The rules for creating wealth and prosperity have changed forever. Learn them now and prosper, or ignore them and miss the opportunities that surround you

Dear Friend,

What is going on in our world today? All indicators signal we are headed down this path again.

This is a story that began more than 100 years ago.

The rules for creating wealth and prosperity had collapsed, yet they are still applied today. On December 12, 1900, Charles Schwab & J. P. Morgan held a secret meeting to restructure the Rules of Prosperity and Financial Wealth. At first, only a select few insiders learned about the “New Rules.”

Those elite tycoons kept the New Rules buried for many years, using the new system to hoard and stockpile mountains of cash.

It wasn’t until long after the Great Depression that the New Rules were discovered by a few in the public. And, of course, by then it was way too late for most Americans.

While caviar was being served in secluded high-flying clubs in Chicago and New York, millions of people around the world were starving, losing their homes, wandering aimlessly in their lives, and some even committing suicide.

An Insider’s Transcript of the “New Meeting”

The Old Rules are dead and gone, and they are not coming back.

And any company or any individual trying to use them to create wealth and prosperity in today’s market will be crushed and destroyed.

Possession of the New Rules Is Like Owning a Vault Full of Gold

You see, for those who don’t have (or don’t even know anything about) the New Rules, there are only dark and gloomy times ahead.

But, for you, a serious change in the economy can only mean prosperity, wealth, and total happiness in your life.

You see, chaos and panic are always created when new financial rules replace old, established ones.

Those who understand this have the combination to the New Vault and can easily open it, reach in, and get their generous share of the new wealth.

Unfortunately, those who don’t understand this will desperately cling to the Old Rules and stoically go down with the sinking ship like a brave old sea captain.

People don’t need to go that old path anymore, you don’t need to go down that path. Which is why I’m sharing the combination to the New Vault with you today.

Truth is… I don’t want anyone to be like that brave old captain… I’d much rather see all of us get our hands on these New Rules. Because, you know what? There is plenty (and I mean plenty) of money in the New Vault for all of us.

Here Is What NOT to Do

Of course, if you continue to blindly follow the crowds (like most people do these days), you'll be frantically looking for a lifeboat or simply finding yourself waving adieu from the decks of today's sinking economic ship.

You'll never fulfill any of your financial dreams.

Just a lot of stress, worry, fear, and anxiety.

Doesn't sound like fun. But, if you don't know the New Rules, what other option do you have?

Slim to none, just like everyone else.

The Great Depression and history have shown us clearly enough that when economic rules shift, they are merciless. Those who know, prosper... those who don't, get crushed. That's just the way life is.

The Old Rules

So, what are the Old Rules that you should be watching out for?

I certainly don't have time to tell you all of them.

And it's just as well, anyway... you already instinctively know the Old Rules. They've been pounded into your head all your life if you are like most of us.

You know and likely live by those Old Rules just as well as you breathe.

So, right now, I'm going to give you only the top four or five Old Rules that are really going to hurt you as the economy continues to stumble and fumble its way to serious problems.

If nothing else, in the next few minutes, you'll know what to look out for... which can save you a lot of pain in the coming months and years.

Of course, it is not the full combination and will not give you access to the New Vault... but it will give you a lifeboat to help you escape the pain of "going down with the ship."

You'll Think I'm Crazy!

On second thought, I'm going to give you not four or five of the Old Rules, but seven of them. The more you know, the better, I guess.

Learn the ugly, brutal lies that have been forced upon us from birth and have robbed the dreams of millions and millions of honest, good people.

When you read about the seven Old Rules I'm going to give you in just a minute, you'll see what I mean.

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Brainwashed from Birth

Actually, you might find yourself questioning my sanity - that's how brainwashed we've been. But, give it some time to soak in. Think it over. Consider it in light of the recent financial chaos on Wall Street.

When you do that, I think you'll discover that I'm right. We've been fed a bunch of hogwash and garbage... and our society is paying for it dearly.

