Is it really possible to travel through time and space,
to know the future, to revisit the past, and to observe anyone or anything from a remote location, using only your mind?

See the remarkable answer below…

"For us believing physicists, the distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, even if a stubborn one."— Albert Einstein

Dear Friend,

The power of the mind is much more mysterious and far-reaching than we realize. Scientists made a remarkable breakthrough when they mapped regions of the brain that could be involved in mental time travel. Many believe we are on the verge of finding the scientific explanation to why some people can predict the future…why people can visit the future, as well as travel through space using just their minds.

You're about to enter a world in which the rules have changed; one in which time and space as you perceive them cease to exist.

This world is real - and it's all around you. Only the thing is, it's outside the realm of your five senses.

So I encourage you to pause a moment, get comfortable, and focus on relaxing as much as you can. Breathe deeply.

Now let's begin:

Imagine yourself in a small valley, surrounded by mountains. It's a warm summery day and a light breeze is blowing. Billowy clouds are scattered across a clear blue sky. It feels good to be here.

You look up to the top of the tallest mountain, and you see a portal - it is your passageway through time and space.

You notice a transport vehicle at the base of the mountain, and you walk towards it. And as you move through the valley, you can feel the soft, cool grass beneath your feet, and you can smell the crisp, fresh mountain air. It relaxes your entire body.

And as you walk, a lightness of being fills your body and mind. Feel the lightness, as it flows up your spine and through your entire body. All the tension is gone from your body and mind, and your mind becomes quieter and quieter, more and more peaceful, as you're illuminated by a single ray of bright white light. It breaks through the clouds and shines down upon you, protecting you... protecting you...

You experience and radiate the light, as you move closer and closer to the transport vehicle.

By the time you reach it, it's almost as if you're floating. You enter the vehicle and find yourself very comfortable, as the lightness of being continues to fill you and relax you. You feel calm and secure.

The door closes, and you feel the vehicle engage and begin to lift... lifting... lifting... and you look out the window and see the valley as it shrinks from view. You're moving up towards the portal, higher and higher... feel yourself ascending... rising up... up... transcending levels of consciousness... until you've finally reached your destination.

The vehicle door opens and you move out into the sunlight. And there, right in front of you, is the portal that will carry you through time and space and deep into the expanded realms of your mind.

Stepping into Mind Expansion

Now, step through the portal, and imagine yourself becoming that ray of white light that was shining on you moments earlier. As a form of light, you are totally free of any physical limitations.

How does it feel? Now that you're inside the fourth dimension, I want to show you what you can experience.

In this calm state of mind, you can travel into the future or past, or you can remote view, which allows you to observe someone else from a remote location - using only the power of your mind. Say for example, you've arranged an experiment with a friend. He's going to go somewhere you would never guess, and you're going to try to locate him using remote viewing.

You follow the special techniques involved in the remote viewing process, as you focus your attention on your friend. Then, you begin to receive impressions. At first, it feels as if you are making them up, but your guide encourages you to withhold judgment, assuring you that you are making up real things.

Now, let's say your first impression is a shimmering, wide-open area. As you continue to focus, you see a crackly-looking dark mass of intertwining material. It seems to be clouded by the light reflecting off the shimmering area.

The impressions aren't focused enough for you to draw a clear picture. In such cases, it often helps to view the area from above. So that's what you try to do.

A New Vision

From your new perspective, the shimmering area looks more transparent, and you begin to get a lucid perception of a lake surrounded by a forest. You also see a thin moving object on the lake; it looks like some type of boat.

The impressions stop after that. You come out of the experience by going back through the portal, into the transport vehicle, and back down the mountain.

Then you awaken.

After your remote viewing session is over, you call your friend on his cell phone, and you tell him what you saw. He can't believe it. Because you see, he had rented a canoe and gone canoeing in a lake.

Does It Sound Like Fiction?

Believe it or not, remote viewers can routinely observe people or objects no matter where they're located, and with great accuracy. You can learn all about how to do it in a groundbreaking audio program called Mind Travel: Radical Ways to Use Your Mind for Healing, Improved Relationships, and Inner Calm. And no, this is not something from the X-Files - this is real, and I intend to prove it in the pages that follow.

