The Nightingale-Conant Corporation is pleased to present

As a Person Thinks

Update of James Allen's "As a Man Thinketh"
by Janice Bryant Howroyd

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you;
you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”
James Allen

Originally published in 1903, under the title, “As a Man Thinketh”, this classic masterpiece, written as a series of thoughtful essays, reflects the central truth which is the foundation of all modern success works: “As we think, so we become.” This fundamental truth, which some have called "The Secret" or the "Law of Attraction", was clearly and convincingly argued for the first time in James Allen's masterpiece, “As a Man Thinketh”.

As a Person Thinks

This NEW version, now titled “As a Person Thinks”, “platforms an opportunity to bring an age old wisdom forward that has helped me professionally and personally,” said Howroyd. “I’m thrilled to share these teachings, in a current form, with the world.”

James Allen, as well as Janice, believe that our minds control both our character and the circumstances of our lives. The good news about the power of thought, you may have been careless in the past, with the decisions you made, but today by mastering the power of your thought, going forward, you may act wisely and enjoy a happy future. The choice is yours: either master your thoughts and create the life you want; or remain mired in negativity, frustration, and failure.

There are seven segments in this teaching –

  • Thought and Character
  • Effect of Thought on Circumstances
  • Effect of Thought on Health and the Body
  • Thought and Purpose
  • The Thought Factor in Achievement
  • Visions and Ideals
  • Serenity

Each segment builds upon the other, so pace yourself, then reflect on each segment.

“James Allen’s ‘As a Man Thinketh’ has changed the lives of countless people during the last century, inspiring them to realize the unlimited potential of their own thoughts,” said Vic Conant, Chairman Nightingale-Conant. “Today, Janice is updating this classic to make it more accessible to today’s generation.”

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About Janice

Janice Bryant Howroyd a North Carolina native, left her hometown in 1976 armed with $900. Two years later, she founded Act-1, which grew into a multi-billion-dollar global organization, The Act-1 Group, that is now leading the human-resources industry. With more than 2500 employees in 20 countries, Act-1 is the largest privately-held, woman-owned workforce Solutions Company founded in the US.

A businesswoman, entrepreneur, educator, and ambassador, Janice has also counseled three U.S. presidents: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. In 2016 she was appointed by President Obama as special advisor on HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). Her passion for education, mentorship, and self-empowerment initiatives have earned her many professional and philanthropic recognitions.

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