survey System (An $89 Value… Yours for FREE!)

Discover how to run powerful and effective surveys. Surveys can be used in so many different ways: To gain a greater understanding of clients' needs and wants. To understand their buying patterns. To discover what they actually want to buy and when they want to buy from you… and so much more.

My Simple Survey System makes creating a survey simple. Become a survey master overnight and learn to craft compelling and information-rich surveys FAST!

#2: The Lead Generation System (An $89 Value… Yours for FREE!)

Generate a continuous stream on incoming leads for your business! Just follow my step-by-step Lead Generation System. This proven system uses the 'Seven Big Mistakes' email and 'Seven Big Mistakes' report. Now YOU control just how many new leads you want. Turn on 'the golden tap' when you want more qualified leads. Turn it off when you need to fulfil orders.

The beauty of the MasterMaps is that I explain everything in a simple, logical system you can plug into and copy. Rest assured that you're following a tested method of success. Just personalize with your own ideas and off you go. Brilliant!

#3: The Product Launch System (An $89 Value… Yours for FREE!)

The information marketing business has grown considerably over the last few years and that's such good news. More and more customers and clients are realizing they can learn what they need through distant-learning programs right from the comfort of their office chair or even kitchen table.

And a major factor in that growth has been the idea of Product Launches originated by Jeff Walker. Now they are part of any successful information marketer's action plan. On this MasterMap, you'll see the simplicity of the process laid out for you in graphical form so you can follow along and create your own product launch. Now you can expose more clients and customers to your knowledge, your experience, your expertise – and they can see just how they'll benefit from buying your programs or attending your courses or booking your time. Simple – powerful – integrity-laden!

#4: Webinar Marketing (An $89 Value… Yours for FREE!)

A recent survey indicated that online videos and webinars are not only growing in popularity, but are now overtaking traditional forms of learning and discovery of new ideas.

Just imagine: You're on vacation laughing with friends and family over a beachside dinner. Then, somewhere in the world your 'evergreen' webinar is viewed by potential clients. They buy your information product right then… WOW! Now that's a business to be in, right?

This powerful MasterMap lets you follow along, step-by-step, adding your own ideas, personality and experience. Then, create the plan for marketing your own webinar – right now!

A total value of $731.00… You get ALL 9 Bonuses, Reports, and Templates for FREE!
Well, I hope you're sitting down because you're going to be surprised. To discover how to create profits in excess of $75,000, you won't be paying thousands of dollars. You won't even be paying the estimated value of the bonuses — $731.00. (And believe me, I know the sales potential for these bonuses alone are worth tens of thousands of dollars.)

Because I want every entrepreneur, every businessperson, and every single person to increase exposure, generate more leads, get more sales, and explode their business, I want everyone to have access to this powerful content.

That's why I told Vic that I wanted my Ideas Into Income Home Study Video Course consisting of 4 full days of profit-accelerating content to be affordable for just about anyone. I'm pleased to announce that he agreed. I think you'll be excited about how many extraordinary ideas and moneymaking strategies you get for such a reasonable price!

YES, I want to increase exposure, generate more leads, get more sales, and explode my business through the power of information products.

Please give me instant access to Peter Thomson's Home Study Video Course titled Ideas Into Income: How to Create an Information Product to Generate More Credibility, More Leads, More Income. You'll get instant video streaming access to 4 complete days of Peter's always-sold-out events.

PLUS, we'll also give you instant access to ALL 9 Bonuses, Reports, and Templates — A total value of $731.00 — for FREE!

100% Money Back Guarantee

You get it all — everything you need to know to launch your information product and generate automatic leads and income for just 3 easy payments of just $97 — — That’s a FULL 63% OFF the retail price… PLUS, you get all the BONUSES for FREE! Take advantage of this limited-time special discount now!

If I'm not able to create my own information product by using Peter's 21 years of proven secrets, I can simply return the program in the next 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Try It With Confidence!

Our RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe this program has the power to change your life. But don't take our word for it. Try it yourself! If it doesn't live up to your expectations for any reason, you can return it at any time and for any reason within 30 days of your purchase date for an exchange or a refund of the program price. It's as simple as that


Try it RISK-FREE for 30 Days!

People happily paid thousands of pounds for my in-person UK seminars. Because I want to get this great information into as many hands as possible, I'm offering my Ideas Into Income Home Study Video Course to hardworking Americans at a limited-time discounted rate of just 3 payments of $97.

Plus, you get the 9 FREE Bonuses valued at more than $731. And all of it is covered under our 30-day RISK-FREE guarantee.

Limited Quantities Available:

At this discounted rate, I can only honor this price for a very limited time. You know it's your time to take your business, sales, and profits to the next level. Simply click below and you'll have instant access. It's so easy to understand the ideas I share with you. I make them straightforward and simple for you to use.

You don't want to be sitting a year from today saying to yourself "Oh, if only I'd…" do you? As you see so many others with their books on the shelves, their newsletters producing monthly income, their 'lead magnet' bringing new clients to their door day after day after day. I'd hate that!

Aside from that, one thing's for certain…

If a friend of mine had told me about this opportunity and the methods I'd discover I'd be thinking:

I know I have some great information to share. I want to make a difference in peoples' lives. And 'yes' I want to get more clients and make more money. I'd be just plain crazy to miss out on this.

If you're like me then… simply click below and take action!

Peter Thomson
"The UK's Most Prolific Information Product Creator"





PS: You know you have great ideas to share. You know you make a positive difference to people's lives – now is the time to get your authentic message out to 1000s of people, and rightfully make some serious and sustainable money doing so.

So don't wait any longer to share what YOU know. People will gladly pay for it.

YES, I want to increase exposure, generate more leads, get more sales, and explode my business through the power of information products.

Please give me instant access to Peter Thomson's Home Study Video Course titled Ideas Into Income: How to Create an Information Product to Generate More Credibility, More Leads, More Income. You'll get instant video streaming access to 4 complete days of Peter's always-sold-out events.

PLUS, we'll also give you instant access to ALL 9 Bonuses, Reports, and Templates — A total value of $731.00 — for FREE!

100% Money Back Guarantee

You get it all — everything you need to know to launch your information product and generate automatic leads and income for just 3 easy payments of just $97 — — That’s a FULL 63% OFF the retail price… PLUS, you get all the BONUSES for FREE! Take advantage of this limited-time special discount now!

If I'm not able to create my own information product by using Peter's 21 years of proven secrets, I can simply return the program in the next 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

Click below to order RISK-FREE with our 30-Day Guarantee

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