The Ultimate Leo Buscaglia Library

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The Ultimate Leo Buscaglia Library

by author, motivation speaker and one of the greatest experts on love, Dr. Leo Buscaglia

Philosophers and Poets through the ages have tried to examine the powerful concept of human love—from Aristotle to DuJardin. Love has often been described as life’s prime motivator, but so often it’s found to be one of our most puzzling experiences.

The late Dr. Leo Buscaglia was perhaps one of the greatest experts on love---as a person who studied love intensely for most of his professional life. Leo was a professor at the University of Southern California. While teaching at USC, Buscaglia was moved by a student's suicide to contemplate human disconnectedness and the meaning of life, and began a non-credit class he called Love 1A.

This course quickly became one of the most popular courses at USC, and formed the basis for a book. This book, a runaway best-selling book in the 1980’s, titled appropriately and simply “Love”, should be required reading for everyone old enough to hold hands.

For years Leo was a regular on public television, and in the broader culture in magazines and radio interviews. Back in the 1980’s Leo’s message was so well received because people found his message to be unifying and inspiring, and his charisma and authenticity to be a refreshing contrast from the broader culture.

It could be argued, that in our current culture that seems so deeply divided, his message is needed now more than ever. I think you’ll agree with me that Leo Buscaglia had a rare talent for showing us how we can experience, understand and share more love in our lives.

Leo Buscaglia suggested ways that we can bring more meaning to our lives by actively participating in the exciting process of love. Leo believed that love is something we can learn and share with parents, children, friends and strangers.

His messages in this library—often shouted, sometimes whispered—are an urgent plea to be all we can be because, as he said,

“I like to think that the day you were born you were given the world as your birthday present. It frightens me that so few people have ever bothered to open up the ribbon. Well rip it open, cut off the top! It’s so full of love and magic and life and joy and wonder and tears—all of the things that are your gifts for being human.”

Isn’t that a truly beautiful concept?

Ten Volumes of Leo's Best Work

Volume One

A series of live and studio segments where Leo answers the question:
What is love?
We have no doubt that after listening to this volume, you’ll have a very good understanding of Leo’s answer to that question. Fill in the gray areas of that question, by going deeper into the specific qualities of love. You’ll hear Leo in a number of venues: in front of thousands of people in an amphitheater, in front of just a small and intimate gathering of people on a variety of television shows and at our Nightingale-Conant studios, in a dynamic interview with the late PBS personality John Callaway, and alone in studio with Leo discussing the topic of love directly with you, the listener. Finally, we’re honored to share another of classic segments taken from Leo’s unique Nightingale-Conant audio program, The Way of the Bull, which detailed lessons on life, spirituality and love that Leo learned on his travels around the world as a young man.

Volume Two

There’s an oft-repeated saying about human relationships that says, “You can’t give away what you don’t have.” And when it comes to the idea of love, you’ll find no greater proponent of this philosophy than Leo Buscaglia. In order to give our unconditional love to others, we must begin by learning to love ourselves. In this volume, Leo begins by teaching us to love everything about our physical selves. Then, he moves on to describe how loving ourselves is the main way out of loneliness. Finally, he concludes with another classic segment from The Way of the Bull, about the life lessons he learned in Japan, in July of 1962.

Volume Three

An overview on what Leo considered to be the most essential qualities of loving relationships. In this volume, you’ll hear some of Leo’s ideas, and what scientific studies have to say about the topic. You’ll also hear interviewer John Callaway challenge Leo on some of his ideas on loving relationships. Conclude by learning about some of the great spiritual and love lessons that Leo learned in Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka), February 1963.

Volume Four

The first volume that deal with the specific qualities of love, that begin with perhaps the most important, but least appreciated quality: Communication. Study after study about loving relationships has demonstrated that the biggest factor in the failure of a relationship—be it a marriage, partnership, dating relationship, etc.---is communication. This surprises many people---since our culture puts so much focus on other factors like attractiveness, social standing, net worth, sexual compatibility, religious compatibility and more. But, as you’ll learn in this volume, the way we communicate with one another—be it verbal or non-verbal—is the one way that we make others feel that we care about them as human beings. Finally, conclude by learning the lessons Leo learned about life and love in Bali, December 1962.

Volume Five

Leo Buscaglia became famous as the “love doctor” not only because of his impeccable research on the topic, but also, and perhaps just as important, because he was a living demonstration of love. He was passionate, compassionate, warm and friendly, a generous “hugger” and not afraid to show the wide range of human emotions. In other words, Leo “walked his talk” as they say. In this volume, Love is Honest, you’ll learn ways of applying that precious quality of love in your own relationships. Leo will also present the “honest and straight truth” about love, by addressing some of the biggest myths about love and why relationships fail. Then conclude by learning about the lessons of hope, perseverance and love that Leo learned in Hong Kong, September 1962.