Especially because the chumps running big banks, mortgage companies, and governments honestly and truly believed this stuff.

They believed it, they lived by it, and they are dying by it.

The ship built on these Old Lies is sinking fast, and only a few will survive.

And some ... those with the New Rules ... will thrive, just like Morgan and Schwab did so many years ago when the world collapsed under the Great Depression.

Seven Old Rules to Look Out For

Here are seven of the Old Rules that I want you to look out for. Again, because of time restraints, this is not a complete overview of these rules... and it is not meant to be specific financial advice.

But it is a bright-red warning flag to help you avoid troubles...

  1. High Risks = High Returns

    This philosophy is nothing but pure gambling in a nice suit of clothes. Wise banks and truly wealthy individuals never take high risks... and when they have - like the whole sub-prime mortgage mess - they have lost and lost big.

    No sir! This myth is old-school and should be shunned at all costs. You can - and should - get very high returns on your financial efforts with little or no risk.

    The New Rules embrace this reality and show you just how to do it.

  2. A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned

    Oh, really? So, why is it that all those loyal Walmart customers (and no disrespect to Walmart or anyone who shops there) are not rolling in the dough?

    With all the money they have saved by shopping frugally, more than half our population should be wealthy, prosperous, and living their dreams.

    But, they're not, are they? In fact, most live mediocre lives and are terrified by the rocking of today's financial boat, right?

  3. Avoid Debt like the Plague

    This lie is so ingrained in us that I hardly know where to begin. Maybe the fact that it is a half-truth makes it so sinister and, at the same time, so compelling.

    Certainly, consumer debt driven by greedy thoughts to impress the Joneses is destructive and limiting. And, of course, going in over your head on your car payments and mortgage is just as dangerous.

    But there are other kinds of debt that are valuable tools for the wealthy and financially wise. And it is the avoidance of this kind of debt that keeps so many people poor.

    They are perpetually consuming and never producing. Taking and never giving back to life or society.

    The New Rules scoff at this kind of fear and greed. There is a much, much better way to think of debt.

  4. Money Is Power

    Is it really? Set a $100 bill on your desk right now and see just how powerful it is. How long will it sit there before it gets up and walks away? How long before it jumps down and buys food, pays bills, or even bribes crooked politicians?

    Let me tell you a great secret. Money is, and always has been, useless, in and of itself. It does nothing and is nothing.

    People are power... not money.

    The New Rules clearly and powerfully define this relationship and put people like you and me in our proper places.

    Maybe more than anything else, this section of the New Rules will free you from the sinking ship, and give you the secret combination to the New Vault.

  5. The Finite Pie

    If I win, you lose... right?

    Wrong. That thought is based on the idea that, in our world, someone must lose if you or I win. And that is simply not true.

    Look, in the late 1960s and '70s the world went through an "energy crisis." Analysts the world over predicted that oil would run out in 10 or 20 years and we would be plunged into darkness.

    Gas was rationed, and panic was widespread.

    But the end of the world never came. Some bright engineer in Detroit came up with a thing called the "fuel injector," which instantly moved gas mileage from around 8 mpg to more than 30 mpg... effectively increasing the life of our known oil supplies by more than 375%.

    You see, we never did have an "oil" or "energy" problem. We had a human ingenuity problem. And it was human ingenuity that solved it.

    The pie is only as small or as big as we humans imagine it to be.

    Because of that, there is always more than enough to go around. In the history of the world, we humans have never run out of new, inspiring, helpful ideas.

    The New Rules spell out exactly how you can harness your own brilliant ideas to create your own "infinite pie" that has no limits on cash, health, happiness, and true prosperity.

  6. Financial Security

    Old Rule greedy CEOs and politicians are playing this giant lie to the hilt right now.

    Businesses are going under left and right, and the nightly news is splashing backslapping politicians all over the place. They're telling us that our only hope is to have government rescue us.

