In less than 10 minutes a day, the breakthrough thought technology called “Hypnology” puts your ability to always be at your absolute best on Autopilot.

  • Expand your creative ability
  • Make a major career change
  • Block chronic pain
  • Stop smoking or overeating
  • Program monetary success
  • Create permanent productive habits
  • Boost your energy
  • Find your soul mate

Read on to learn how to make your personal transformations stronger, faster, and easier…

Dear Friend,

For the most part, your life is a series of habits — old programming. But you have the power and ability to break undesirable habits and create new ones that will lead you to the life you want most. And the good news is, it only takes ten minutes a day.

Imagine what it would be like to take any challenge that's facing you — whether it's in business, relationships, spirituality, academics, even athletics — and make consistent improvements in those areas of challenge, automatically!

Like a jet on autopilot, you wouldn't be thinking about exactly what you were going to do to improve.

Instead, you just DO IT!

Such a scenario takes words like "try" and "attempt" out of the equation. Instead, a deeper level of your mind will be guiding you as it instinctively leads you exactly where you want to go.

The truth is, you can control the deepest levels of your mind in this way. And when you do, you will be led automatically to the achievement of your goals in every area of your life, just like I described.

Hypnology, a brand new type of self-hypnosis, will show you how.

And now you can use it to improve any part of your life or any part of yourself. Hypnosis, as a process, is similar to the one that installed your current habits in the first place. That's what makes it so effective as a life-enhancement tool.

And Hypnology is actually more powerful than self-hypnosis because it goes beyond it in three significant ways that make your personal transformations stronger, faster, and easier. You'll hear all about it in a moment...

I've personally used Hypnology to block pain in the dentist's chair, heal my receding gums, block sea sickness, program monetary success, and come up with new business ideas that went on to make me a lot of money. I regularly use the techniques for a quick boost in energy, to get rid of anxiety, accelerate learning, and awaken rested after only a few hours of sleep. Whenever I do a public speech or teach a new workshop or seminar, I use self-hypnosis to quickly learn the new material.

Dr. Duncan A. Holbert of Santa Cruz, California says

"Ten minutes of self-hypnosis a day is the equivalent of at least four hours of refreshing sleep and ten years of additional productive life."

That's quite a statement, and I know it to be true.

My name is Dick Sutphen. I've been using and teaching hypnosis for over 25 years. In my experience, nothing can compare to the life-changing power of self-hypnosis. That's because self-hypnosis works naturally, using the same process all of us followed when we developed the beliefs and habits of our lives that we currently have.

What makes it more powerful than other life-changing techniques is that it puts your mind in a state of heightened suggestibility in which the suggestions you give yourself are directed to and accepted by your subconscious mind. Because of this, you can change your life a lot faster than you could otherwise.

In self-hypnosis, you enhance the power of suggestion by at least 25 times. For example, if I were to walk up to you and tell you that you will become more successful every day and you will spend every moment doing the most productive thing you can, your conscious mind might reject that as unrealistic. But if the same suggestion is given several times during self-hypnosis, your subconscious mind will accept it as a new belief. Meanwhile, your conscious mind is bypassed completely.

Once the new belief has been accepted, your subconscious mind automatically starts aligning your inner programming with your outer reality. In this example you would find yourself doing things that make you more successful and bring you more of what you want in life.

In my professional hypnotist training seminars, I point out that there are three ways a person's life can change. You can add something to your life, such as people, trust, things, awareness, responsibility, a new environment, or improved health. You can subtract something from your life. And you can also become who you really are, apart from your old programming and habits — you can become your authentic self.

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Self-hypnosis supports all three areas of change. By using it, you are adding something — a new ability, confidence, or improvement of some kind. You are also taking something away — an undesirable habit, trait, or fear. And when you use it for self-exploration, self-hypnosis can be a pivotal tool in helping you find your authentic self.

Whichever area you choose to focus on will change as your life changes. That's another great thing about self-hypnosis — you can use it on yourself in almost any situation and for almost any purpose.

I still remember the first time I was introduced to hypnosis. I was in high school and there was a stage hypnotist. I watched carefully as the hypnotist brought several people on stage and began choosing people to hypnotize.

