The Nightingale-Conant Corporation is pleased to present

The Strangest Secret

Enhanced and Presented by Janice Bryant Howroyd

Do YOU know the strangest secret in the world?

"If you understand completely what I am going to tell you, from this moment on, your life will never be the same again." -Earl Nightingale

Out of every 100 individuals who start out at the age of 25 believing they will be successful in life, only five will have actually achieved their definition of success by the time they're 65.

Only five. Why is that? Do those five people know something that the other 95 don't? Yes, they do.
They know the strangest secret in the world.

The Strangest Secret was uncovered more than 40 years ago by world-renowned radio personality Earl Nightingale. Since then, over one million people in the world have found out what the secret is, and have used it to achieve the most extraordinary results.

Now YOU Can Be Next

This amazing message was first played for a group of salespeople at Earl Nightingale's insurance agency. They were utterly electrified. Word of it spread like wildfire, and everyone who heard it was positively ignited into action. Requests for a recording of the message came pouring in. Over thousands of requests per week. Within no time, more than 200,000 people had called, written, or just walked right into Earl's office to request a copy. As years went by, that number soared above 1,000,000. Today, more than 50 years later, The Strangest Secret remains one of the most powerful and influential messages ever recorded. It continues to transform the lives of everyone who hears it.

This NEW version includes updated statistics and additional quotes from some of the greatest thought leaders, including Nelson Mandela and Buddha. It is read as gender-neutral, and for the first time it contains a women’s point of view. Many of these older books focus on saying things such as: “when a man” instead of “when a person.” Howroyd believes that words matter and can make a difference.

“Our world has significantly changed since Earl shared his principles in the 1950’s, but his message is now more relevant than ever,” said Howroyd. “Technology has supported our societies to be more informed and connected. Still, people are more lost, unhappy, and dissatisfied than ever. Young people are despondent, fearful, uncertain, and have lost a measure of hope and excitement about their futures. Sadly, an entire generation has never heard of Earl Nightingale nor “The Strangest Secret.” Now they will greatly benefit from this message. This timeless message about motivation, mindfulness, and character development will impact the world as the gift that keeps on giving.”

“Our hope is that with Janice’s new version of “The Strangest Secret,” a new audience will discover Earl Nightingale’s original ground-breaking recordings and apply them to their own lives,” said Vic Conant, Chairman Nightingale-Conant.

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About Janice

Janice Bryant Howroyd a North Carolina native, left her hometown in 1976 armed with $900. Two years later, she founded Act-1, which grew into a multi-billion-dollar global organization, The Act-1 Group, that is now leading the human-resources industry. With more than 2500 employees in 20 countries, Act-1 is the largest privately-held, woman-owned workforce Solutions Company founded in the US.

A businesswoman, entrepreneur, educator, and ambassador, Janice has also counseled three U.S. presidents: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. In 2016 she was appointed by President Obama as special advisor on HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). Her passion for education, mentorship, and self-empowerment initiatives have earned her many professional and philanthropic recognitions.