How could a man write a novel about one of the most famous and tragic events in history... 14 years before the event occurred?

How could a photographer’s assistant with a 9th grade education diagnose the cause of (and consequently cure) a child’s illness... when a team of trained doctors couldn’t?

How could someone make thousands of accurate predictions about the future and summon long-hidden information from the past... without using trickery or deception of any kind?

Most importantly, how can YOU learn to access this same type of remarkable information?

To find out, READ ON...

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In just a minute, I'll share with you the shocking explanation behind all of these incredible real-life occurrences and many, many more (including some things that may have happened to you.)

First, I think you'll find the following true story to be one of the most fascinating and exciting things you've ever read:

In 1898, a British man named Morgan Robertson set out to write a career-making novel. 

He knew that to captivate the attention of as many readers as possible, it had to have it all: glamour, romance, tragedy. So, after spending some time in deep contemplation, he settled on the details of his plot:

It would be the story of a magnificent ocean liner, the biggest and finest ever built, equipped with every possible luxury and billed as "unsinkable." 

The ship would set sail from England bound for New York, packed with passengers ranging from the deeply impoverished to the magnificently wealthy. 

But... it would never reach its destination.  It would strike an iceberg en route, and as result of the damage and a severe scarcity of lifeboats, hundreds of men, women, and children would perish in the icy waters.

Robertson titled his masterpiece Futility: The Wreck of the Titan.  Yet despite his dreams of literary glory, the book was published to forgettable reviews and quickly faded from memory.
But 14 years later, something happened that the world would never forget:

The mighty Titanic - a ship nearly identical to the one described in Robertson's book, down to the smallest details, even the name  - met its tragic fate in almost exactly the same way and on the VERY SAME DATE that Robertson's ship did in the pages of his novel... which he conceived of more than a decade earlier.

How is this possible? 

The answer to that question (and countless others) can all be found in one of the oldest, most mysterious, and most complete bodies of wisdom known to humankind ...

The amazing "Book of Life"

Without realizing it, Morgan Robertson had led himself into a state of consciousness wherein he accessed something known as the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are, essentially, the storehouse of every thought, word, deed, feeling, and intention that has come from you, me, and every other person who has lived.

Throughout the ages, the tremendous collection of information has been miraculously preserved forever... impressed upon an etheric substance called akasha, which is said to surround the earth like a force field.

When he connected with this information, Robertson literally witnessed the unfolding of future events - an experience he thought was simply the emergence of the "big idea" he'd been searching for. That is how he was able to unknowingly write the story of the sinking of the Titanic more than a decade before it actually happened.

Edgar Cayce - the renowned 20th century clairvoyant, mystic, acclaimed "sleeping prophet," and most documented psychic of all time - first encountered the Akashic Records as a young man, and he maintained an intimate working knowledge of them throughout his life. 

While in the trancelike state he entered in order to give a reading, he frequently described them in detail, relating the vision of a man bringing a large book to him, which Cayce would page through until he came to the particular information he was seeking.

The incredible breadth and depth of information contained in the Records explains why Cayce, who began his adult life as a photographer's assistant with a ninth-grade education, could solicit information completely foreign to his everyday experience, such as:

  • Personal details about people he had never met ... 
  • Geographical details of places he had never been ...
  • Complex medical facts and intimate information about a person's health history, having been given nothing more than a piece of paper containing the person's name and address...
  • And much, much more

Edgar Cayce was unquestionably an extraordinary individual with a unique gift. 

And yet the Akashic Records - the source from which he received all of his insights and prophecies - are open and accessible to us all.

In Living Your Divine Contract: How to Study the Akashic Records and Discover Your Heart's Purpose, author, lecturer, and world-renowned Edgar Cayce scholar Kevin J. Todeschi gives you the secrets to accessing the sacred library of information - secrets known and used by the great prophets, psychics and spiritual teachers throughout history.

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See your future... and if you don't like it, change it

In Living Your Divine Contract, you'll find out how to access future events exactly the same way Morgan Robertson did when he wrote his prophetic novel - in vivid, specific detail, years before they are set to happen. 

But unlike Robertson, you'll be doing it with full awareness of the power you're accessing, and you will have the ability to alter the course of events in order to achieve a different set of outcomes.

Through this amazing exercise, you will be able to:

  • See exactly what your life is going to be like, in detailseven years from now (It's already happening in the Akashic Records. Take a look at where the road you're on is leading you, and see if you like it!)
  • Avoid any painful, unpleasant future experiences you may discover you're headed toward (Your future is already written... but it isn't fixed!  You can change it, if you know what's coming and why.)
  • Create a spiritual roadmap that will lead you to the future you want to have and empower you to become the person you want to be

It is an extremely powerful exercise, one you can use time and again to gain specific insights into exactly where your life is headed at any given moment.

Access the information that will help you create a better, happier life NOW

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you are faced with certain challenges and problems?  Why certain difficult people are a part of your life?  Why you are stuck in a particular job, place, or relationship even though it doesn't make you happy?  Why do certain things happen to you?

In your quest to find the answers, you can spend a lot of time guessing and going down wrong roads and dead ends. 

Or you can simply open the Akashic Records and solicit exactly the information you're looking for. 