One guy he chose was my family's milkman. He was probably around 60 years old. The hypnotist told him he was a Hawaiian Island girl and that he was to do a hula dance.

To my amazement, the guy started doing it. And he was pretty good at it, like he really was a young female islander.

I could tell he wasn't faking. I figured the hypnotist was controlling his mind somehow.

That was what originally spurred my interest in hypnosis. Later on I learned that the hypnotist didn't really control the milkman's mind — in reality, he just expanded the milkman's belief system. The milkman's subconscious accepted the hypnotist's suggestions and he did as he was told.

Now it is true that only someone who experiences hypnosis on a deep level would do that. I personally am a light level subject. But what the story shows is that given time and the power of subconscious repetition, we can all do amazing things with hypnotic techniques. And of course, your hypnotic power will be used far more productively than demonstrating the hula.

Research and my own experience have shown me that the best hypnosis subjects are strong-willed, intelligent, and imaginative people. But know this: Even if someone else were hypnotizing you and feeding you negative suggestions, you would refuse to act contrary to your morals, or to endanger your safety in any way. This is because, as powerful as hypnosis is, it cannot detach you from your ego.

In addition, with self-hypnosis, no one but yourself will be providing you with suggestions. But in order for your hypnotic suggestions to work, you must desire what the suggestion implies.

Its Powerful Impact Covers So Many Critical Areas

People use self-hypnosis all the time for effective goal achievement, stress reduction, weight loss, stopping of smoking, and habit control. They also use it for healing acceleration, pain control, phobias, and fear-based emotions. The list goes on and on.

How long it takes to work varies with each person and each situation. Some beliefs are programmed very easily and you'll see results within a few days. But generally it takes two to three weeks of daily sessions to see an effect.

And some things are easier to program than others. For example, if you want to use self-hypnosis to lose weight, you need to realize that every time you've ever raised a fork full of food to your mouth, you've programmed your mind. It can take quite a bit of new programming to override the old. But if you keep at it, self-hypnosis will prove effective with this and other challenging issues.

Short term, your goals may be to remember people's names, develop your concentration, expand your creative ability, or develop a sports ability.

Long term, your goals may be to build a new home, make a major career change, own your own business, become a multimillionaire, develop a self-actualized perspective, or find your soul mate — your ideal relationship partner.

Whatever you decide, know that unhappiness and failure are self-inflicted and happiness and success are self-imposed. Self-hypnosis will reinforce more of what's good in life and it will take away more of what's undesirable.

But does it really work? Saying "yes" isn't enough.

The fact is, you don't have to believe self-hypnosis is going to work for it to work. If you're properly programmed in an altered state, your brain will accept the programming as reality and your conscious mind will be bypassed. It may take a few days, weeks, or even months, but your subconscious will do everything in its power to manifest your desires.

The Science Behind Hypnology

There is scientific proof of this. A Russian-born Belgian chemist named Ilya Prigogine won the Nobel Prize in 1977 for his theory of dissipative structures. It shows how the altered states generated by self-hypnosis can result in life-changing insights, new behavior patterns, and the relief of lifelong phobias and ailments. Here's how it works in a nutshell:

Human beings are structures. The structure of your body is composed of bones, muscles, and ligaments. Your brain, however, is given structure by the thoughts and memories that dictate your actions. It is the programming of your brain that provides it with structure.

Prigogine's theory states that complex structures like the human brain require an enormous amount of energy to be maintained. In the brain, that energy is measured as brain wave levels on an EEG machine. The up and down pattern of these wave levels reflects a fluctuation in the amount of energy reaching the brain. The larger the fluctuation of brain wave levels, the larger the fluctuation of energy.

Now, when you are wide-awake, your brain is in the beta state, which shows up on the EEG as small, rapid, up-and-down lines. The amount of energy reaching your brain remains relatively constant.

However, when you are in a hypnogogic state with self-hypnosis, your brain wave levels move to low alpha. In this altered state there is a large fluctuation of energy. In other words, the lines on the EEG graph are long and open, and because they are stretching, they become thin.

