What do MOST millionaires, top pro athletes, and high-income sales professionals do to achieve their goals so much faster than others - with far less effort and struggle?

What are the simple, quick and astonishing secrets that have enabled more than 30 million people to achieve their dreams - and that YOU can use to start living the life you've always known was possible?

The answers will change your life.

Dear Friend,

I hope you never have to suffer the humiliation, embarrassment, or feelings of desperation I suffered through in 1990-1991. Even though my story has an incredibly happy ending, I wouldn't wish the path I took to get there on anybody ... even my worst enemy.

One night, awake from stress, after my wife and kids went to sleep, I added up my credit card debt and got lightheaded and sick when I saw the figure. I was just shy of $100,000 in the hole. And that was just the credit card debt!

Wow. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I didn't tell my wife Peggy about my lost job and massive debt until the hole I had dug buried us all. My heart and spirit were broken. I felt stupid and guilty at the same time. I knew I had let her and the kids down so badly. I was scared to face her. She deserved better than this. Better than me. I was petrified I would lose her.

I remember it as if it were this morning. I started to cry. Sob actually. I was so scared, so upset ... that I was bawling and shuddering in heaving spasms. I pounded my fist and cried out to no one in particular.

"Why can't anything go right for me? Why does everything I try go so wrong? When did I become such a worthless loser? How am I going to get my wife and kids out of this basement into a house?"

Then, it struck me like a tire iron to the face. I sat up, wiped my eyes, looking dumbstruck, saying to myself, "Holy cow. How could I have forgotten that? It worked for me before. I KNOW it'll work again!"

My Turning Point Can Become Your Turning Point

In only six months from that day I was humiliated, desperate, and hurting, our entire life changed dramatically — for the better!

Just six months later, we bought a $385,000 house with half down, paid off the 100 grand in credit card debt ... and I was a millionaire in less than a year.

I bought a vacation house, put away enough to cover the kids' college educations, easily stopped my bad habits, and attained complete personal and financial freedom! All accomplished automatically ... without effort, without will power or positive thinking!

What was the obscure secret I remembered in that moment of clarity that allowed me to take complete control of my life? (And that led to an even more amazing circumstance/coincidence that I'll tell you about in a couple of minutes.) Let me explain.

An old volume revealed the secrets to success in any and all undertakings we attempt in life!

The book that quickly and dramatically changed my life — financially, physically and mentally — was given to me by my Psychology 101 professor in college. I remember attacking the book with a vengeance — almost as if it were my destiny, not just a reading assignment.

Page after page, chapter after chapter ... I was reading the true answers to the mysteries of life that up to that point had eluded me. I remember several times when I put the account face down on the bed to keep my place, looking up and shaking my head in a combination of disbelief and surprise. I mean, there I was in a college dorm room, a highly anxious and nervous worrywart (I actually had an ulcer from being so stressed out), overweight, girlfriend-less, wearing taped-up earth shoes ... a true nerd in every sense of the word ... now having the answers to life that my parents and other adults obviously never "got."

I kept thinking, "Why isn't everyone forced to read this amazing work?" (Imagine my surprise when I later found out that more than 30 million people had learned these techniques and have been achieving their goals and changing their lives with Dr. Maltz's simple, quick, and astonishing secrets!)

Achieving what you want is easy ... when you stop pushing and activate your automatic success mechanism!

Here's the story. In the late forties and fifties, a cosmetic surgeon named Dr. Maxwell Maltz made the breakthrough discovery for success, happiness, and personal freedom in the process of doing his work fixing people's scars and "ugly" parts of their outward appearance.

During his years of practice, Dr. Maltz observed that plastic surgery produced sudden dramatic changes in many patients within weeks of an operation. Their growing self-esteem and self-confidence mirrored their new physical appearance.

Unfortunately, in other cases, treating the "outer scars" failed to cure the "inner scars." Many patients continued to feel as negatively about themselves as they did before.

This led Dr. Maltz to conclude that many people see themselves inaccurately; their perceptions are distorted by unchallenged and often erroneous beliefs embedded in their subconscious mind.

After a decade of counseling hundreds of patients, conducting extensive research on everything from German guided-missile technology to hypnosis, and testing his own evolving theories, in 1959, Dr. Maltz made one of the most significant discoveries of the 20th century ...

The human mind functions much like a goal-seeking device similar to those used to guide missiles on auto-pilot!

This "automatic goal-seeking device" is the part of the mind associated with genius. It has the power to draw you to whatever you need to accomplish — no matter how challenged you are.

You can program it for either success or failure, depending on your self-image. When you learn to expand your self-image with Dr. Maltz's discovery, you will also be expanding your talents and capabilities so you can automatically reach your goals as your subconscious mind steers you to them like a guided missile goes to its target!

Using a variety of Dr. Maltz's techniques — including "Theater of the Mind," mental rehearsal, language loops, psychological triggers, and cue words —you'll learn how to train and condition your mind to lock onto any goals — and effortlessly be directed to them!

What Dr. Maltz discovered about your subconscious self-image's power to lead you to either success or failure was nothing short of the most important discovery about human behavior in the 20th century!

You'll be able to erase any negative influences in your life just as easily as if you were erasing a video!

