Become unforgettable and irresistible to everyone you meet by acquiring the critical ‘X-Factor’

Dear Future Irresistible,

Do you ever wonder what it takes to stand out today, when everyone seems to be offering the same advantages?

Dale Carnegie Training asked that very question not long ago. And what it discovered has been heralded as the single most important personal development breakthrough of the 21st century.

As such, its findings have major implications for your own ambitions and how much you will (or won’t) achieve in the future. To understand why, read on:

In recent years, Dale Carnegie Training’s study of success patterns detected an
unexpected and disturbing development:

The organization discovered that for the first time, men and women who possessed all of the traditional guarantors of personal and professional success — a top-notch education, exceptional talent, and a positive attitude — were no longer achieving at consistently high levels.

Not only that — they were actually being turned down for jobs, being passed over for promotions, and earning noticeably lower incomes than their counterparts a decade earlier had been!

It was a shocking finding, to say the least.

To understand why it was happening, the organization decided to focus its inquiry on the people who were getting the great jobs, big salaries, and huge personal and
professional rewards.

What did these men and women have that others who seemed to be infinitely qualified didn’t have?

What was it that set them apart and made them so incredibly desirable to those who were rewarding them?

The organization’s investigations soon revealed something fascinating. Though the elite achievers it was studying were as varied and original a group of people as could be imagined, there was one single characteristic — a kind of success “X-Factor” — that they all shared.

Actually, this X-Factor was more or less the only thing the subjects had in common. Yet as the research continued, it became clear that — more than any of the traditional achiever characteristics — this elusive X-Factor is, in the 21st century, the one thing that is absolutely critical for success. Those who possess it seem to have a clear edge when it comes to...

      • An abundance of lucrative job opportunities
      • Unlimited career advancement
      • A net worth that increases much more quickly than it otherwise would
      • Relationships free of tension, jealously, and miscommunication
      • The enthusiastic support and assistance of everyone they meet
      • And much more

Many of the extreme achievers the organization studied were, in fact, less “qualified” — in traditional terms — than the people who had unsuccessfully competed for their positions.

Choose the X-Factor and others will want to choose you over everyone else

But when you look at how this X-Factor manifests itself, it’s easy to see why an employer, customer, or client would choose someone who possesses it over almost
anyone else.

After all, empowered with this X-Factor, people are able to make tough challenges seem easy and big problems seem small. They are able to stay cool, calm, and collected, no matter what the circumstance. They get the job done extremely well, but they do so without arrogance, braggadocio, or any need for praise and recognition (although they always get it!).

In turn, these X-Factor achievers receive the respect and admiration of virtually everyone they meet. People want to be associated with them. People bend over backwards to help them. People leap to their defense. People line up to spend time with them, and part ways with them feeling positive and energized.

Educated, talented, motivated people are a dime a dozen these days, but individuals who possess this X-Factor are a rare breed. People spot them right away. And no one ever forgets them.

Which is why if someone identifies the X-Factor in YOU, you will have a tremendous advantage over everyone you’re competing with — even if their other, more concrete qualifications and experience surpass yours.

It’s the edge that takes you to the top

Once Dale Carnegie Training confirmed its findings, the next step was to distill them into a straightforward, easily applicable system, whereby anyone who aspired to wealth, success, and fulfillment could acquire the X-Factor to help him or her achieve those things.

They did, and the result is an audio program that will empower you with the single most powerful and advantageous personal attribute you can possibly possess.

Interested? Then I’d like to send you this program to use and benefit from for the rest of your life.

I hope you’ll take me up on my offer today. Because, believe me, the sooner you have the X-Factor, the sooner you will start attracting the opportunities you know you are worthy of… and the rewards you know you deserve.

The definitive guide for 21st-century success — from the people who have been defining success for more than 30 years!

As vital as this X-Factor is to your overall success, it’s a quality that few so-called
“success authorities” have ever even addressed, much less focused on.

Maybe that’s because — although it’s easy to spot — precisely what it is can be hard to define. The X-Factor reveals itself in so many different ways. In fact, X-Factor achievers’ originality is one of the things that sets them apart from the rest and makes them so unforgettable.