Volume Six

This volume is about a quality of love that few people ever consider: Love is about “Letting Go.” Now, what does Leo mean by that? In short, when we try to “hold on” too tightly to another person as a way of loving them, we can end up metaphorically “suffocating” them. As you’ll hear from Leo in this volume, this kind of “holding on” can manifest itself in a myriad of ways: from intense Jealousy (wanting to hold on to others for ourselves and ourselves only), to holding on to someone who is dying and not giving them the freedom to die with dignity, to “holding on” to material possessions as a false way of making ourselves feel important. As Leo will show you, letting go of such rigid attachments is ultimately the most loving, and freeing thing that we can do. Then conclude by discovering the lessons of life and love that Leo learned in Saigon, November 1962.

Volume Seven

In this volume, deal with one of the qualities of love that is often discussed, but most misunderstood. And that’s the quality of intimacy. When most people mention intimacy, many people immediately think of physical intimacy. There are scores of books written on just this topic. But, intimacy is as much about “emotional intimacy” --our willingness to take off our “mask” with others and expose the “true me”—warts and all. In fact, one of the most misunderstood facts about physical intimacy, is that our satisfaction with our physical intimacy in relationships is in direct proportion to our satisfaction with our emotional intimacy. In this enlightening session, Leo will discuss all of these sensitive topics, and more—clearing away all of the cobwebs and confusion about what it takes for you to be a truly intimate lover. And he’ll conclude the session with another classic session from The Way of the Bull---Thailand, October 1962.

Volume Eight

In this volume, Leo going to give you a “two for one” special—by covering two key qualities of love. The title of this volume is “Love is Forgiving.” And there’s no doubt that Leo believes this is true. In fact, he used to say that one of the worst lines he ever heard about love, came from the 1970 movie Love Story, when Ali McGraw says to Ryan O’Neal, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” As Leo often said in his famous locution: “That’s hogwash!” Truly, in any growing and authentic loving relationship, it is inevitable that we will hurt another person—by word or action—and essential that we “say sorry” and seek forgiveness. What’s more, we will often be on the receiving end of that hurt, and need to do the difficult, but necessary work, of forgiving that other person. In this volume, Leo will discuss just how to do that. But, love is also ‘For Giving.’ Meaning that love is also for giving away freely to other people without restrictions, and without regard to how others may react. As Leo will discuss, we do this by treating others as a “Thou” and not an “It.” And conclude with our final segment from The Way of the Bull—from Leo’s travels to Cambodia, October 1962.

Volume Nine

If there were three words that defined the experience of meeting Leo Buscaglia—they were “joyful,” “alive,” and “spontaneous.” Leo did not know how to “put on airs” or how to have a “stage persona” and an “off-stage persona” as too many authors seem to have. He was the real thing. In these classic segments, Leo will teach you how to live these qualities of love in your own life. And who knows? Maybe you can have the same lifelong impact on someone else, that Leo had on so many people throughout the world.

Volume Ten

In this final volume, it was appropriate to close this series by giving you Leo’s profound thoughts on one of the most important, yet difficult, qualities of love---that of loving others in times of suffering and ultimately, their death. How can we help someone else to suffer and die with dignity, when our grief over the pending or sudden loss of a loved one is so intense? How can we explain the concept of death to those we love, like our children? How can we make sense of meaning in life, when death is the ultimate outcome? Well Leo recorded an unforgettable story and set of reflections on these topics that many Nightingale-Conant customers have said is one of their favorite Leo Buscaglia recordings of all time. The story is called “The Fall of Freddie the Leaf.” The entire story and set of reflections, one of our most popular retail audio products ever, in its entirety. You’ll treasure this recording for your lifetime.

Wishing you a life of love, laughter and joy.

Leo wouldn’t want it any other way. That’s Leo’s legacy, and it’s destined to be your legacy as well.

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About Leo

Dr. Leo Buscaglia grew up as “Felice” in the midst of a large immigrant family. Although the family’s finances hovered “slightly above the poverty level,” there were always the joys of good food, good times, and loads of hugs and kisses.

As a professor of education at the University of Southern California, Leo started a course entitled, simply, “Love.” The rest is history. Leo became an international phenomenon. His lectures always attracted standing-room-only audiences. His books always hit the top of the bestseller lists. His words offered hope to people in every walk of life. Leo lead us to realize that every moment of life is precious. Leo truly tapped into something special, and he practiced what he preached.

Dr. Leo Buscaglia’s zest for living to the fullest is an inspiration to us all.

Sadly, Leo Buscaglia passed away from a heart attack on June 12th, 1998 at his home in Glenbrook Nevada. He was only 74 years old.

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