You'll be able to replace the harmful emotional wounds with positive influences that jet-propel your growth. You'll be liberated to let go of all that baggage from the way you were brought up that holds you back. You'll experience the exhilaration of releasing all the emotional demons and scars that haunt you, and be able to direct the way your life goes. You will finally be able to show your new subconscious mind how to swap the old negative ways you see yourself ... with a new, brilliant, vibrant self-image of a self who succeeds at anything and everything you want to attain!

Plus, because of the "guided missile" nature of our minds that Dr. Maltz uncovered ... your new self-image is all you have to substitute. You don't have to engage in any conscious effort that requires impossible things like willpower or positive thinking!

See, Dr. Maltz's discovery centered around the fact that we all hold a "SELF-IMAGE" buried deep in our subconscious mind and that this self-image controls EVERYTHING.

Dr. Maltz was the first person to understand that our internal self-image controls:

  • What we do, and what we don't do
  • Where we go
  • Where we live
  • Who we end up getting in relationships with and how those relationships go
  • What we do for a living
  • How much money we make
  • How far we move up the business ladder
  • Whether we own a business or work for others
  • How much we weigh —and what kind of physical shape we're in
  • How often we have sexual relationships and the quality of them
  • How well we do at sports
  • Whether we play musical instruments
  • How well we perform at school
  • The state of our health
  • How we dress — what our personal appearance looks like

Or, in other words ... our deeply buried self-image allows us to do, or not do ... EVERYTHING IN LIFE!

Now, imagine me, this nerdy, overweight kind of loser with an ulcer reading about this internal "self-image" thing! Here was Dr. Maltz explaining not only why I was who I was at that time, but more important ...

Dr. Maltz showed me incredibly simple techniques we can do instantly to replace the incorrect and limiting self-image we now have with a bright, energetic, success-oriented self-image that will allow us to effortlessly accomplish anything we want automatically ... without effort, willpower, or positive thinking needed!

This is what literally blew me away after discovering Dr. Maltz's secrets. He uncovered that we cannot ever separate what we are, and what we become, from what our self-image tells us we are, and what we'll become. For example, he said if your internal self-image tells you that:

  • You are an overweight "type" of person, then you will always be overweight
  • You are the "kind" of person who makes $30,000 (or $60,000, or $120,000, or $240,000, or whatever), then that's what you'll always make
  • You are the "sort" of person who can't help having affairs, then you'll always have affairs
  • You are just the "type" of person who is always late, then you will always be late
  • You are the "kind" of person who cannot hit a golf ball straight, then you will always hit hooks and slices
  • You simply cannot stick to a workout and healthy eating regimen, then you will always be unhealthy
  • And so on

See, what Dr. Maltz found was that you will NEVER be different from what your self-image says you are and that if you change your self-image to "think" of yourself as the person you want to be ... you will AUTOMATICALLY become that new person!

If Dr. Maltz was right, the GREAT news to me was that having to fight myself to make changes, having to summon nonexistent "willpower" to accomplish altering my actions, behaviors, and feelings, and having to feel that achieving changes is impossible because I am just that "type" of person ... weren't necessary! Just the hope that I could be different, that I could be who I wanted myself to be without "trying" so hard (and then being disappointed and feeling like a constant failure anyway) ... made my spirits soar like an eagle!

Dr. Maltz figured out that our past experiences and thoughts have planted the unsuccessful self-image in our subconscious ... and that once we substitute a new, healthy, success-filled self-image in place of the previous one ... ALL THE THINGS WE WANT IN LIFE WILL COME TO US AS IF DIRECTED BY AN AUTOMATIC GUIDANCE SYSTEM! WE GET WHAT WE WANT WITHOUT FIGHTING WITH OURSELVES, WITHOUT STRUGGLE, WITHOUT FAILURE!

Therefore, Dr. Maltz's techniques are the method by which you can change the self-image to make things you want to have, or have happen to you in the future, become a reality RIGHT NOW, because your mind guides you to the new you all by itself using the new self-image as the "pilot" to your new destination!

I have to admit I was very skeptical that his simple techniques of changing my self-image could automatically erase 18 years of incorrect and negative programming from my parents, relatives, lousy teachers, misguided "friends," etc ... so quickly and easily. I decided there was only one way to find out: try what he suggested and see what happens!

Anyway, after reading the volume twice, I began to do the handful of easy-to-do, simple-to-put-into-practice techniques ... and I instantly got results! And I mean real, tangible, meaningful, life-changing results! Within only a few months, here's what I was able to accomplish on "auto-pilot" simply by using the techniques in Dr. Maltz's bag of self-image-repairing tricks (which take only a few minutes and are so ridiculously simple anyone can do them instantly!):

  1. I lost 31 pounds and dropped from a size 35 Levi's to a size 30!
  2. I got rid of my duodenal ulcer without any medication!
  3. I became so relaxed with schoolwork that my grades climbed up to all B's and A's!
  4. I started living my own life, and got out from under the dark shadow placed over me by my upbringing!
  5. I began to talk to people, start conversations, and be perfectly relaxed at parties ... actually enjoying them, instead of dreading them!
  6. I got up the nerve to ask Peggy to dance at a dorm party, even though she was the most beautiful girl I had ever laid my eyes on and was being asked to dance by what seemed like everyone at the party.