But, as Dale Carnegie Training discovered, there are some common, fundamental characteristics — 10, to be exact — that, together, add up to the X-Factor.

As you probably know, Dale Carnegie was the world-famous author of the internationally bestselling personal development book How to Win Friends and Influence People. This groundbreaking work transformed the world of human relations.

Since 1955, Dale Carnegie Training has been taking the pioneering work and transformational ideas of Dale Carnegie and applying them to some of the most critical and universal issues in the field of personal development and success.

In Make Yourself Unforgettable: The Dale Carnegie Class-Act System, Dale Carnegie Training focuses its expert lens on what the 10 essential elements of the Success X-Factor are… and gives you a clear-cut step-by-step guide for developing and embodying them.

In these 12 fascinating audio sessions, you’ll discover…

    • The six steps to managing communication problems honestly, effectively, and unforgettably (There’s nowhere X-Factor achievers shine brighter than in the area of communications. This one tip alone will transform your life in unbelievably positive ways — and earn you the admiration of everyone you work with.)
    • How to be an inspiration, NOT an imitation (X-Factor achievers may share 10 common characteristics, but acquiring this factor isn’t about becoming like someone else; it’s about being an original — the best YOU that you can be. Make Yourself Unforgettable will show you how to communicate your unique personality with style and flair in everything you do: what you wear, how you speak and write, and much more.)
    • Four unsuspected stumbling blocks to completely ethical behavior, and how to avoid them (Each day brings all sorts of minor ethical dilemmas — many of them so subtle, you don’t even recognize them. The X-Factor will enable you to act unimpeachably in every situation — without coming off as “prissy” or holier-than-thou. In today’s world, this skill is more needed and valued than ever!)
    • A new way to understand and exude confidence (This simple yet profound shift in perspective will cause you to make an immediate and huge leap forward toward being unforgettable.)
    • The two sentences you should always say to an angry person — and what you should do immediately after you say them (One of the hallmarks of X-Factor achievers is their ability to defuse anger and resolve conflicts in a way that leaves everyone feeling understood, respected, and satisfied. There are simple tricks to this seemingly magical and definitely invaluable skill, and you’ll learn them in Make Yourself Unforgettable.)
    • How to make the most of your intuition, without making too much of it (X-Factor achievers know how to utilize their “gut feelings” as a unique form of personal power. But they don’t follow their gut recklessly.)

Make Yourself Unforgettable will give you a systematic way to strengthen and develop your intuition so that you can rely on it to direct you toward positive, unforgettable results in any situation. Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • The five key social skills that identify someone as a class act (They’re the things that have made people unforgettable to you. Now you can use them to become the epitome of a class act in the eyes of others.)
    • How to neutralize and even prevent fear and anxiety — in yourself and in the people around you (This skill will make you beloved by everyone from bosses, colleagues, and clients, to friends and family. An ability of incalculable value!)
    • Seven “resiliency builders” that will hone and strengthen your ability to bounce back from adversity (X-Factor achievers don’t get thrown off course by crises — they thrive on them. They do it by preparing themselves in advance, and so can you. Build up your resiliency muscles now, and you’ll emerge a hero the next time the unexpected strikes.)
    • And SO MUCH MORE!

Once you discover exactly what the Success X-Factor is and how you can possess it, you will naturally, effortlessly become irresistible and unforgettable to employers,
co-workers, clients, customers, and everyone else you meet.

And you’ll find that people in every area of your life — from work to home and everywhere in between — respond to you more positively and generously than they
ever have before!

Make a powerful and unforgettable impression on everyone you meet!

Nothing will set you apart, make people notice and remember you, and get you what you want like the mysterious yet unmistakable X-Factor. Make Yourself Unforgettable will empower you with this critical and completely learnable quality so that you can blaze a trail to the heights of wealth and achievement. Order today!


Vic Conant
Chairman, Nightingale-Conant

P.S. If someone identifies the X-Factor in YOU, you will have a tremendous advantage over everyone else you’re competing with — even people whose other, more concrete qualifications and experience may surpass yours! And you can use that advantage to get job offers, land contracts, snag the top clients and candidates, and more.

Don’t wait to uncover the 10 elements that will make you irresistible to everyone you meet.

Make Yourself Unforgettable

Make Yourself Unforgettable

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