You see, Mind Travel explains psychic phenomena such as remote viewing, future projection, regression into the past, and other instances of extrasensory perception as if they are normal, everyday occurrences. And one of the assertions it makes is that:

Everyone Has Psychic Ability

It is not necessary to hold any particular beliefs about spirituality or anything else in order to be psychic. No special rituals are necessary, although they can help.

And, contrary to what some people might tell you, using psychic abilities is not something reserved for a select few talented individuals; it does not make a person go crazy, nor does it require having a near-death experience.

Instead, psychic abilities are part of our inherent nature. Research from the past 50 years shows conclusively that our universe is both far more grand and more subtle than anyone had previously thought.

For example, Einstein's equation, E=MC2, tells us that all matter is energy. Physicists have proven that metal, plastic, wood and everything else in your world that appears solid is actually made up of swirling molecules temporarily molded in their current patterns, and vibrating at the rates of metal, plastic, or wood. Everything on earth breaks down into subatomic particles of energy.

And most importantly, our own bodies are energy.

Nothing is solid. It's all energy, and energy is nonphysical in nature.

All Life Is Infinite

Not only that, but energy is also infinite.

In fact, physicists have isolated the smallest particles of energy - units far smaller than the atom - and examined them in sealed chambers. The particles remained constantly in motion until they eventually fell to the bottom of the chamber, where they appeared to die.

But soon, the particles bounced back. Only this time, they were a new size and weight and moving in a new pattern and speed.

The conclusion? Energy can't die, it can only transform.

Since we all are energy, we have always existed in some form, and we always will exist in some form.

Furthermore, scientists have also concluded that we only have the technological ability to measure a tiny fraction of the energy spectrum surrounding us. If we could measure the full spectrum, Einstein and current leading-edge scientists believe we would discover entire new worlds, including alternate realities and parallel universes... where, some speculate, events of our lives that we have yet to experience have already taken place!

The fact is, there are unexplored realms of perception all around you.

Transcending Your Physical Limitations

For example, science has proven the mind is nonlocal - i.e., it cannot be confined to specific points in space, such as brains and bodies, or to specific points in time, such as the present moment. Your consciousness, as a form of energy, is infinite.

In the past, belief in the infinite nature of consciousness has been considered an illusion at worst or a matter of faith at best. But today, such a belief is now a matter of data. And it can open up vast new realms of perception.

Today, it's common knowledge that people rarely use more than 10% of their mental capabilities. But now, with Mind Travel, you can access the mysterious 90% of your mind that is unused - any time you want.

By stepping into the uncharted realms of your mind, you can transcend your own physical limitations and enter the fourth dimension. You can travel into the distant past, project yourself into the future, observe anyone or anything in the world, no matter where they're located, and discover miraculous truths about yourself in the process.

This exciting, new reality can create the ultimate sense of freedom for you, if you open yourself to it.

So are you open to it?

I hope so, because I'm excited to tell you more.

YES! I want to travel to the Fourth Dimension" and pick up nuggets of wisdom and psychic powers at will.

Remote Viewing:
Proof of Nonlocal, Universal Consciousness

Now, I've already briefly touched on remote viewing. And the most exciting aspect of it is that it's immediately verifiable. If you're right, no one can dispute it.

The U.S. Government and the Stanford Research Institute have proven remote viewing works.

In fact, for over a decade, the CIA spent millions of dollars a year having remote viewers mentally spy on the Russians. Project Scanate, Project Grill Flame, Operation Sun Streak, and Operation Stargate have all been declassified, and their results have been conclusive: namely, remote viewing has revealed hundreds of military targets that were subsequently verified by satellite imagery in the years that followed.

The Stanford Research Institute (SRI) has conducted numerous experiments on remote viewing, many in conjunction with the CIA. In one of the experiments, they ran many tests by placing either a psychic or a non-psychic subject in a relaxing room with one of the scientists. Neither person had any communication with the outside world until the session was complete.

Just before the room was sealed, another group of scientists would greet the test subject. Then they would leave the room and select an envelope that described a random location in the Bay Area. Once they arrived at the location, they would walk around for 15 minutes, perceiving all the sights, sounds and smells.

In the laboratory room, at the appointed time, the test subject began to perceive impressions. Since the scientist with the test subject didn't know where the "outbound" scientists were, he was free to ask questions to elicit exacting details.