According to Prigogine's theory, small fluctuations of energy, such as beta rhythms, are suppressed by the brain, so its structure stays essentially the same. This is why changes suggested to the conscious mind usually have little effect. The message is suppressed by all the existing structure and programming.

However, the large fluctuations of energy in alpha can cause the structure to break apart and reorganize itself into a higher and even more complex form. That's why suggestions received in an altered state are so effective in creating change.

The new suggestion, dropped into the uneven alpha rhythms like a pebble into a pond, creates a ripple effect that tears apart old programming and creates new behaviors and viewpoints. Your brain dismantles its old concepts and reorganizes them into new, more complex, and usually more meaningful forms.

When this shift occurs, you may become aware of information about your life and goals that your old mental structures kept hidden from you. You may experience a sudden, powerful insight into an unsolved problem and you may even release yourself from its effects.

There is also an added bonus: Each transformation makes the next one likelier. You see, every time you trigger a change and your brain reorganizes into more complex forms, it requires more energy to maintain those new structures. And they are even more vulnerable to fluctuations of energy. So the more complex the structure, the easier it is to trigger the next transformation.

What this means is that every time you successfully use an altered state of consciousness to achieve new insights and make positive changes in your life, you increase your chances of success the next time.

The facts demonstrate that self-hypnosis works. And in my audio program entitled Hypnology, I show you my unique five-step process of self-hypnosis. I show you how it works and why it works and then I take you through several experiential sessions so you can experience the process for yourself. Then, once you've learned it, you can customize it any way you like and use it for any issues that are important to you. And the good news is, it only takes ten minutes a day.

More Powerful and Useful Than Hypnosis

Hypnology is actually more powerful than regular self-hypnosis because it goes beyond it in three significant ways that make your personal transformations stronger, faster, and easier.

The first "extra" of Hypnology is the Mental Movie. Let me give you some background:

Brain research and university laboratories have conducted studies to determine whether the mind can distinguish fantasy from reality. Tests were conducted to find out if the brain would accept only the programming that was real, or whether it would also accept that which wasn't real.

People were connected to EEG machines and then they were exposed to various external events, such as a barking dog. Then, they were asked to imagine the same events in their minds, with no such events occurring in reality.

The EEG machines recorded identical brain wave patterns whether the event was real or imagined.

But that's not all. A different set of tests were conducted by the University of Chicago, and they showed how your subconscious actually creates the reality for which it is programmed.

Three test groups of students took part in a mental programming experiment based upon shooting a basketball. Prior to the test, all the participating students were tested with respect to their shooting ability and the results were reported.

Group one was told, "Don't play basketball for a month. In fact, just forget about basketball for the entire month."

Group two was told, "You are each to practice shooting baskets for one full hour a day, every day of the month."

Group three was told, "You are to spend one hour imagining you are successfully shooting baskets. See every detail of your accomplishments in your mind."

One month later, the three groups were tested again on their basketball shooting ability. Group one, which hadn't played for a month, tested the same as they did the first time. Group two, who had practiced a full hour a day for a month, showed a 24% improvement. Group three, who had only imagined they were successfully shooting baskets for an hour a day, tested 23% better than before — only one percentage point less than the group that had actually been practicing.

That's powerful stuff as it relates to Hypnology, and it's the reason I incorporated Mental Movies into my unique self-hypnosis process.

Through a unique visualization process, you will "play a movie" while under self-hypnosis that will actually cause your subconscious mind to start making the movie a real part of your life. It's a fantastic experience that you really have to go through in order to fully understand and appreciate. The process is very powerful, and I've just reported to you some of the scientific documentation that explains why.

And keep in mind — the people who visualized in the University of Chicago experiment did not do it in an altered state of consciousness. If they did it using self-hypnosis, I believe their improvement would have been much higher than it was.

The “Zapper!”

The second "extra" included in Hypnology is called "The Zapper." In a nutshell, it allows you to take a shortcut and enter the hypnogogic state without following any of the manual steps you usually have to take when you engage in self-hypnosis. Here's some background on it:

There are extra-low frequency waves called ELF waves. They can pass through the earth and through solid metal. An ELF researcher named Dr. Andrija Puhriach wanted to warn the U.S. about the Russian use of ELF waves, so he conducted an experiment.