    We are taught from birth that a "good education and a good job" are the only hope we have of financial security.

    But life tells the truth. Government, corporate America, good benefits, and other so-called entitlements are nothing but false security. We've all seen good people get fired or be let down by a government agency, right?

    The New Rules give us a new "Dream Map." They show that real financial security lies within you - not outside of you - and that it is within easy and simple reach.

    If you could reach out and simply grasp true financial security, you'd do it, yes?

  7. You're in It for the Long Haul

    You get a good job, stick with a company for 40 years, and you retire in style... right?

    Hmmm, I don't know... how's that working out for you and the other people you know? Not good, right?

    Actually, this lie has not been working out for a long time, so few people buy into it any more.

    So, the powers that be switched to a new line of lies... a "great hoax" as I call it.

    It is called a 401(k). It was the answer to collapsing company retirement plans and had the advantage of being portable from one job to another. Since its inception in the early 1980s, we have been buying into this "long haul" philosophy by the millions.

    But, I wonder... why wait until 65 (or longer) to start living the good life, or, as they say, retire? Isn't life meant to be lived right here and right now?

    Yes, it is. The New Rules kick aside this ugly notion of putting off happiness and prosperity. It reaches into the here and now and gives you back your life.

    As I've said, the New Rules give you the power to unlock a New Vault full of freedom, lifestyle, wealth, and prosperity. And they allow you to do it today... not when you're 65 and afraid of using your "fixed income."

The New Rules Can Set You Free

So, did you come out of the Old Rules unscathed?

Actually, I hope it hurt a little bit... if reading all of those Old Rules didn't sting just a little, you may not be open or ready for the New Rules.

But, if some of them caught you off guard, or had you breathing a little harder, then I suspect you are ready to move forward.

You see, it is human nature to reject new truths for ingrained ideas. But as you consider them more and more, especially in light of the current economy, you'll begin to see the New Rules for what they really are... your path to personal freedom.

I'm talking about freedom in all areas of your life... financially, socially, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Two Perspectives: The Professional and the Everyday Dreamer

Now that you understand how destructive the Old Rules are, I want to empower you to overcome them and be one of the fortunate few who embrace the New Rules for wealth and prosperity.

For now, I want to give you two very important perspectives... one from well-known professionals... individuals who are recognized gurus and mentors in their respective fields.

You'll know some - if not all - of their names.

The other perspective is from people whom you will not know and names you won't recognize.

These folk come from ordinary lives and have been able to take the New Rules, unlock the Vault, and enjoy the life of their dreams... or, as I say, are living their "Soul Purpose"... which is a major aspect of the New Rules.

The New Rules... Not Just About Money

As I read through these different comments, it struck me that the gurus all talk about the principles and implications of the New Rules.

But the everyday Joes are way more excited about the major changes they're enjoying in their day-to-day life.

Stuff like $170,000 in new money, finally having security, being a better husband and father, enjoying total transformation in life...

All of that gets me so excited about what the New Rules are already doing for people like you and me.

You can be sure that Dan, Josh, Nicholas, and the thousands of others like them are not going down in their ships... or any ship for that matter. No, they are sitting comfortably on the shore with one hand in the New Vault enjoying life to the fullest, in spite of the struggling economy... maybe even because of the economy.

You can have it too.

As things get worse around here, you don't need to fear. You can have "supreme confidence" in your abilities to create wealth and a fantastic lifestyle, regardless of what incredibly stupid moves Lehman and its ilk make.

With ships sinking left and right, you will watch with sadness... but you won't have to participate. You'll be safe, warm, and secure because you know the warning signs and are living the New Rules.

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A Glance at the New Rules

So what, exactly, are the New Rules... and how can you begin living them right now?

Over the years, countless people have asked me this question. I have written a book, done seminars, been on radio and TV answering questions about The New Rules.