At the end of the session, the outbound team returned to SRI and met with the subject to compare results.

And they found that all the psychics and almost all the non-psychic test participants could remote view, with surprising accuracy.

Finding Lost Treasures

You can also use remote viewing to locate missing objects. For example, Mind Travel author Dick Sutphen describes a situation in which he used remote viewing to find a treasured lost book.

He says:

When I tried to remote view the first, I received nothing. Then slowly a claustrophobic feeling began to creep over me. Next I began to get impressions of tightly-packed a box...surrounded by spiders. Then nothing. I counted myself awake, got up and asked my wife, "Tara, have you packed away some clothing in boxes?"

Tara said, "Sure, the kids' clothes. Some of their precious baby outfits. I couldn't bear to give them away."

"Is it up in the attic over the garage?" I asked.

She nodded her head. And in the claustrophobic crawl space, filled with spider webs, I found two boxes. The first was filled with clothes and baby toys, but no book. In the second box, I found my book sandwiched between some of the children's baby books, beneath the clothes.

These examples prove there is a nonlocal, universal mind that can be tapped. It also shows our connection to the community of spirit (or, as Jung would call it, the collective unconscious).

Now, the collective unconscious is the sum total of all humankind's knowledge and experience throughout time, from the beginning of our species right up to the present. As a result, universal symbols (i.e., archetypes) are buried deep in our subconscious minds, and they tend to emerge in dreams, psychic sessions, meditation, and even while daydreaming.

By listening to Mind Travel, you can learn to use these symbols to move freely outside the realm of time and space. In so doing, you will not only be able to remote view; you also will have the ability to visit the future and the past, as well as find healing from physical and psychological illness.

And now it's time to experience:

Precognition: Knowing the Future before It Happens

When it comes to knowing the future, most people experience it in their dreams. Precognitive dreams have unusual clarity, and often contain bizarre and unfamiliar material.

For example, there's the story of the young man who was exploring the terrain and the villages of the Himalayas. One part of the trip involved flying in a single engine plane to a remote part of the country.

Well, the evening before the flight, he had a hard time getting to sleep. When he finally did fall asleep, he had a frightening dream in which he was in a fiery airplane crash.

The next day, he decided to change his plans. The dream was so vivid, he just didn't want to risk flying. Now, he didn't want his companions to think he was silly or superstitious, so he just told them he thought they should take another day to explore where they were before moving on.

Fortunately, he convinced them.

Later that day, while they were out hiking, they saw an explosion and a fire several miles away. When they returned to the village that evening, they discovered the plane they had planned to be on had crashed and exploded, killing everyone on board.

He was in shock for a week.

Now, just like the man's dream, most premonitions are forecasts rather than prophecies. In other words, people can choose to make use of the information they receive, and in so doing they can change their futures.

The good news is, you don't have to wait for occasional dreams to project into the future. In fact, Mind Travel will show you how to make precognition a regular occurrence. And the impact it can have on your life can be substantial.

Success Linked to Precognitive Ability

For example, at a business retreat in Newark, New Jersey in the 1960s, two physicists asked 67 company presidents to guess a 100-digit number that would be randomly generated by a computer. Then they compared the presidents' answers to their profit-making ability.

What did they discover? The presidents whose companies had the highest profits guessed the number 43% more accurately than the presidents who had generated smaller profits.

Precognitive tests have also shown that the top managers in business are more skilled at using their intuition for decision making than middle- and lower-level managers.

Just think of what you could do once you fully develop your intuition and precognitive ability...

You could attract a better job, create your own business, or start the career of your dreams. You'd live in harmony with everyone; people would be attracted to you; you'd experience more love and joy with your family and friends; and you'd build a satisfying and more mutually-nurturing bond with your spouse or partner.

But possibly one of the most gratifying things you would be empowered to do is help others. You could ease people's pain and suffering and help them avoid danger. You could help the less fortunate and use your energies to aid worthy causes - and in the process you'd make the world a better place.

How to Develop Your Psychic Ability

Once you've awakened your psychic ability with the help of Dick Sutphen and Mind Travel, you will have an edge in everything you do. But before you can develop that ability, you must give up all judgments about yourself and your ability to be psychic. To be psychic, your mind must be quiet. Only then can you reach a peak level of performance.