The Present-Life Reverie you will experience in Living Your Divine Contract will connect you to the Akashic Records so that you can:

  • Find out the ultimate purpose of every circumstance, "coincidence", and encounter in your life (Everything in your life is there for a specific reason that is written in the Akashic Records.  Learn what those reasons are, and you will be an infinitely calmer, happier person.)
  • Stop misunderstanding the lessons you are supposed to be learning at this time (unquestionably the single biggest cause of unhappiness)
  • Neutralize the effect of people who don't contribute to your happiness (It's easy, once you know the secrets to distinguishing your true "soul mates" from the minor players whose only purpose in your life is to help you learn a lesson.)
  • Discern the difference between valuable choices and plain old mistakes (and stop making the latter!)
  • Start making the choices and decisions that will lead you to growth, transformation, and ultimate happiness (The Akashic Records will reveal what those choices are.)

Your life as it stands today is the result of your past experiences and the determinant of your future experiences.  Getting clear on your present circumstances and getting them ordered toward a happy and fulfilling future are two of the most important things you can do.  The Akashic Records are the key to doing so with no mistakes or misinterpretations.

"Fix" the present by uncovering hidden information from your past

The case that first brought Edgar Cayce to prominence was that of a five-year-old girl named Aime Dietrich, who was suffering from mysterious convulsions and what doctors then called the grippe... 

The illness had appeared when she was two years old and had effectively stunted her growth and mental development from that day forward.  Her doctors were baffled by the ineffectiveness of the treatments they had prescribed and had finally abandoned hope of her ever making a recovery.

Her desperate parents had heard about Edgar Cayce's abilities and brought her to him in the hopes he could help where doctors had failed. 

The reading Edgar Cayce did revealed that just a few days before she became sick, the little girl had fallen out of a carriage and, unbeknownst to anyone, suffered an injury to her spine. 

Cayce zeroed in on that injury as the cause of all the maladies that followed.  Her mother cast her memory back and, astonished, remembered that the girl had indeed taken a fall a few days before getting sick, just as Cayce described.

Cayce recommended a specific treatment for the spinal injury, and once the doctors correctly applied it, the girl took an immediate turn for the better.  She quickly rebounded and went on to live an absolutely normal, healthy life.

Just as Aime's untended spinal injury kept her imprisoned in illness while baffled doctors looked on, unseen and forgotten-about "injuries" in your past may be imprisoning you in a life that is less happy, healthy, and fulfilling than it could be.

In the Past-Life Reverie you'll experience in Living Your Divine Contract, you will enter a state of consciousness that will allow you to perceive the Akashic Records and access specific data about your past so that you can bring closure and relief to situations that may seem hopelessly problematic now.  In this transformational guided experience, you will: 

  • Revisit your disremembered past experiences - even those that took place in previous lifetimes!
  • Deal proactively with fears and insecurities by seeing them for what they really are - residual, unresolved reactions to the experiences of your past
  • Find out why you have certain likes and dislikes, talents and skills, even why you've chosen certain people as your friends and romantic partners and rejected others (The answers are all there in your past, and they're often quite fascinating!)

Find out what your dreams really mean... and what they're trying to tell you!

One of the most startling truths revealed by Edgar Cayce's life and work is the fact that nothing happens in our lives that isn't first foreshadowed in a dream.

That assertion is so powerful it bears repeating: Nothing happens in your life that isn't first foreshadowed in a dream!

The answers you're looking for, the information you need, clues about what's going to happen to you and when it's going to happen ... they're all there.  The challenge is, they're often obscured, presented illogically or through symbols whose meanings don't immediately make sense to your logical, literal mind.

In a special BONUS session of the program entitled Dreams: Interpreting the Messages of Your Subconscious, you will learn how to fully and clearly understand the visionary, prophetic, easily interpretable dreams you have - every single night!  You'll find out how to:

  • Remember your dreams, even if you rarely or never have before (Everybody dreams, and everybody sees his or her future in those dreams!)
  • Correctly "read" your dreams- even the strangest and most confusing ones
  • Interpret your dreams' symbols and details with ease and accuracy
  • Make positive use of the astonishing prophetic information your dreams always contain
  • Recognize which elements of a dream have relevance, and which can be discarded
  • Receive answers to specific questions through your dreams

Forget those "dream dictionaries" and any other ineffective tools you may have been given in the past.  Dream interpretation doesn't work that way. But it does work!  It is a skill that can be developed and perfected just like any other. 

Once you do, you will have the power to see events and their outcomes before they happen - and either anticipate them with joy, or change the present-day actions and attitudes that are leading you to undesirable ends, so that you can experience positive outcomes instead.

When you have this knowledge, you can transform your destiny!

The actions, experiences, and choices of your past are responsible for the life you are living right now.  And today, at this very moment, you are thinking, feeling, and doing things that are determining the details of your future.

That is why the paradox of the Akashic Records is possible: why your destiny is already written, yet at the same time is able to be shaped, molded, and even altered at any time by you.

If you are interested in reading that endlessly fascinating story - finding out what shrouded, sometimes-glimpsed chain of events brought you to where you are today, and seeing the tomorrow you have already created for yourself (while you still have time to change it, if necessary) - then you must learn how to gain access to the storehouse of all that information and more: the Akashic Records.

Please allow me to assist you in that discovery, by sending you Living Your Divine Contract: How to Study the Akashic Records and Discover Your Heart's Purpose.

As you listen, you'll learn much more about this incredible storehouse of knowledge.  And you'll discover the tools you need to establish that same life-changing connection with it.

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The Akashic Records were the ultimate source of information for the most documented, accurate psychic ever known. 

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Vic Conant
Chairman, Nightingale-Conant

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Living Your Divine Contract

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