Not too shabby a list, huh? And some of these things began INSTANTLY after using Dr. Maltz's techniques, with the rest occurring in only a few short months, with no stress, no fighting myself, and no "work." It all happened EXACTLY the way Dr. Maltz said it would. I did bring my future dreams into the present just by using his methods to change my self-image ... and everything followed automatically, as if directed by a "smart bomb" system!

Once I used Dr. Maltz's methods again, I knew I'd be out of trouble and OK in no time! I already proved that his secrets allow future dreams and goals to be brought into the present on auto-pilot ... so all I had to do was reapply what I had done so successfully at age 18 ... but had somehow lost.

I immediately began to use the secrets, EXACTLY as I had so many years before ... and within three months, everything had begun to turn around. BIG TIME.

Inside of six months from that painful day in the driveway, we had purchased a $385,000 house with half as the down payment! I had paid off the $100,000 in credit card debt, had a thriving multimillion-dollar business operating out of my home ... and reached millionaire status! Peggy and I always wanted a vacation home on a lake up north, and we got it. Paid cash.

Now please make sure you understand that all this happened as a DIRECT RESULT of applying the techniques I gleaned from Dr. Maltz. I did not get any "angel" to loan me money and bail me out. I had no family members help me. I had no infusion of cash to help in any way. This is NOT a story that began with some miracle of money that fell into my lap. No way.

I made a fledgling business I was struggling to start into a huge winner, going from zero to $100,000 a month in just 90 days. The specifics of my business do not matter. It wasn't some wild fluke, like a dot-com. What my business was isn't important, because I assure you, it does NOT matter whether your most urgent need is to escape a dead-end job and be your own boss, or to turn around a troubled business, or to get a promotion or raise, or lose weight, or rekindle lost passion for your life, or just cut strokes off your golf game and replace those slices with magnificent, long, straight shots —the very same Dr. Maltz's Mental Training Techniques that I used will work for you too ... in whatever situation you are in.

Yes, I want to learn what 30 million people have — THE SECRET of personal success and freedom that anyone can quickly and easily attain without struggling!

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What it IS, is me simply using the most powerful, yet easiest, secrets to an instant life-changing turnaround!

In just a minute, I'll describe the BRAND-NEW, UPDATED version of Dr. Maltz's system that my partner — and marketing genius — Dan Kennedy has created for you with the great folks at Nightingale-Conant.

But, first I have to finish my story with a most remarkable coincidence that occurred regarding Dr. Maltz that led me to be writing you this letter.

Here's the amazing twist of fate. One day in 1995, my friend, partner, and the world's leading marketing mastermind, Dan Kennedy, called me up and said the most unusual thing to me. "Jeff, I have a chance to buy the entire library of Dr. Maltz's work, including the ownership of everything he ever produced! His widow passed away recently and left all of the rights to a university, and the college called me to ask me if I knew what to do with all Dr. Maltz's material. Since you and I have talked so often about how his secrets turned both our lives around, I thought we might like to own it all and continue to distribute Dr. Maltz's genius to the world. Whatdy'a think? Interested?"

Well, not only was I interested ... but I was beside myself with excitement! I mean, here was my chance to actually be the owner of the very thing that saved my life ... twice ... and to make sure Dr. Maltz's work continued to be distributed. Think about what a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity this was!

Quick note: Dan Kennedy, arguably the world's leading (and most expensive to hire) marketing guru and consultant, a self-made millionaire, is one of Dr. Maltz's premier success stories. Listen to what Dan says about Dr. Maltz:

"For over 20 years, I've been giving seminars designed to help people and companies all over the world increase their profits and gain a competitive edge. As a featured speaker for Peter Lowe's 'Success' forums, I've shared the stage with such celebrities and world leaders as George Bush, Larry King, Mary Lou Retton, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Cosby, Joe Montana, General Colin Powell, Margaret Thatcher, and Norman Schwarzkopf, to name a few.

"What has occurred for me along these lines has been mentally engineered with the secrets I learned from Dr. Maltz. Beginning with zero resources, I have been self-employed for all but the first year of my working life, became a millionaire in my early 40s, currently enjoy a very high income with diversified investments, and could live comfortably purely from my investments if I chose to do so. Given my background, you'd probably think that public speaking comes naturally to me. But nothing could be further from the truth. When I was in my early teens, I had a severe stuttering problem. It was so bad, in fact, that I had trouble getting two sentences out. The very thought of having to stand in front of a class and speak was paralyzing. Needless to say, I tried every technique in the book —speech therapy, relaxation, and deep-breathing techniques, you name it.

"Nothing worked until I discovered how to re-engineer my self-image with 'Psycho-Cybernetics' (the name that Dr. Maltz gave to his success system)!"

See, Dan too, like so many millions of people Dr. Maltz affected with his miraculous techniques, went from the most unlikely success candidate to a role model of success ... simply by using what Dr. Maltz taught Dan through Psycho-Cybernetics!

Now, it was beyond my wildest dreams that I could actually be directly involved in maintaining the legacy of Dr. Maltz's work. Yet, here I was, in the position to do so. So, as you can easily guess, Dan and I bought the rights to everything Dr. Maltz had ever published. And now, that extraordinary bit of good fortune Dan and I experienced ... is YOUR stroke of good fortune! Here's why.