In other words, when it comes to psychic performance, positive thinking doesn't work. Negative thinking doesn't work. Non-thinking works. Just get out of your own way and let it happen.

Only then can you tap into the enormous power and advantages that can be yours through precognition.

And non-thinking works not only for future projection, but also for remote viewing and regression into the past, the next subject we'll explore. But before we do, let me tell you more about your Mind Travel guide, Dick Sutphen.

Your Guide to the Expanded Realms of Your Mind

Dick Sutphen has been called "America's Foremost Psychic Researcher." For over 20 years, he's worked full time in the field, conducting research, counseling people individually, writing books, and leading over 125,000 people through personal experiences in seminars. He has appeared on many national radio and television shows, including Donahue, Good Morning America, NBC Tomorrow and The David Susskind Show. Today, he lives and works in Malibu, California with his wife, Tara, and their children.

One of the main advantages Sutphen brings you in Mind Travel is that he doesn't just talk about psychic phenomena - he actually guides you gently into psychic experiences.

You see, over the years, Sutphen discovered that you can elicit psychic experiences more easily by using hypnosis, ambient music and sonic pulses to induce the theta state of consciousness. When the mind is in theta, distracting thoughts tend to disappear, and you can more easily achieve the mental quietness that is so vital to gaining psychic insight.

In the past, only the most disciplined and skilled meditation experts could quiet their minds and enter theta consistently. But the advanced technology contained in Mind Travel allows you to enter theta whenever you want. And the program takes you there very gently, in a way you'll both enjoy and appreciate.

That's what sets the program apart from anything else I've seen. You actually experience the information you're being presented with. And, as with any skill, the more you practice, the better you get at using your natural psychic abilities.

Imagine what it would be like if you could observe anyone or anything from a remote location, using only the power of your mind. Who would you watch? What would you try to learn? What objects or landmarks would you locate? Imagine having a clear picture in your mind's eye.

Think of how much better off you'd be if you could know the future ahead of time, allowing you to change it so you can achieve more of your objectives. Just imagine what it would be like to know how someone will respond to you before you do anything! It would give you incredible business and social advantages, which in turn would make it easy for you to advance yourself and get virtually anything you want.

Master Dick Sutphen's
15-minute meditation,

and his research suggests that you can learn to:

Forecast the Future

Visit Past Lives

Make Sense of the Present

See Through Walls

Read People Like a Book

Heal Illness through Thought and Touch...

And find the one thing everyone yearns for!

- Every time your intuition, hunch or gut feel proves accurate...

- Every time a premonition materializes...

- Every time your prayer comes true...

- Every time you experience déja-vu...

- Every time you sense the presence of an absent loved-one...

- Every time good fortune comes your way...

- And every time misfortune misses you by a whisker...

In what lasts less than a blink of an eye...

...your mind travels to the “Fourth Dimension” (your “Super Conscious Mind”) where it sneaks a peek into the future and parallel realities and picks up a nugget of wisdom. Then your mind returns to the world of your five senses ... without remembering the incident.

And, according to Dick Sutphen, something else happens:

That nugget of wisdom you brought back manifests itself into a premonition, hunch or gut feel...

that guides you in making a better decision, improving a relationship, saving you from a close call, pointing to treating a life-threatening illness or blessing you with good fortune.

Then, as you find yourself awed as events unfold in your favor -- without explanation, cause or reason -- you find yourself thanking your lucky stars or saying, “Wow, there is a God.”

But the truth remains: your “Super Conscious Mind” does exist and when you enter it, you tap into infinite wisdom and divine powers that will benefit you.

But here's the dilemma: when will your next visit take place?

Can you afford to wait for creative inspiration to strike... to wait for an answer to arrive... to wait for a sign from heaven to appear... or to wait for your inner voice to speak?

You've got important decisions to make now!

The good news is that you no longer have to wait! You can travel to your “Super Conscious Mind” and pick up nuggets of wisdom and psychic powers at will.

Past-Life Therapy:
From Skeptic to Believer

Past-life Regression Brings Miracles of Healing

Just think about what you could accomplish if you could revisit the distant past and discover the healing power of regression therapy.