But, honestly, I have never sat down and put all the rules in a tight, easy-to-follow, comprehensive program that puts all the New Rules at your fingertips...

Until now.

With the economy in distress and people's ships sinking fast, I decided I couldn't hold back any longer... it was time to expose the secret combination that unlocks the New Vault. It was time to give people easy, quick access to the New Rules.

In the dark days of the Great Depression, if people had known about the financial rules Morgan and Schwab had set up, I think scores of people could have avoided financial pain and ruin.

I don't want to see that sort of thing happen... at least if I can help it.

So, I've done two very important things for you.

First, I sat down with Nightingale-Conant and recorded more than 7.5 hours of insights, instructions, and information on the New Rules.

I held nothing back.

In fact, many people have told me that I gave away too much... that this stuff should not go out to the general public.

But I totally disagree.

Interdependence... Not Competition

In the early days of my financial career, I had some incredible success in the insurance and financial investment world. People all around me recommended that I keep my methods to myself... that if my competitors found out about my approach, they would steal it and crush me.

I had a totally different idea. I decided to actually gather my competition together and teach them my methods... teach them the actual secrets that I was using to create so much success.

The result?

I didn't get crushed at all. In fact, by helping others create success, I found that I was rewarded with more success than I ever dreamed possible... and so were they.

You see, we all won.

Instead of sitting on the deck of a sinking ship, we joined forces, worked together, and created explosive growth and prosperity for each other.

I call it "Interdependence." We rely on each other, use each other's strengths, and all prosper together. That is central to the New Rules, as you'll discover.

You Can Prosper with Us Too

Well, by sitting down with the Nightingale-Conant team to give you the New Rules, I'm doing the very same for you as I did for my "competition" so many years ago.

I'm giving you the very secrets... the insider's private combination to the Vault... that I have used for so many years to create true happiness, real wealth, and total freedom in my life.

But, the audio program was not enough.

So, I also sat down and personally read over every single word of the audio transcripts. From that, I personally helped put together a comprehensive, in-depth Guidebook.

With the audio files and the Guidebook in hand, you'll instantly know more about surviving and prospering through tough economic times than 95% of the population.

You will have the New Rules for creating wealth and happiness, peace and prosperity.

Highlights from the New Rules Audio Course and Guidebook

As you've already heard, the Vault's secret combination can give you all your dreams. When people personally mentor with me, it costs well over $15,000... an amount easily worth its weight in gold.

But, I have to tell you honestly... I don't give them any more of the New Rules than I'm giving you here. In some cases, less.

Of course, you could do as some have done and attend all my workshops, read my book, listen to all my podcasts, and sit through all the radio and TV interviews I've done and piece together this same information.

But, that would cost you well over $13,000 and a year or more of your time.

Can you see why I have felt compelled to put all of the New Rules right at your fingertips?

And that is exactly what I've done. Just look at this...