A little while ago, Dan went into the Nightingale-Conant studios in Chicago, and for the first time in more than 40 years, created a BRAND-NEW, updated, 21st-century Psycho-Cybernetics program, The New Psycho-Cybernetics, that is now available to you ... IF you act quickly!

Here's how Dan created this incredible updated/upgraded version of Psycho-Cybernetics called The New Psycho-Cybernetics: A Mind Technology for Living Your Life Without Limits. Dan spent months digging through and analyzing all of Dr. Maltz's materials. (When we bought it, the stuff showed up in a big truck. We had no idea Dr. Maltz was so prolific, nor did we know the depth of his published works ... and that he had even more unpublished works!)

Anyway, Dan went through all the books, papers, memos, reports, notes, videos, audios, etc. and found the best of the best of Dr. Maltz! We were amazed at how much eye-popping information and research Dr. Maltz had planned to add to his early work, yet for whatever reason, never got around to putting into print. But that was then, before Dan assembled the original materials with the previously unreleased materials to combine into a truly power-packed, fun, and easy listening program for Nightingale-Conant and YOU!

Now, Dan's new, updated program is not only more complete, full of more of Dr. Maltz's secrets and techniques than the original Dr. Maltz materials contain ... but it makes it way easier and faster to learn and benefit from! The way Dan put this program together combines the wisdom of Dr. Maltz with the updated technology available in our modern era!

Listen to what Dan assembled in this must-have program to end your frustrations and begin to achieve your true destiny:

SESSION 1: Your Self-Image —The Secret Key to Peak Performance. Thirty million people can't be wrong.

  • The promise of Psycho-Cybernetics: 100% achievement of your goals faster, easier, and more enjoyably than ever before.
  • How to shatter any personal obstacle without willpower or determination.
  • Why the "no pain, no gain" approach is a prescription for failure.
  • The six secrets of using your self-image to achieve peak performance.

SESSION 2: How to Unleash Your Creative Imaginative Power.

  • How to avoid the "snap-back effect" and stretch beyond self-imposed limitations.
  • How to use the "Theater of the Mind" to accelerate goal achievement.
  • Peak performance secrets of Olympic athletes, military heroes, and business leaders.
  • How to use your imagination to conquer procrastination.
  • Why left-brain approaches to problem solving are doomed to failure.
  • How to unleash the driving force behind all personality change.

SESSION 3: How to Develop Unshakable Self-Confidence.

  • How to turn off self-criticism and self-doubt.
  • How to silence out-session critics.
  • The four-cornered foundation for developing an unshakable self-confidence.
  • How to defeat the fear of failure.
  • Charlton Heston's secrets for supreme self-assurance.
  • How to get a sudden surge of self-confidence whenever you need it.

SESSION 4: Strategic Relaxation — How to De-Stress with "Mental Tranquilizers."

  • How to permanently prevent mental blocks and performance slumps.
  • Two ways to trigger your body's own natural relaxation response.
  • "Mental tranquilizers" that melt away stress instantly.
  • How to use relaxation to oil your automatic success mechanism.
  • How to keep stress from taking control of your life.

SESSION 5: Beyond Goal-Setting to Goal-Getting —Accelerated Achievement.

  • The three fatal flaws of most goal-setting strategies.
  • Why New Year's resolutions never work.
  • The self-image's role in achieving goals.
  • How to put yourself on "automatic pilot" toward achieving your goals.
  • How to avoid the "smoke and mirror" effect of goal-setting.

SESSION 6: Mental Prosperity —Acquiring the Habit of Happiness.

  • Why true happiness often seems so elusive.
  • Gain without pain: Why happy people outperform type "A" personalities.
  • How to take control of your emotions instead of letting them control you.
  • The seven secrets of lifelong happiness.
  • How to create your ideal peak performance environment.
  • Mind magic: What Disney does when "Murphy's Law" rules.
  • "Mood boosters" that elevate your spirit instantly.
  • How to make happiness a daily habit.

SESSION 7: The Success Type Personality —What Peak Performers Have in Common.

  • The seven common characteristics of all great achievers, and easy ways to make them your own.
  • How to unleash the greatest motivational force in the world.
  • How to "go with the flow" and avoid overanalyzing situations.
  • How to make yourself immune to the "Success Rejection Syndrome."
  • How to identify and leverage your unique talents and abilities.

SESSION 8: Your Early Warning System — Recognizing and Reversing the Signs of Failure.

  • Red flags that alert you to possible failure mechanisms.
  • How to break free of frustrations and replace fatigue with energy.
  • How to replace aggressiveness with assertiveness and gain cooperation instead of resistance.
  • How to prevent loneliness and insecurity from robbing you of your life force.
  • Why every seed of failure contains the seed of success.
  • How to replace hopelessness and emptiness with passion and purpose.

SESSION 9: How to Program Your Automatic Success Mechanism.

  • Ten specific mental training techniques to activate your own built-in automatic success mechanism.
  • Success secrets of the world's leading sports psychologists.
  • How to convert the left-brain language of willpower into language that gets results.
  • How to use "language loops" to cancel out negative thinking and behavior patterns.
  • How to use psychological triggers to stimulate peak performance.
  • How guided-missile technology applies to goal achievement.
  • How to use mental imagery to guarantee a positive outcome to any event.

SESSION 10: Emotional Surgery —How to Remove Emotional Scars and Liberate Your
Natural Talents.