If you aren't familiar with it, regression therapy allows you to erase trauma and transform your mind, body and relationships so you can enjoy your present life more fully than ever before. It can help you heal grief, uncover hidden talents, deal with feelings and issues you never knew existed, and find renewed peace of mind.

It accomplishes all this by taking you through past-life experiences.

Now, although the vast majority of people around the world believe in reincarnation, most people in the U.S. do not. But the truth is, whether you believe in past lives or not is immaterial, because regression therapy reveals your deep-seated beliefs and habitual thought patterns that are the root cause of your present circumstances.

You see, regardless of whether you believe past lives are real or symbolic, the fact is that regression therapy works. In fact, the unconscious mind will almost always produce a past-life story when invited in the right way...even if the conscious mind is highly skeptical.

But today, there is less reason to be skeptical than ever. The scientific "matter-as-energy" argument offers more hard evidence in support of past lives than has ever existed previously. And a growing number of respected scientists, psychiatrists and medical doctors have embraced the concept based on their research and real-life experiences.

Take Dr. Brian Weiss, for example. He's a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School, and is the former Chairman of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Florida.

At one point in his career, some of Dr. Weiss' patients didn't seem to be making progress, even after they had uncovered deep traumas from earlier in their lives.

But when he tried deep, open-ended hypnosis on these "problem" cases, strange things started happening.

Patients began flipping back to previous lives, when they had different names, appearances, and clothes. They recited facts and details about their environments that were totally outside the scope of their knowledge and experience in their current life.

Now at first, Dr. Weiss assumed such "memories" must have been nothing more than fantasies or dreams. But then the symptoms of these "problem" patients suddenly began improving. And dramatically.

Dr. Weiss knew from his training and experience that fantasies and dreamlike material never caused complete and rapid clinical cures. So he began to rethink his position on the subject.

He had to rethink it, because the evidence was overwhelming. And it's been that way not only for him, but also for thousands of others who have experienced past-life regression.

Evidence of Past-Lives

For example, Mind Travel author Dick Sutphen has years of experience exploring past lives. During one experience, he literally relived being a young Indian boy in Copan Honduras as part of the Mayan empire. He says:

I saw so many sites and came up with so many dates in the past-life regression that I felt compelled to investigate further. So I went to the public library, where I attempted to verify the details. To my amazement, there were enough diagrams and information about Copan that I was immediately able to identify a lot of what I had seen in that regression. And yet, to the best of my knowledge, I'd never even heard of Copan Honduras before that day. So this really opened up another major door for me.

Sutphen also cites numerous examples of people who have found healing through regression therapy. For example, one woman had tried everything to lose weight, but nothing had been effective. But when she regressed into a past life, she discovered that she had been snowbound as a young girl in frontier America, and had actually starved to death. Her emotions in that life had carried over to her current life, and she constantly felt the need to be around food. When she realized this, she was finally able to make some progress.

If you've ever struggled to find healing in any area of your life, regression therapy can open up new possibilities for you. In fact, here are some questions to consider that may be signs of past lives:

Signs That Show You May Be Influenced by Past Lives

  • Do you have a hobby or special interest that could relate back to other times and other places?
  • Have you ever been strongly attracted to someone the moment you met them?
  • Do you have a fear or phobia that doesn't seem to relate to known past experiences?
  • Have you experienced unexplained anxiety, guilt or anger?
  • Do you have repetitive dreams that don't seem to relate to your current life?
  • Do you have a talent that can't be explained genetically?
  • Do you have any skills or areas of expertise you developed easily and naturally?
  • Do you have any physical aches, pains or conditions that can't be traced to a specific time or place in your life?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, chances are you're being influenced by your past lives. And Mind Travel will help you discover how your past is affecting the present so you can rise above the undesirable influences, as well as enhance the desirable ones. Once you have learned what you need to know, you can let go of the past and focus your energy on the present and on creating your future.

We've spent some time learning about the different types of experiences that are available to you in the fourth dimension. So let me stop a moment and ask you:

How would you like to be able to access the fourth dimension any time you choose? How would you like to be able to accomplish the kinds of feats I've described in this report - simply by willing it?

Your Gateway to the Fourth Dimension

You absolutely have the power and ability to expand your awareness when you're in such an altered state of consciousness. And the more you work with the proven techniques in Mind Travel, the better you'll get at receiving impressions.