The New Rules to Get Rich System

  • Discover the Five Tracks to True Wealth. Each track covers a major aspect of your life and gives you specific keys to prosper in each area.
  • Your Dream Map. You have dreams that are unrealized. Map out what they are, decide which ones can become reality, and create a plan to achieve them in the shortest time possible.
  • The Producer Power Hour. Find out how you can radically transform your life in less than an hour each day. Positive results from this daily routine are instant and life changing.
  • The Consistency Factor. Do you struggle staying consistent in your life, work, and relationships? I think we all do. With this powerful secret you can immediately gain consistency in your life.
  • Disc 3 is all about "The Power of Your Soul Purpose." A 20-year study of multi-millionaires revealed that highly successful people have all discovered and live their "Soul Purpose." Now you can quickly uncover aspects of yours and immediately begin living a life of true financial freedom and prosperity... no matter what the economy is doing.
  • Create a complete Blueprint of your "Ideal Financial Future." I give you four specific tools to help you design and create your perfect financial situation. I'm even giving you my exclusive "Abundance Accelerator"! You'll have the power to start living your dreams right now, today... not in 20 or 30 years... today.
  • Now for the big one... What to do about your 401(k) and other so-called "qualified plans"? This is one of the least understood and most widely botched financial tools in our society today. I call it the great "401(k) Hoax," and it could be costing you thousands... maybe millions of dollars. You'll instantly know after applying my "Qualified Plan Analyzer."
  • What do you do with countless investment and insurance products out there? How do you handle life insurance? Car and health insurance? What about the stock market, mutual funds, and that whole world of investments? On Disc 6, I will give you all the details... and probably more information than you've ever thought of.
  • Many of us have great ideas. I know a man who had a great idea every day for years... but never knew what to do with the ideas. So he did nothing. My powerful "Idea Optimizer" empowers you to turn your ideas into reality... and prosperity.
  • Throughout the entire program I will give you the secrets of "Financial Velocity." You see, your money is happiest when it is moving. Years ago, I took a meager $650 a month in extra income and began accelerating it. Within a few short years, that small sum turned into a 45,000-square-foot office building that helps create millions of dollars a year in business income and countless opportunities for me and many, many others. That is the power of "Velocity," and I'll tell you exactly how you can do the same thing in your life.
  • Finally, I've given you a lot of pieces here, so I'm going to help you bring it all together. Like a complex combination of numbers, when sorted right and put in the right order, it becomes simple and powerful... and the key to opening the New Vault so you can extract all the cash and prosperity you can handle. I call it the "Financial Optimizer."

Exclusive Bonuses from World-Class Gurus

Certainly, the New Rules are good enough to help you succeed.

But, I've never been someone to just do things "good enough." I'm compelled to go far above and beyond. Plus, you deserve everything I can give you, right?

Yes, of course you do.

Because of that, I'm going to give you access to some exclusive interviews that I did with the brightest success minds of our time.

More about that in just a minute...

For now, let me tell how you can have this entire package delivered to your door...

Simply click on this link now and request the complete New Rules to Get Rich system. It includes seven full audio CDs, the comprehensive New Rules Guidebook, and the bonus material I haven't even told you about yet.

What would mastery of the New Rules mean to you, your family, and your lifestyle?

For me and the elite few who have been working under the New Rules for the past few years, it has meant well over $1,000,000 in annual income and assets. Think of that.

Yes, it has cost me thousands to secure this information... but the price has been so small compared with the value I've drawn out of the New Vault.

And, yes, as you'll see in a minute, Nightingale-Conant and I are giving you a very specific guarantee so that you can fully experience the New Rules for a 30 days, totally risk free.

My Personal Promise and Guarantee

Now, I have put the very best of my life's work and insights into this system. As I said, it is by far the most concise and complete source of the New Rules that I have put together anywhere.

Because of that, I have no problem looking you in the eye and saying that this system will far exceed your expectations. More than that, I'm going to put my money where my mouth is by giving you my personal promise...

The Promised Bonuses

One of the rules for wealth that Morgan and Schwab created was the concept of business conglomerates. The basic idea was to gobble up everyone and everything along a given food chain so that you controlled the entire process.

From the oil drills to the gas pumps. From the mineral mines to the steel manufacturing plants... and all the transportation in between. Own it all. Control it all. Crush everyone in between.

That old style "crush 'em or consume 'em" is dead. Instead, the New Rules tell us that we need to be "Interdependent" and synergize with others... not crush them.

Because of this, I have spent the last few years interviewing top gurus in the prosperity world. I wanted to know their secrets, and I wanted to give them mine.

Well, right now, you are about to be the fortunate recipient of some of the best information I've ever received from other gurus.

Here is a list of the bonus material I'll be sending along with your New Rules system.

You can't buy these private interviews anywhere... but if you could, I suspect they'd cost as much as the entire New Rules system. That's how powerful and profitable they are.

For example, Bonus #6 was a live presentation that cost attendees hundreds of dollars to participate in...