  • How to avoid "back-sliding" into unproductive old behaviors.
  • How to use negative feedback to make a positive difference in your life.
  • How to bullet-proof yourself against hurt feelings.
  • The paralyzing effect of fear — and how to control it.
  • How to keep the past out of your present and future through creative imagination.
  • How to surgically remove emotional scars that thwart your growth.

SESSION 11: Self-Image Strength Conditioning — Peak Performance Daily.

  • A proven 10-point plan for daily self-image strength conditioning.
  • How to use "time blocking" to make sure you stay with the plan.
  • How to organize your day and week for peak performance.
  • How to get and maintain that winning feeling.

SESSION 12: Aliveness vs. Living — How to Put More Life in Your Year.

  • The difference between aliveness and merely living —how to make the most of what you have.
  • How to find and tap your personal "Fountain of Youth."
  • The one secret to making life more exciting, enjoyable, and rewarding.
  • How to avoid merely "going through the motions" and putting in time.
  • How to use provocative questions to jump-start your personal growth.
  • A Psycho-Cybernetics answer to humankind's search for meaning.

How's that for a life-changing set of instructions? I have listened to this program several times, used the tools Dan included, and can tell you without hesitation that Dan has actually done a better job of assembling and presenting Dr. Maltz's Psycho-Cybernetics secrets than Dr. Maltz himself ever did!

Countless professional athletes, entertainers, politicians, clergy, and high-end business people credit the techniques contained in The New Psycho-Cybernetics with their sustained success and peak achievement. (I challenge you to find more than a handful of pro golfers, figure skaters, basketball, football or baseball players, actors, dancers, politicians —anyone who's ever achieved more than the average person —who don't use the self-image enhancement and mental imagery techniques that Dr. Maltz first revealed in 1960!)

By word of mouth alone, Psycho-Cybernetics has become the most widely influential mind technology of all time. Leading self-development trainers like Brian Tracy and Anthony Robbins have frequently referred to it. In all, more than 30 million people have applied the principles of Psycho-Cybernetics. The reason is simple: It works.

While some really sour and jaded people would say that I'm a mercenary writing a self-serving letter ... I assure you it's not the money that motivates me to write you. It's the fact that Nightingale-Conant and The Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation (the foundation that Dan and I formed to handle the Psycho-Cybernetics legacy) feel that this life-changing program used by millions of people must continue to be circulated because of all the good that comes from using the secrets Dr. Maltz shared with us!

So what about you? Do you think that YOU could benefit from replacing your current self-image with one that will automatically guide you toward your true providence? Do you think that you may have just found the answer you've been seeking to the challenges, frustrations, and disappointments you experience now?

It's Not YOUR Fault!

Keep in mind that one of the most liberating aspects of The New Psycho-Cybernetics is that you will immediately be comforted by understanding three very important things:

  • How you've become who you are and who your self-image tells you to be ... is not your fault! Dr. Maltz and Dan will reveal for the first time how and why you are the way you are now ... and how easy it is to blot out those aspects of yourself you don't want any more by substituting them with traits and behaviors you do want!
  • That all you need to learn is contained in this phenomenal New Psycho-Cybernetics program Dan has put together for you!
  • That anyone can do it instantly ... and see real, measurable, tangible results in a snap of the finger! Boom, there it is!

One of the advantages of The New Psycho-Cybernetics is that it's been recorded on six convenient CDs.

You can listen while you commute to and from work, when you work out, or whenever you drive somewhere in your car. Think about how much money it would cost you to spend that much time with Dan training you personally at seminars or one-on-one at Dan's rates. Instead, you're getting the next best thing in this program at a tiny fraction of what you would pay Dan for his time!

In addition to the six CDs, you'll also receive a complete guidebook featuring specific mental training techniques and exercises, plus important background information that will enhance your experience of the program.

You'll also receive a set of six Psycho-Cybernetics key-point reminder cards and six Psycho-Cybernetics cue-word cards, which you can use to ensure immediate, practical results. You can carry these cards with you and post them in prominent places, to trigger your use of the techniques in the program.

Plus, you'll receive the video containing conversations with Dr. Maltz ... featuring rare film footage from the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation archives! This video will give you additional insights into the origins and power of Psycho-Cybernetics ... and alone is worth the cost of the program!

Thirty Million People Can't be Wrong!

Free yourself from fears and past failures that have held you back. Join me and experience how life is supposed to be lived: feeling the excitement of being in control ... moving down the path in your life that feels right ... with life getting better and better each day.

Bring out the best in yourself and experience the best of what life has to offer!

I urge you to learn how to get everything you want from life without using willpower or positive thinking!

Your friend,

Jeff Paul The Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation, Inc.

The New Psycho-Cybernetics

YES, I want to learn what 30 million people have — THE SECRET of personal success and freedom that anyone can quickly and easily attain without struggling!

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True Stories of Lives Changed Using Psycho-Cybernetics

"I'm losing my wrinkles without surgery! Most people take me to be around
70 years old instead of my real age of 92!"

"I am a 92-year-old minister of the Gospel. The Bible SHOUTS on the value of the Self-Image. I have been able to change many things about myself by working on my self-image. A few years ago, I thought about getting a face-lift, but it is coming to me through Psycho-Cybernetics instead. I'm losing my wrinkles without surgery! Most people take me to be around 70 years old instead of my real age of 92!"
- Rev. Charles DeVore, Deland, Florida

Only Seconds Left to Live ...

