Serenity, vitality, and health are the result of living mindfully —
and it can happen for you starting right now!

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You could be missing out on many of the richest moments of your life… let me explain.

The Lao Tzu quote above is a powerful reminder of how complicated we tend to make our lives, yet how simple it is to live the solution each and every moment.

Too many of us spend our entire lives unconsciously worrying about a future that hasn’t happened yet… or reliving a past that is already gone. In the process, we spend much of our time out of touch with the present moment, which is the only time in which we have a chance to live or act.

In one of the most profoundly beneficial programs ever offered by Nightingale-Conant to seekers of a better life, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., leads you to the serenity and vitality that come from living mindfully.

It’s called Mindfulness Meditation, and in it, Dr. Kabat-Zinn draws on three decades of experience as a meditation practitioner and teacher as he guides you through a fascinating, life-altering exploration of mindfulness and its application to the lives of busy people like you.

Like millions of Americans, you may have first encountered Dr. Kabat-Zinn when his renowned Stress Reduction Clinic was featured on Bill Moyers’ PBS series Healing and the Mind.

Dr. Kabat-Zinn weaves a tapestry of warm personal anecdotes, rigorous scientific research, inspirational poetry, and ancient Eastern philosophy to help you:

  • Bring inner balance and clarity of vision to every aspect of your daily life. Even taking a shower or going for a walk becomes an opportunity for mindfulness
  • Tune in to — and honor — the messages and signals your body is constantly sending you
  • Use mindfulness to reduce stress and promote wellness
  • Reduce physical and emotional pain by transforming your experience of it

Are you a human being or a human doing?

We call ourselves human beings. But often, we are more like human doings — rushing after what we like and trying to push away what we don’t.

Mindfulness is about shifting from the doing mode to the being mode.

You will learn to cultivate a “beginner’s mind,” to approach the present moment with freshness and spontaneity.

You will give yourself the gift of stillness, the gift of not having to go anywhere or do anything to be happy.

You will become more mindful, more generous, more patient, less judging, more trusting.

You will cultivate a stability and a calmness of mind, a flexibility in dealing with different kinds of options.

Turn life’s trials into your source of strength and power

Many of the stresses in our lives are unavoidable. The struggle to get to work on time. The need to get along with difficult people. Deadlines. Budgets. Meetings. The pressure to prove ourselves every day.

Routine, repetitive tasks like housework and cooking, as well as some inner-mind states (lack of self-confidence, a feeling of being overwhelmed) and their effects on our bodies can add to the stress we feel.

Our bodies and minds respond to stress with headaches… difficulty falling asleep at night … a feeling that things are “not right … elevated blood pressure… digestive problems.

But while stress is unavoidable, how it affects you is within your control. Dr. Kabat-Zinn explains:

“Meditation gives you the opportunity to be fully present with your experience, and then hold it in a different way. You will begin to develop a much broader repertoire of ways to cope with stress and difficulty, and the problems in your life.”

Although meditation is ultimately about non-doing and not trying to get anywhere… when you begin practicing it, things start to happen!

Enjoyment can come back in the smallest and simplest details of daily life.

Your mind and body suddenly have a natural way of overcoming stress

Very often, it’s not a matter of solving problems, says Dr. Kabat-Zinn, as much as “seeing them dissolve when you shift your relationship to them in a particular way. Things that were a problem in the past can cease to be a problem for you now.”

Pain can decrease. Symptoms can go away. People can begin to feel stronger and healthier.

Studies in medical journals document that people who regularly practice mindfulness-based stress reduction show improved concentration. Less anxiety and panic. Greater awareness.

The benefits can be dramatic, in improved muscle strength, greater flexibility and stamina, and significant relief from lower back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Experience the “Miracle of Mindfulness” for yourself!

Please allow me to send you Mindfulness Meditation: Cultivating the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind so that you can discover for yourself how the inspired techniques and practical applications will make a dramatic difference in your life and the way you live it.

Listen to the 12 lessons as often as you like... and you will quickly begin to regain a profound sense of control over your life. Loving what it feels like to live fully in the life you have, moment by moment, day by day, instead of wondering about the life you feel you might be missing.

Mindfulness Meditation is about learning to experience your life as it unfolds, moment by moment. It’s a wake-up call to your body and mind, an opportunity to transform your relationship with your problems, fears, and pain, and regain control over your life, starting from where you find yourself now.

Make contact with the gold mine embedded in your every breath. Order Mindfulness Meditation today!

Vic Conant
Chairman, Nightingale-Conant

P.S. Mindfulness Meditation includes a special gift: a FREE bonus session that includes a Sitting Meditation and a Loving Kindness Meditation guided by Jon Kabat-Zinn. The opportunities for mindfulness are everywhere, as you will discover when you listen to this miraculous program.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

Cultivating the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind
by Jon Kabat-Zinn

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