I expect thousands of people will benefit from this groundbreaking new program. For example, one person could use remote viewing to find a missing cat. Another might use past-life regression to find the strength to get out of an unhealthy relationship that has held her back for years. Still another could use future projection to land a new job hundreds of other people were competing for. The possibilities are endless.

I encourage you to write me about your experiences with this amazing new technology - a technology that can help you improve the quality of your life in a unique way that no other Nightingale-Conant product can.

Today, I invite you to experience Mind Travel. You'll receive six audio sessions, each of which explains a certain type of mind exploration and then takes you through the actual experience.

You'll also receive a free bonus audio session that details continuing developments in psychic research, everyday uses for Mind Travel, and more! You even get an open meditation session devoted to helping you explore the areas that intrigue you the most.

And just consider - what if this program really does give you the power I claim it does? What if it truly does hold the answers you're searching for? What if it really is all that I say it is...and you don't order it?

Don't take that chance. If there's ever been a time in your life when you felt compelled to order something, NOW is that time!

If you have a gut feeling this may be for you, that is your higher self-talking to you. Trust your hunch and get your copy of Mind Travel today. And prepare to get blown away!


Vic Conant,
Chairman of the Board, Nightingale-Conant

P.S. Although the idea of traveling to a world in which time and space no longer exist may sound far-fetched, it ceases to be so once you've actually been there. Mind Travel actually takes you into the fourth dimension, where you can experience everything I've described in this report yourself. So go ahead. Put it to the test. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

P.P.S. Be sure to look below at the Table of Contents describing this incredible program. Once you take a peek at it, you will realize this is one of the most effective programs of all time! It will expand your consciousness and perception in ways you may never have thought of before.

Mind Travel

Mind Travel

Radical Ways to Use Your Mind for Healing, Improved Relationships, and Inner Calm
by Dick Sutphen

I want to discover the power that lies just beyond the senses including: practicing remote viewing, future projection, past-life regression and other fourth dimension activities!
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Unleash your psychic powers in just 15 minutes

Dick Sutphen

Hi, my name is Dick Sutphen and I've developed a 15-minute meditation exercise that enables you to travel to the “Fourth Dimension” whenever you wish, and stay as long as you want.

In just 15 minutes you can awaken your “sixth sense” and be able to:

  • be everywhere and see everything;
  • erase harmful karma;
  • rewrite your future;
  • heal illness;
  • and achieve the one thing that everyone yearns for and deserves...

a life blessed with joy, meaning and inner peace.

With my method, you'll tap into the unused 90 percent portion of your mind -- the part that operates at higher frequencies.

At these higher frequencies, you connect to a higher consciousness, receive information from the “collective unconscious” and have the power to:

  • SEE THE FUTURE, by being able to witness events before they happen, you can watch several scenarios and choose the most desirable outcome. For instance, you can use this power to locate the ideal mate, pursue the perfect vocation, make better use of your talents, ensure the best life-path for your kids or make money on the stock market. Why stay in an unhealthy relationship, the wrong job, or paralyzed by worry when you can easily step into the future and see your true path. It's there waiting for you.
  • VISIT THE PAST strong>and gain insight into your life. If you've ever had the nagging feeling that you've met a stranger before, you have; in a past life. When you explore your past lives, you can free yourself from negative baggage, set an exciting new course and help others live fuller, more rewarding lives. The answers are there. Until you understand the past, and break free from negative karma, you will be forced to continue the cycle. Liberate yourself now!
  • HEAL ILLNESS AND ELIMINATE PAIN using just your thoughts and touch, you can direct energy to heal yourself, friends and loved-ones.
  • EXPERIENCE RELATIONSHIPS as they're meant to be: open, honest, intimate, loving, trusting, satisfying and enduring.
  • UNLEASH YOUR INNER WISDOM and solve problems, overcome fears, be more creative and learn faster. Tap into the unused portion of your brain where your intelligence multiplies by a factor of 900%.
  • EXPERIENCE THE LIGHTNESS OF BEING. Walk relaxed, at ease, as a quietness of spirit permeates your body and mind.
  • FIND LASTING INNER PEACE as you live a life filled with meaning, joy and satisfaction. Only when you really know the truth, and tap into your innate powers, will you be free to live life as it was meant.
    Plus, this last one, which may be the toughest for many to swallow:
  • REMOTE VIEW. See through walls. Transcend physical boundaries and watch any event taking place anywhere in the world at this moment.