"Hello Mr. Kennedy,

"My name is Daniel Poulin and I'm from Province of Quebec, Canada. I write novels full-time since
April 2003.

"Excuse the quality of my English because I'm French.

"In 1995, on April 20, a Thursday night at 8:30 p.m., I was a man in early thirties, full of health and life to live ahead of me. Fifteen minutes later, I was near death, severely intoxicated by an aspirin.

"Lying on a hospital bed, with only few seconds to live, the desperate young and inexperienced doctor, in the emergency room, whispered me that weird thing: 'Young man, you can live or die in a few moments. I can help you for both, which one do you choose?'

"I barely said: 'Live!'

"After three days, I went back home. I was astounded about every little thing I would have missed if I had died; the sound of birds, the wind in my hair, the smell of fresh air, eating a good pizza ...

"From that day, I decided that I will live to the fullest and realize every of my dream. I was sure that death could sweep me again from the surface of the earth anytime. So, no time to waste.

"And guess what?

"Days passed by, months passed by. None of my new life resolutions get on the way. I lived a normal life for over seven more years, wishing that tomorrow will bring me ... what I was wishing for. Oh yeah! I had great dreams, but ...

"One day, a Sunday, I took a car ride and stopped at a garage sale. I was looking for black old typewriting machine. I love to collect them and write with them. What I was looking for was an old Underwood No. 5. On my left, there was a box full of English and French books for sale; 25 cents each book. One caught my attention: Pyscho-Cybernetique. The title awakened an old dream when I was young: to become a cybernetician. Robots and machines were something fascinating for me. I bought the book and started reading it in my car. I found that mental science very sophisticated. What the hell is that book! I came back home and read it in one shot. The sun was rising during the next morning of that summer night of July 2002. I said to myself: 'Now you have the instructions on how your brain works. Do something of your life.' I can say that I started my new life by wisely investing 25 cents.

"I phone my boss and told him I was sick. Then, I read the book another time during the day.

"The rest is history.

"I divorced from an unsatisfactory relationship, found the most beautiful girl on earth, and bought a house with her. I took a full leave from my job and started writing a novel. I will soon complete my third in
three months!

"I also lost 20 pounds and reshaped my body. I practice crazy sport like tree climbing, river running, and knife fighting. Everything turned out good for me. People say, I'm crazy, that I should beware of such drastic changes in a short time.

"I didn't listen to them. Last December, I started English lessons and now manage in a conversation.

"When someone ask for my secret, I told them: 'act as if' and 'train in your mind.' Then the person says, 'That's it? No pills, no psychotherapy!'

"Today, I share my secret by giving a Psycho-Cybernetics book as gift to people I care about or to people who are tired to force their way through success.

"I'm disappointed to hear about people that they haven't had time to read the book I offered them!

"Anyway, I don't think I will win your $500 contest for the most dramatic weight loss.

"But what I've gained with Psycho-Cybernetics will last forever.

"I have three other books to write. Number seven will be about success and Psycho-Cybernetics.

"Thanks for all!

"Daniel Poulin, writer and life lover.

"P.S. Next week, I will have my copy of The New Psycho-Cybernetics. I hope it will teach me
another trick!"

The Case of the Least-Likely-to-Succeed Stockbroker

Cella Quinn was born with a gift, an advantage: far-above-average intelligence. She is a Mensa member, an association of people with IQs in the top 2% of the entire population. But this "gift" was of little use to her for quite some time, thanks to other birth disadvantages. She was born with a severe cleft lip and palate, a birth defect that is a split in the roof of the mouth and the upper lip, and that produces "mangled" speech. It is often accompanied by a deformed nose. Cella described hers as looking like "a quonset hut with one corner of the roof collapsed." The crude, minimal surgery of the time did not help her speech. Her speech was so unintelligible to many that she carried a pad and pencil with her to communicate with. Her jaw, teeth, and face often ached. Cella had a very difficult time in school; other children picked on her, and even teachers presumed her stupid.

"When you can't speak," Cella said, "people think you are stupid. My family, teachers, other children thought so, and even I started to believe it."

She was 16 when she left home, catching a bus to the nearest big city, with $44 in her pocket. She had no plan, no idea where she was going; she only knew she had to escape where she was. She got a dishwasher job at a drugstore lunch counter. She was able to rent a basement room from a woman who worked as a prostitute. This woman encouraged Cella to improve herself, to continue her education, and to push to do something with her life. In conversations, Cella learned that the woman owned real estate and even invested in stocks, something that both surprised her and motivated her.

A dentist, who stopped for coffee each morning at the Walgreen's lunch counter, got a note passed to him one morning from Cella. It read: "My teeth hurt so much. I can only pay you $5 a month. Will you help me?" The dentist arranged for her to receive surgeries and subsequent dental care, at a total cost of over $3,000. Cella remembers bursting into tears over the sum. However, she worked at multiple jobs, paid those bills, paid to attend business school to become a secretary, and saved up to pay for plastic surgery for her nose. Then she worked her way through the University of Nebraska, obtaining a degree in journalism after 12 years. For the next 7 years, she worked in Lincoln, Nebraska, as a reporter. An ad for a trainee for Merrill Lynch intrigued her. She soon began a career with Merrill Lynch. Somewhat to their surprise, she did well, and after 7 years, she was recruited by Smith-Barney and made a vice president.