He placed people in a tightly insulated metal room that no normal signal could get through and he hooked them up to EEG machines. Then he beamed ELF waves at them. Thirty percent of the test subjects were influenced by the ELF signal in six to ten seconds. Very low frequencies generated emotional upset and even disrupted bodily functions. High ELF frequencies elevated feelings as though the subjects were master meditators. Even higher waves could induce depressed agitation.

What this shows is that vibrations affect us — how we feel and how we act. By extension, we know it is possible to generate sound waves that can accelerate the process of getting into the hypnogogic state so you can get going immediately with your work in self-hypnosis.

This is what The Zapper does. Over the last several years, my son Steven and I have been experimenting with mind electronics to alter consciousness — sometimes to put the listener into an immediate deep hypnotic sleep and sometimes to remain alert and intensely focused on the task at hand. Steven has a recording studio in West Hollywood, which allows us to try out a lot of ideas.

The Zapper is one of our most successful creations. Within a few moments of listening, your mind drops down quickly into low alpha, i.e., the hypnogogic state.

As a keynote speaker at the American Board of Hypnotherapy Convention in Orange County, California, I introduced The Zapper to 500 hypnotists. And they couldn't believe how effective it was. One hypnotist said to me, "My eyes started to REM about ten seconds after you put it on (note: eye REM is an indicator of deep trance)."

All you have to do is turn it on, make yourself comfortable, wait a few minutes, and begin your mind programming work as it's spelled out in Hypnology. You don't even have to wear headphones.

In the past, it would have taken months, maybe even years to attain the level of mind you'll be able to access in a matter of days with The Zapper. Some people practice meditation for years to attain that particular brain state. The Zapper makes it easy.

The third "extra" you get in Hypnology is called the Mudra Post-Programming Technique. It's a way to program yourself, as part of your daily self-hypnosis session, to almost instantly alter your consciousness - anytime, anywhere. I will explain to you the mudra hand position and how to set it up in such a way that when you need to be in a certain state you can go there immediately.

The technique takes thirty seconds a day... and within two weeks of doing it the programming will be highly effective.

I've personally used the Mudra Technique to put myself into trance while seasick on a crowded boat. I turned away from the crowd, followed the steps, and almost instantly my stomach felt fine and no one else was the wiser.

I've also used it to generate more confidence the moment I go out to speak before a large audience. I've used it to concentrate better right before a test, and when I wanted to remember the names of people I was meeting for the first time.

I've used it to put myself into a natural sleep... and also to remain awake while driving late at night. I've also used it to block headache pain and to keep myself in contention while running distance races.

There are countless ways in which an instant pick-me-up such as the Mudra Technique can be useful. I'm sure you can imagine several areas in which you might invoke such a powerful force for your own benefit.

In addition to these three extras, Hypnology gives you even more. For example, it will show you how to:

  • Inject emotion into your self-hypnosis sessions to make them more powerful and effective.
  • Remove blocks and any unknown factors that are keeping you from achieving your desires.
  • Develop absolute decisiveness and clarity about your purpose and where you are headed.
  • Open yourself psychically to make yourself more highly empathic and perceptive.
  • Accelerate the deepening process automatically to make your transformations more powerful.
  • Detach from worries and frustrations you may associate with tasks, no matter how challenging.
  • "Zap" your sex life and create a dreamy state of deep sharing.
  • Sleep peacefully at night and awaken fully refreshed each morning.
  • Become so focused on what you are doing, you disappear into the activity and become fully present in it.
  • Use "Mental Mantras" to accelerate goal achievement.

This only begins to cover the almost universal applicability of the Hypnology program.

It's the most practical, powerful, and effective life-transformation system I've ever experienced.

And it literally applies to every activity you do, every activity you want to do, every activity you want to stop, and every skill, ability, or potential you want to develop in any area of your life.

Of course, I am biased. But hopefully I've presented enough facts to open your eyes to the great possibilities and new potentials this program can open up for you.


Dick Sutphen


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