I've recorded my simple meditation exercise -- along with plenty of proof that we all have psychic powers and how you can tap into yours -- on a groundbreaking audio program titled, Mind Travel: Radical Ways to Use Your Mind for Healing, Improved Relationships, and Inner Calm.

Listen to Mind Travel and hear

  • Evidence that the U.S. Defense Department, CIA and the Russians have been using psychic powers for remote spying in “Project Scan-Gate,” “Operation Sun Streak,” “Operation Star Gate” and “Project Grill Flame.”
  • Eye-opening results from research scientists at Stanford Research Institute at Stanford University on “Psychokinesis” (the ability to move objects with your mind).
  • Recently declassified military information from the Monroe Institute where Joe McMonigal, a retired US Army Intelligence Officer who received the prestigious Legion of Merit Award, performed amazing tests in which he projected his mind to the planet Mars; proving the existence of UFOs.
  • Albert Einstein's technique for coming up with brilliant theories and creative solutions (it's similar to my 15-minute meditation exercise).
  • A remarkable feat -- documented in the Wall St. Journal -- in which Russell Targ looked into the future, accurately forecasted stock prices for nine consecutive weeks and earned $120,000. Hal Putoff used the same method and earned $25,000. You'll also hear about a famous billionaire investor who uses a psychic's advice on multi-million dollar deals.
  • The revelation discovered by scientists from Newark College in New Jersey when they divided a group of 67 company presidents and asked them to guess a number randomly picked by a computer.
  • Surprising findings when a University of Texas political science professor tested the ESP skills of 2,000 managers and stumbled upon the startling method by which they make their most important decisions.
  • How psychics help businesses forecast which new products will succeed, which person to hire and why profits are down (hear how it took Dr. Gill Gillie just 20 minutes to solve a Cadillac dealer's money problems).
  • Case studies in which people used their new-found psychic powers to overcome their personal problems, including:
    • a 300-pound, 22-year-old woman who couldn't lose weight
    • a man who suffered from back pain; a woman plagued with migraines;
    • Carla and her disdain for children;
    • Sandra and her insecurity
    • Belinda's distrust of men; John's dislike of Asians
    • a workaholic; a woman paralyzed by insecurity
    • a couple who couldn't have children
    • and much more.
  • “The Law of Grace” and how to apply it to cancel out stored up bad karma.
  • News of a book written centuries ago that forecasted over 1,000 events with uncanny accuracy: The Great Depression; the moon landing, including Armstrong's famous words; and even the Oklahoma City bombing, along with these words, “Murrah Building, death, desolated, slaughtered, killed, torn to pieces. His name is Timothy McVeigh. Day 19 on the 9th hour in the morning he ambushed, he pounced. Terror.”
  • The concept of “Cosmic Fishing” as Buckminster Fuller, world-famous engineer, inventor, designer, architect, writer, educator, philosopher and poet described the source of much of his success.
  • And much, much more.

During the past 20 years I've shown 125,000 people how to tap into their psychic powers and use them to transform their lives. Now I'd like to show you.

Free Bonus: Order now and you will receive this bonus CD which gives you valuable additional insight into psychic powers, plus a meditation session using the “theta pulse.”

Session A is entitled, “One Soul/ Many Journeys.” On it I explain “parallel lives” and the “oversoul.” I also share my personal adventures and experiences along with practical uses of mind travel.

Session B is music and “theta pulse” -- without any verbal guidance -- which you can use in your private meditations. It takes you from full beta (wide awake) down through alpha (meditative state) and into theta consciousness (deep meditation/altered state).

To a lot of people, my claims sound farfetched. But if you're the least bit curious in learning about your innate psychic powers, and how you can tap into them, I urge you to order your risk-free copy today. Listen to Mind Travel and decide whether it's for you. You have nothing to lose, and much to gain.


Dick Sutphen

P.S. You can spend the rest of your life waiting for hunches and premonitions to appear ... or, you can learn how to tap into your higher wisdom whenever you wish and use it to aid you in every facet of your life.

Mind Travel

Mind Travel

Radical Ways to Use Your Mind for Healing, Improved Relationships, and Inner Calm
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