Cella Quinn went on to achieve truly extraordinary success as a stockbroker, investment adviser, and ultimately, as president of her own investment firm. Her personal lifestyle has mirrored that of the rich and famous, complete with a mansion with a swimming pool in its living room, luxury automobiles, civic leadership, and security.

How did this woman manage to persevere through so many disadvantages and hardships to achieve such success?

She says her conversion was never easy. "My self-image was terrible, but due to a combination of necessity, an occasional push from someone else, and gradually discovering abilities, I moved ahead." Early in her selling career, she consulted a psychiatrist to improve her self-esteem. He told her she was not "stupid" as she believed; in fact, to the contrary, she was extremely intelligent, and he urged her to take the Mensa examination – and she passed!

She discovered the original edition of Psycho-Cybernetics while still working at Walgreen's and says it was pivotal in getting her to pursue and obtain plastic surgery. She also credits the book with giving her the courage to seek therapy. Finally, she began to understand that she need not be held back by any of her childhood traumas and that she could take pride and confidence from the progress she had made. "Dr. Maltz's ideas made it possible for me to go from an 88-cent-an-hour dishwasher to owning my own investment firm," says Cella Quinn.

Regardless of the impetus, the important point is that Cella Quinn tested the "truths" about herself and discovered they were not true at all!

Be inspired by this example and test every believed but limiting "truth" on your self-image's inventory. You too may very well discover some of the most inhibiting are not true at all.

The Case of the Professor's "F"

"I was flunking out of college and contemplating suicide when I first read Psycho-Cybernetics, and it literally turned my life around."

That dramatic statement comes from college professor, professional speaker, author, and successful businessman Marshall Reddick. Mr. Reddick says that, at age 20, he was struggling just to stay in college, and believed he lacked the intelligence necessary to make it to graduation, let alone to go further toward success in life. He was also painfully shy, a representation of his poor self-image and near total absence of self-confidence.

After reading Psycho-Cybernetics, he began experimenting with some of its simplest, most basic prescriptions and techniques. "I began to reprogram myself," he says. "For example, I placed little notes all around me, in my pockets, on my mirror, in my car, 'reminding' me that I was a confident person and a capable person. Sure enough, after just 21 days, I started to feel and behave differently."

Marshall Reddick went on to complete a successful academic career, obtaining his bachelor's degree in business and economics, a master's degree in business from Colorado State University, his Ph.D. in business from Texas Tech University, and a three-year tenure as professor of business and economics at California State University. "I had all my students read and then write a report on Psycho-Cybernetics," Reddick says, "and I still recommend the book today."

Today, Mr. Reddick is a much-in-demand professional speaker and has earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association. His seminar company has been presenting programs on time management, negotiations, and peak performance for corporate clients worldwide since 1975.

Isn't it remarkable that a failing student can metamorphose into a stellar student, earn a Ph.D., and step to the other side of the desk as professor, from such simple techniques? Self-made multimillionaire W. Clement Stone had a favorite saying: "Little hinges swing big doors." It has many profound applications, and this is one of them – that frequently little tests of "truths" imbedded in the self-image, little experiments in exercising new control over one's thoughts can swing open huge doorways to rapid and dramatic personal growth.

It isn't necessarily the size of the idea but the size of the opportunity that governs the result. By experimenting with even the simplest of the ideas found in Psycho-Cybernetics, you too may make amazing self-discoveries.

The Case of the Alcoholic's Daughter

"I am a professional speaker. The other day, as I was getting ready to leave my office to deliver a keynote address for a large association's luncheon, my eyes went to the bookcase in my office – where one book stands out from all the others. Soft cover, tattered in places, used and worn. It takes me back to 1960.

"I was working my way through Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, by being the 'girl Friday' for a prestigious law firm. The managing partner became my mentor. I know today that he saw the low self-esteem in that 19-year-old girl. In one of our meetings that year, he handed a copy of Psycho-Cybernetics to me to read. If he said it was worthwhile, then it was, and I digested its contents that very week. Maxwell Maltz offered me tools to 're-engineer' my thoughts and feelings about myself, in ways that had never occurred to me.

"For the first 16 years of my life, my father was a troubleshooter for a huge manufacturing company, and they must have had a lot of troubles because we moved every year, sometimes twice in the same year, coast to coast and back again, 17 schools in 12 years. On weekends, after traveling all week, my dad came home and crawled into a bottle. My mom was rarely able to leave the house and, as the eldest of four children, I became her legs. I was the one who got the utilities connected each time we moved, got bills paid, groceries purchased. Yet, in her eyes, I never quite did anything well enough. With this as background, I was attempting to function effectively in the world of work, and struggling obviously enough that my employer handed me this book about the self-image.

"The first year that I was given Psycho-Cybernetics, I read it five times. Over the next five years, I reread it several times each year. Maxwell Maltz became my encourager. He not only opened the door to a new way of living for me, but he birthed a lifelong interest in mind-body studies that directed my career and brought me a lifetime of fulfillment. Today, I speak to audiences all over the country on issues of self-esteem and communication. I know firsthand that we cannot connect with others until we connect with ourselves."

