Are you ready for an unparalleled breakthrough?
Are you ready to see what kind of extraordinary world lies just beyond the world you see with your eyes?

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Dear Friend,

As a traveler on the spiritual pathway, you’ve surely experienced many of the joys and wonders of the journey. Perhaps you’ve even “touched bottom” on occasion and connected with that sense of peace and bliss that we’re all searching for.

But no matter how far you’ve traveled down the path of spirit — and no matter how far you’ve imagined yourself going — there is much, much more to know and experience. More, in fact, than your imagination has ever dared to contemplate.

You won’t hear about it in the spiritual mainstream. Quite frankly, the details of this dimension — how you get there, and what happens when you do — are beyond the comfort level of most of the spiritual teachers out there.

Yet according to Stuart Wilde, accessing our true spiritual capabilities simply isn’t possible without entering this realm. Only by going through it can your spiritual journey reach its highest levels. To stop short is to condemn yourself to a kind of spiritual stagnation.

Many believe Stuart Wilde was mentioned in Nostradamus’ Quatrains. For nearly two decades, this remarkable spiritual warrior has traveled along the outermost edges of spiritual exploration. He has consistently challenged himself and others to look beyond the accepted tenets of the spiritual and new age movements… and consistently asserted that the world of spirit is far more vast, varied, dynamic, and interactive than most people ever realize.

Here’s the NEXT step in your spiritual exploration and personal transformation

It’s called The Journey Beyond Enlightenment: The Next Step in Your Personal Transformation, and it contains some of the most astonishing, mind-blowing information I have ever encountered.

I have to warn you… this material isn’t for everyone. But…

…if you are willing to set aside everything you think you know about spirituality, step outside the confines of your everyday three-dimensional reality, and enter into a whole different world, then I would love to send you this amazing program so that you can discover for yourself what I’m talking about.

YES, I want to go further, dig deeper, see more, and get closer to my true, authentic self by exploring spiritual depths I’ve never experienced before.

True, authentic spirituality exists within the Mirror World

In The Journey Beyond Enlightenment, Stuart Wilde will show you how to access and enter what he calls the Mirror World — a hyperdimensional reality that exists beyond the constraints of time, space, and intellect. A reality that lies just past the limits of ordinary vision. A reality which, once you enter it, will reveal the astonishing power of true, authentic spirituality.

Stuart presents a host of guidelines, mechanisms and practical exercises for entering this mirror world and navigating your way through it. As you progress along this remarkable voyage, you will discover…

  • How to experience the collective unconscious for what it really is (not merely a spiritual concept, but a physical dimension; a place you can actually travel to and inhabit and explore.)
  • The best time of day to view the mirror world. (That’s right — you’ll be able to see it with your own eyes, once you know how!)
  • The bodily sensations that indicate you are engaged with the mirror world. (Prepare to be shocked when you discover just how often you unconsciously make contact during the course of an average day.)
  • The ultimate transcendental experience, and how to have it. (It completely changed Stuart’s view of spirituality and extrasensory perception, and it will do the same thing for you. In Session Two of The Journey Beyond Enlightenment , Stuart will tell you how to get there.)
  • How striving for “enlightenment” in the conventional ways is actually keeping you further from it. (Is enlightenment nothing more than a trap, another construct that keeps you separate from truth? Find out what Stuart has to say on this formerly sacrosanct subject. Is he a new-age heretic or a modern prophet? Hear him out, then decide.)
  • The unseen prisons that enslave you and hold you back — with your full consent! — from an authentic experience of yourself, life, and spirituality. (Stuart calls it the Ivory Tower, and one of the main goals of The Journey Beyond Enlightenment is to bring it crashing to the ground. Wait until you discover what your tower is made of!)
  • Astonishing new biophysical research that supports the existence of the etheric field. (Science is finally catching up to spiritual wisdom, and the convergence is revealing some amazing things and opening doors to experiences that were once thought impossible: time traveling, transdimensional beings, dematerialization, supernatural power and more. No longer the stuff of fairy tales and fantasies, they’re REAL and accessible to YOU! Stuart will tell you how to lift the veil on this incredible world.)
  • How to silently discern peoples’ needs and silently heal them—and how to tell if the healing has taken place. (This extraordinary exercise empowers you to make a real, material impact on the lives of the people around you. Amazing!)
  • The key to making yourself invulnerable to dark energies. (Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the entire program—and one of the primary reasons why mainstream spirituality doesn’t “go there”. Yet the remarkable truth that Stuart reveals will set you free in the most profound way imaginable. This is information you’ve long been protected from — without your knowledge and at the expense of your spiritual growth!)
  • Simple lifestyle changes that will open the floodgates of positive energy (including the simple drink that takes just a few seconds to prepare and will instantly shift your physical energy to a better level, the most energy-enhancing foods to eat, and more.)
  • How to attune the resonance of your soul so that you are constantly making a positive imprint on the world around you. (Yes, your soul actually has a sound that emanates out into the universe, affecting everything within its range! Once you get control of this resonance, you will have real power to change people and the world.)
  • The single most powerful thing you can teach people, and the surprising way to do it. (The Divinely-intended goal of spirituality is quite different from what many people—including many self-proclaimed spiritual people—believe it to be.)
  • The three liberations you must experience in order to spiritually advance in a truly meaningful way. ( Stuart will guide you through all three of them in his incredible Crystal Ball Meditation—a magnificent departure from the world of illusion into the true reality.)
  • Stuart’s unexpected message about the current state of the world, and what all of the disasters around the globe are actually indicative of. (We are poised on the verge of a great global renewal. It is ultimately positive … but there will be a negative fallout. Stuart will tell you what you can do to ensure you’re on the good side of the massive transformation of humanity that lies just around the corner.)
  • And much, much more. (Stuart fearlessly delves into subjects, concepts, and planes of consciousness that few spiritual teachers ever dare to consider. Why will he go where they won’t? Because Stuart’s single motivation in life is to uncover the truest, most authentic experience of Spirit there is—whatever that means, whatever it takes to find it, whatever the consequences. If you’re open to a ride that’s completely unpredictable, to a destination that may look nothing like what you’ve imagined, then you are most welcome on his fantastic journey!)

Let Stuart Wilde take your heart, mind, and soul
on The Journey Beyond Enlightenment…

I’ve attempted to describe some of what you will encounter along The Journey Beyond Enlightenment. But the truth is, this is material that defies ordinary description — as does its author, Stuart Wilde. To say that he is uproariously funny, bitingly insightful and startlingly brilliant would be accurate; yet those monikers pale in comparison to the living, breathing man. As anyone who has ever heard him can attest, there is no one — no one — quite like Stuart Wilde. He is a true original.

The only way you can really understand just how genuinely, radically different The Journey Beyond Enlightenment and its renegade author really are, is to hear them for yourself. When you do, you’ll understand why I am hesitant to apply too many labels or definitions to this remarkable material.

The Journey Beyond Enlightenment is one that all spiritual seekers should make, but that few ever do. I hope you will accept my offer today, so that we will soon be able to count you among us.


Vic Conant,
Chairman of the Board, Nightingale-Conant

P.S. If you are more comfortable taking the “safe” (and limited) path of spiritual discovery, then The Journey Beyond Enlightenment is not the program for you. But if you are up for a spiritual adventure few have dared to take, then you must not pass up this opportunity. All you need for the journey is a belief in Divine power, and an openness to the possibility that there’s more to the world of spirit that you (and most other people) have ever suspected.

The Journey Beyond Enlightenment

The Journey Beyond Enlightenment

Stuart Wilde

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