But, you'll get all of these extras at no extra charge - not a single red cent.

Sounds incredibly fair, doesn't it?

Yes, it sure does.

Audio Bonus #1 - Exclusive Interview with Denis Waitley

It was my pleasure to sit down with Denis Waitley — one of the most sought-after inspirational speakers in the world — and discover the core secret that has made him a multimillionaire success. More than that, I asked him what key principle he has given others to help them be successful.

And he told me... and now I'm letting you in on this life-changing secret.

Audio Bonus #2 - Secrets from the Gurus' Mentor

You might not know Dan Sullivan, but you know the people he mentors. Dan created a company called Strategic Coaching that has developed into the premier mentoring and coaching system in the world.

Dan graciously gives us a full hour of insights, secrets, and strategies for achieving the most in life. As he says, "Work less. Make more money. Do what you love." A great summary of the New Rules.

Audio Bonus #3 - Woody Woodward... The Man Who Overcame

Woody came from a very poor background and built himself into a millionaire... only to lose it all. But really, he gained experience and increased his human life value (and then built another fortune).

How did he overcome in the face of such huge obstacles? He will tell you all about it in this powerful, private interview I have with him.

Audio Bonus #4 - Secrets from The Secret

If you have seen the famous movie The Secret, Lee Bower will not be an unfamiliar name to you.

Lee is also the creator of the "Bower Quadrant Living" that gives you tools to create a powerful legacy that you can leave behind when you are gone.

Audio Bonus #5 - Rapid Learning Strategies

Ron Zeller has traveled the world searching out the every strategy possible that enables anyone to learn at an accelerated pace.

This audio bonus alone can drastically reduce the time it takes you to unlock the New Vault using the New Rules.

Audio/Video Bonus #6 - The Prosperity Paradigm

This is a 45-minute live presentation that I made on changing the way you think and feel about prosperity.

Many of us are essentially sabotaging our own prosperity efforts because our very thoughts and perspectives betray us and prevent us from enjoying the success that should be ours.

I will show you how to break that paradigm. Then we'll replace it with the truth about your personal greatness and potential for success.

Open Your Prosperity Vault Today...

Look around you... the rules for creating wealth are shifting. Actually, they have been changing for almost a decade now.

We are seeing those seeds beginning to bear fruit in the form of total economic chaos. I believe it is just the beginning.

The time to step away from that sinking ship and stake your claim in the new economy is right now. New Rules to Get Rich gives you all the tools, the insights, and the secrets you need to open the New Vault, take your share of the wealth inside, and cash in.

Find out for yourself right now...

Don't be a sinking hero... there is no joy or value in it.

Get your hands on the New Rules today and all the prosperity it has to offer.

To your success,

Garrett Gunderson

P.S. Years ago, I lived certain aspects of my life by the old saying "Patience is a virtue." It is true enough... sometimes. But I was applying it to things like eating healthier food. "I need to eat better... but I'll be patient and start that diet on Monday!" In the meantime, I just kept getting bigger and fatter.

Of course, "Monday" never comes for those who patiently wait for their lives to get better. So, don't buy into the idea that you'll begin living your ideal life "tomorrow" or when things are "just right."

The world will not wait for you... the bad economy will not wait for all your ducks to line up in a row. If you don't move now, the ship will sink and you could very well go down with it.

Take action right now - claim your ideal life now - by ordering the New Rules to Get Rich system.

P.P.S. You have something in your hands that few people in history have ever possessed... advanced access to insider information. The economy is shifting... the Old Rules are dead, and the New Rules are taking their rightful place. You have to decide - and decide quickly - if you will move forward with the truly wealthy and prosperous. I want you with us... and I believe you want to be with us as well, yes?

So, get New Rules to Get Rich today. In a matter of a few short days, you will have the secret combination to the New Vault... and the ability to claim all the prosperity and wealth you ever dreamed of.

New Rules to Get Rich

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