Peggy Collins traveled from law firm clerk, to a top producer in real estate sales, to senior vice president of a banking institution before embarking on her current career as a professional speaker and workshop leader, with an impressive corporate client list, including Mobil Oil, Frito-Lay, Burger King, and the J.C. Penney Corporation. Her story reinforces the important fact that the past need not predict the future. It is a well-known psychological fact that children of alcoholics face significant and special problems. But depending on your definition of "dysfunctional family," nearly everyone has one! Each person must rise above childhood experiences or adverse adult experiences to take control of his or her own personality, beginning now and moving forward.

The Case of the Woman Who Could Not Walk

"Dear Dr. Maltz – please let me express to you my feelings of gratitude for your book Psycho-Cybernetics." So began a letter much like thousands of others received in Dr. Maltz's office over the years. However, this letter went on to describe a truly amazing story ...

"What I am about to share with you is very personal and charged with emotion. When I think of how one paperback book has changed my whole life, is it any wonder I want to tell you my story, hoping it may help others.

"My life began in Providence, Kentucky, on October 1, 1924, as a healthy, normal 9-pound baby girl. I was stricken with muscular dystrophy at age 10. I recall overhearing the doctor telling my parents that they might as well take me out of school as I had less than one year to live. This etched fear deep into me. Gradual changes took place in my motor abilities. I began to stumble; soon it became difficult to walk. Then I began to experience great difficulty using my hands. With loving and understanding, I began a journey that would span 20 years, trying to cope with this progressive disease, this shadow of doom, MD.

"Many summers were spent in hospitals, in body casts, in therapy. Finally, specially-built shoes with steel braces attached were provided to help me walk. My whole body was showing signs of weakness. Tasks that were so simple for others were great frustrations for me. Still, in spite of numerous obstacles, I managed to complete my education, which included college. Then came 13 years teaching school. At the age of 25, I was told I must undergo an operation on both ankles or risk spending the remainder of my life in a wheelchair. After suffering these operations, almost a year of confinement in casts and a wheelchair, I had to learn to walk again. It was months before I could stand for periods of time. Several years before I was able to return to work.

"Even though, for the most part, the operations were a success, mental scars remained, and they became a greater handicap to me than did my physical disabilities. I lacked self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-reliance. I seemed to have lost a sense of direction and a purpose in living."

We will interrupt only for a moment to make this important point: It does not matter how or by what series of events a person loses the purpose for living, and with it self-esteem and self-confidence. It happens to tens of thousands of people, thousands of different ways. It certainly does not require severe physical handicaps or trauma to wind up in this very same emotional state. However, the pathway out of this darkness, into the light, is the same regardless of what brought on the darkness in the first place.

The letter continues ...

"Well-meaning friends and my family tried to help me. Inspirational booklets, books, and a desperate search into all types of philosophy filled every waking moment. I investigated everything from Buddhism to transcendental meditation. I even delved into some of the ancient Vedas. One day while browsing in a bookstore, my eye caught sight of a book titled Psycho-Cybernetics. The title aroused my curiosity. I was told by the clerk in the store that she simply couldn't keep enough copies on hand, that it was one of the bestselling books in her store. That was all I needed to hear. I bought a copy and found that I couldn't lay it down. For the first time in my life I began to gain an insight into my own behavior.

"When I finished the book, I decided that someday I would meet the author. I didn't know how this meeting could come about, but I knew I must have the opportunity to tell Dr. Maltz of my appreciation.

"Over a period of years, Psycho-Cybernetics has served as an action manual for me. My attitude has changed from the negative to 'a winning feeling.' What now appears to be a miracle to others is simply my working to change my own self-image.

"I have become somewhat of a medical phenomenon. Every doctor that has examined me has said that I do not have the physical muscle ability to walk. From a medical standpoint there seems to be no logical explanation for the fact that I do walk. I was recently named 'Handicapped Professional Woman of the Year' at the District-4 Pilot International Convention. This award is jointly sponsored by Pilot and the President's Committee on Employment for the Handicapped. I have just been appointed to Governor Askew's subcommittee on information and press relations on employment of the handicapped here in Florida.

"Through my work in television, I have had the good fortune and pleasure of working with many well-known personalities. Among the notables was – you, Dr. Maltz.

"I have come to know what it is to live a fulfilling, useful, and happy life."

Jeanne Sanders

Jeanne and her husband Peter became good friends of Max and Anne Maltz.

About her, Dr. Maltz once wrote, "Sooner or later in life, every person must face catastrophe. Each person then chooses to rise above it, no matter how Herculean the effort required, or to succumb to it. How can Jeanne Sanders walk and drive a car without the muscle capability and strength required to do so, according to all medical experts? Because of the muscle strength of her self-image, which cannot be so readily seen or medically evaluated."

It is significant that Jeanne Sanders noted that she used Psycho-Cybernetics as an "action manual." Unlike philosophical writings and unlike scores of other self-improvement books, Psycho-Cybernetics emphasizes things to do, not just things to think. This is important, because it is the constructive doing that yields results.

Some of the above true-life stories and accounts of success with Dr. Maltz's techniques are reprinted from The New Psycho-Cybernetics (book) published by Prentice-Hall.

The New Psycho-Cybernetics

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